SYTYCD 10- Vegas Week- Discussion and Live Blog

Join me tonight for VEGAS WEEK!!! This is by far my favorite episode of the show. I love Vegas Week. I wish every week was Vegas week.


Hampton Williams (The Exorcist) was injured in a car accident and had to withdraw. :(

Everyone has to perform solos first to get through to the next round in Vegas. They don’t even get to go to a hotel first. Their luggage is in the lobby.

Our Current Judges: Adam, Twitch, Mary, Nigel, and Jason Derulo

Malece Miller- 19- Contemporary
I remember her solo from the auditions. I think she’s one to watch in this competition. She’s through to the next round in Vegas.

A montage of dancers killing it in their solos. A really long montage.

Donovan Gibbs- 19- Hip Hop
It was a solid solo, but he’s cut. He doesn’t know what his dad is going to say. He’s crying.

#thatsmygeek got sent home in Round 1. That’s a mistake. 53 people were sent home in round 1. Katlyn Rodriguez, Shane Garcia, and Hampton’s girlfriend all got cut.

Fik-Shun gets ready to perform. And he already lives in Vegas, so he would just walk home. lol. Will they cut him? (No, of course not). His solo is better than his audition, primarily because his track is expertly timed to his moves. Really great choreography, and it’s clear that Twitch is a fan. He gets a standing O from all the judges. He’s safe.

Round 2- Hip Hop with Tabitha and Napoleon

Jade Zuberi is doing hip hop choreo. Will his confidence shine in the routine? He’s struggling a bit, but he’s bringing swag to his performance. Everyone who danced at the same time as Jade, including Jade, are going through. The rest of the hip hop/street dancers are shown going through, including Fik-Shun, Emilio Dosal, Markus Shields, Mariah Spears, and Dragon House member Dorian Hector. The asian breaker gets cut.

ShanShan is nervous about hip hop. She’s really trying. The judges loved that she really tried and had swag, and they keep her around. ShanShan starts crying. She’s really happy, and very shocked. Tappers Tyrone and Alexis Juliano also made it through. Megan Yamashita made it through. Armin, Alan Berstein, and Jenna Johnson (ballroom dancers) made it through.

77 people are left after Hip Hop. Next is Jazz with Sonya. Half the people are gone. Sonya says she upped the ante on partnering. She wants strong guys and submissive girls. Sonya will break the weak dancers. That’s for sure. Our untrained hip-hop dancers will struggle. Sonya doesn’t think they’re ready, so she gives them the night to practice. She tells them to bring blood, sweat, and tears tomorrow. That’s an interesting twist. The dancers actually go back to the hotel and work. Malece (who is about to get dropped on her head) is partnered with Armin Way. Armin is losing focus, and Malece is running out of patience. Armin drops Malece on her head, and Malece is taken to the hospital. These dancers will have a lot expected from them since they got to go back and rest.

Judges: Hannah Simone replaces Jason Derulo. Twitch, Nigel, Mary, and Adam are on the panel.

Nigel tells them there can be no mistakes with the time they’ve had. Amy Yakima is first, so is Fik-Shun. Fikshun looks great. Amy looks great. So do their partners. especially Amy’s partner. He reminds me of Will. Sonya gives them a standing ovation. Fik-Shun is through to the next round. He’s really happy. Adam screams at Amy in a good way, and says that she’s in his top 20. She’s through to the next round.

Alexis Juliano also goes through. Amber Williams advances. Jenna Johnson advances. Jade Zuberi is up next. He’s paired with Sidney Miller. The couple struggled because she’s taller than him. Sidney asks to change partners, because she believes Jade is holding her back. Sonya scolds her for even asking. Jade has to learn the choreo on his own because Sidney goes to her room, instead of working with Jade. They work a bit in the morning, but is it enough? Of course, Sonya likes Jade, so Sidney looks like a dumbass. Nigel tells Jade he has to dance for his life. Nigel tells Sidney he’s heard the story, and tells her never to call out her partner. Nevertheless, she advances to the next round. She’s considering dropping out of the competition now? WTF. #diva

Adam’s crying is coming up!

Malece has returned from her night in the hospital, and has been cleared to perform. Her neck hurts, they were worried about her having a concussion or hurting her neck. She’s still performing with Armin. I don’t understand… this guy has been on Dancing With The Stars. He should be a better partner than this. Together, they actually look really strong, and he doesn’t drop her again. Malece is first. They ask her what happened, and she just says she slipped and hit her head. She’s through to the next round (DUH). Armin is next. They say he was lucky to have Malece. Mary is fighting to keep Armin, and tells him he can’t put anyone in danger. He’s humbled, because Mary fought for him to stay, and he gets another chance.

Jazz was the en for 8 more dancers, including ShanShan, who says she’ll come back. 68 dancers made it through jazz. Jade was the only dancer asked to dance for his life (apparently). Do or die time for Jade. Jade dances his solo, and I don’t know what the judges were expecting. To not love him? He’s a hip hop dancer, and they’ve seen his solo before. Twitch is standing for him. Adam stands, Sonya stands. He gets a yes from all 6 judges, so he’s through. Nigel tells him that he can’t just rely on being good in his own style.

Ballroom Round!
Dmitry and Chelsea are the choreographers for this round. Jade has found a new partner, and so has Sidney. Jenna Johnson is ready to shine too. She’s up first. She seemed great. Mary tells her that she shined, and calls Jenna the whole package. She’s through. So did other ballroom dancers, including Armin. Fik-Shunn made it through. Jade made it through. Some more cuts came along for Tommy Tibball, and Sidney (who didn’t withdraw I guess).

Group Rounds!
The contestants were put into groups and picked a CD at random. They have all night to choreograph a routine. Of course… tempers start to flare, drama happens, and DIVAS are born.

1st Group- Alan Berstein, Gene Berstein, Kayla Bingham, Jasmine Mason, and Jenna Johnson
Wow. What a group. They choreographed a piece to pay tribute to Boston. It’s a contemporary piece. The song is “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. so hard to choreograph a piece for five dancers, but this is really good. Adam is crying. All five dancers are definitely going through. One of these five is a great choreographer. Hannah is speechless. She says it was beautiful. She’s trying not to cry. Adam was doubtful about the guys up until now, but they proved him wrong. They all advance.

2nd Group- Facts with a Little Fik-Shunn- Jasmine Harper, Derek, Chrystiane, Viktoria, Jarvis, and Fikshunn.
Chrystiane was the leader of the group, but the members weren’t always happy with her. A little bit of drama in this group. Divas in this group (DEREK). Derek leaves and goes to bed, he’s done dancing. He needs a cigarette. This dude is totally getting cut. lol. Smoking on SYTYCD? I think that’s a first in 10 seasons. Derek is behind the other guys on choreo. This is kind of a mess. Jasmine and Fikshun would be the only keeps for me. Adam says it was terrible. Derek is cut. Chrystiane is cut. Viktoria, Jarvis, Jasmine, and Fikshunn are all given a second chance, and saved.

3rd Group- Jennifer Jones, Tucker Knox, Amy Yakima, Maria, and Markus Shields
Jennifer doesn’t like Maria. Maria isn’t comfortable with the choreography. Jennifer had to revamp the dance because it never worked out for Maria (and all the footage we see shows Maria as being whiny). Tucker and Markus are trying to diffuse the tension. 5AM… Markus is calling her high maintenance. What a difference a few hours makes. Markus hasn’t slept, and feels empty, because they spent all night trying to teach Maria the dance she refuses to learn. LOL. Nigel asks them why there wasn’t latin american dance in the routine, but to be fair, this is a contemporary routine. Markus is out of his style too. I don’t understand what Nigel is trying to babble about. The routine was great though. It didn’t need any latin dance. Nigel ended up loving the dance once he saw it. He thought Maria was great. Adam so no struggles in that dance. The whole group is safe.

A montage of some other dancers in other groups. Nigel calls Jade a little Sammy Davis Jr. Armin makes it through groups.

The final group: Makenzie, Carlos, Carley, Sarah, and Vitaly.
Dude, this group is so cut. No frontrunners at all. Who are these people? lol. The choreography is lazy and amateurish. Hannah is laughing at them. Nigel says it was a mess, he says it wasn’t a mature dance. Mary cuts Vitaly. He goes of and punches a wall. Sarah is cut too. Makenzie, Carlos, and Carley somehow survived being obscure. Final Vegas round. Contemporary.

Stacey Tookey is the choreographer of the Contemp round. I miss Mia. Jennifer Jones is trying to learn the routine on her own. She eventually finds Misha, a latin dancer. They look confident, and they hit the stage first. Not good enough. Even I can see that. She should have practiced with a partner longer. Nigel calls Jennifer and Misha forward, an they are cut. Jennifer realizes it wasn’t her best, and says she had a great experience. Misha feels that she didn’t make it because of him. Maria gets cut. Some blonde girl begs for a second chance. Jade is performing now. That was weak. Nigel tells Jade to dance for his life, but Stacey will decide his fate. Why is this dude dancing solos all the time? Seriously?

Curtis Holland is up next. We haven’t seen him yet in Vegas, but he’s the tapper that Wayne Brady called his little brother. I don’t think Curtis is strong enough in this, but he’s emotionally connected. That’s something. Curtis is crying before the results even reach him. Nigel asks him how he feels, and he starts sobbing. He says it felt so good. Adam is crying. Mary is crying. Nigel tells Curtis that he’s safe.

Jenna, Malece, Jasmine, Amy, Carlos, Markus, and some others are safe.

Dorian aka Bluprint and Jasmine Harper are together. Bluprint is Dragon House, Jasmine is Cyrus’s ex. Odd pairing. Jasmine is fantastic. She clearly connects with the dance. Nigel says she was beautiful. Jasmine is so awkward everytime she has to talk about her breakup. She advances. Bluprint has to dance for his life against Jade. Nigel makes it sound like only one person will make it out alive.

Let the dance off commence! Twitch has never been happier in his entire life. He is loving this battle. Stacey has to decide. Both of them are safe. Standing O from the judges and the audience.

Nigel asks the dancers to share why they should stay in the competition. Armin says that SYTYCD changed his life. Some difficult decisions await them.

All the male ballroom dancers are at the mic. Nigel is cutting one of them. It’s Armin. 8 other dancers got cut. Next week, the Top 20 will be revealed.

The dancers still left in the competition (the dancers who made the Green Mile):
Spoilers courtesy of jstxanothrxstory at IdolForums:
1. Alex Kessinger (jazz) – (full audition shown)
2. Alexis Juliano (tap) – (full audition shown)
3. Amy Yakima (contemporary) – (full audition shown)
4. Brittany Cherry (ballroom) – (audition montaged + shown making it to Vegas)
5. Gabby Marquez (jazz) – (audition montaged + shown making it to Vegas) (?)
6. Hayley Erbert (contemporary) – (full audition shown)
7. Jasmine Mason (jazz) – (shown making it to Vegas after choreo round)
8. Jenna Johnson (ballroom) – (full audition shown)
9. Justine Lutz (contemporary) – (audition montaged + shown making it to Vegas) (?)
10. Kayla Bingham (contemporary) – (audition montaged + shown making it to Vegas)
11. Makenzie Dustman (contemporary) – (full audition shown)
12. Malece Miller (contemporary) – (full audition shown)
13. Mariah Spears (hip hop) – (audition montaged + shown making it to Vegas)
14. Marissa Milele (jazz) – (audition montaged + shown making it to Vegas)
15. Megan Branch (contemporary) – (audition montaged + shown making it to Vegas)
16. Jasmine Harper (contemporary) – (full audition shown)

1. Aaron Turner (tap) – (audition montaged + shown making it to Vegas)
2. Alan Bersten (ballroom) – (audition montaged + shown making it to Vegas)
3. Curtis Holland (tap) – (full audition shown)
4. David Lorenzo (contemporary) –
5. Emilio Dosal (hip hop) – (full audition shown)
6. Fik-Shun Stegall (hip hop) – (full audition shown)
7. Gene Bersten (ballroom) – (full audition shown)
8. Jade Zuberi (hip hop) – (full audition shown)
9. Markus Shields (hip hop) –
10. Paul Karmiryan (ballroom) – (full audition shown)
11. Ryan Johnson (tap) –
12. Serge Onik (ballroom) – (audition montaged + shown making it to Vegas)
13. Nico Greetham (contemporary) – (full audition shown)
14. Carlos Garland (contemporary) – (audition montaged + shown making it to Vegas)
15. Dorian Hector (hip hop) – (full audition shown)
16. Tucker Knox (contemporary) – (full audition shown)
17. Yiannis Logothetis (contemporary) – (audition montaged + shown making it to Vegas)

Join me next week as 33 become 20.


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  • HermeticallySealed

    She’s very good.

  • Murghala

    Fik-shun was awesome.

  • HermeticallySealed

    Man, I hope that didn’t send her home. She’s one of my favorites.

  • Murghala

    Fik-shun – he’s shoots, he scores!

  • HermeticallySealed

    Shades of Bring It On . . .

  • waynesway

    OK – What happened to that amazing tall black ballet dancer (male) who auditioned in one of the last two audition cities??? Maybe he had some contract troubles with his professional company? I didn’t glimpse him tonight. Did anyone?

  • waynesway

    And also – WHAT happened with Novien Yarber – (from the Memphis auditions) – one of my absolute favorite auditions. How do these absolutely knockout auditioners just disappear? Anybody know???

  • macfae

    Loved every little thing about him – looking forward to see more..I think he will be around for a long time.

  • macfae

    lots of great dancers – Malece is one favorite at the moment. She has a lightness that I adore. And Fik-shun is just unbelievable and adorable.
    I really loved the first group number that gave tribute to Boston.- emotional, powerful, uplifting and beautiful.
    Would they please, Please stop asking Jasmine about Cyrus’s obvious what a painful subject it is to her.

  • CB40

    Good group this year, Malece is just breathtaking to watch and Fik-Shun is the man!

  • usedtobelucy

    Thanks for the good recap. Enjoyed reliving the broadcast while reading it.

    This is such a well done show. Normally, I hate stuff like Vegas week, but they do it so well that I really like it. If awards really were about quality, SYTYCD would be a major multiple award winner, in my opinion.

    Good bunch of dancers this year, too. I’m enjoying them a lot so far. Who knew America had this much dance potential in such a range of genres before this show started? I certainly didn’t, and I love dance.

  • hypomanicpixie

    I guess I must be cold hearted, because I thought the group that choreographed the routine for Boston would have been better if they never said it was inspired by that. It’s the song – “I Can’t Make You Love Me” is all wrong for that theme. The song and the story just kept clashing to a degree that it distracted me. I know they didn’t choose the music.

  • shaun

    When did Shannon ‘Shizzy Shake’ get out? :'( I saw her in clips doing her solo at the beginning of the episode.

  • usedtobelucy

    “I thought the group that choreographed the routine for Boston would have been better if they never said it was inspired by that.”

    I just decided to view that as shameless pandering to win free points with the judges (and it worked — although I suppose I’m wrong about the dancers being that cynical; they probably thought it *did* work with the song) and concentrate on how the dance went with the actual story that the actual song actually tells. Worked very well.

    By the time the dance was over, I forgot all about its supposedly being about Boston and was surprised by the judges’ intense reaction, even though I was thinking that they did a great job interpreting the lyrics. Cognitive dissonance.

  • hcpoirot

    Why they kept jade and BLuprint in top 33? Just because their solo is great? But they are really sloppy in other style.

    We already had Fix Shun who is much better than them in other style.

    Hope both of them got cut. But they probably kept Jade into top 20 and then give him the praise or throw him under the bus.

    5 hip hop, 3 taps and 4 ballroom from the men. Meanwhile only 1 tap and 2 ballroom from the girls.

    This is also for the first time for a very long time, no ballet dancer made it to top 33.

  • Bumblebee

    Does anyone know the music Fik Shun used for his solo?

  • matt89

    Got freaked when I didn’t see “bluprint” listed in top 33, but realized you used his full name, lol

  • matt89

    fikshun and jade/bluprint are completely different hip hop styles

  • Made

    I was wondering exactly the same! Her audition was so fabulous I thought she would be able to tackle all the styles. Hmm… wish they had shown when and why she didn’t move forward.