Survivor Philippines Spoilers: Who Makes the Final 3? (REPORT)

Reality Blurred notes that the gossip rag, The National Enquirer may have revealed one of the contestants who made the bottom 3.

From the Enquirer:

COMPETING on “Survivor: Philippines” has given LISA WHELCHEL a new lease on life!

The ENQUIRER has learned that the star of the hit ’80s sitcom “The Facts of Life” made the final three in the cutthroat competition – and buoyed by confidence from that success she’s now planning a Hol­lywood comeback at the age of 49.

“Lisa wants to act again, but she’d also love to have her own talk show. She believes her expo­sure on ‘Survivor’ will lead to that,” says a source.

The story has an anonymous source, so it may or may not be true. But, as Reality Blurred notices, Lisa has been getting extra screentime lately, so it’s a reasonable outcome.

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  • Nasstopher

    Worst news ever!! For once I would like to see 3 deserving finalists.

  • raya

    I don’t agree with that at all.  Mind you I kind of already knew this because there are spoilers out there on who the final three are, or should I say 2/3 seem like locks, while the third finalist seems to be going back and forth between two people.  Lisa is at least playing the game and playing hard.  Quite honestly I think her move to try and get out Malcolm would have been relatively smart if she were aligned with smarter players.  Pete was the idiot who then essentially went to Malcolm and spilled instead of seeing how it would benefit him to toss Malcolm. 

    I like Malcolm from a personal POV and therefore don’t want him gone, but in terms of the game trying to get him out ASAP is not remotely a stupid move.  He’s a threat to win competitions and he’s extremely likeable and charming.  Just the kind of person people will vote for to win at the end.  Most of the hate I’ve seen piled on Lisa this week is from people who have issues that she tried to get rid of their precious Malcolm, even though game wise it made some sense.

  • Yeah, Me?

    If Penner doesn’t make f3 i will rage! He deserves this, and is doing amazing 

  • EvenMoreron

    There is still plenty of game left to play, so it’s still not fair to say who “deserves” to be in the final 3. The person who wins tends to be the one who played the best social game.

  • Claude Dee

    I already know the Final 3, but I am not spoiling it here.

    Lisa’s been getting a lot of airtime… so there’s that. :) 

  • Miz

    I’m rooting for Lisa. I don’t think she’ll win, but if the spoilers are true, I’m thrilled she makes final 3. She was on Jeff Probst’s show recently and she’s just such a sweet person. I’d like to see her get back into acting. I’d be shocked if she hosted a talk show since she’s so shy.

    I’d also like for Denise to win and I think she has a strong shot at it.

  • Patrick Sean Durante

    Can I call it now?
    Lisa, Denise, and Skupin.

  • Pedro Amaral

    The entire Final 3 of this season (and next season, mind you) have been spoiled for about 8 months now.