Survivor Philippines Ponderosa – Penner

This last week one of the best Survivor players ever was voted out of the game. As great as Penner was this season he failed to see the power of making a Final Four deal even if it was a lie. And he’s smart enough to know it was his mistake that cost him the game.

For those who want to see it here is this week’s Ponderosa videos. What I really notice in the videos is that it features very little Jeff Kent which matches the earlier Ponderosa videos which means he must be either pretty boring or too bitter to interact with the others.


Survivor Philippines – Penner (Ponderosa Part 1)


Survivor Philippines – Penner (Ponderosa Part 2)

  • raya

    Do I like Penner? Yes.  I think he’s a great guy and he’s fun to watch.  Do I think he’s one of the greatest Survivor players ever?  Not at all.  Especially considering the guy has played three times and never made it past what, 7th?  Great guy.  But a guy with some obvious flaws in his game.   Like the fact that he has admitted in interviews that he thought Lisa was at the bottom of her alliance and he seemed to misread the fact that Skupin/Lisa were a stronger pair than himself/Skupin.

    But he certainly has livened up Ponderosa, which before was just a bunch of bitter people sitting around being bitter.

  • Eric Mitchell

    I think he was one of the greatest ever because he is an amazing talker and can rally people around him. He’s not a complete player and was never able to put a complete game together and I think that is because he gets cocky and stops pushing himself when he feels comfortable

  • raya

    I’d argue Penner is a great social player, but not a great strategic player. 

  • Eric Mitchell

     I can agree with that.

  • mmmtx

    All I know is I sure enjoyed watching him, and I always seem to root for “the nice guys” who all too often don’t win.  But am sorry to see him leave the game again without being in the final.

  • ellen8

    Isn’t Penner a lawyer?   That could explain his ability to communicate !!
    Also explains his cockiness …lol !

  • Yeah, Me?

    Penner is in the movie business…I believe he even won an Oscar for directing a small-budget film.  I would def consider him one of the best players of all time, he is a great social and strategic player, however did not win this time, I believe, because it was his third time playing…people generally don’t want a returning player winning and know they are a threat. He also isn’t the best at forming and keeping alliances.  I would love to see him in an All-Stars season though..

  • EvenMoreron

    I think we’ve seen all there is to see of Penner.  Richard Hatch said in a podcast maybe Penner isn’t as good as he thinks he is.  I hope Survivor analyzes a possible All Star season wisely and doesn’t load it with 4-time players (Parvati, Amanda, Cirie, Ozzy, Coach, Russell, James, etc.)  At least next season there are only 10 returnees who’ve played just once.

  • overthetop1

    Penner is an actor. He’s got a long list of movies and tv on his page.

  • zjzr

    Sad to see Penner go, but some signficant errors (aired or not) that I noticed during his run:
    1. There might be some evidences contrary to the following, but what is shown during the 1st episodes was him trying to find the Hidden Immunity Idol BEFORE trying to make solid relationships with the other tribe members, especially when during that time they were united against him due to him being a returning player. It was only when he found the HII when I think he had the guts to create an alliance with the guys, so it is just a good thing that they kept winning Immunity before he found the HII and creates an alliance.

    2. He didn’t read/expect that Skupin would be closer with Lisa than him. It could be understandable though considering that Skupin is in the outs while Lisa is supposedly in the ins in Tandang, but he just couldn’t assume that Lisa is in the bottom of the alliance, and accepted or at least made a “I will think about it” statement in front of them to stall the deal between S&L and Malcolm & Denise. Maybe Skupin also heard about the F3 deal of Penner without Lisa, so I guess he eliminated him before he eliminates Lisa by a blindside later.

    He is still a good player (even though I think IMO is not the best this season, I think it goes to Malcolm for being able to still stay even for being a threat without winning ICs and still keeping the HII until now, and creating an alliance ahead of time for special circumstances like Abi winning an IC) so good for him having a good run when supposedly he is the 1st Jury member if not for his HII.

  • WestiesRule

    Penner is likable and a talker. If I was much younger and a swimmer (I am not a water fan, especially the ocean) I so would have tried out for this show. I am great at getting people to do things and think it was their idea. Penner has a disconnect from point a to point b which leaves problems with execution. I saw him as an easy target all 3 seasons and it bore out each time… meaning sooner or later he goes when he is no longer needed. He was never in any equation. To date Boston Rob is my all time favorite player. No one played the game as good as he did. CBS ought to do a Big Brother All Star Survivor Episode and Vice Versa. Would be very interesting.