Survivor Philippines: Power Rankings and PreCap plus Poll

It’s been a great season of Survivor. It actually brings me back to what the show was like in the early seasons with people actually playing to win rather then just wanting their fifteen minutes of fame.

With the show done to the final four it’s time for my final Power Rankings. I know people will disagree but this is how I see it.

4. Mike Skupin: He’s played a good game switching alliances when needed and winning some challenges to stay alive. I just don’t think their is any way he wins in the end.

3. Lisa: From the beginning she seemed like a dead lady walking. She was weak and ready to go home. With a few Tandang wins she gained some confidence and kept ties close by staying loyal to her alliances. She also plays the jury well and is a good talker. I just don’t think she will beat Malcolm or Denise.

2. Malcolm: If he makes the final three he wins. He just needs to win immunity to get there. It’s a win or go home situation for him because the other three know he is the front runner.

1. Denise: Her game depends on what happens with Malcolm. If Malcolm wins immunity then she needs him to stick with her and if necessary let it go to the tie breaker. Also if Malcolm wins I think he wins the million. But the odds are against Malcolm and if anyone but him wins then I think she has it tied up.


I’m wondering if they will throw a final two at us since usually the finale has five people left. Usually we have Three Tribal Councils but this time if it is a final three there will be just one immunity challenge and two tribal councils. I’m not sure how they will fill the two hours.

I’m kind of hoping for a final two because it will add drama to an already amazing season. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens and the reunion show afterwards. The big reunion will be RC and Abi at the reunion.

Based on the season I think Abi and Malcolm get invites back to the game. I don’t think Lisa would be brought back since people will know who she is the second time around. I could also see Denise coming back but I think Abi and Malcolm would be the front runners as returning players.

As a bonus of sticking out the season with me after I took over in episode four I am posting my all-time favorite clip from Survivor.

And a second bonus:

I enjoyed the discussions in the comments and if MJ wants a recap for season 26 I will be back happily to do the recaps again.

For my pick to win it all I am picking Denise. I want Malcolm to win because I think he has played the most complete game overall but I think he will fall short like Ozzy a few seasons ago. They will send him to the jury and Denise will out talk Lisa and Skupin at the final tribal.

Of course if it is a final two throw this out the window. I just don’t think they will go back to a final two. See you for the Live Blog tomorrow night.

  • Montavilla

    Love those travel sequences!

  • Whiteshirt

    Vanuatu is my favorite season of Survivor evah. I have watched that season over and over again and still can’t believe that Chris won. Season one comes in a close second.

    This has been a good year. I have not searched out any spoilers for this season, so I speak without knowledge of what is to come, but I would not write-off Lisa yet. She keeps sneaking through, just like Chris did.

  • Miss Chaos

    I enjoyed the comments on the Show on MJs too.  I cant go to other places cause I know there are spoilers out there. Crap, I dont even remember who Chris is that won that season!  Cant wait for tomorrow night, I hope Malcom isnt another Ozzy, who I really liked too, wont be live blogging cause as I said I am in Calif, 3 hours different, so when I am watching you guys will all be in bed, or celebrating who ever won.
    Remember when CBS sent up the whole Survivor set and talked to the winner and some of the finalists?  Now I bearly see the winner.  But at least we still have the show, and with the great numbers watching, I am sure it will go on, heck it bet  XCraper!
    So we could have a final 2 or a final 3 we dont know yet?

  • mmmtx

    I can’t remember who Chris is either.  Wish I could!  Looking forward to the finale and don’t really have a pick for ultimate winner…don’t think it’ll be Skupin tho.  Definitely one of the best seasons ever!

  • EvenMoreron

    I think the final tribal council will all come down to how well Lisa makes her case.  On one hand she’s stuck with her plan of bringing an easy person to beat (Skupin), on the other hand she’s also stuck with Denise or Malcolm.  The camera time and storytelling has been so lopsided in her favor.  

    I’m excited for the spring Survivor.  I missed the Sophie/Coach/Ozzy season, but I’m hearing some of that cast may pop up again.  

  • Miz

    I really think Denise will will. I like Lisa a lot, but I’m not sure she could make a strong enough case for a win. 

  • Claude Dee

    First of all, thank you for doing the recaps this season! I enjoyed it!!! :) 

    I want Malcolm or Denise to win, but I really think Malcolm will get blindsided if he doesn’t win the last immunity. So I’ll go with Denise.

    I think Skupin has a chance of winning since he’s kind of friends with everyone in the jury. 

    Lisa got the winner’s edit this season… Still unsure if she’s going to win. 

    Overall, great season! Last few episodes were slow but heeeeey I tots enjoyed this season!!! :)

  • Stefan Wind

    Ugh, I’m afraid of a final two, because if that’s the case Malcolm and Denise will probably not be there. I’m hoping it’s a final 3, but now who knows.

  • overthetop1

    Skupin and Lisa are rock solid and so are Malcolm and Denise. Malcolm will prob win immunity, so M and D will vote for S and S and L will vote for D. In the tie between S and D, either could go.

  • Eric Mitchell

     The commercials say that it is two tribals so I think we will get a final 3.

  • EvenMoreron

    If Denise votes with Lisa and Skupin to oust Malcolm, then her whole preachy  “I’m only bringing the best of the best to the end” argument gets wiped out and she’ll get slammed for it.  I don’t think it’s a mistake they’ve shown her saying that repeatedly.  

  • poipugirl

    Who is Chris?  Which season was that?  Who else was in that season?Any of Boston Rob’s seasons were my favorite.  Loved the when he won All Stars!

    Thanks for recapping.  It got me back into Survivor mode which I stopped watching when they moved it to Wed because I couldn’t fit it in.  Want Lisa to win!

  • Eric Mitchell

     Chris won Survivor Vanuatu which was season 9. Also Boston Rob finished second on All-Stars. He won Redemption Island.

    I’m glad the recaps got you back into Survivor. It’s been an amazing season to jump back in on.

  • Eric Mitchell

     I agree with the fact that if she turns on Malcolm it destroys that argument but she can argue that the top four were all strong and it was a kill or be killed argument.

  • Stefan Wind

    But how many will be on the jury though? After the first tribal council tonight there will only be 8 jury members. The show always has an odd number to avoid a tie. I’m still thinking there will be a final 2 sadly.