Survivor: Blood Vs. Water and The Amazing Race Thoughts and Other Things (With Videos and Polls)

Good Folks and Welcome. Since I will no longer be recapping any shows MJ has allowed me to post my thoughts and theories on what happens on the shows each week so I would like to thank her for this.

I would also like to think Montavilla and Steven for taking over the recapping duties for Survivor and The Amazing Race. I felt really bad for needing to step away from the duties but I am really glad to capable people stepped up to help.

My for some thoughts on the shows.

Lets start with last Sunday’s Amazing Race. It sucked seeing the Best Friends heading home. I enjoyed them playing the game but that singing competition was a killer for most people and after the dancing challenge I figured something like that would be the thing that sent them packing.

The other big moment from the episode was Tim and Marie stealing Jason and Amy’s taxi. There are different reactions to this. It is definitely a dirty move but if I am being honest it is also a brilliant move in a game for a million dollars. The taxi driver really shouldn’t have removed the bags from the car for anyone but the team that asked him to wait for them so I cannot fault Marie (because it was obviously her decision since Tim just follows her lead) for taking the easy opportunity to ensure they move on.

Speaking of Jason and Amy how lucky were they that the roadblock was the singing task and everyone had trouble with it. Being declined at the Fast Forward could have killed there race but lady luck was definitely on their side during that leg.

The doctors continue to be the team to beat with another leg win and they are still holding the Express Pass that can push them easily through an upcoming leg. Considering they really haven’t had any challenges thus far that has been difficult for them it could go the distance holding the Express Pass.

Now for Survivor. There wasn’t a lot of action over all in this week’s episode but the ending leaves so may directions the season can go.

For anyone reading that may be lucky enough to play Survivor in the future if you are talking to an alliance mate make sure that you do not tell them that they are in the fifth spot. It will do nothing to help your game.

I was shocked when Tina actually said that to Monica. Tina is usually a smart player so I have to think that she was just over tired when she said this to  Monica but props to Monica for knowing that she needed to be open to flipping if the chance arose.

With the merge happening it was exciting to see that there really wasn’t an alliance set in stone. Sure Aras thought that there was one but clearly he was wrong since he is at Redemption Island now.

The best thing about seeing Aras being blindsided is the way the faces drop. I love when cocky smiles disappear when people realize they have been duped.

I really expected Gervase to chicken out and vote with Aras to send Laura M back to Redemption but he made his big move in the game. It was a brilliant move for Tyson since Aras was never going to bring Tyson to the end over Vytas, Tina, or Gervase but I am not so sure it was a good move for Gervase. I do think Aras would have brought him to the Final Three because Aras would have felt that he would beat him in the end but I am not sure what Tyson’s real plan for a Final Three is.

And speaking of Tyson, he has jumped himself to the front of the pack with the Aras vote along with the clue to the Immunity Idol. If he can actually keep himself from sharing the fact that he has it then it is a great tool for him. Especially with the ceremonial burning of the clue each week. From what I can see no one else is evening trying to find the clue so it will be a total shock when he uses it.  If I was doing a Power Rankings he would be ranked number 1 right now. He’s channeling Boston Rob on the Redemption Island season at this point and if he can control and handle the various relationships he has going forward then the season could be his to win.

Finally an update on my pick to win the season: Ciera. She’s actually in a good place right now since I think Vytas/Tina/Katie will be the next three targets but I think she actually gets hurt with her mother returning to the game. She was right to be worried. Laura M tends to try to over strategize which is what got her in trouble the first time. Also once the main targets are gone she would be a target simply for having a Loved One left in the game. If she was smart she would be working Hayden and Caleb on a final four alliance with her mother at this moment. I look forward to what she does going forward because I think she can be a smart player if she continues to recognize the dangers around her and can keep her mother in check with the strategy.

I look forward to any comments on my thoughts or any counter theories on the seasons so far.

As a bonus here are all the Day After Videos for the last four eliminated players.

Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Brad The Day After

Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Kat The Next Day

Survivor: Blood vs. Water – John The Next Day

Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Laura B. The Day After


  • Miz

    I really dislike Tyson and my gut tells me he’ll be there at the end.

  • Sara

    How can anyone dislike Tyson? lol. He’s coming across as a winner on the edit but i’m with Eric, my money is on Ciera. Good thing I like her. Unlikable winner ruin the whole season for me.

  • Sara

    I go crazy when people say Monica is playing smart. She is not. She never take an action to better her positin she just react by doing the obvious to everybody’s actions. Despite what Tina (stupidly) said, there is no way the couples would have taken each other to the final 4 over her. How is her positon now? I belive it’s worse.

  • Eric Mitchell

    Personally I think her position is better but only slightly. I don’t this Tina would have taken her to the final there and neither would Vytas … I think the third person a lot was Gervase for both couples. I think Tyson and Gervase will now need her to go final three and she is an easy win for both of them. I agree that I don’t think she is smart but she was smart to flip on the couples.

  • Eric Mitchell

    Tyson is a great character for he show

  • bannanafish

    I agree with Sara. To be in 5th place in an alliance with 2 couples almost guarantees 3rd place. And I think she would be a more desirable 3rd than Gervase.

  • EvenMoreron

    It’ll be interesting if Aras/Tina/Vitas/Katie all vote together in the end that’s a powerful voting block. Did Jeff say that all of the merged tribe was a part of the jury or is the first one eliminated on Redemption Island gone for good? I wish they showed a little more of Gervase’s personality he was more entertaining the first time around.

  • Eric Mitchell

    He hasn’t mentioned jury yet because no one was officially eliminated yet but I think the remaining people are atleast jury

  • Eric Mitchell

    That’s why I love Survivor … There are so many ways to look at the game and no one is ever really right since you never know what will happen next. That is why the great players know to look at al possible avenues

  • mmmtx

    I really really dislike Tyson! Yes I can see him going to Final 3 but if he does this season will be a bummer just like having to put up with Phillip was his seasons. But other than him I’m enjoying this cast a lot – one of the best Survivor’s in a long time!