Survivor: Blood Vs. Water and The Amazing Race Thoughts and Other Things (With Videos and Polls)

Hello people. First I would like to apologize for not posting last week. I started a new job and the hours for training changed my entire routine so it took some time to get use to waking up and going to bed at different times but I got it all sorted out and I am ready to go.

Let’s start with The Amazing Race. I don’t really have much to say about the season at this point. I think it will come done to the ER doctors, Jason and Amy, and Tim and Marie. I think the Ice Girls will run out of lives this Sunday since the other four teams are all solid teams. It’s too bad because I like the girls but they haven’t excelled at any challenges this season and they will lose any foot races if it comes down to it.

Before I get into Survivor I just want to say I have been following Sirmac’s X Factors recaps mostly because I dislike the judges but wanted to hear the singers. No one really jumped out to me until I watched Alex and Sierra. I absolutely love these two. They have a great dynamic together that reminds me of Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. If only the producers would stop giving the contestants such lame themes. 80’s followed by British Music (nothing against British music but majority of the cleared songs end up either being over done on singing competitions or are just bad choices) and now Big Band. It’s as bad as Idol with the horrible themes. Although I would fully support a Movie theme but only because at this point I come on MJ’s and only watch the Alex and Sierra clip and I would hope for them to sing Falling Slowly.

Now for what I really love which is Survivor. Montavilla has been during and amazing job with the recaps. Laura was the right choice at this point. She is stronger at challenges then Katie or Ciera and they really needed to break up the last blood pairing.I personally think Vytas will win out the remainder of Redemption Island so there would be no chance of two loved ones making it to the end.

This is my favorite part of the season because the rest of the season can go one of two ways:

1. Tyson keeps controlling the tribe Boston Rob style and marches to the end with Gervase and a player of his choosing.

2. Ciera/Caleb/Hayden/Katie form a four person alliance of the newbies and take out Tyson/Gervase/Monica. If they are really smart they would they would keep Monica last so Ciera/Katie can use her as a swing vote.

The great thing is that either option is appealing as a viewer since there would be drama either way since either Tyson could get blindsided or he is forced to continually back stab people and then will need to justify it at the final tribal. This next elimination is where great Survivor players come to play and I am really excited to see what happens.

I think Ciera is in a good position right now but that can change easily in the next episode especially if Tyson figures out they are targeting him. I have little faith in Hayden. He never really had to back stab someone really close to him on Big Brother and rode an alliance to the end for the win. I have this strange feeling he will feel really connected to Tyson and spill the beans so Tyson has time to use the hidden idol if needed. It should be exciting either way.

I will end off with the first Ponderosa video of the season as well as Aras’ Day After video.

Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Aras Arrives At Ponderosa

Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Aras The Day After

Until next week Have a good one!

  • seashellz51

    Love the videos and getting to hear peoples’ behind the scenes perspectives.

  • Sara

    My money is on Laura to make it back in the game but of course hoping for Vytas to return. I personally don’t think voting out Laura was a great move for Tyson. He could’ve had a final 5 with her, Ciera, Monica and Gerv. Now he’s in the minority unless Katie is with him and they just didn’t show us that.

  • Eric Mitchell

    If they are going to blindside him they need to keep it as quiet as possible and I don’t think the newbies are experiences enough to keep it entirely off his radar and keep him from using the idol.

    It was definately a toss up decision. With either Katie or Laura he could have ended up in the minority if a final four deal was established among the other players. I just thought Laura was the better decision because I think she was more likely to really lead a charge against Tyson and it is always to break up a voting block like Ciera/Laura. On the other hand Ciera might hold resentment to having to vote out her mother so either way it might haunt Tyson on the end. I think breaking up the last blood relations was the better choice in this instance but I totally see why it was a bad choice to take out Laura and leave Katie in.