Super Bowl XLIII Extras! – VIDEO

Just for you guys! More Super Bowl goodness.

I’ve got Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performing at half time. Plus, “Faith Hill singing America the Beautiful.”

Video after the JUMP…

Faith Hill – America the Beautiful

Bruce Springsteen – 10th Avenue Freeze Out

Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run

Bruce Springsteen – Glory Days

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  • baxter

    Having just seen The Boss this summer in concert, I thought this was a great halftime show. Did anyone else bust out laughing at the ” crotch in the camera” slide he did??? I thought it was hilarious.

  • KrazeeK120

    bax….I did! Even The Boss started to crack up at himself a little on that one!!!

    Good night overall…except for the part when the Steelers won the game. Boo.

  • mj

    ^^^ It was! Hard to believe he’s pushing sixty.

    OMG that game! Holee crap, Pittsburgh pulled it out!

    One for the index finger of the right hand…

    …or something like that.


  • curlyQ23

    CrotchCam FTW. That was so hilarious.

    Thanks for the vids, MJ. This was such a great night for these musicians!

  • IdolFanatic

    Crap, crap, crap….all of it was crap. The way Arizona played until the fourth quarter and and yes I do also mean including Springsteen.

    edit: don’t bait.

  • Paula

    Thanks for the videos MJ. I really didn’t watch the game, but wanted to see the 1/2 time and missed it.

  • Sarah

    This was an amazing game. You should have HEARD the way our room full of fans exploded when a) Larry Fitzgerald scored that awesome 2nd touchdown and then b) Santonio Holmes answered with that amazing touchdown of his own. Most of the people I was at the party with aren’t really even football fans, but once the game got really close everyone sat down and was glued to the tv.

    Oh, and I bet James Harrison has never run so fast in his life as he did when he ran that INT back 100 yards for a TD. No wonder he needed oxygen, lol. It’s only fitting for this year’s defensive MVP to set a new Super Bowl record. :)

    Great game. Great NA. Great halftime show. All around, I loved it! But then, I just love football, no matter the teams. BUT I was sad my team wasn’t there, so (and bax, you’ll appreciate this), in addition to my black jacket and yellowish-gold shoes, I also wore a little dash of blue in honor of my beloved Colts. :)

    I have a coworker who was there tonight. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about actually being in that stadium for everything.

  • cookcricket

    That game was awesome!!! Sad ending, but awesome! IMO, if they had a rocker every yr. at half time it would make every Super Bowl even better.

    Bruce rocked it!

    I love Jennifer Hudson! Chills!

    And my favorite commercial was the the Coke Zero(?) commercial with Troy Paulamola (?) sorry completely wrong last name. Anyway, it was the take off of the ‘Mean Joe Green’ commercial. Loved it!!!

  • Sparkles

    I’ve seen Springsteen many times so he’s the reason I watched the game. He rocked the house in 12 minutes! Not bad considering that’s about 3 hours less than his average concerts last.

  • bjames

    bring back the halftime shows like aerosmith and britney spears. they were so entertaining for a while. i am incredibly bored by the recent shows ever since janet jackson showed her boob.

  • hardkandy

    bring back the halftime shows like aerosmith and britney spears.

    OMG yes, that was SO awesome. And I was only 14 only that time so I was still so giddy about Justin and Britney and that little duet thing they did. LOL.

  • St.Lucia

    I’m curious to see how the recent Half-time shows rate compared to previous ones before nipplegate ever happened.

    I can’t complain though, because I recently loved Paul McCartney, Tom Petty, etc. I’m not a Bruce Springsteen fan, never have been, but I give the man credit. He still knows how to work a stage and put on a great performance for his age.

    As much as I enjoy the change in halftime shows, I’m pretty sure not many teens check into see Bruce Springsteen before versus having the possibility of seeing some of today’s more prominent pop stars.

    Game was great! I wasn’t really rooting for either team, just wanted to see a good game and I got that!

  • jersey

    I thought half-time was great. I am a Springsteen fan, not rabid, however. I’ve actually never seen him in concert, even though, living where I do, I’ve had plenty of opportunities. What Bruce does better than anyone, though, is bring the party. Perfect for Super Bowl half-time.

  • bean99

    I thought it was one of the best halftime shows I’ve seen partly because it was clear that the fans were into it and loved seeing them sing along. Bruce must have worked out for some of his moves or he’s in traction today, lol. Loved it!

  • Sarah

    Bruce was great last night — thanks for posting so we can watch again, mj! We had ten teens (all boys) in the house for the game, and they all love Bruce. Of course, we’re in New Jersey…
    Seeing Jennifer sing was very moving.

  • dante

    Thanks for the videos! I did watch on tv and LOVED Springsteen – I have never seen him live but WOW does he play to the crowd and put on a good show. He is now on my list of want to see in concert people. He looked like he was having such fun up there – I too wonder if he is sore today…..

    I am not a big Faith Hill fan but I thought she sang great and looked stunning.

  • mj

    Thanks for the videos! I did watch on tv and LOVED Springsteen – I have never seen him live but WOW does he play to the crowd and put on a good show. He is now on my list of want to see in concert people.

    I’m not a huge fan of his records, but man, does he put on an incredible show. Definitely go see him live. :).