Steven Tyler Sits Down With Matt Lauer For Dateline

Steven Tyler’s lengthy sitdown with Matt Lauer, which aired on Dateline tonight reveals the legendary rocker to be a sweet sensitive guy whose self-awareness was earned the hard way.

There isn’t a lot of Idol talk in this interview, but Steven’s tales of his Bronx childhood, wild-child rock years and long struggle to overcome drug and alcohol dependency is  fascinating nonetheless.

Steven is promoting his new memoir, “Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?” set to be released this week.

Ironic Moment: When an ad for The Voice scrolls across the screen as Steven is talking.

Video after the JUMP…

Part 1

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Part 3

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  • rayni

    I was a Tyler naysayer – didn’t even want to watch the season because of him. I’ve fallen for him completely. This was a wonderful interview – I wish he was more ‘present’ as a judge but believe he brings something special to the show nonetheless. I think the kids are getting something from him behind the scenes that we don’t see on camera

  • abbysee

    I absolutely love this guy. And for the people who say he glorifies his drug use, hearing him talk about what his addiction did to him clarifies that in my mind. He doesn’t. He’s just honest about how he felt when he was in the tailspin.

  • tinawina

    This was a great interview.

  • Elek

    For a 63-year old hard rocker, it must be somethin’ to still be sane, alive and kickin’. Just saying…

  • Pam

    I watched the interview here last night (thanks mj) and I quite enjoyed it.

  • AIaddict

    Great interview, learned stuff about him I never knew before. I wondered how many kids he had. He does seem to have a big heart but now I do think that his job on AI is more about self promotion. Has he added much to the judging panel this year? no, not really. Will he be back next year? I’ve enjoyed him on the show but it won’t hurt my feelings if he’s not a judge for AI11.

  • Buffynut


  • hoosiermama

    This was a really good interview. What a sweet guy and soooo talented. Love his sense of humor, too. The title of his book just makes me chuckle!

    He hasn’t been the best “judge”, but he has entertained me. I don’t expect him to come back next year, so I hope he performs on the finale, with or without Aerosmith.

  • dusty

    I loved that interview! Thanks, MJ for posting all of it! You rock!

    If the rest of Aerosmith does not realize what Steve has done for the band’s profile this AI season, then they are the ones who are high!

    I was at most a peripheral fan of Areosmith, knew the key hits, could recognize Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. But now I am a fan of the band and a big fan of Steven. I love his warmth, his honesty. He owns his bad stuff and puts out good vibes.

    And, as an AI fan, when he said you couldn’t get to an idol in 16 weeks….unless he chose them, I lol’d and then wondered if James D is going to the be idol, not Scotty! One can dream.

    Good interview. The earlier comments on this thread told me it would be worth my time, and it was. Thank you.

  • rayni

    And, as an AI fan, when he said you couldn’t get to an idol in 16 weeks….unless he chose them, I lol’d and then wondered if James D is going to the be idol, not Scotty!

    Hmmm – I think he chose Lauren!

  • marg

    Love you, Steven!

  • pammye65

    I think steven Tyler has a really big heart and Im so glad that he decided to do this show because it has brought out his true self…..I dont think anyone took him as a sweetheart