Steven Tyler Attends NBA All Star Game

  • Marie Ruffin

    Steven is showing us how to have fun and not take life so seriously.

  • webster

    ….now, if only he had one of those giant, foam #1 fingers, his sports viewing ensemble would be perfect.

  • saga

    Willy Wonka!!

  • marg

    Love Steven & his energy!!! Thank you Steven for bringing life to Idol…you’re great!

  • lucysfave

    OMG!!! I seriously own that scarf…

  • wyked_whyspers

    I love Steven Tyler and all his whackiness, but if I didn’t know who he was and saw him walking down the street I just might think he was a pimp and try to avoid him at all cost. Thank goodness I do know who he is because instead of running away, now I would be attracted like a magnet, hopefully a polite, calm magnet, but still, you get it.

  • abbysee

    I love this man so much. I want to send him a greeting card thanking him for saving my Idol. I think he’s infectious, and wacky, and loopy, but oh so present for these performers, and his love of music is just tangible. Oh yeah, did I say I love him? LOL! :grin:

  • luvadamlambert

    hahahaha steven XD

  • bmms

    Loooooove Steven!

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