Steve Jones, Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul ALL Out At X Factor (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Paula Abdul is leaving too, according to Deadline While he’s at it, Simon Cowell should fire himself.

A Simon Cowell insider just told me that his longtime friend and American Idol colleague Paula Abdul won’t be returning as an X Factor judge next season. I understand from sources that none of the three left on their own accord and that it was cleaning house day at the so-so rated show. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s any backlash against Simon because of Paula’s popularity.

This? Really really surprises me.  On one hand, Simon was always loyal to Paula. But on the other hand, the duo really have not been able to recapture their Idol chemistry on the new show.

UPDATE: FOX Confirms to The Hollywood Reporter that Nicole is leaving the show.

UPDATE: According to EOnline, Nicole Scherzinger is also not coming back to X Factor, but her people are spinning it like it’s her decision:

“She wants to focus on her music career,” a source said. “She’s spoken to Simon [Cowell] and he’s given her his blessing”

X Factor took a lot more of her time than she ever expected,” the source said. “She didn’t have any time really to work on her music. She was doing X Factorsix days a week.”

Of course he gave her his “blessing”. She quit before she had a chance to be fired, I would imagine.

Steve Jones announces on twitter that he’s out as X Factor host:

Steve tweets:

I wont be hosting next seasons XFactor which is a shame but I cant complain as I’ve had a great time. Good luck to everyone on the show.

Can’t say I’m surprised. Simon told the press after a lackluster first season of X Factor wrapped that he planned a blood bath before the 2nd season.   Steve’s ouster is only the first of many changes I’m sure.

Poor too-tall Steve. It was so obvious that he did not feel comfortable on that stage, with producers screaming in his ear, the judges fighting, and contestants having meltdowns on stage. He just could not think fast enough on his feet.

I say…bring on an American!  Somebody who can connect to viewers.  The last thing I want to be thinking about while I’m watching a competition reality show is how freaking uncomfortable the host seems. He/she is supposed to be helping ME feel comfortable, not to mention the judges and contestants around him/her.

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  • Sybill Trelawney

    So who is going to ask Steve Jones his trademark question: “How does it feel now that the dream has died?”

  • josephp

    you mean nicole outlasted him???????????

  • musicality

    Good point MJ. I liked the guy off stage when he was doing talk show circuit but his personality does not suit the stage. They need someone fun and relaxed. someone who can take charge.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t imagine anyone being comfortable with all the cut throat remarks coming from the judges chair after each and every performance.   They couldn’t even agree to disagree.   Steve only the first casualty on this over bloated show.    How about cutting back on some of the dancers, singers, strobe lights, and the list goes on and on.  

  • Kesia Monteith

    I don’t care what country you came from, just be REAL with the audience, have some fun, and with a witty sense of humour. Cat Deeley is a Brit, but she is relatable because she is not some freaking robot. The UK X-Factor is takes in all the campy extravagance that it is, but the US one takes itself way too seriously. It is a freaking reality show, why be so serious? It felt more like a business than something that can be fun. I hope next season, Simon learns to let the show relax and breathe a little. 

  • shell29

    Aww…sorry Steve.  I was rooting for him to get at least one more season, but it was obvious he was going to be the sacrificial lamb.  He does seem to have talent as a host/presenter, but maybe the spectacle that is X Factor is just too much for him.  If X Factor US had an “Xtra Factor” post show like the UK, he’d be better suited for something like that.

    I don’t really care if his replacement is American or not, but I would like to see a new face.  I wonder who Simon has in mind?

  • Jason Scott

    Yay! So excited he’s gone!

  • Nele621

    Maybe Steve needed more experience. I remember how many, many people complained about Seacrest for a number of years. Kinda like how they complained about Paula, Simon and Randy. Ryan has gotten better, but Randy is still the same.

  • Kesia Monteith

    And be Idol? LOL. I can actually dig some of the cheesy extra-“ness” of X-Factor. It can be a fun show if it doesn’t go around saying “FIVE MILLION DOLLARS” all the damn time. Yes, less dancers and strobe lights and all of that. But the “Big” atmosphere of X-Factor is what makes the show different. If people can’t handle it, fine. But if Americans can be into stupidity like Jersey Shore, I’m sure X-Factor and its foolish craziness can fit in, too. Not big like Idol, but Simon, stop trying to make it so. 

  • Kariann Hart

    I would feel more comfortable with an American, maybe even someone from a former Rock/Pop Band (male or female).  Funny thing is Steve actually did a nice job on the very last show.  I wish him the best.

  • Anonymous

    He just wasn’t a good fit for this type of show, but worst of all, it didn’t seem like he was making any effort to get better.  His announcement of Melanie as the winner was one of the most pathetic deliveries that I’ve ever heard.  He took all of the excitement out of that announcement, and acted like it was nothing.

  • Valentin432

    Dunkleman finally gets a buddy after all these years.

  • shell29

    I’ll be very surprised if she returns.  I think she’s the next to go.

  • Anonymous

    So Simon throw the lamb to the wolves.

    What’s the under/over on when Fox throws XF to its canine friends.

    And I could care less about anyone’s nationality.  From what little I’ve seen, XF SUCKS AND BLOWS.

  • Ethan Furman

    there is only one acceptable replacement Jim Cantiello !!!!!!

  • Sassycatz

    But if Americans can be into stupidity like Jersey Shore, I’m sure X-Factor and its foolish craziness can fit in, too.

    Difference is Jersey Shore is on a niche cable channel and not all of America is watching it, nor do they have to for it to be considered a success there. The X-Factor has ambitions (or should I say, Simon has) to pull in at least 20 million on a major network during prime time in a saturated market. So, yeah, you probably won’t do that with a cheesy, three ring circus.

  • BigNLiddle

    Someone really needs to put in Jim Cantiello’s name for this job. PLEASE.

  • Suzanne Prochaska

    Steve’s biggest problem is that he isn’t Ryan Seacrest.  They need to get away from anyone who can remotely be compared to him.  I’m thinking a minority female?

  • Anonymous

    Lol i liked Steve more than the panel of  judges, they need to go.

    Simon will stay but he needs to get rid off everyone else. L.A.Reid plays the same role as Simon so it doesn’t work, Paula is too old and useless and Nicole doesn’t know sh*t.
    Hire Cheryl Cole back you dumb*ss, she is honestly by far the best judge/mentor in history of these competitions, no one comes even close to her. 

    And hire P!nk, she has TON of experience, but is cool enough and still *cough* has a career. And she has a new baby, i’m sure she wants to stay in LA for a while so give her a job in LA.

    And get a male who is cool and can spot talent. Get a great manager who manages stars and knows what people want to hear even though they are not great singers. Get a Louis Walsh type, slightly cray but passionate A++ manager who turned people in major stars and know how it works and has great instincts about who is interesting and exciting for masses of people and who’s not. 

    Having said that L.A. Reid picked his category flawlessly. Chris Rene, Marcus and Astro all have potential to have careers in current music climate.

    So maybe Simon should fire himself and keep L.A. But having both of them on 1 panel? it doesn’t work for me. they have the same role and it’s boring.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly?  L.A. Reid is the only part of the show that works, because he’s actually in tune with what’s popular today.  The other judges are various degrees of outdated (Simon), out of vogue (Paula) and just plain out of their league (Nicole).

  • shell29

    I was wondering about Dermot O’Leary (probably the guy Simon should have picked in the first place if he was going to choose a British host for the US version).  According to some recent online articles he’s not sure whether he’ll return to X Factor UK, but apparently Simon is looking for an American replacement for Steve.  If that’s the case, that rules out Cat Deeley as well.   I just wonder what potential American host Simon has in mind.  He’s known that he was giving Steve is walking papers for a while now so surely he already has someone in mind. 

  • Raftrap

    I agree, Nicole should have “resigned” first, but anyway, everyone saw this one coming, and just like I said before, he seemed like the coolest guy (outside the job) so I’m not exactly happy, so please FOX just bring back Cheryl Cole to my screen, that’s the only change that I wanna see, and the one that would actually make me excited about season 2.

  • Anonymous

    What a shame but Steve really was not a good fit for the show.  That said, Nicole’s butt better be right out the door behind him. 

  • Anonymous

    Black Monday for Xfactor.

    Marc Malkin @marcmalkin
    Exclusive!!! More X Factor Drama: Nicole Scherzinger Also Not Coming Back! – E! Online

  • Kesia Monteith


  • Anonymous

    Tripp beat me to it.

    well, at least Steve has someone to commisserate with now.

    Bye bye Nicole

  • Anonymous

    I feel bad for him. He was like a giant cardboard Ken doll and so out of place.  I think he will be fine though, I hope so.

  • broddybounce

    Forgive me for bringing another talent competition show into a thread about X FACTOR, but it’s on the same subject, and to make the point:  I wish THE VOICE would do the exact same thing with Carson Daly.  Some of the people commenting above are saying how disconcerting, if you will, it is watching a host be so uncomfortable — well, again, the same thing that applies to Steve applies to Carson.  I realize the main thing about THE VOICE are the 4 celeb judges, but the host is also needed to keep things moving, maintain a sensibility about the show, and Carson is like a lump of mashed potatoes up there.  I mean, he reads the cue cards like “See Dick and Jane.  Run Spot, run!”  Funny thing is, he’s fine on his own show, but he’s like a fish out of water on THE VOICE and that is the one aspect of that great show that spoils what could be a truly overall wonderful show.   Can’t believe the producers haven’t picked up on that because there was a lot of commentary about that last season.

  • college guy

    Maybe this means Cheryl Cole will be back…I hope so!!!

  • ronnie

    Not surprising, but getting rid of him (or Nicole) is not going to fix the show, I hope they know that.  

  • Anonymous

    I have said this many times-after the way Simon treated her, I doubt she wants to come back.

  • Anonymous

    Bye you two-we hardly knew ya. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

    I love how Simon was hyping his show to be “soo much better than idol,” yet now two of them have been let go.

  • Anonymous

    woohoo!  (ahem) didn’t mean to spontaneously cheer but that is a move in the right direction.  Now if they will tone down the ott production, that will be another great move.  I like seeing the contestants “work up ” to the big production.  It’s too distracting early on.  

  • tomr

    Perhaps Oprah is available lol.  Now if only Simon would leave then perhaps I’d watch it.

  • tap

    I’m so glad Nicole isn’t coming back – she was a terrible judge.  I really liked what little I saw of cheryl and hope she returns.  As for Steve, he never really gelled in the host spot, so it doesn’t surprise me.  That role really calls for a charismatic person, and for whatever reason he just wasn’t up to it.  I do get tired of seeing Simon and LA act like the female judges are just there for bimbo appeal though.  They get depicted as the power brokers and the girls like they’re there for T&A only.  Ugh.

  • Anonymous

    I’m doing happy dances now that we’ve found out Nicole is gone!!!  Woo hoo!!!

  • Ryan

    Woooo nicole is gone!!!!!!!!! brightened up my day!!!! :)

  • Anonymous

    Now the question is whether Paula survives the purge. She and Simon didn’t have the same chemistry on XFactor that they had on Idol. And the pairing seemingly did nothing for the ratings.

  • sinc

    Ok now get rid of those blinding lights, that terrible over the top “here come the contestants” music, the cheesy dancers, the ridiculous song choices and get back to actually judging these people instead of constantly misleading them by saying things like “you owned the stage” “you are a superstar tonight” “I am so proud of you” etc when they are off key or give a just plain terrible performance. 

  • sinc

    Put in Arsenio Hall in Steve Jones place.

  • Sassycatz

    Well, goodbye Nicole. You were pretty useless on The Sing-Off so I wasn’t expecting much from you here, and you certainly delivered.

    Don’t want Cheryl back because, frankly, she has no particular expertise on American music genres that aren’t popular in the UK, so why do we need a second person like that on the panel of an AMERICAN music competition worth 5 million dollars. We don’t.

  • shell29

    Of course he gave her his “blessing”. She quit before she had a chance to be fired, I would imagine.

    Exactly.  Nicole’s butt was toast as an X Factor mentor/judge after the Rachel Crow elimination/meltdown.   I don’t blame her for trying to save face.  She will not be missed.

    I don’t think Paula is in any danger of losing her X Factor gig.  I think she’ll be back along with L.A.

    Broddybounce, could not agree with you more regarding Carson Daly on The Voice.  If people think Steve Jones was bad, Carson is ten times worse.  Talk about a cardboard cutout-he’s terrible.

  • Anonymous

    Could Nick Cannon host 2 shows?  He’s the best in the business.

  • Anonymous

    Keep going, Simon.  You’re getting closer to where I might give this show a second chance.  Cuz as it was there was no way I was watching that hot mess again. 

    If the Sing-Off can get 3 intelligent, knowledgeable, coherent judges I see no reason why the other shows have so much trouble.  Bring Ben and Sara in as judges and you might have something.  While you’re at it, shoot for Tom Bergeron.

  • Listening

    Umm I totally knew the host was getting fired he never connected with the judges or public and it didn’t appear the contestants. He just never knew what to say he was stiff and at times seemed like a child to me w/ alkl the wow isn’t that wonderful. He was impressed with everything but w/ a child like awe. Like how they do that came off as odd.

    Nicole I don’t care that she’s leaving basically like all the other judges. I don’t get why it seems like people thought she was worst than the other judges. Saying oh your wonderful that’s practically what everyone one said nobody judged  they didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

  • Anonymous

    Both Carson and Steve read from a teleprompter a lot.  Steve was actually a little better at it, but Carson acts like he’s discovering certain words for the first time.

  • Chris

    I don’t see Paula going, I believe her and Simon see themselves as an on screen husband and wife. 

    Nicole and Steve however, are expendable.  No history, no contract, and too much hate mail during the season.

  • wonderings

    How about a former Idol as host? Perhaps Justin Guarini – he has hosting experience, could empathize w the contestants and stand up to the judges here and there. Plus with Kelly helping out on the Voice, there’s some interesting symmetry.

    Someone like Kellie Pickler would also be a fun fascinating choice. She’s naturally funny and charming, could act spacy with Paula or spar sweetly with Simon. Talk fast if in a hurry or play up the ditz act if stalling for time…

  • Sassycatz

    Carson acts like he’s discovering certain words for the first time.

    Let’s not second guess the little fella. He probably is! (Gold star, Carson! Gold star!)

  • Pascal
  • Michael Bishop

    I think Paula survives this.  Of all the non-sense that went on this season, Paula came off the best.  She seemed steady in her critiques, brought out the “crazy” in doses, and remained above most of the non-sense.

  • Pascal
  • andy

    Wow!  Paula gone too.  Dammmn.

  • Anonymous

    Keep L.A. Reid but give him something to stop his overly competitive personality. Holy crap. I think he could be really good and relevant if he didn’t have such an unfair bias and exaggerated his comments toward Simon’s contestants.

    Simon needs to get out of the past and realize what’s relevant today, not to mention listen to the goddamn lyrics and message of the song before he throws (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction on a tween girl again. I don’t want a freaking infant singing “I Wanna Sex You Up”. But, judging by how he’s still the same Simon he was when David Cook was around (since that’s my most distant reference point), I don’t see this changing any time soon, so I think we’re just SOL with him.

    I can’t really say much about Paula. I don’t think she’s expendable at all, however. I think she was a decent mentor, but the problem with Paula last season wasn’t necessarily her, but it was the irrelevance of the groups category. I can’t think of very many US groups that are relevant today. LMFAO, The Black Eyed Peas, and Big Time Rush are the only groups who come to mind, and I can’t picture any group in the style of these three doing well on the US version of X Factor. I don’t think the US is capable of having a One Direction or Little Mix style group that can do well. Paula and Nicole should have switched groups.

    I don’t know how well Cheryl would do with the US audience. A part of me wants to say that the only reason I really liked her on the UK version was that she was eye candy. She did, however, have my favorite contestants in Series 6 (Joe) and Series 7 (Cher, Rebecca) of the UK version. My sister said her accent was really hard to understand. After watching her again, I almost agree. Watching the UK version of the X Factor, her Geordie accent seemed like it was the strongest and most difficult to understand in her season. Part of me does hope she comes back and that we all learn to appreciate her. Either way, she’s better than Nicole.

    Host? I have no freaking clue where to go there. Dermot was certainly a better host than Steve.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    So Nicole is gone??? I liked her, not a popular sentiment but I thought she was okay.  

  • Leandro Cardim Da Silva

    There are many other awkward situations i can remember. We could make an entire episode just with Steve awkward’s situations.

  • Anonymous

    So Steve, Nicole and Paula are all out. What about LA — will he come back?

    This show is imploding

  • Anonymous

    Well someone wants the job.

    Arsenio Hall @ArsenioOFFICIAL
    @ArsenioOFFICIAL: @clayaiken I wanna host X-Factor! You got Paula’s home phone number?

  • Leandro Cardim Da Silva

    I remember watching this performance of Josh on XF Top 10 (rock night), Nicole pretending to be a rocker, jumping and headbanging, and I thought: “how can someone be more pathetic than this?”. It was just when Steve Jones started to scream “you rock! you rock” that I got my answer.

  • Kitwana

    Howard Stern would make a great host for X-Factor. He would totally call the judges out on their bullsh*t. He is naturally funny, does great without a script and has an edge. Plus, Simon and Howard seem to get along well. If Howard does well on AGT, I can see him being added as the new X-Factor host. American Idol could not get him but X-Factor will. Think of the headlines.

  • Jordan Seltzer

    I applaud Simon and Fox for changing what wasnt working. A lot of shows wouldnt make the changes hoping the audience would just get on board.

    Everyone complained about Steve and now he is gone. Everyone hated Nicole and now she is gone. Everyone said the chemistry wasnt the same with Simon and Paula and now she is gone.

    The show listened to the fans.

  • Sparkles

    So who was fired first, Steve or Nicole? Or were they fired “in no particular

  • Stavros

    gaaaah not Paula :(
    Simon, you need to keep some sort of connection between XF Season 1 and 2…I really hope that Paula article isn’t true…

  • Anonymous

    Auch !! Poor Nicole , but looks like she had hard time managing his role like judge. :| , anyway, i don’t felt attached to Xfactor like with idol , is just too many little things that don’t work very well. I like Melanie though and Drew , so i wish the best for them . :)

  • Anonymous

    Xfactor will be right back at square one next season with a new host & new panel.  We will have to endure another off-season of Simon crowing about how great the judging panel is & how much better the show is or will be than Idol or The Voice.  It should keep him & the show in the news until it returns in the fall.

  • Anonymous

    All three of these people should have 1) never been hired in the first place, 2) should have been fired mid season when it was clear the show was off the rails.  You want buzz, fire them one by one, live on one of those dull results show.   Amazing how little talent was to be found to run a talent show.   Can we get rid of Frout-Coutaz too?  A behind the scenes cretin should take the fall as well, the show itself was garbage, not just the personalities.

  • Anonymous

    Good God. It sucks that Paula never seemed to get a chance to do some mentoring. Why do I see a three-judge format coming with the elimination of the groups category? I feel like three isn’t a good number, but earlier series of X Factor UK had 3 groups (In the season Leona Lewis won, the 16-24 Boys and Girls were combined, and I think they might have still been combined earlier). Simon and L.A. would be staying but I don’t know who the female would be. Three male judges is a sausagefest.

  • Michael Bishop

    If it’s true that Paula’s gone, then I’m gone.  This season was a train wreck, and I never left watching an episode feeling good.  The whole show felt exploitative more so than many reality shows.  I didn’t connect with LA.  Simon bashed Nicole in every interview thus insuring the public would immediately discount her or her thoughts, Simon is out of touch and has been so for awhile.  Paula while not commercially relevant in terms of music sales anymore, I felt that she has a good ear for music, and a good eye for talent despite what people say about her antics.

  • Anonymous


  • SallyinChicago

    Deadline is reporting that Paula is gone.
    I didn’t watch it, it was too overproduced, too loud, phoney, rehearsed and just shows that Simon doesn’t know how to produce.
    What’s bad is that he pursued and teased Paula for weeks, and made a big PR affair about Paula and now she’s gone!
    I think the Fox bigwigs are behind this more than Simon.

  • SallyinChicago

    They need to overhaul the whole show — or — go to cable.

  • SallyinChicago

    Nicole should have stayed with the Sing-off.

  • Kirsten

    Steve, Nicole AND Paula?

    Boy, Simon was serious about his bloodbath. It’s like that scene in Harry Potter when Voldemort gets mad and slaughters a room full of death eaters.

    But, just like Voldemort, it’s mostly his fault.  Neither of them would ever admit it, though.

  • ZsusK

    Not that anyone cares, but if Paula is gone, I’m done watching. Grrrrrrrr.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t matter who the host or judges are if they don’t fix the basic problem they had this season — which was it was way too much about the judges and not enough about the contestants. There’s basically zero buzz about any of the S1 contestants coming off this show (despite Melanie’s upcoming SB commercial) — that’s a problem right there.

    The show also took itself way too seriously given how OTT the production was. Either lose the cheesy dancers, flashy lighting, etc, or embrace the fact that you are going for the cheese instead of trying to treat it seriously. 

  • Kylee

    In a strange way, I think its hilarious that Paula is gone now too. Girl can’t keep a job!

  • Anonymous

    Well I’ve been a Simon fan, but if Nicole, Paula and Steve are leaving, they might as well add Simon to the list!

  • Anonymous

    I love her!!!

  • Kylee

    While he’s at it, Simon Cowell should fire himself.

    Haha win.

  • raya

    It’s kind of fun to watch X Factor implode. 

  • Anonymous

    We will have to endure another off-season of Simon crowing about how great the judging panel is & how much better the show is or will be than Idol or The Voice.  It should keep him & the show in the news until it returns in the fall.

    Remember all the possible host and judges names that he admitted to leaking?  I have a feeling that this will happen a lot, especially on Wednesdays and Thursdays from February to the end of May.

  • Valentin432

    Simon is right,  the show needed a major reboot or it would have gone by the wayside in season 2.
    Maybee it won’t matter and it will still go down but he couldn’t keep the way it run in 2011

  • Anonymous

    He should stay on as a producer, since it is his show, but the best and most important move that they could make is to take Simon off from in front of the camera.  There was a suggestion a while back that he could just appear on the elimination episodes, and like Jimmy Iovine did one time on AI last year, give his opinion of the performances after the fact.  This way, he can see the results first, and then act like he knows everything.  It would be an incredible move.

  • Niall

    Ok the Paula thing takes me by surprise. X Factor next year is going to be a total reboot. Personally I would have kept Paula.

    I suspect X Factor is going to struggle even more next season and I also think Nigel will find a way to reincorporate Paula into AI for season 12.

  • Michael Bishop

    One of the BIGGEST problems for X-Factor is this:  The is no heat behind any of the contestants:  Melanie (I loved her and wanted her to win)…no one cares.  Astro-dime a dozen and when he hits puberty, done.  Chris- meh.  The show I feel will not produce a big star from this bunch.  THAT more than the judges and host is what’s wrong with XF.

  • Anonymous

    It’s almost a shame if Paula leaves, because she was the best judge of the season.  At the least, the way that her groups performed showed that she actually spent time mentoring them, which is something that I doubt that any of the other judges did, unless there was a camera present.  

    It was a bad idea to hire Paula, because the combination of her and Simon just made the show look like American Idol part 2.  The focus should have been on doing everything possible to make the show look different from AI. But, in Paula’s defense, she did everything that she could to be a good judge.

  • Jon Glass

    Alright, time to GET RID of LA!!!! NOW! 

  • ZsusK

    I love Paula, too. And it pissed me off that Simon thinks everyone else EXCEPT HIM is responsible for the shows ratings. Go to hell, Simon. 

  • Kylee

    Next up? Get rid of the $5 million dollar prize. It gets annoying hearing about it every 5 seconds. And it rubbed me the wrong way that the show was all about winning a money prize instead of winning for the music.

  • Anonymous

    Paula? Really?

    I kind of hate to see Steve go. I enjoyed picking out silly things he said or awkward moments and making a top 10 list!

    As far as Nicole, by the end of the season I was surprised at the amount of hate I could feel for some person on a TV show!

  • Anonymous

    Hate to see Steve and Paula go. Nicole never should of been there. Hope LA is next on the hit list. He is about as entertaining as a box of rocks.

  • Anonymous

    I think that Simon should be a non-mentor judge.

    Make it only 3 groups or keep the 4, but I want Simon to be able to snark to any of them. What is the point of having Simon, if he is so predictable and keep gushing on certain group (his own) and constantly criticize LA’s group, just because.

  • sd34567

    So just Simon and LA coming back?  Can’t wait to see who they get to replace folks.

  • Anonymous

    Wow.  This is gonna be an entirely different show, isn’t it?  All they really needed to do was replace Nicole with Cheryl or Mariah Carey.  Maybe let Cat Deeley host.  I didn’t mind Steve though.

  • Kariann Hart

    I do hope SYTYCD doesn’t get canceled which would free Cat Deeley as a host.  If she was host on The X-Factor, Simon might take away her “smile, sparkle, shine”! (Cheerleading phrase.)

  • Anonymous

    I was ecstatic about Steve & Nicole but I must say, Paula’s ouster shocked me a bit. I do agree that the chemistry wasn’t there but I thought Paula did a commendable job last season. She worked with what she got.

    I just wanna throw it out there although it’s unlikely but I would LOOOOOOOV if Cat Deeley is the new host. As much as she rules on SYTYCD, I think she deserves a show with more potential. Again, unlikely but one can dream.

  • Anonymous

    So L.A. stays only because he’s the “legit” spotter of talent (cough.circa 1995.cough). And for the “feud” Simon pushes down our throats.
    Might be very different next season. I just hope they don’t just throw in some big names and hope it works. Yes, good judging is always a plus, but chemistry is huge for me. I’ll watch The Voice despite the lack of overall talent because of the judges’ chemistry. I can’t say I like the judging on AI with JLO and Steven, but AI’s got more talented musicians. XF doesn’t have the amazing singers so it doesn’t get as much leeway for me. Hopefully, all this cleanup will make XF better. I want to like it as much as I like the UK version, but I can’t for some reason.

  • Listening

    I’m thinking Mariah Carey  is going to be a judge. I thought Simon had said something like the only reason she wasn’t a judge this year was b/c she was pregnant.

    If Paula is really off the show i’m surprised didn’t see that one coming. I think the only reason LA is staying is b/c he’s to big a star he has his own label. And LA has connections maybe Simon doesn’t want to get his Artists upset.

    To make X- Factor better I think the judges need to be more critical of the contestants and they need to scale down the dance routines. They already got rid of the host so that should help a lot he’s probably a nice guy but he was so so so so awkward. Oh also work out the camera angles a lot of the time they would take these wide shots of the stage and it was annoying I wanted to focus on the contestants. Not the massiveness of the stage and the crowd.

    I wonder who the new judges will be Simon shouldn’t draw out the picking and announcing the judges process that was just annoying.

  • Kylee

    Haha Nigel adding some fuel:

    Nigel Lythgoe

    Shocked to see Simon has fired Paula Abdul, Nicole and Steve from the X-Factor.

  • Anonymous

    He fired Paula?????? Cold. LOL at the dizzyfeet twitter dig. You dastardly devil dizzy!

  • Anonymous

    Not surprised at Nicole & Steve leaving. I am surprised about Paula. Even though her groups left early, she was a good mentor who actually seemed to help her contestants unlike the other mentors.

    I agree that XF needs to have more criticism from the mentors/judging panel. But I don’t think it will happen. Like The Voice which has a similar mentor format, I think both shows think since they mentor contestants instead of judging like Idol, they shouldn’t really have many negative critiques. IMO just because you mentor contestants doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t hear negative critiques. It will only help the contestants get better.

  • sdmama

    Steve is such a charming guy, he will do great on a different show (something like   talk show host or interviewing). This wasn’t a good fit for him.  I hope he will land on something better. 

  • swansteel

    I disliked X Factor so much that I stopped watching it about half way through the season.  A big part of the reason for that was the horrible judges.  So, getting rid of most of them is good news.  I’m still not eager to watch again, but, who knows, I might give it another chance if the show is given a full over-haul.  I don’t know though, I was burned pretty badly by how horrible it was.  Oh, all the finalists sucked too. :)  

  • breakdown

    He should have kept Paula.

  • Anonymous


     Oh also work out the camera angles a lot of the time they would take these wide shots of the stage and it was annoying I wanted to focus on the contestants. Not the massiveness of the stage and the crowd.

    That’s part of the show.  One of the reasons why they do that is so that people don’t focus too much on the people who aren’t great singers.  The X Factor is big on smoke and mirrors.

  • TBTW

    I don’t think that revamping the judges panel and changing the host is going to help. In fact, the firing of Paula in particular will probably give more people a reason to tune out since it seems so heartless.

    I think the real reason XF failed was because Idol Season 10 was so successful (don’t think Simon expected that) and JLo and Steven made Simon and Paula seem like yesterday’s news.

  • Mirandy

    So glad Paula and Nicole are out.  Sweet Justice!

  • Anonymous

    Color me SHOCKED! Don’t get me wrong this is absolutely the right decision, but i had no idea he’d have the balls fire Paula.

    Now he needs to either keep L.A. and fire himself or keep himself and fire L.A. It’s not working when they’re both there.

    And imma say it again: HIRE CHERYL COLE BACK!!!

  • Anonymous

    Um by firing them he’s admitting it, of course. Otherwise he’d kept Pauler.

  • Anonymous

    lol you’ll be doing the same this summer Nigel, do not worry. Your panel is even worse with randy and steven still present and the ratings suck. Fox will need few scapegoats from you too.

  • Reflections On Life

    Though Paula was the only truly likable one there, and she worked so hard for her team, it dosn’t surprise me that he got rid of her.

    Whoever he brings in is going to be his new right-hand gal. So Paula would be in competition with that.  It would be awkward.

    If he brings back Cheryl, who was his right-hand gal on XF UK, that’d be an either / or situation – one of them would need to go. Last year, he chose Paula. This year maybe he’s choosing Cheryl instead.

    Similarly, if he brings in Mariah, Shania, or any of the other leading ladies of 90s music, he’d again have to let Paula go.

    I could see him making a new team of Simon, Cheryl, Kelly Rowland, and LA. If not Kelly, insert another somewhat-successful new-millenial pop-r&b female-of-color artist here. Like Keri Hilson, Nelly Furtado, Corrine Bailey Rae, etc.

  • Mirandy

    I hope Simon forgets about Kelly Rowland and Cheryl Cole…those two are NOT going to attract new viewers.  It would just be more of the same.

  • Kylee

    Your panel is even worse with randy and steven still present

    At least Steven is likable and entertaining.

    and the ratings suck.

    Still higher than all the other non-sports shows on air. And still higher than X-factor’s….

  • Amy Hyun

    just fire LA already! can’t stand him….or just cancel the entire show

  • Kesia Monteith

    “While he’s at it,Simon Cowell should fire himself.”

    Yes, he should. He was just as poor of a judge, mentor…whatever we call them these days.

  • BonnieDee

    SO GLAD Nicole is gone.  She didn’t belong there.  And can we get an American host for the show please?  Someone who relates to the audience and contestants?  

  • Anonymous

    At least Steven is likable and entertaining.

     i find him sleazy and boring and the producers’ effort to convince me that every 20 year old girl wants to f*ck him downright vile and disgusting

    no 20 year old wants to f*ck him or finds him hot/entertaining, it’s just another example of producers pandering to the viewing demo

    Still higher than all the other non-sports shows on air. 

    doesn’t matter, it’s going down rapidly and fox will want to see changes and improvement

    they will keep ryan and JLo, everybody else should be worried

  • shell29

    Wow…I guess Simon wasn’t kidding about a post-season “bloodbath”.  I’m really shocked about the Paula news.  I never thought he’d get rid of her too.  I actually thought she did a good job this past season, certainly better than her last couple of seasons on Idol.  I understand blowing out Steve and Nicole (although I like Steve and feel bad for him), but Paula?  I don’t think it was necessary to get rid of her, but oh well.  Sorry Paula…I hate to see her go.  She never had a fighting chance mentoring the groups.

  • shell29

    ITA.  I’d put Simon right up there with Nicole in terms of lousy mentoring.  His ego will never acknowledge that HE was a big part of the problem.  It’s easier for him to use Steve, Nicole and Paula as the scapegoats.  Pfft.  Melanie Amaro won X Factor in spite of Simon, not because of him.

  • shell29

    Up until now, I’ve liked Steven Tyler but yeah, his act is beginning to wear thin with me.  Judging from the declining ratings for Idol so far this season, I guess I’m not the only one (although I think the reason for the decline is primarily due to the age of the show).  Don’t get me started on Randy Jackson.  Nigel is so busy tweeting his shock at the X Factor firings-well if he were smart he would put Randy on the unemployment line along with Paula after season eleven.  He’s easily the most useless judge of all the Idol/X Factor judges and his tired act was stale five or six seasons ago.

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow. PAULA out too? Ok that I find really shocking. But not bad. She needs to move on. She and Simon didn’t have the zing he thought they would.

  • Anonymous

    Big names worked for The Voice. That and the blind auditions, and the judges competition. The vocal talent was only ok, about on par with Idol and XF. So I do think getting current, cross genre judges would make people more interested in the show. AI did it with ST and Jlo. So Simon has to get this right. That, and the show needs to construct more of an arc for the contestants. I liked a lot of the contestants on the show, but i didnt feel near the connection or passion that I felt for my faves in S7, S8, and s10 of Idol. Simon needs to work on his contestants making that connection with the viewers. I also think judges choice for who goes home needs to stop at like top 5.

  • Ringo

    Given the blatant manipulation by Simon Cowel last year on picking judges, and the fire-storm of interest it generated, can anyone seriously be suprised, let alone get worked up over changes on the show.  Is this just another Cheryl Cole publicity stunt to keep people interested in a bizarrely unentertaining show.

    I mean everyone called for Steve Jones head during the season (at least until he took off his shirt and the girls went crazy).  So no surprise he is gone.  Then Nicole’s double header faux pas.  She was the weak link, so no suprise. 

    Now Paula?  Are we sure?  Any chance of a change of heart?  Shall we all get worked up?  There is a perverse joy in watching the lemmings run, en masse, off the cliff.

  • Anonymous

    Unless the voice and x factor get canceled, there’s not much they can do to get the ratings to rise. Although it’s not getting what it used to, idol is still considered a ratings monster(not quite the death star anymore though). The voice and x factor wish they can have idol’s ratings.

  • Anonymous

    UGH.  But they left clueless L.A. Reid.  I guess he signed enough people that won’t make hit records that Simon felt the need to keep him.  He was as useless as the rest of them on the show. 

  • Anonymous

    Huh.  Looks like the suits fired everyone but the suits; what a surprise.  This is being cast in some places as a network decision.  No?  If Simon picks the female replacements, they will be  insipid  pop queens when it would be reeaally nice to see a strong, unintimidatable female with stellar credentials up there.  They look for chicks when they should be looking for women.

  • Anonymous

    Please no.  Mariah Carey does that awful sex kitten thing all the damnded time.  It is fatiguing.

  • Anonymous

    They should try someone new.  What a concept!

  • Anonymous

    PInk is a good idea, because she seems tough.  They need a strong bold woman and they need to cut the silly Simon schtick they showed this past season.  Simon was a little obnoxious, but the women seemed largely his foils.  Much of the fighting looked staged; it was boring and self-indulgent.

  • Anonymous

    Pink would be amazing. She’s fun, hard-working, credible, outspoken, great performer, singee and songwriter and someone with over a decade lasting success. Hard to say if she’d be interested in something like this. Also she has quite a history with L.A.Reid. 

  • Anonymous

    Kat Deeley was a total robot in her first year. I almost stopped watching. Can not stand her even now.