Stefano – “Yes To Love” – New Single First Listen! (AUDIO)

Listen to the new single from American Idol Season 10 alum, Stefano. “Yes to Love” is written and produced by Rock Mafia aka Tim James and Antonita Armato.  Via USA Today Idol Chatter

The new tune will be available digitally on Feb 12. Hollywood Records will release his debut album–originally slated for the fall–in May 2013. The schedule change allowed Stefano to write most of the record’s 11 tracks himself.

“After I started writing and was putting myself in a position to show the label what I had to offer as a songwriter and artist, they started letting me be more creative,” he says. The resulting album will be “a little more soul/R&B-driven instead of very straight pop.”

“I’m very lucky to have a second single coming out,” Stefano says. “Getting these opportunities and making the best out of them is my number-one focus at the moment.”

Yes, he’s lucky. Because his first single, “On A Roll”, released last spring, didn’t make much of an impact on the charts.

Check out Stefano’s pop ballad below. Too much auto tuning! Let the boy sing, I say.

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  • windmills

    Well, Stefano really does have a nice vocal tone. Song is pretty generic lyrically but, the style and melody suit him. 

    Stefano also had the opportunity to write with Brett James (who cowrote Kelly’s Mr Know It All and has been doing a lot of pop writing lately though he’s most known for his work in country) and Julian Emery (who cowrote David Cook’s We Believe & Paper Heart and has been moving from rock to pop lately). They collaborated to write a song called Lover Like You.

  • lovetheusa1776

    Song nothing out of the ordinary, but Stefano’s voice is just so pretty here – sweet listening.

  • Nicole Overstreet

    I just listened the song, and I thought it was a great song. I was a huge fan of I’m On A Roll but I deff think Yes To Love was a whole lot better. 

  • Larc

    Not exactly an ear-wormy song that lends itself to whistling or humming after a few listens, but Stefano’s voice sounds good.

  • Klaine

    ho hum…doesnt really stand out to me, but sometimes i need to hear a song a few times ….did his first single go anywhere on the pop charts?  Interesting hes releasing songs but still no Pia.

  • Li Wright

    I suggested this before and it went unnoticed, but I think Jimmy IO should take a page from Simon and take the best three-4 boy singers (Stefano, Deandre, and someone else) and form a boy group.  I never saw Stefano as a solo, but part of a boy group.

  • danperez90

    And I repeat…sales figure for “Im on a Roll”? The last time I heard was near the 300k I think

  • durbesque

    Interesting idea…never would have thought of it.  Remember The Three Tenors?  How about The Three Idol Tenors…Stefano/Deandre/Joshua.  They could cover the waterfront with many genres and styles.  I don’t see them making it on their own…but I don’t think Stefano is ready to concede defeat. 

  • Eileen99

    Stefano has a great voice, I do like this song & I also liked On A Roll.  Something about this reminds me of Usher.  On A Roll actually did make the pop charts for a while, which is more than be said for almost everybody else from Idol lately other than Kelly or P2.

    I don’t think he needs auto-tuning, either, but it’s so common in pop arrangements that I guess I’m used to the enhancements.  

    Good luck to him!  He sold me on the Idol tour & I think he has the right persona/look/age for Pop.  I’m glad his label is sticking with him for now.

  • girlygirltoo

    I don’t remember seeing any sales figures that showed that it got anywhere close to that #, although maybe Kirsten or someone can did through the past sales threads to see what its last reported number was.. It never got out on the 40’s on the Mediabase charts and I don’t remember it being in the Top 100 on iTunes for very long — although I do remember it hung around in the 200-400 range for awhile before eventually dropping off the charts. Chris Rene’s single of Young Homie shas old less than 300K and it outperformed Stefano’s single on the radio (got into the mid-20s on pop chart), so I’d be surprised if IOAR sold 300K.

  • XJakutaX

    So the direction of the album is going to be R&B/Soul and the label is kicking it off with this song. Huh?

    Oh, I get it…NOT!

    This is a pretty generic , boring track from Rock Mafia..yikes! Pretty Bad!

    Is this song about the first time Stefano met Haley? Awww!

    Still don’t like it! :)

  • El oh El


  • Happyhexer

    I actually like “I’m on a Roll” and bought it.  And the video for it is adorable.  The song gets me on my feet dancing, and I love Stefano’s voice on the refrain.  The new song is nice, but I suspect it is not strong or distinctive enough to make the needed inroads.  Will have to wait and see what the EP/CD sounds like.  Hope he goes more the R&B/soul route.  I want to actually hear his voice, and it appears that nowadays a voice is the very last thing you need for pop music!