Stefano Langone Reportedly Was Arrested For DUI

attends Fox's "American Idol" Finalist Party on March 3, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.Ohh. The Idol dirt is beginning to spill. Star is reporting that Stefano Langone was pulled over by a Washington State Patrol trouper for speeding and changing lanes without signaling.

UPDATE: Read the police report HERE.

After failing field sobriety tests and registering above the state’s legal alcohol limit on a preliminary breath test, he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

This supposedly happened one year after Stefano narrowly avoided death in a car crash caused by a drunk driver.

I wondered why the drunk driver bit was left out of Stefano’s Idol backstory. If this Star story is true (and it probably is…they likely dug up the records) Stefano’s own history with alcohol is probably why.

Stay tuned for TMZ, Radaronline to enter the fray.

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  • koshka

    Either way this is sad.

  • bluejeans

    Poor kid.

  • tinawina

    Wow. It’s time for our first Idol contestant scandal of the year people.

    Poor Stefano. I hope he doesn’t look at his Twitter today.

  • tierbee

    Oh, yikes. Sucks to have skeletons in the closet when you head out into Idol land because someone’s surely going to find it. Hope he’s gotten himself together since then. Drinking and driving is stupid.

  • washpd

    It would be nice to have more facts. What were the results of the actual breath test? (Preliminary breath tests are not admissible in court because they are not scientifically reliable.) Was he ever actually charged? If he was charged, was he convicted or were charges dismissed, reduced, or was he found not guilty in a trial? I hate this type of reporting. If they were able to get the police report, then they were able to get the court record (it’s actually a lot easier to get the court record than the police report), so this type of half-assed gossip reporting is really inexcusable.

  • tierbee

    If he was charged, was he convicted or were charges dismissed, reduced, or was he found not guilty in a trial?

    There is a lot missing, isn’t there? Was he convicted? Either way, he’ll have to take some flak for a while I’m sure. Put away your twitter, Stefano… it’s the devil, after all.

  • LoveDaRocker

    The kid got a DUI. Big deal.
    I mean, you shouldn’t drink and drive, and many people die every year because of this. But I wouldn’t consider this “scandalous” by any means.

  • hoosiermama

    Well, whether he was charged or not, I hope Stefano steps up and owns this story. I’ve ranted to my legal age boys so many times about drinking and driving, as I’m sure his mother has. There is simply no excuse. Man up, Stefano—you’re my overall winner pick! Do the right thing and set the record straight.

  • larc

    A single incident doesn’t necessarily indicate any kind of trend. Even so, being arrested on suspicion and then being charged and found guilty are different things. There’s no indication of the next two steps in the story. Hard to believe they would have left them out if either had happened. But it’s unfortunately not hard to believe they would purposely omit the fact that neither had occurred.

    Sources such as The Star and TMZ often appear to be more interested in sensationalism than in reporting a complete, factual story. That’s sad, but sadder still is the number of people who will thoughtlessly latch onto such deceptive journalism and perhaps aid and abet hurting somebody because of it.

  • anovich

    This isn’t necessarily a scandal of any type. Idol might have already been completely aware of Stefano’s situation. And one incident of bad judgement by him doesn’t mean that this is a trend in his behavior.

  • Marie Ruffin

    But did he make restitution in some way? Serve time? Do Community work?
    It’s a bunch of nothing by the tabloids, but it could distract him, should the press start badgering him.

    “This isn’t necessarily a scandal of any type. Idol might have already been completely aware of Stefano’s situation. ” Agree. Idol has very good detectives who check out these kids thoroughly.

  • tripp_ncwy

    The Star article does say they have the report & that there is another incident. We probably won’t hear the full story from them until the issue comes out. I am sure someone else will get the scoop before then.

    Of course, AI knows about the incident. They knew about Casey James’ pre-idol DWI arrest & they even knew Kris had a warrant when he didn’t even know. They didn’t consider them an issue in letting them compete.

  • tinawina

    Well, I wouldn’t say it’s “nothing”.. drunk driving is a big deal especially for someone who almost died at its hands. Its a legit story IMO. But I agree we don’t know all the facts, and that he is in for a big pile o’ judgment once this hits the larger media news cycles.

  • Mel1

    What does this have to do with singing? Unless Stefano is a criminal, or this is a pattern, let’s get back to what AI is all about. This is just like the kissing pictures of Adam that kept resurfacing (hello Mr. O’Reilly, I’m looking at you).

  • Eileen99

    Eh, on the scandal scale, this doesn’t rank very high up for me. He seems like a reasonably smart guy, I’m sure he views it as a mistake. As long as he followed up & did whatever was asked of him as a result of this, my reaction is pretty much *shrugs*.

  • Mel1

    How did Sarver manage to not get in the news when he actually served jail time?

  • gangreen29

    Okay I do not condone drunk driving at all, I think it is a horribly irresponsible thing and the people who chose to drive drunk deserve even harsher punishments than they currently receive. However, this part of the article did crack me up:

    “While en route [to WSP headquarters], Langone began singing,” stated the arresting state trooper in his report obtained by Star.

  • J9BT

    My friend with a nervous condition was arrested for DUI, had the police blotter published in the paper, and passed every preliminary test except being able to walk a straight line & balance herself (which she can’t do due to her condition). She had to hire a very expensive lawyer, go to court several times, and after 6 months the case still isn’t closed. She was told the police are allowed to use their observations as evidence even if tests don’t support their conclusions.

    After hearing of her ordeal, I don’t believe any of these reports unless the person is convicted with clear evidence.

  • Yvonne13

    The show is called American Idol, not American Angel.

  • jersey

    Yeah, we don’t have the full story so I’ll let him slide for now, BUT, driving drunk even once is nothing th shrug about and it’s certainly way above and beyond the Adam kissing pics. As someone whose 16 year old cousin was killed by a drunk driver, I have little or no tolerance for getting behind the wheel after drinking.

  • eilonwy

    If this was my own kid getting arrested for a DUI, I’d be having fits (though whether at the kid or the cop depends on the facts).

    From a stranger on my tubies… meh… he needs to issue accurate facts and (if he was in fact driving drunk) say appropriately grown-up things about now knowing better. As a human being, he ought to mean it. Case closed.

    Contestants aren’t allowed to drive during the show, supposedly, so he’s not going to hurtle around Los Angeles causing mayhem.

  • claudette

    This is waay above Adam kissing a guy. I think drunk driving is seriously wrong and should not be minimized. If you have been affected by it, then it’s almost unforgivable.

    However, I and everyone I know have made mistakes….and sometimes bad ones. The public is very forgiving IF you take responsibility and say your are sorry. If it’s really a story, then he only needs to say he’s learned from it and that it wrong. The only way it would matter to me was if he said it wasn’t a big deal but he doesn’t seem like that kind of a guy. And, I’m not believing Star anyway.

  • Tony

    Talk about irony.

  • colette

    There are all kinds of degrees of pleas and punishments for this type of thing. Let’s not jump to big conclusions before we get the facts. I hope Stefano doesn’t suffer for this, because he’s a fave, but I do wish kids would stop drinking before they get behind the wheel….

  • NOLA

    Oh My.

  • luvadamlambert

    Not shocked….

  • Tess

    I don’t think this story would even have any legs if it wasn’t for the irony and the fact that he was himself the victim of a drunk driver. It would sure be nice if everyone understood the risks of driving under the influence…I know I don’t drive after even 1 drink…but then I’ve been stupid enough to get in a car where I know the driver has had one too many. I am any less responsible than the driver…don’t think so.

    But in the long run this won’t hurt Stefano whether it is true or not. The masses just aren’t as judgmental as the perception may be.

  • Niall

    I don’t think too many will judge Stefano harshly. He’s young and did something really dumb. He’s very lucky he didn’t kill someone if indeed he was driving under the influence (of alcohol or pills or pot, whatever). He also doesn’t strike me as a guy who is cavalier about it, or proud of it.

    I also don’t expect the idol fan reaction to be all that bad. Remember, he’s a cute guy. If one of the women on the show had a DUI in their recent history, that would be a different story.

  • VAidolFan09

    Well if the Idol tour goes to Canada this year, and he makes the top 10, that could complicate things…

  • zzatrms

    The kid got a DUI. Big deal.

    In my case, the kid got a DUI and I got disabled for the rest of my life.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Well the police report is very detailed & he admitted to drinking. He also failed several administered breath tests.

  • Niall

    I just read the police report. Oh, Stefano…don’t lie to the police. Either invoke your right to silence or tell the truth. There’s no way he presented the way he did to the officer, with bloodshot eyes and all the rest, based on having one beer several hours earlier. He’d either had a LOT to drink or he had a couple drinks but mixed them with painkillers. Young and dumb. Hopefully this was a wake up call.This was only 10 months ago, which makes me wonder what the happened with the case. I’m guessing a quick plea deal and some alcohol awareness classes?

  • glotrovato

    I can’t believe your trying to bring down and hurt the chances of Stefano doing well on the show with such negative info and spreading it out there probably because he’s so talented and may be threatening to your favorites. This really is disrespectful and unfare. Not cool! Have a heart MJ.

  • tripp_ncwy

    This really is disrespectful and unfare. Not cool! Have a heart MJ.

    It’s public information. Casey James had the same stuff come out about him last season and it didn’t hurt him. The test will be how Stefano handles the situation when he is asked about it.

  • luly

    Driving drunk is a very serious mistake and he is lucky that he didn’t end up causing any accident. I really hope that it is not something that he has done again.

  • HappyDaisy

    Do I have this right? Stefano was seriously injured in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. The next year he was arrested for drunk driving himself. If so, he has zero sympathy from me. Sad, as I had been cheering for him this season.

  • stewardone1

    wasnt that on his 21st birthday? someone said on another blog, his friends were with him, and took him out to celebrate, and they were more plastered then he was …
    its not cool, but i’m quite sure that his family already kicked his butt bigtime..
    also idol made a statement that they already knew about it, and since it is a misdemeanor only, he has not broken any rules. as far as him being an alchoholic, i think thats a real stretch… kid goes thru hell, kid recovers, friends take him out to celebrate his life… kids do something stupid… oh yeah alchoholic alright, lets start that rumor… responsible reporting?
    ummmm no, misuse of power in order to influence opinion, looks like it…

    nobody thinks he should be given a pass, but dont make it look like he’s being sneaky… its AI that controls all pr on the kids once they sign on AND YOU KNOW THAT….