So You Think You Can Dance – Season 5 – Top 14 Results – VIDEO

Karla is eliminated.
Vitolio is eliminated

WOW.   So Caitlin and Jason were safe! If not, I think the judges would have eliminated them.   Did America rally behind them after the judges dissed their routine?   If I had voted last night, I would have thrown them a few, for sure, because I did not hate that routine the way the judges did, and I have a feeling America felt the same.

At least Karla and Vitolio were eliminated on a high note–their quickstep was one on my favorites of the night.   I also loved Karla’s solo. And I agree with the judges, Jeanine’s solo was beautiful, powerful–Kayla’s not so much. Vitolio was visibly moved speaking about the folks whose lives he touched. Aw–his partner Asuka in the audience looking sad.

Happy to see and hear the fantabulous most awesomeous Idol evah, Kelly Clarkson sing her latest single, “I Do Not Hook Up.” Yay Kelly.


  • “Brand New Day” from the Wiz – Original Soundtrack (Group Number)
  • “Caprice in e Minor, Op. 1 No. 3″ by Midori (Patricia and Desmond) – iTunes
  • “Blackbird” by Dionne Farris (Karla)
  • “Here Comes Goodbye” by Rascal Flatts (Vitolio) – iTunes
  • “Stupid” by Sarah McLachlan (Kayla) – iTunes
  • “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole (Kupono) iTunes
  • “Moonlight Sonato” Smart Sleep with Classical (Jeanine) – iTunes
  • “You’ll Find a Way” (Switch & Sinden Remix) by Santigold – iTunes
  • “I Do Not Hook Up” by Kelly Clarkson – iTunes
  • “Already Gone”  by Kelly Clarkson (Girls’ Goodbye) – iTunes
  • “On Your Own”  by Green River Ordinance (Guys’ Goodbye) – iTunes

Live blog and Videos after the JUMP…

Tonight: Kelly Clarkson performs!

“Brand New Day” from The Wiz by Tyce DiOrio – The Cirque Du Solei jumps out of a painting. – VIDEO

Karla and Vitolio and Randi and Evan are center stage.   One of them is safe, the other is in the Bottom 3. Randy and Evan are SAFE. Karla and Vitolio are in the Bottom 3. – VIDEO

Nigel reminds the audience that Karla and Vitolio are no strangers to the Bottom 3

After the break Janette and Brandon, Karla and Kupono and Melissa and Ade are center stage. Janette and Brandon are safe. Melissa and Ade are SAFE. Karla and Kupono are in the Bottom 3.   Mia is shocked–“They were the best performance last night,” she says to Karla and Kupono, “We can’t lose you guys.” – VIDEO

Back from the break, Jeanine and Phillip and Caitlin and Jason are center stage. Caitlin and Jason are SAFE!!! OMG! I totally lost all my points! – VIDEO

Karla, Vitolio, Kayla, Kupono, Jeanine and Philip will be dancing for their lives.

Patricia Hachey and Desmond Richardson from Complexions Contemporary Ballet perform a beautiful piece choreographed by Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson (Caprice in e Minor, Op. 1 No. 3 by Midori) – VIDEO

Karla (“Blackbird” by Dionne Farris) dances for her life, Vitolio (“Here Comes Goodbye” by Rascal Flatts) is next, after it’s Kayla (“Stupid” by Sarah McLachlan), next, it’s Kupono (“Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole) – VIDEO

Jeanine (“Moonlight Sonato” Smart Sleep with Classical) dances for her life, Phillip (“You’ll Find a Way” Switch & Sinden Remix – By Santigold) is last. – VIDEO

Nigel, Mary and Mia leave the stage to deliberate.

AND KELLY CLARKSON IS IN THE HOUSE!   She performs “I Do Not Hook Up”   I Love Kelly! – VIDEO

Back from break, we start with the girls.   It’s a unanimous decision. Nigel tells Jeanine that hers was the strongest solo of the evening–and brilliant. She is SAFE.   Nigel tells Kayla she is a favorite, but her solo tonight was static, not dancing from the heart.   He tells Karla she is a very good dancer, but she hasn’t captured the star quality she had a the beginning.   She is eliminated.

Now for the boys.   Again, it’s a unanimous decision for the boys. Nigel tells Phillip he is “absolutely unique” and superb at what he does. But tonight, he thought his solo was a little desperate.   He has a lot of hard work ahead of him in the coming weeks   to master the other genres. He is safe. Nigel tells Vitolio he has great presence on stage, but he doesn’t deliver anything at the end of the day. He tells Kupono his solo was weak, that he expects more, and that’s what he’ll be expecting next week. Vitolio is eliminated. Asuka is in the audience getting a little teary.   Vitolio tears up as he talks about the letters he got from people telling him he changed their lives.


  • Randi and Evan
  • Janette and Brandon
  • Melissa and Ade
  • Caitlin and Jason

Bottom 3

  • Karla and Vitolio
  • Kayla and Kupono
  • Jeanine and Phillip
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  • dhunken

    Yeah the short people are safe. Take that you judges. :-) Evan for the win. Happy they are safe.

  • butte009

    Wow… Kayla and Kupono in the B3? I guess the fans don’t love Kayla as much as the judges. Beginning to look like Gokey all over again. I actually thought it’d be Ade and Melissa in the B3 with Vitolio/Karla and Jason/Caitlin.

  • dhunken

    This was a tough choice. All three did great last night. I just think that personality wise Kayla and Kapono don’t connect to the audience emotionally as well as the others. They both have talent but not the “it” factor.

  • Calliope

    Whaaat? Two if my favorite routines are in the bottom 3. I liked the Philip/Jeanine hip hop and Kayla/Kupono contemporary.

    Of course, as soon as I announced that Jeanine is my new favorite, she gets to the bottom. I picked my favorite with Ashley earlier, and she was in the bottom and gone. Be safe, Jeanine (and Kupono!).

    I am such a jinx this year. I mentioned how my favorite always gets the boot right before the finale (Blake, Natalia, Pasha, Mark). This is now how one breaks the streak!

  • dhunken

    Did not see that one coming. Philip in the bottom 3. Well he is not going home for sure. If I had to guess I will say Vitolio and Karla are going home tonight.

  • reeboks1

    karla and vitolio are going home. definitely wont be kayla, and it’s not fair to send home jeanine when they’ve had nothing but praise for her. philip will stay cuz they want some untraditional technique in the top ten, and kupono will stay simply because it’s time to get rid of vitolio.

  • brie200

    I hate the machinations on this show as much as AI. They’ve never been as blatant as they have been this season. Give almost all the couples dances in their wheelhouse and then give the new couple Karla/Vitolio the dance of death. Then make the two of them dance after a long show infomercial in the hopes that many viewers forget about them and think the show is over before they even danced.

    I get the show wants Karla and Vitolio gone, but I wish they wouldn’t be so obvious about it. Karla looks so resigned and I don’t blame her. Her only chance at staying was against Caitlin. No way are they sending their pet Kayla home.

    Have I mentioned I hate this show this season?

  • butte009

    OMG! The guest performance was absolutely fantastic! :thumbup_tb:

    Anyways… I’m shocked Jason and Caitlin survived. Could it be pity votes for getting stuck doing Brian’s strange chore?

    Wow… doesn’t look good for Karla. What a shame. And I wonder if Nigel will cut Phillip loose instead of Vitolio or Kupono :ponder_tb:

    ETA: I don’t think Kupono did enough to stay. Philip has a chance if he brings it – which he probably will.
    I wasn’t particularly impressed with any of the girls’ solos either….

  • Ptnyc34

    I seriously doubt Philip or Jeanine will be going home after their solos. They were one of the best couples last night and the Judges love them.

  • spring2009

    Ok – just have to say – what is the appeal of Kelly Clarkson – she is terrible IMHO. And could she not wash her hair??

  • dhunken

    Kelly was fantastic. Now that is a performance. No lip sinking either.

  • GeminiDolly

    Kelly voice was great. I just wish she had a better stylist.

  • leome

    I just lost my points, but I’m so glad Caitlin and Jason are safe! I seriously love them and I’m still waiting for them to do contemporary.

    Of the boys I’d say bye bye to Vitolio.

  • erinnthered

    You know, I think it says a lot about Kayla and Karla both that MJ keeps messing up their names. Kayla may be a good dancer, but as a personality she’s just not distinguishable. She’s done nothing to capture my attention. Good lines or not. I’m wondering if she’ll even make the top 10.

  • Nerinab

    I thought Karla had the best solo tonight.

    Kayla officially annoys me.

    Kelly Clarkson is phenomenal and it was nice to have someone actually sing the song.

  • weelassie

    can’t believe Kupono didn’t even say a word to Vitolio and just walked off. that stinks.

  • nuttin2lose

    why is phillip still in that competition. Know way he’s better than vitolio. I knew it wld be those 2. just like idol, they don’t judge on that one dance 4 their lives. but on their popularity.

  • brie200

    I honestly thought Karla was one of the best girls on the show, but the bus was headed for her this week and she knew it. Hate you Nigel.

  • gangreen29

    I officially now hate Kupono, I have watched this show three seasons and have never disliked a dancer as much as him, not even Lauren. I was annoyed enough when he sucked in hip hop and got Ashley sent home, and then blamed the bottom appearance on chemistry issues when it was clearly his horrible dancing. That solo however was pathetically lame, and he just comes across like such a jerk. I don’t care if he went and hugged Vitolio at the end, it was sooo rude to just walk off the stage like that.

  • galaxygrrl

    Anyways’ ¦ I’m shocked Jason and Caitlin survived. Could it be pity votes for getting stuck doing Brian’s strange chore

    totally what I thought

  • butte009

    they don’t judge on that one dance 4 their lives. but on their popularity.

    If they judged strictly on the dance 4 your life than Kupono would be gone. He was by far weaker than Vitolio AND Philip. Nigel even admitted it.

    As Nigel pointed out all Kayla does is move from pose to pose. A little dancing and emotion would be nice, just saying…

    Caitlin dodged a bullet again. I thought she should have left in week 2. I want her with me if I ever go to Vegas.

  • lilbrusc102

    Kupono is one of my 2 favorite guys (along w/ Ade) but that was seriously one of the weakest solos I have ever seen. I hope he sees how lucky he is to still be on the show after that emotionless, almost dance-less solo. I think Vitolio must have been growing on me, because I definitely teared up when he was eliminated.

    I felt bad for Karla, but Jeanine was amazing, and you know the judges weren’t going to let Kayla go just yet. I think it’s interesting how even though the judges adore her and she is very talented, she for some reason, doesn’t seem to be connecting with the audience…

  • unique28v

    I’m not surprised Karla and Votolio went home, but they danced so well last night!! I think Kupono should have went home.

  • lili

    Viltolio was robbed. He was much better than the Kupono. He was a stronger and more masculine dancer in comparison to Kupono and Brandon. Unfortunately for him, Brandon is the golden child this season.

  • Kris

    I hate the Dance for your life. It is just a way for the judges to keep their favs. It doesn’t really matter how well or not well they dance because the judges sometimes don’t even make their decision on it. It is pointless. They point blank told two dancers that their solo was really weak but they were saved. And there is no clear criteria that they use. For some dancers it was their solo that saved them and for some dancers it is what they have done on the show.

    I hate what they had to say about Vitolio. They told him that he never brought it which really wasn’t the case. They have raved and raved about some of Vitolio’s dances. I clearly remember them loving his pop jazz and his waltz. So why tell him that he never brought it.

  • sunchick

    K&K in the bottom after giving the best performance of the night? Epic FAIL America. Epic FAIL.

  • leome

    Caitlin dodged a bullet again. I thought she should have left in week 2. I want her with me if I ever go to Vegas.

    I think she has done the best solos yet. IMO, she and Jason have done the best with what they’ve got.

  • mgk

    Karla was doomed, but I thought she had the best solo out of the girls. I’m not too upset since my favorite, Melissa, was safe.

    I hope Brian Friedman watched and had a few laughs. The judges have been very harsh to him this year. They blamed Kayla being in the bottom three on his routine, and yet his couple was safe this week, and Kayla is back in the bottom three.

    I really liked Kayla last night, but her solo was weak. She doesn’t bring much emotion when dancing alone.

    I wonder who the judges would have sent home if the bottom had been Melissa, Kayla and Jeanine?

  • dhunken

    Kayla and Kupono though danced great last night fail to connect for me. There is a distance I feel from them. Kupono is just strange ( and he did not seem like he really cares if he stays or not) and Kayla seems disconnected. (though tonight I did warm up to her when she teared up. Showed she is not robotic).

    I agree that, if as they say, judging who stays is based on their solo performances then Kupono and Kayla should have gone home.

    My opinion is They mostly decide who they want in the top 10 for the tour and who will bring the most fans.

  • luci

    yay i’m happy caitson were safe

  • Dr. Tracey

    Well I ended up with a whopping 2 points in the poll and it wasn’t even a shock elimination, that’s how much I suck LOL

    I don’t think Kayla is so much a favorite with the judges anymore, sure they still praise her but they don’t drool and gush over her like they did at the start, I thought she was a shoe in for top 10 but now i’m not so sure.

    I may be the only one but I thought Karla looked like she’d given up last night, it was almost like part of her went home with Jonathan last week.

    I really enjoyed Jeanine’s solo, she’s becoming my favorite and reminds me of Courtney, i’d love to see her win the whole thing!

    Kellie was great, the best guest they’ve had so far, I have so much admiration for her and the way she presents herself and her music ain’t half bad either.

    I wonder who the judges would have sent home if the bottom had been Melissa, Kayla and Jeanine?

    My guess would be Kayla.

  • Jocelin

    Seriously? I think progression through the weeks should be the main deciding factor and not a 30 second solo. Voters and fanbases will have the final say after next week regardless.

    I thought Kupono and Kayla did have the weakest solos, but every dance background fiber in my being believes they had the best performance as a couple last night. It was so cohesive and seamless. I think they have a wonderful empathetic vibe between them and I’m happy they have another week to develop this partnership. I don’t think they will make it to top 8 or 6 anyway.

    As far as the quickstep, I loved the creativity of the staging more than the actual dancing. Karla and Vitolio danced way too far apart and she didn’t look comfortable with him at all. I am not surprised or disappointed with this decision.

    Jeanine is terrific, but I think Phillip will continue to struggle. I’m happy he made the tour though.

    eta: Am I wrong about the tour? Is it the top 12 or the top 10 who makes the tour?

  • Ptnyc34

    “why is phillip still in that competition. Know way he’s better than vitolio. I knew it wld be those 2. just like idol, they don’t judge on that one dance 4 their lives. but on their popularity.”

    Philip is still in the competition because he is the best hip hop dancer this season. He is probably one of the most original dancers they have ever had on the show to perform that style. Seriously the man can do moves that no one else can. He has never been in the bottom 3. Vitolio has been in the bottom 3 two times already and this was his 3rd time. I don’t even know what style of dance Vitolio excels in, is it contemporary? If it is, he’s certainly not the best. Besides, it didn’t even come down to Philip and Vitolio, it came down to Kupono and Vitolio. They were the last two dancers, and the judges probably didn’t want to split the couples up again.

  • CRB

    Melissa is safe, that’s all that matters to me.

  • dbt

    That sucks. I really hate that Kupono stayed and Vitolio was sent home. Vitolio is a fabulous dancer, but he has gotten some lousy draws from the hat. His contemporary number (week 2?) was one of the best dances of the season (curses on you, Nigel, for saying Vitolio never ‘brought it’. Youre WRONG). But then he drew a couple of ballroom and broadway numbers — which rarely draw the votes. I don’t think Vitolio’s dancing was the problem. I think he had bad dance draws, and perhaps a lackluster partner in Asuka.

    Vitolio wanted this so badly. He’s had a terrible time in his life (which has nothing to do with keeping him on the show .. I know. It just makes me sad to send him home. He never had a family in the audience for him.).

    Kupono’s solo stunk .. and he was thoughtless by not even acknowledging Vitolio before leaving the stage .. and he didn’t seem to mind if he was sent home. Not to mention, most importantly — he’s nowhere near as good as Vitolio in anything except (possibly) contemporary styles.

    Obviously, I’m really bummed.

    And Kayla should have gone home. Her solos have been a mess everytime. She’s way overpimped.

    I was also annoyed when Mia told Kupono and Kayla that the show needed them to stay. I knew, then, who was probably going home .. even though those 2 had the worst solos.

    I’ll be glad when the judges don’t have any more control.

  • Sarah

    So, I missed the first part of the show and tuned in right at the end of Vitolio’s solo. So, before they went into that commerical break, I had no idea who the last couple in the b3 was, though I assumed it was Caitlin and Jason. So, I seriously SHRIEKED when I pulled up mj’s on my phone and saw that they were safe.

    I’m so glad – I didn’t vote for them out of pity. I voted for them 1) because I like them (well… I like JASON) and 2) because I enjoyed their routine. They committed themselves to it, crazy choreography and all, and SOLD it. I’m pretty sure they’ll go home next week, but at least maybe they’ll be alternates for the tour.

    Jeanine’s solo – LOVED it. She just zoomed up my list of favorites. That was really, really good, imo. I would really love to see her in a contemporary piece.

    And thank you, Kelly Clarkson, for not lip-synching. Loved that performance.

    And because I couldn’t bear to put my points on Jason and Caitlin even though I was fully prepared for them to go home, I left them on Karla and Vitolio. And I got both bonuses. So I got all the points this week! Color me shocked! lol.


    Philip is still in the competition because he is the best hip hop dancer this season.

    I’m pretty sure that he was one of only two hip-hoppers, and the other sucked so bad he really doesn’t count.

    So yeah. Phillip is still there because they don’t want a tour full of contemporary dancers.

  • mj

    Sorry for the little glitch. We’re back now…

  • competitivebynature

    I can’t stand Kayla anymore. She is so overrated. Both of her bottom three solos were weak and she does not have a good personality. She is a decent dancer but not as good as the judges make her out to be.

  • terps

    Kelly was the first jewel of idol, and she is still going strong all these years later

  • smartcookie

    t’s been clear from the beginning that Evan and his partner (whoever he got would’ve been safe because he was so popular from the audition episodes), Phillip and his partner (same as Evan), Brandon/Janette and Melissa/Ade will be in the top ten. That leaves everybody else fighting for the last couple spot. Right now, it looks like Kayla and Kupono will get it, although Jason and Caitlin escaping the B3 this week gives me hope it could be them.

    It just sucks so badly that we will not be rid of Phillip till the top ten, and a tour space could go to someone so much better.

    This week, everybody except Brandon/Janette and Karla/Vitolio got one of the couple’s style, and I think Janette being in salsa was fairly close to cha cha. K/V were totally screwed and they knew it. Their parting gift was nice comments. And, yeah, I’m still pissed about Phillip getting hip hop again. Melissa and the pas de deux shows the fix is in, as well, but it doesn’t seem as blatant as Phillip getting hip hop twice in four weeks, with the world’s worst tango and a really terrible Broadway stuck in the middle. Let’s give him jive or rumba or quickstep and see how he does.

    I lovelovelove the Rich Man’s Frug and I thought Evan and Randi did a credible job with it. If you notice in the film version (which is SO awesome), the lead dancer (a female — Suzanne Charney if memory serves) is tall and lean and nothing whatsoever like Evan or Randi. It’s all about the long lines and the quirky isolations. Evan doesn’t have the right body for that dance, even if it is Broadway. Put him in the dances from a hundred other Broadway shows, from Urinetown to Thoroughly Modern Millie to Show Boat and Crazy For You and he would be just right. But he’s not a Rich Man’s Frug kind of guy.

    Oh, and we’ve lost four brunette women in a row. Paris, Ashley, Asuka and now Karla. Nigel loves him some blondes…

  • LK09

    My 21 year old daughter has, IMO, a brilliant deduction as to why Vitolio went home tonight. The judges have in mind the top 5 guys that they want in the top ten. Vitolio is so likeable and is such a good dancer that they were afraid he might get into the top 10 somehow. I wouldn’t be suprised if they were barely in the bottom three. The judges know that for sure, Kupono will be gone next week, so their top 5 guys will be safe. They just didn’t want to take a chance. It just seems all kinds of wrong to me, but I have to agree that I think she is right.

  • mandabutter

    Janette, Jeanine, and Brandon are my faves. Jeanine’s personality has quickly grown on me.

    Kayla is the product of early pimping, Nigel and TPTB are not doing her any favors. Her dancing should stand on its own and she has done nothing for me that makes me want to pick up the phone & vote for her. The first week she and Max were given the pimp spot and their routine was OVERRATED.
    Her personality is like Wonderbread, nothing special. Contemporary usually always resonates with me and makes me light up and go WOW…but Kayla and Kupono just turn me off.

    Esp. when Mia said at the beginning tonight that they can’t afford to lose them, obviously some of us at home think yes u can or we would have voted them to the top. Don’t ignore your audience, we want AMERICA’S FAVORITE DANCER, not the one with the best lines and thighs according to Mary Murphy…

  • purplesmile

    Aww. Karla (a sentimental fave) and Vitolio are gone. I knew it was going to happen (too bad I didn’t get to join the pool; my points would have been good). They seem to be the least popular pair. Karla dances very well, but she may be a little too serious (not exciting enough) to really “connect” with the public.

    I wish Kupono were eliminated before Vitolio. I liked him in the crash test dummies number but not really in any other. I still can’t forgive that he sucked at hip hop and it was Ashley who went home.

  • mandabutter

    It may be just theorizing on my part, but…methinks the elimination of Vitolio was really saving Kayla twice. If Kupono was sent home, Kayla would have partnered with Vitolio one week before the top10. Thats not a risk they were going to take. A V/K-blonde combination would have been an express ticket to the bottom. The judges would be willing to sacrifice Randi or Caitlin (and perhaps Melissa) to keep Kayla but that would have looked sketchy seeing that would have been Kaya’s 3rd out of 5 trips to the b3.

  • purplesmile

    At the moment, my fave dancer is Melissa, although the girl I like best among the lot is Jeanine. Of the boys, my fave is Phillip, but he does pretty much suck at everything other than hip hop. My fave pair is that of Evan and Randi. They’re the cutest. :)

    I do wonder now which ones are not going on the tour. Next week should be interesting.

  • cookcricket

    Does anyone else think Kayla and Vitolio could have made a great couple? I haven’t watched from the beginning, but I’m sad Vitolio went home tonight. He was great last night!

    Kayla’s solo dance wasn’t great, imo. Neither was Kupono’s, but I figured the judges would save Kayla for some reason. She is a good dancer. I thought the Vampire dance was great last night.

    Janette, Jeanine, and Brandon are my faves. Jeanine’s personality has quickly grown on me.

    Yes, they’re all great! I like Evan and Randi too.

  • Dlynne

    Kelly voice was great. I just wish she had a better stylist.

    Does she have a stylist? Seriously, she used to look so much more like a star. Now she just looks frumpy. And it doesn’t have anything to do with her weight. That doesn’t bother me at all. Her hair and clothing choices are not good.

    Now that we are several weeks into the season, it’s become apparent that most of these kids cannot choreograph because their solos are just not up to par with previous seasons.

    I think the right pair went home. I did enjoy their dance last night but I really don’t have any affection for either of them.

    I don’t understand why Kayla and Kupono were in the bottom three. Their performance was my favorite last night. However, Kayla really has been on the receiving end of the kiss of death with the huge praise she gets from the judges. I think it’s hurt her. Plus, her solo dances are not what they should be. She really is a choreographer’s dream because she adapts so well.

    I did get behind Caitlin and Jason last night, not just because I think Mary did them a disservice by basically saying she hated the piece, but because I really like them. Caitlin’s solos are so much better than most of the other girls, too.

  • Grammie Kari

    can’t believe Kupono didn’t even say a word to Vitolio and just walked off. that stinks.

    I was surprised also. I haven’t joined the Kupono fan club. For me, he doesn’t have the “it” factor.

    I did get some points out of this because I split my votes. One more week and they can all relax about making the tour. I am almost positive they will not let go of Phillip. The judges really do like Katla and Melissa. They’ll be there for awhile.

    Lynne, maybe it was super humid out there? Kelly’s hair had no body to it. She sounded terrific.

    I wonder when the Michael Jackson tribute will take place?

  • Sunshinegirl

    WOAH! I just watched Kelly’s performance and OMG! I typically get all pissy with people who crap on her for her style, but I gotta agree about tonight. SHIZIT! She looked bad! I LOVE her voice and her performances, but damn, that girl needs serious style help and fast! She’s gotten huge, but the main problem is she wears the most unflattering clothes and her hair doesn’t even look brushed at all. Dang, I love this girl to death, so I really do wish she’d hire a great stylist ’cause she needs help!

  • GlamGirlLee

    Kupono and Kayla in B3? What? The voting was rigged!!! They both seem a little self-centered, but I like their dances. I am feeling too drained from AI8 I can’t bring myself to vote.

    WTH was Mia wearing? Yard bag with holes on each side?
    What was the strange rag that Kelly was wearing?
    Why was normally-fabulous Kat wearing that drapy thingy?

  • Ptnyc34

    I’m pretty sure that he was one of only two hip-hoppers, and the other sucked so bad he really doesn’t count.

    So yeah. Phillip is still there because they don’t want a tour full of contemporary dancers.

    It doesn’t matter how many hip hop dancers where in the competition, Philip is still phenomenal when it comes to his specific style of dance. He’s still in the competition for that reason.

    So yeah, Philip is still there for now and if he makes the tour it will be because he excels at what he does, not because of some contemporary dancer quota. If the producers were concerned about having a tour full of contemporary dancers they would have cast more of a variety for the top 20.

  • Michael J

    Kayla will always be a favorite! I think people who are so annoyed with Kayla are the ones who are insecure and full of intimidation in their souls! C’mon America! Kayla doesn’t have the Best Solo, Yes, but she is an awesome dancer, full of passion, committed and very dedicated that’s why she’s been in the HOT TAMALE TRAIN for 4 weeks in a row!

    I think the one who is totally bias here, unfair and doesn’t base their votes through the dance routines are the people voting itself not the judges!

    AMERICA, DON’T SUCK ON VOTING! Just because you hate or you’re sick with her personality and you just can’t stand her.. DUHH! It’s a dance competition (SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE) and not personality development (SO YOU THINK YOU HAVE PERSONALITY). Sheesh!

    KAYPONO and EVANDI for the FINALE!

  • weelassie

    Cat’s hair tonight looked like she came through a wind tunnel and then sprayed a ton of glue on it. lol. Whoever does her styling has some really odd clothing and hair choices.

  • reeboks1

    i picked jeanine as my overall winner weeks ago. and it’s looking like she could be an underdog. reminds me of courtney.

  • wand3rful

    kupono and kayla keep landing in the B3 bc kayla lacks personality/charm and kupono lacks real talent/skills……he should go home next……technically he’s better than phillip in SOME dances, but phillip at least has appeal….why is kupono even there? his solo tonight should spell it out for america and the judges tha the guy has no clue when it comes to dancing at this level. buh bye

    it should be interesting what happens next week with the ladies….im guessing they will be gunning for caitlin…although i think randi is the weakest link ( i know, she’s cute and wants to teach kiddies….but she just has no lines in her dancing…Mia is right..she is heavy …not in weight but in her movement)

    and speaking of weak…ummm kayla’s solo was nothing fantastic….to me, thats how she always dances….she has the moves but never really hits them hard or with passion. her body is always on dance autopilot …..good call to whoever compared her to Wonderbread LOL

  • reeboks1

    oh weird. i THOUGHT i picked jeanine…but i picked randi. …now i’m unsure of who to pick! damn it!

  • Sunn

    Weds finally featured a style of dance I know something about… Ballet, and the the pas de deux was the worst I’d ever seen outside a studio recitals. I do love Ade though and Melissa, as long as they stay away from Ballet that is.

    America was so wrong yesterday imo.I thought Randi and Evan should have been in the B3 and Phillip should have gone home last night. I really don’t understand the Phillip fascination. He’s good at what he does, the popping, but he’s out of his depth in this competition.

    The contemporary Ballet number was spotlessly beautiful. I don’t know that particular dance company, I’ll have to find out more about them.

    Kelly Clarkson was her usual stellar self, but what was the girl wearing?!!! I’m not asking to lose weight, I don’t think that really maters at all, I am however begging her to hire a stylist, please!! That red contraption she was wearing was just all sorts of Fail. Outfit aside, the girl can sing without a doubt.

  • Bobbi

    I sure blew last night’s poll! Very glad Caitlyn and Jason made it through though.

    can’t believe Kupono didn’t even say a word to Vitolio and just walked off. that stinks.

    Totally agree! I couldn’t believe it. I don’t think I’ve seen that happen on this show before. It was so blatant!

  • BlankSlate

    It looked like the same hairstylist worked on Kelly and Cat’s hair. Someone was having a bad hairstyling day in Los Angeles. Very flat. And Cat’s hair is gorgeous. HOW can they let her hair go out on stage like that?

  • BlankSlate

    Forgot to mention and agree with the poster who asked WHAT Mia was wearing. I thought she forgot to take off the plastic cape they put on yo when you get your hair colored in a salon!

    Kayla is here to stay because the Chosen One is pretty in that Fox channel, fake-eyelashes, overblown blonde way.

    I hate that I am not talking about the DANCING.

    But when the appearances are distracting… ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

  • BlankSlate

    Kupono’s solo was very weak. He barely danced the last few seconds, but instead clutched his shirt and raised it to reveal his skin. Not that I am complaining but…. :> Dance, sir, DANCE.

  • Miss Chaos

    The fashion police are out in droves tonite. Took my job away from me!!!HEHE

  • sunchick

    Well I’m definitely watching this season for the choreography, because outside of Ade and Evan, America and I are not on the same page about the dancers. It happens. I thought K&K had the strongest performance this week and unlike Caitlin and Jason formed a very strong partnership with great chem and shouldn’t have been dancing for their lives. Caitlin was not strong at all in the BFree piece, totally letdown the awesome choreography, and Evan and Randi were not strong either, though I did feel bad for Evan because I think he was better than Randi. I don’t think Kupono is gonna make the tour now, though. Sniff. Boo America.

    That said, woot on Travis and Mark coming back for the 100th episode.

  • Ladybug

    One more reason to love Cat. She looked a little bit of a mess tonight and I love that about her. I am sure she might look at the playback and just roll her eyes and laugh. I have never seen a gorgeous woman like her be less into herself.

    ^ What was said above about Kelly. She sounded terrific but looked, ehhh, not so good. If she is going to be happy with her weight now, good for her, but wear something that does not accentuate it. Plenty of ways to do that and look fantastic. What a voice, though.

    All I cared about was Evan lasting another week and that made me happy. I think the right ones went, but I was turned off by Kupono. I could see him going next week easily.

    And yay for Janette and Brandon. That dance, as was last week’s, was amazing.

  • Tess

    Kelly just keeps reinforcing the negative thoughts I have about her lately. And, I promise you, I love her voice but there is something so missing in her live performances.

    Her styling sucks big time….she looks like she should be out doing her grocery shopping, not singing on national tv. She could wash and style her hair, occasionally, and put some color in her face.

    And she looks bored, to me. Like she wishes she were home at her ranch away from the lights, and the fans.

    Please, please Kelly at least try and act the part even if you think being a “glam” star is beneath your self-imposed dignity. I miss the Kelly of AI days that looked like she was enjoying “putting on the ritz” for her fans. The girl is just suckin’ the life outta me.

  • justshootme

    All these “audience vote for the best” shows drive me crazy. To me, K&K were by faaaaaaar the best of the night Wednesday and there was no way they deserved bottom 3. At all. Vitolio’s leaving does not shock or upset me . At all. He was living in bottom 3, and there’s no way they want 3 contemporary black guys around for top 10. I am completely over Evan and Randi. I don’t care how “cute” they are. They sucked Wednesday and deserved bottom 3.

    And as far as Kupono seeming like he didn’t care if he stayed or went? I didn’t get that vibe at all. He always seems like a complete nervous wreck during judging to me. He was freaking out so bad he stepped forward instead of Vitolio when they called Vitolio’s name. I don’t think his not hugging V was any sort of diss, just Kupono spacing out.

  • butte009

    Funny how people are criticizing what Kellie wore and her hair. She looked like a typical woman to me and there’s nothing wrong with that IMO. I doubt she got the outfit at WalMart. It’s probably a designer that costs hundreds of dollars. :laugh_tb: Not everyone is interested in wearing rhinestones and studded leather. I say kudos to her for wearing what she’s comfy in. SYTYCD is hardly a red carpet event.

    Really? People aren’t criticizing the song? It’s almost as bad as No Boundaries. Her voice is fine – actually very good live – but really, the song is annoying as hell. Mindless gibberish IMO.

  • sunchick

    And as far as Kupono seeming like he didn’t care if he stayed or went? I didn’t get that vibe at all. He always seems like a complete nervous wreck during judging to me.

    Ditto. Total meltdown. He didn’t help his case with this particular solo (I liked the first one) but it seemed like he died a little inside. When you dance the best piece of the night and dance it really really well, and you are still in the B3, it probably hits home that America just isn’t that into you and there’s not a whole lot you can do about it. Sucks, but in the same token, you have to look at the solos as a chance for redemption instead of defeat and not dance like the air was let out of your balloon. Danny was in the B3 multiple times season 3 but his last solo was a freakin triumphant f*ck yeah I’m still here, and I loved that about him. Nobody put D Tids in a corner. Hee.

  • cookcricket

    kayla lacks personality/charm

    See, this is why I thought she and Vitolio would have been good as partners. She needs a partner that will draw some kind of personality out of her, and from what I’ve seen I think he could have done this…

  • KrazeeK120

    Sweet! I got 2 points in the pool! Must have gotten one of the bonuses right.

    I’m sad, I really like Vitolio. Ah, well, my fave, Evan, is still in so I am happy about that one.

    I think that Caitlin and Jason will probably be toast next week.

  • purplesmile

    I only just got to watch mj’s videos. I loved the guest dancers! Wow.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Phillip’s (I like the way he pops; it doesn’t scare me like the way Robert Murraine’s, for instance, does) and Jeanine’s solos, thought Karla’s and Vitolio’s were good and Kayla’s and Kupono’s a mess and unimpressive, respectively. (Competition night was a different story: I wasn’t as impressed with Phillip’s and Jeanine’s routine as I expected/hoped to be; I liked the Twilight routine although I mainly noticed only Kayla; and I didn’t at all think the quickstep, even with the quick change trick, was good enough to save Karla and Vitolio.)

    I am completely over Evan and Randi. I don’t care how ‘cute’  they are. They sucked Wednesday and deserved bottom 3.

    I admit I didn’t get to see the latest Randi and Evan routine. The mj video wouldn’t load for me and when I searched youtube, those I found that were supposed to be Top 14 performance would turn out to be the Top 16 performance. So they didn’t do very well?

    I don’t think his not hugging V was any sort of diss, just Kupono spacing out.

    I can believe that. I have to confess, though, that while I am not a big fan of Kupono’s dancing and do not really like him very much, I do think he has a beautiful face. Heh. :p

    I love Kelly’s voice but I am not a fan of that I Do Not Hook Up song (or the first single with the long title). Nothing I have heard so far from the new album has compelled me to buy it. I guess I prefer the My December Kelly over the “great-selling albums” Kelly.

  • Sarah

    4 things:

    1. Phillip is still in this because a) Nigel likes him and b) he’s the only hip hop dancer. He’s great in his style, yes (even though IMO, Jeanine outdanced him this week), but so far, he’s sucked in everything else. We’ll see how he does going forward, but so far he’s proving to be even less versatile than Twitch.

    2. This is not “vote for the best.” It’s “vote for your favorite.” For whatever reason, Kayla and Kupono don’t seem to be connecting on a level with a lot of America, much to Nigel’s chagrin, I’m sure. Personally, I thought their routine was very good, but it wasn’t my favorite of the night, and I thought everyone was pretty good this week.

    3. Kupono will make the tour. I’m sure C&J (or at least Jason) will get the K&V treatment next week. Nigel doesn’t seem to like Jason very much, but does seem to like Caitlin. I don’t think Kupono has much to worry about.

    4. Kelly does need to get a new stylist. But she still sings circles around most people and that’s all I care about really. And I love IDNHU. It’s one of my favorite songs on her album.

  • sunchick

    so far he’s proving to be even less versatile than Twitch.

    I didn’t think that was possible….but you’re right. Also Phillip is being propped up in his partner dances by the choreographers more than Twitch, which I also didn’t think was possible. He seems like such a cool, intelligent guy though it’s hard to stay annoyed at the propping. Again, a lot like Twitch.

    Nigel doesn’t seem to like Jason very much, but does seem to like Caitlin.

    Yeah, I don’t get that. To me, Caitlin, not Kayla who I personally think is much more emmotionally connected and acccessible, is the giant black hole of personality and charisma and totally weighing Jason down, not the other way around. I really thought Caitlin’s time was up and was so hoping to see Jason paired up with Karla last night, but I’m kinda happy for BFree’s sake that America didn’t reject his choreo again.

  • Skylark

    Kelly. So real. So flippin’ talented. The crowd always loves her. Thanks for the video MJ!

  • Dr. Tracey

    Caitlin, not Kayla who I personally think is much more emmotionally connected and acccessible, is the giant black hole of personality and charisma and totally weighing Jason down,

    I agree.
    For me personally, with the exception of the Bollywood routine which I think they both performed well at, Jason has been the better dancer. Maybe Caitlin’s outfits and looks distract from him, I don’t know but I really enjoy watching him dance and the times he’s been in the bottom 3 i’ve thought his solo’s were good.

  • Sunshinegirl

    I’m starting to hope that Jeanine pulls a Kris Allen coming out of nowhere going from cannon fodder to champion. She’s gorgeous in every aspect of the word and so is her dancing.

  • KrazeeK120

    So they didn’t do very well?

    They did fine. Definitely wasn’t their best performance ever, but it was definitely passable. The biggest problem is that the choreography didn’t suit either of them particularly well. But in a night of great performances, I didn’t think they stood out. Everyone was so good on Wednesday!

  • Sarah

    I really thought Caitlin’s time was up and was so hoping to see Jason paired up with Karla last night, but I’m kinda happy for BFree’s sake that America didn’t reject his choreo again.

    LOL yeah, me too about BFree. I liked the routine and thought it was an interesting concept, but it wasn’t my favorite, much like the Sonya piece.

    About Caitlin – I liked her at the beginning… loved her audition. And liked both her and Jason a lot in the Bollywood piece. I think she started losing me with the hip hop. But I definitely agree that she’s a black hole of personality. I like her solos, but Jeanine’s solo last night was better than any solo any female has done so far this season, so if it’s about keeping good female contemporary dancers, Jeanine is better. But, I’d like to see both of them in their own style, since neither of them has had it yet. But I fully expect Jason and Caitlin to get, like, a Tyce Broadway and a Waltz next week, or something comparable. lol.

    I read on Shane Sparks’ twitter today that he’s back in LA. I wonder if he’s choreographing a hip hop routine for next week’s show?

    I’d really like to see Janette and Brandon tackle a West Coast Swing. I think they’d be able to nail it. I’d like to see Janette in a contemporary or jazz too. I have her as my overall winner because I think she’s pretty versatile. While she may not have the huge fanbase right now of, say, Evan, I think she’s versatile enough to handle just about any genre and will be strong down the stretch. I hope at least. Don’t let me down, loan processor chick! :)

  • mitchellvii

    Kayla is amazing. How the heck does she keep ending up in the bottom 3?