So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 Top 14 – Performance – VIDEO


  • Jeanette and Brandon – Cha cha cha – “Hush, Hush, Hush by the Pussycat Dolls – iTunes
  • Kayla and Kupona – Jazz – “Eyes on Fire” by Blue Foundation – iTunes
  • Randi and Evan – Broadway – “Rich Man’s Frug” (2005 Broadway Revival Cast)  from Sweet CharityiTunes
  • Caitlin and Jason – Pop Jazz – “Creator” by Santogold – iTunes
  • Jeannine and Philip – Hip Hop – “Love Lockdown” by Kanye West – iTunes
  • Karla and Vitolio – Quickstep – “Puttin’ On the Ritz” by Rufus Wainwright – iTunes

Karla and Vitolio may have bought themselves another week with that incredible quickstep.   Caitlin and Jason may be on the chopping block tomorrow night…

Mia Michaels is guest judge tonight, and she says she’s changed her opinion on Brandon since the green mile episode.   It’s all part of the story arc, peeps!

Special announcement coming later on in the show–maybe about the Michael Jackson special. Yay! No it’s about Nigel’s Dizzyfeet Foundation, that will fund dance programs for underprivledges children. Plus,  the 100th episode of SYTYCD will air on July 23rd, featuring the Katie Holms Tyce DiOrio-choreographed  tribute to Judy Garland.

Video packages are about the highs and lows of the competition so far…

Live blog and videos after the JUMP…

Jeanette and Brandon  – Cha Cha by Jean Marc and France – “Hush Hush Hush by  the Pussycat Dolls    – That Jeannette is a firecracker, and  Brandon is  pretty awesome too.   Very  fast, very hot–amazing chemistry.   Nigel says “possibly the best damn cha cha I’ve ever seen on the show ever ever EVER!” Mary says, “Jeanette…those feet, you made them look exciting, and Brandon…I can’t believe it…TWO FIRST CLASS TICKETS on the Hot Tamale Train.”   Both Mary and Nigel marvel at their ability to dance outside of their styles.   Mia says, “The ones that I am toughest on…you have so much ability and potential, I’m not going to be satisfied…you are going to love and hate me on this journey, you are amazing…Jeanette you have been on fire since day one.”   The crowd is going wild, Jean Marc is on his feet. 1-888-836-7601 – VIDEO

Kayla and Kupono – Jazz by Sonya – “Eyes on Fire” by Blue Foundation – The theme is dark–vampires and death!  Sonya is one of my fav choreographers.   The story is dark, strange and freaky,  but I can’t take my eyes of these two–they’re mesmerizing. This newish couple (two weeks)  have really clicked.  Nigel says, “The inspriation was fabulous…Interview with a Vampire, Twighlight…Kupono you  are a new man up there this week  was fabulous…so many good things…everything about it was tremendous.” Mary says, “These two are alive and kicking! Sonya played to your strengths, Kayla has beautiful legs, there was an electric field between the two of you. You’re staying on the Hot Tamale Train.” Mia says, “You guys are so gorgeous together, brilliant costuming…Sonya your best piece ever on the show…Kayla…you comit to everything…your lines are ridiculous, Kupono…every note we gave you, you applied it…you keep getting better…you have a calm power…Mark had it too…it’s so majestic…you’re growing.” 1-888-836-7602  VIDEO

Randi and Evan – Broadway by Joey Dowling – “Rich Man’s Frug” from Sweet Charity – The choreography was brilliant. I liked this more than the judges did, but I think they’re nitpicking because Broadway is right in Evan’s wheelhouse. Nigel says, “A great homage to Bob Fosse…you’ve got to be careful…the wrists have to be flexible…Evan you did very well this this evening…but you have to bring a little more to the party, but you are still in my Top 10 dancers.” Mary says, “Dancing this great…its easy to go crazy…it was your style, but you did it fairly well…most of the time you got the character…same thing Randi…it could have been a little brighter.”   Mia says, “What was missing…you guys have to take that kind of work to the next level because of your height…Randi, you danced a little heavy…Evan I expected more from you…I want to say Bravo, but good job.”   1-888-836-7603 VIDEO

Caitlin and Jason – Pop Jazz by Brian Friedman  – “Creator” by Santogold –  They were in the bottom 3 two weeks in a row, they feel the pressure to step it up.   Caitlin is an alien come to earth to procreate with earthling Jason. Alrighty then.   Caitlin has to “wear the pants” in the dance. The judges didn’t like the choreography so much…Brian didn’t look happy.    I  liked it–it was weird, but fun.   Caitlin, in particular, inhabited her character really well. Nigel says, “It was very weird, but you have to comit yourself 100%, but I think you both did that…it was a little weird and crazy at times…” Nigel compared  Caitlin’s costume to a dancing condom “Safety first,” says Cat.   Har. Mary says, “I didn’t think it played to your strengths…it just doesn’t sit right with me. I love the two of you to pieces, I hope you won’t be in trouble.” Mia says, “I think Brian wanted to have fun, take a few risks…don’t like the tinfoil on you…you guys danced it really well.” 1-888-836-7604 VIDEO

Jeanine and Phillip  – Hip Hop by Napoleon and Tabitha – “Love Lockdown” by Kanye West – The dance represents the experience the kids go through during the course of the  show. Philip and Jeanine will dance together chained at the ankle.  It looks really hard, but they pull it off. Philip finally  gets a chance to shine in his own style, he’s hitting it really hard.   Jeanine is no slouch, either.   Nigel says, “If you guys keep dancing like that you should be dancing for life. Jeanine, I think you are  a fabulous contemporary dancer…you make every style look like your style, Philip you’re hitting it really hard. Terrific.” Mary says, “I thought it was absolutely incredibly creative. You could have fallen at any places in the routine and you didn’t…Philip, some of those chest pops…vibrated right with the music…Jeanine you were crazy good tonight…you were keeping up with him.” Mia says, “I’m a big fan of Nappy Tabs…the only thing is that for me…I found myself getting caught up in the chainography…it becomes a little hard to control and becomes sloppy…great job you guys, congratulations.”     Jeanine says, “We have chains all over the apartment.” Nigel says, “Too much information!” 1-888-836-7605VIDEO

Melissa and Ade – Pas De Duex  by Thordal Christensen – “Romeo and Juliet: Prokofiev’s Suite No 1 Op. 64b, 6th Movement”  Orchestre De La Suisse Romande & Armin Jordan – The dance is based on Romeo and Juliet, very slow and tender.  Despite Melissa being a trained  ballerina, this was my  least favorite of all their  routines so far.   Ade wasn’t a match for Melissa on this one.    Nigel says, “Who would have believed we would be doing classical ballet…Melissa that was beautifully danced,  Ade,  your feet could be better, but your carriage was beautiful.”  Nigel boasts that there’s nothing else like SYTYCD on TV with it’s variety of styles.  Mary says, “I just loved it, it was really beautiful, the chemistry was flawless…Melissa it was great to see you in your style, you make it look so easy…you put me in a dreamlike state.” Mia says, “I am so excited to be celebrating classical dance on this show…ballet solidifies technique…I’m so excited…I love that it’s a black and white Romeo and was a fairytale…Melissa you are a true ballerina.” 1-888-836-7606. – VIDEO

Only 7 dancers in a two hour show means it’s time for some filler! A video introduces Nigel’s Dizzyfeet Foundation. The foundation will help  underprivledged kids get dance training. All the choreographers make an appearance, plus Carrie Ann Anaba of Dancing with the Stars and Katie Holmes.   Twitch is there too.   Paula Abdul and Miley Cyrus are also involved. is the website.

The 23rd of July is the SYTYCD 100th episode.   The Tyce DioOrio Broadway tribute to Judy  Garland featuring Katie Holmes will air that day.   She’s donating her performance fee to the foundation. – VIDEO

Karla and Vitolio – Quickstep by Jean Marc and France  –  “Puttin on the Ritz” by Rufus Wainwright – Jonathan is in the house!   Karla and Vitolio are a new couple.   Wow, everything about that was awesome. Karla and Vitolio were just flying across the dance floor.   That quick-change (Vitolio ripping Karla’s dress to reveal a new outfit) was sensational. Nigel says, “There was  so many good things about that, loved the choreography, loved the quick change…sometimes the lines took away from the style, but overall it was really entertaining, you’re getting your personality out there.  Mary says,  “So much for the Kiss of Death dance, you brought it alive, Vitolio you kept in close hold…really well done…young lady, really beautiful out there, congratulations to both of you.” Mia says, “This piece was amazing, he made you, you really did step up…I was surprised…Vitolio you confuse me….at times you’re all over the place…[but tonight] I’m so proud of you.”   “I hope we made it the kiss of joy” says Vitolio.   “You made out with it,” says Mia.   “Karla, you looked scared some of the time, you need to keep your face bright.”  1-888-836-7607VIDEO

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  • rayni

    Brandon and Janette – holy hot! That was great!

  • Dr. Tracey

    Loved Brandon and Jeanette! Great way to start out the show.

  • dhunken

    I thought Brandon and Janette did a great job. but I think the judges are going way overboard with the praise for Brandon. The routine though good also had a flub. About 3/4 of the way in a lift was not done properly and he almost dropped her. The over praise actually took my joy of the routine away.

  • izzitme

    Early prediction… without even seeing them dance… Karla and vitolio and Jason and Caitlin in the bottom three!

  • Jocelin

    Really loooooved Sonya/Pono/Kayla. I loved that routine.

  • terps

    Vampire thing was awesome

  • rayni

    Wow, Kayla and Kupono were really sharp and good. For the first time I was really engaged by Kayla even tho the routine was kinda wierd. But I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

  • dhunken

    Kayla and Kupono did well. This is the first time i finally see what the judges see in Kayla. I think she did amazing. Her lines and extensions flawless. She had a personality for the first time for me too. (in her dancing)

  • GeminiDolly

    The first two dances have been great. keep it up.

  • Jocelin

    Kupono and Kayla complement each other well. They have purity of movement combined with an edgy, modern quality to their dancing.

  • ShariG

    I’ve never watched this show. The one female judge makes me nuts. I hate her voice. But everyone is telling me that it is really good so I am going to watch tonight. I think I may have already missed some of it.

  • rayni

    I love Evan and Randi together but I just don’t like the Broadway routines. They always look “silly” compared to the other routines to me. But these two are so cute together.

  • dhunken

    WTF . What is up with these judges. Evan and Randi were great! The choreography was not really that good. Evan and Randi did amazing compared to what they got to work with. The Choreographer was a bitch too. Evan was amazingly smooth and made it look easy. It was a dumb routine danced great by the Evan and Randi. I hate that their height is even being brought up. First they over praise Brandon and now they under praise Evan. (Actually this is the second week in a row they have been extra hard on Evan). I think they want him off because of his height. (BullS–t)

  • Jocelin

    Love that music from Sweet Charity and the homage to Fosse. I think I understand what the judges were getting at. Randi and Randi were very good but were a bit tentative and didn’t fully vamp it.

  • rayni

    Dang, this Kaitlyn/Jason thing is weirdly wonderful! Freaking wonderful.

  • dhunken

    Caitlyn and Jason had a freaking weird routing but both committed to it 100%. (Especially Caitlyn) but the routine I do not think will be well liked by many voters. I also don’t think it really was dancing more like miming or acting. Not the dancers fault. So far tonight I think the dancers are all doing great. Choreography is another issue.

  • terps

    I liked the Alien thing

  • dhunken

    Evan for the win!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jocelin

    Weird B’free alien stuff and I loved it. Actually, I loved Caitlin throwing herself into this character, hardly noticed Jason at all. I was riveted by Caitlin getting her freak on.

  • gangreen29

    I’ve read that there is no love lost between Brian Friedman and Mary, and I feel like that was kind of evident in her critique of that dance lol.

  • dsp

    just started watching this program— what does the winner get???? And is it one winner or a couple????

  • butte009

    The first two routines were great.

    I’m disappointed for Randi and Evan. However, not because they underperformed. Rather, I wasn’t impressed by the choreography. It seemed too effeminate for the male dancer. Having seen the spoiler ahead of time I specifically watched Evan and tried to imagine some of the other male dancers from seasons past doing it (e.g. Nick, Blake, Benji, Travis, Danny, Neil….). I must say I don’t think that any of those guys could have done any better.

    Brian F – WTF was he thinking?! Unfortunately when a choreographer experiments and has fun with the concept it puts the dancers at risk with most casual viewers. I’d be pissed if I were Jason and Caitlin. But I suppose they would have been in the B3 regardless of what they were given….

  • dsp

    ShariG—i agree the female judge mary is driving me crazy

  • lilbrusc102

    So far Kupono and Kayla have been my favorites of the night ( I LOVE Sonya’s choreography!), although Brandon and Janette were amazing and Randi and Evan were good.

    I really liked Brian Friedman’s weird choreography and thought Jason/Caitlin danced it well, but Caitlin’s outfit was so distracting. It didn’t seem to fit…she looked more like a dinosaur, ha.

  • dhunken

    Notice they give Philip hip hop again. The only dance he can really do. Favoritism or what. He is amazing at it but the other genre dances not so much.

  • rayni

    Gosh, now Phillip and Jeanine. That was great – I am loving Jeanine. This week is reminding me of the first week when they all did such a good job.

  • dhunken


    I’m disappointed for Randi and Evan. However, not because they underperformed. Rather, I wasn’t impressed by the choreography. It seemed too effeminate for the male dancer. Having seen the spoiler ahead of time I specifically watched Evan and tried to imagine some of the other male dancers from seasons past doing it (e.g. Nick, Blake, Benji, Travis, Danny, Neil’ ¦.). I must say I don’t think that any of those guys could have done any better

    .I agree 100% with your assessment of Evan and Randi. No other male dancer from any year could have done that better. (maybe Blake).

  • Jocelin

    I’m disappointed for Randi and Evan. However, not because they underperformed. Rather, I wasn’t impressed by the choreography. It seemed too effeminate for the male dancer.

    Perhaps, but I remember that the Fosse choreography had even more mincing footwork, sort of a 60s Austin Powers mod piece.

    Phillip and Jeanine were solid.

  • butte009

    I have to agree with Mia… the chain was kind of a distraction for me. I was over-analyzing whether it should be more taunt or loose at various points during the routine. They did exceptionally well though.

    I thought this was supposed to be a family show. Last week had a homage to butts. Now Caitlin looks like a condom and Jeanine has chains around the apartment?! :ohmy_tb:

  • leome

    Melissa was in her element and she was fantastic. She and Ade are AMAZING!!!

  • Jocelin

    Melissa was beautiful. Lovely. Ade danced a bit heavy but I’m nitpicking. They were great.

  • rayni

    Melissa and Ade left me breathless. Made me want to be young and in love. *sigh*

  • Jx223

    Melissa and Ade were awesome again. IMHO, they have been doing very well, every week in this competition so far. They are my favorite couple on the show this season and the best couple, this season IMO.

    I loved how it looked like Melissa was flying in different parts in that dance. I am glad to see a classical ballet routine done on this show. I thought that dance was fantastic.

  • dhunken

    Melissa and Ade-Melissa phenomenal. This girl is the dark horse of the competition. Do you hear the crowd for her. Ade did well but was his weakest performance to date. (That is how great he can dance.) but this was all about Melissa and she lived up to the hype. again The dancer tonight are all doing great.

  • SpenserJ

    Melissa was beautiful. Lovely.

    Totally agree. If I had to pick a winner right now, I’d pick Melissa or Janette. Not that I think either of them will win. But, if I got to pick the winner, that’s who I’d pick. They’re both just powerful dancers with amazing skill levels. They’ve both also got great partners.

  • butte009

    Wow… DizzyFeet Foundation. How great!

  • KrazeeK120

    Next week, can they PLEASE give Melissa krumping? I’m tired of her getting the easy road. There’s no way she pulled pas a deux out of a hat. No way. UGH!

    I liked Kayla and Kupono best so far.

  • jesspea

    i’m in a western time zone and i haven’t seen the show yet… but from these comments i can’t wait! when do you think the links to the videos will be up? yaaa, i can’t wait!

  • lilbrusc102

    I know Philip was in his element again, which might not be completely “fair,” but seeing him do hip-hop is amazing. He hits it hard…it’s nice to see hip-hop done right, and he and Jeanine do it very well.

    Speaking of dancers in their element, Melissa was breathtaking! She and Ade have such great chemistry. It was beautiful!

    DizzyFeet foundation is a wonderful idea….I wish them the best of luck with it. I was kinda hoping for a Michael Jackson tribute announcement, but I love the idea Dizzyfeet and giving underprivileged dancers a chance to train… actually, I think MJ would have loved it as well. I’m still hoping they get the MJ tribute going though!!!

  • dhunken

    my favorite is still Evan and nothing tonight changed that but I have warmed up to Kayla, Melissa and Janette. Actually the women stood out the most for me tonight. They seem to carry all the performances. (prior it has been the gentlemen) (Except for Evan and Randi’s routine. Evan carried that one.)

  • rayni

    Bravo Karla and Vitolio! These kids are just bringing it tonight! Now that I’ve seen them all, I’m still not sure who’s my favorite. Maybe Brandon and Janette, maybe Kayla and Kupono – I just really enjoyed the whole show tonight. Jean Marc is my favorite choreographer by FAR! Well, tonight anyway.

  • Nerinab

    I thought Brandon and Jeanette were good. Very fast dance, but what is up with Janette’s faces (and I’m a Janette fan)? IIRC, Nigel used to really complain about the swing dancers who “pulled faces.” Janette did it through the entire song.

    I begrudgingly give credit to Kayla. She is an amazing technician and she really got into character this week.

    I am a huge fan of Evan’s so I was so hoping for a fun broadway. I would love to see him and his brother do “Moses supposes” from Singing in the Rain. Anyway. I think the choreography was not great. I think both Randi and Evan got into the characters, but it did come across as heavy, as Mia noted. Again, I think it was more a reflection of choreography and not the dancers.

    I’m sorry, but Caitlin and Jason’s routine was just indescribably strange. I don’t really like Brian Friedman as a choreographer and I’d take Sonya anyday.

  • dhunken

    I really don’t think anyone should be in the bottom 3 but if I have to pic and this is not mostly on dancing but what I liked. Caitlin and Jason (Routing too out there) Karla and Vitolio ( did a great job but felt it lacked a little energy, Phillip and Jeanine ( chain too distracting) Mind you none of them did bad. This is just the worst of the best. I think possible though Evan and Randi will be in the bottom 3 instead because of the judges harsh and unwarranted critiques.

  • butte009

    I really liked Karla and Vitolio’s quickstep…. very entertaining.

    I really don’t want to guess at the B3 this week. Out of habit Jason/Caitlin and Vitolio/Karla.

    I’m wondering if Ade/Melissa could end up down there just because the casual viewer won’t appreciate it. And of all the pair/genre matches this was pretty blatant (in addition to Phillip doing Hip Hop). They wouldn’t have expected any of the other couples to do a pas de deux. But, even if they were in the B3 neither would go home.

    I’m interested to see what other posters think about the potential B3 this week.

  • silverwings

    I’m rather peeved at Mia’s comments to Evan and Randy. It’s not their fault they aren’t 6 feet tall. She should have taken issue with the choreographer for not giving them a style that fit their bodies.

    I’m actually voting for the first time in watching this show; I am sick and tired of short dancers getting picked on for their height.

    I will probably through a few votes over to Melissa and Ade, as I love classical ballet and fear the routine might not get them enough votes due to it being “slow” or “boring” to people unfamiliar with the genre (not that the judges would get rid of either of them at this stage..)

  • lilbrusc102

    Wow, Karla and Vitolio’s quickstep was probably my favorite quickstep in the history of the show (or since season 3 when I started watching, ha) It was such a fun and animated dance….loved it! I dunno if it will keep them out of the bottom 3, but for what it’s worth, I really liked it! Really, the only ones I was kinda meh about were Randi and Evan (they were still solid though) and Caitlin and Jason, but only because Caitlin’s costume was so theme-parkish and ridiculous. I think overall, this was a good night. My faves were probably Melissa/Ade, Kupono/Kayla, Philip/Jeanine, but I think everyone brought it.

  • Jocelin

    My rankings:

    Kupono and Kayla just edges out Melissa and Ade for me because they both danced equally well and complemented each other in a cool routine.

    Melissa was lovely in her wheelhouse. Ade was a solid partner.

    Janette and Brandon had boundless energy.

    Phillip and Jeanine, solid once again in hip hop.

    This is becoming difficult. Evan and Randi were fine. Vitolio and Karla. Then Caitlin and Jason. Mmm….it’s hard to rank. I definitely think that Kupono/Kayla and Melissa/Ade were exceptionally good and everyone else was generally good.

  • Matt

    I think I’m in love with Janette. Seriously.

  • Qcloud9

    I loved that performance and the song, Jeanette and Brandon – Cha Cha by Jean Marc and France – ‘Hush Hush Hush by the Pussycat Dolls. Unfortunately the audio has been disabled by You Tube.

  • kozisedso

    I really liked Evan and Randi, just didn’t like the choreography much. Kupono and Kayla were terrific. It’s always interesting when the partnerships get shuffled around. Karla and Vitolio’s quickstep was good – but am I the only one who thought she looked uncomfortable with him? Love Janette but find something off-putting about Brandon. Love Ade – and Melissa is a beautiful dancer but her facial expressions annoy me. Phillip and Jeanine and hiphop – just awesome. Caitlin and Jason – meh.

  • js

    Loved Quickstep!!!

  • cookcricket

    I’m interested to see what other posters think about the potential B3 this week.

    What potential B3? Wow, they were all great to me! I’ve only watched this on TV for two weeks now, so I don’t have favs. Although Brandon and Janette are up there for sure. Melissa and Ade’s dance was the least exciting so perhaps they will end up there, even though they were wonderful.

    I also like Evan and Randi, if they were supposed to appear “lighter” I blame the choreographer for not making this clear. She didn’t seem long on patience, nor explicit in her instruction.

    I think the choreographers did a wonderful job with the last couple explaining things in detail, and I was thoroughly entertained by their dance. Loved it!!

  • Miss Chaos

    Just cant get into Brandon, never could, and it showed up in the replay, hes just too, I dont know whats the word.
    I like Evan, but how is he gonna do all those lifts the stronger guys do. That’s the problem with the shorter guys. Alto Neil did it a few years ago, he was shorter, but real strong. A shame that a winner is picked due to partner dancing.
    I wish Cat would hand the sweating guys a towel, all I can look at is their sweat, while they are being critqued. Silly I know.
    I love Jason and Catlin, but I am afraid they will be going home.
    Kayla and Pono where real good, Kayla is my pick to win.

  • cookcricket

    I wish Cat would hand the sweating guys a towel, all I can look at is their sweat, while they are being critqued. Silly I know.

    LOL, this would be nice. My son always comments on how sweaty they are, while I’m trying to listen to the critiques.

    I forgot to mention the vampire dance was awesome too!

  • stelladallas

    At least half of this show has to do with the choreographers’ egos, sometimes at the expense of the dancers (who are what this show is supposed to be about.) Sometimes the judges take up most of the critique talking about the choreographers, which would be fine if we were choosing America’s Favorite Choreographer.

    Mia’s critique of Randi and Evan was weak. Basically she was saying, “Your choreographer this week is tall, but you’re both short so I didn’t like your performance.”

    Anyway, Melissa was lovely during the pas da deux. BUT, if SYTYCD is going to be pulling out the pointe shoes, tap shoes better be in the future!

  • wand3rful

    Randi and Evan might be in danger….i just dont think randi has the ability to compete w. the rest of the field. she doesnt have a dancer’s body…at least not one that mesmerizes me. she’s reminds me of a stocky cheerleder….just kinda there w. no real dance skills but loads of personality. i noticed that at the end of the show philip and J were using their chains as limbo pole and randi couldnt even bend her back to go underneath….pathetic. (they might be B3)

    im probably one of the few folks that cannot stand Kayla…sorry, she’s over-rated. good dancer but boring and doesnt draw me in….she’s a bit robotic, void of any real emotion or depth. fembot for sure. and kupono is so weak…his dancing is always shaky…..he should’ve gone home 2nd week (got lucky)…..they should stop bringing Mark’s name up during his critiques…..he just doesnt hold a candle to mark (and even mark had his flaws).

    im guessing karla and vitolio will leave tomorrow…both have been in the bottom 3 before and both seem to be the least popular of the bunch……….i think it would be a mistake to send Jason home before Vitolio if he and Caitlin land in the B3…i think he’s one of the strongest males (along w. ade and brandon…i like philip but he cannot tackle other styles of dancing, imo)

  • golcook

    Great performances indeed! My top favorites keep being Brandon and Janette, but I really enjoyed some others: Kayla and Kupono were fantastic, nice dark piece by Sonya, I’m really digging her choreographies; Jeanine and Philip, nobody do it like these two, they have had the best hip hop performaces of all, very cool choreography and I actually enjoyed the chain (and their control of it); And my biggest surprise Karla and Vitolio, was such an entertaining piece, the dess thing was cool and they showed great chemistry.

    My Bottom 3 prediction: Catlin and Jason (I like it, but it was too strange, and the casual viewer is not going to be hooked up to vote); Randi and Evan (I thought they lacked of energy this week, especially Randi); and either Melissa and Ade (beautiful, but the classic music is not that appeling and it was kinda boring, they should’ve used a more modern song) or Karla and Kupono (they were great but I think they’re a little forgettable, they need more personality).

    Everybody were good or great this week, they were no really bad performances, but I think Catlin is the girl to go and either Jason or Vitolio for the boys.

  • Grammie Kari

    What an unusual selection of dances. That was good and they are all good dancers. I agree, there was too much focus on the choreographers. We can see that they can influence the outcome of the program.

    Yes, I thought Karla looked uncomfortable with Vitolio.

    I am not sure how Randi could fit in a tap dance number. In fact, isn’t Evan the only tap dancer?

    It will be good to see Kelly Clarkson perform!

  • fres2027

    Don’t u think that Jason and Caitlin were crying in the video. I think they were especialy because they allways seem to get the worst peaces of the night…

    I like Kayla the most but she has lack of personality, I don’t like Philip and Brandon so maybe Jeanine will win it all and surprise us… She is an underdog fo now IMO…

    What do u think?

  • fres2027

    Don’t u think that Jason and Cailtlin were crying in the video? I think they were becouse thay seem to get the worst peacis of the night :(

    I like Kayla the most even do she could use some more personality tips :)

    I don’t like Brandon nor Phillip, so at this moment Jeanine is the underdog and she could surprise us and win it all ???

    What do u think?

  • RiddleMe98

    It’s hilarious to me that people are saying they liked the way Evan and Randi danced but hated the choreography. The Choreography was a complete homage/rip off of Fosse… He does hold the record of 8 tony awards for Choreography. Go to youtube type in Fosse Frug and you will see why the judges said what they did. They weren’t “bad” per se, they were just missing the essence. There was a fluid slinkiness they were missing. But they will not be in danger of going home. I thought Ade was horrible. Melissa was good but Ade was stomping around the stage. Kupono/Kayla and Jason/Caitlin were My 2 favs of the night and I have a bad feeling they will be in the bottom… I really hate Caitlin but I thought she danced the hell out of BFree’s routine.

  • weelassie

    It was a pretty good show tonight……..finally! They all were pretty good, not an obvious stinker in the bunch. I’ve watched since the beginning of the season but don’t have a strong fav at this point. Last year, I loved Joshua, Twitch, and the female ballroom dancer whose name is escaping me.

  • geekygirl

    I wish Cat would hand the sweating guys a towel, all I can look at is their sweat, while they are being critqued. Silly I know.

    :laugh_tb: This too! At the critique when they are being hugged by the sweaty guy partner, I swear some of the women must be thinking Ewwwwwwww.

    Yes, I thought Karla looked uncomfortable with Vitolio.

    Maybe why? lol

    Wow, another tough week to pick. I liked everyone, including the alien dance and esp the Broadway. I thought Evan was great!

  • SarahP

    i dont get SYTYCD on TV and this is the first time i’m watching this season online. most of the dancers were amazing and i like the twilight dance the best.

    there’s just one thing i dont like. unlike American Idol, i dont think parents would actually let their kids watch this show, from the wierd impregnating/procreating dance, to Nigel saying TMI on one of the couple being chained together in their room to the revealing clothes of the girls!!!!

  • reeboks1

    i am loving jeanine. this years courtney maybe?? i wouldn’t mind losing karla and janette, and jason and vitolio in the next couple of weeks.

  • mitchellvii

    Why the hell were the judges raggin on Caitlin and Jason for their number? I thought it was by far the best and coolest thing they have ever done.

    One thing I have noticed, these judges are VERY OLD-FASHIONED and they never like anything cool and edgey. Have they ever seen Cirque de Soleil? That looked like a number right out of the show.

    Also, judges, stop ragging on the DANCERS because you don’t like the CHOREOGRAPHY!

  • butte009

    im probably one of the few folks that cannot stand Kayla’ ¦sorry, she’s over-rated.

    I think she’s over-rated too.

    and i like the twilight dance the best.

    Why does any reference to vampires suddenly mean it’s Twilight? I read that series just to see what all the fuss was about and I must say I was a bit po’d that in this day and age people still write about girls who can’t live without a guy. NOT the message that should be sent to young girls IMHO. And the movie (watched online – I wouldn’t actually pay to see it) was a bad rendition of a bad book, again IMHO.

    And someone asked about who the ballroom girl was last season – that’d be Chelsea. She’s now on DwtS. I thought she should have been in the top 4 instead of Katee myself. And Mark instead of Twitch. But that’s just my opinion.

  • lucy

    I’m really sick of this myth that they’re perpetuating about how the dancers pulled the dance styles “out of a hat.” Yeah, they did — as long as each hat had only one style in it.

    Why do they think we’re going to believe that Melissa and Ade just happened to pull the classical pas de deux to Romeo and Juliet — en pointe! — out of the hat. Gee, I so wish that that hat had given that routine to, oh, I don’t know, maybe Philip? … But somehow the hat gave him hip-hop….again.

    And Karla and Vitolio. They’d clearly like to get rid of them. So, gosh, the old hat coughed up quickstep.

    Similarly, the hat coughed up Brian Freedman dinosaurs for Caitlin and Jason. Gee, I guess they don’t realize that the voting audience has trouble connecting with B. Friedman routines!

    I just wish they’d stop lying. (For the record, I like Philip and Melissa, and I thought Caitlin was great in the tin-foil dinosaur dance.) I really really really don’t know why they can’t just let the chips fall where they may. Heck, Philip didn’t even hit the bottom three when he did *tango*, for crap’s sake. And I love this show. But….

  • KrazeeK120

    My prediction for B3

    Caitlin/Jason…I sort of think that one’s a given.
    Karla/Vitolio…They just don’t seem popular.

    and, uh….

    I sort of think it will be Ade/Melissa. It’s hard to get behind a dancer when you don’t know how good he/she is. This is the case with Melissa. Sure, the pas de deux was beautiful, but as long as she’s been studying ballet, why shouldn’t it have been?

    I don’t really think Jeanine and Phillip’s hip hop was that good, to be honest, especially after they’ve already worked with this choreographer. And yeah, why do they get to have hip hop twice already?

    Randi and Evan’s performance wasn’t really up to par either, but I think it was more on the choreographer than on them. YMMV. Also, I kind of think they are insanely popular as a couple. They are one of the few (only?) couples that it seems like people in general like both of them. They’re both pulling in votes…it’s not a situation of one of them propping up the other.

  • makeitstop

    I feel like there’s a good chance Melissa/Ade will be in the bottom, but it doesn’t matter as they’re both top 10 bound…

    I almsot would have rather seen Kayla or Caitlin do the ballet as it would have been less predictable.


    and Kayla:

    Seem to be great dancers en pointe.

    Also I find it hilarious how Evan is getting the Kourtni treatment. They are so effing scared of having people with awkward heights make it to the top 10.

  • Dr. Tracey

    Everyone did well last night.
    Janette and Brandon – Hot! I loved it. Top 10
    Kayla and Kupono – I didn’t get the vampire theme at all, whatev, they were still good. I think they compliment each other well and work better as a couple than with their original partners. I disagree with Mia, I still think The Garden was Sonya’s best piece on this show. Top 10
    Randi and Evan – It was a pretty simple routine but it was fun. They seem to get some of the best routines. They will be top 10 for sure.
    Jason and Caitlin – Regardless of the weirdness of that routine, I thought they were really good although the costume Caitlin wore was so horribly distracting. Bottom 3.
    Philip and Jeanine – Agreed with Mia about the chain, I found myself watching that to see if it would trip them up rather than watching them. They did good though, it was a hard routine because of that chain, they deserve to stay in this week. Top 10.
    Melissa and Ade – Ugh that must have been the only routine in their hat, it was put in there specifically so she could dance it. I thought it was boring and all the gushing over it and her cracked me up but Melissa can do no wrong so top 10.
    Karla and Vitolio – They did a great job with that the costume change was wow but I still think bottom 3.
    The other couple in the bottom 3 could be anyone, my guess is either Melissa and Ade or Randy and Evan but neither will go home this week.

  • milly93

    Loved Kayla/Kupono and Philip/Jeanine! Jeanette and Brandon were great as well.

  • Bobbi

    Did anyone else notice how much Mary dialed it down this week? There were newspaper articles and a lot of online criticism over the past week about her screaming every two seconds and her habit of reaffirming her statements such as, I loved that routine! Yes, I did! She didn’t do that once last night, but Nigel teased her with it. So I knew they saw what was said and written. Except for the “train” she stuck to real critique last night that was delivered in a normal tone of voice. Much improvement, I thought.

    As for the dancers, I am also sick of Randi and Evan being criticized because they’re short. If they felt that way, they shouldn’t have put them in the top 20 or put Evan’s brother through to Las Vegas for next season! Their choreographer was rude and condescending. As a tribute to Fosse, that routine sucked. As choreographed, it didn’t come anywhere near the precision of his.

    Are we now supposed to believe that classical dance is part of the genres all the dancers are choosing from? I’ll be shocked if that is true and if it isn’t, the pas de deux was a gift.

    The Dizzyfeet Foundation is a good thing. Debbie Allen has a dance school. Wonder if they’ll use that as a way to get started.

  • Mary102

    Yeah, I think all of the groups are so evenly strong at this point, it’s really hard to pick a B3 – which means it’ll come down to:

    * Who is the most/least popular
    * Who had the best/most accessible choreography

    I think Randi and Evan and Kaitlin and Jason should be in the B3 based on just last night, but I loved the others.

    I especially think the cha-cha, quickstep, and pas de deux were great, and hope that they’re safe.

    I DID NOT like that new choreographer. She was annoying, and the routine was not very good. It had no discernible story (and this is broadway!) no direction, just random movements and moments. What is it with this show and not so good Broadway choreographers (not a fan of Tyce either).

  • Jayd

    “Karla and Vitolio’s quickstep was good – but am I the only one who thought she looked uncomfortable with him? “

    ^Yes! I was thinking the same thing! I can’t imagine being thrown into a new partnership at this stage of the game is easy, but Kayla and Kupono seem to mesh better as a “new” couple. That being said, I enjoyed Karla and Vitolio’s quickstep.

    I do think that the judges go over the top about Kayla, but that doesn’t mean she’s not as good as they say. I think it’s the Adam principle, the judges go ga ga and it makes people not like that person because of that. I liked her and Kupono’s routine, they move well together.

    I also think Randi and Evan got a bad rap. The choreographer for that piece was so full of herself. Why are most choreographers such delicate flowers?

  • dhunken

    As for the dancers, I am also sick of Randi and Evan being criticized because they’re short. If they felt that way, they shouldn’t have put them in the top 20 or put Evan’s brother through to Las Vegas for next season! Their choreographer was rude and condescending. As a tribute to Fosse, that routine sucked. As choreographed, it didn’t come anywhere near the precision of his.

    I am so with you on your assessment here 100%

  • anna32306

    Why does any reference to vampires suddenly mean it’s Twilight?

    Um….it was a dance about vampires and it was danced to a song on the Twilight soundtrack…that’s enough for me!

  • cookcricket

    Kayla and Pono where real good, Kayla is my pick to win.

    Okay I’ve never watched this before this yr. So only one wins? Not a couple?

  • Mary102

    Okay I’ve never watched this before this yr. So only one wins? Not a couple?

    Yes. When it gets to top 10, the public votes for individual dancers, even though they still dance as couples, and the bottom boy and girl get kicked off, without the judges picking. Then, the top 4 (two guys, two girls) are in the finale, and one by one they’re eliminated during the finale “results” show, until it’s just down to 2, and one of them wins.

  • dhunken

    Dial Idol has Evan and Randi as being safe. I know that it is not the end all but makes me feel better. :-) (Brandon and Janette are safe too)

  • sunchick

    This was an interesting show. One of my favorite couples had the stars aligning for them and they shined, and the other was outdone by subtle manipulation.

    It’s hilarious to me that people are saying they liked the way Evan and Randi danced but hated the choreography. The Choreography was a complete homage to Fosse’ ¦ He does hold the record of 8 tony awards for Choreography.

    Sigh, I feel ya. Especially when there was praise for Tyce’s gradeschool pillow fight last week. Tyce has been bastardizing Fosse for years and it was nice to see someone pay the man proper homage, so I aint hatin on Joey Dowling. The Rich Man’s Frug is a famous, brilliant, revolutionary piece of Fosse choroegraphy from the musical Sweet Charity. When the music started I was so excited, but Randi and Evan, more Randi, really, just didn’t nail the movements, and Randi was way too cutesy, too much like her character last week, instead of aloof. The wrist action is very particular, it’s almost like your hands are detached from your arms and your arms are detatched from your shoulder. Here’s the piece from the movie with Shirley MacClaine: Rich Man’s Frug dance from Sweet Charity. And here’s the stage company from the Fosse tribute: Notice the female lead in particular. When you compare those vids to Evan and Randi’s piece you can see how the performance was lacking, so the judges weren’t BSing. That said, I’m really kinda pissed for Evan. His speciality is Broadway, sure, but not Fosse-esque Broadway. Evan is all about the big Gene Kelly type of athletic dancing and emmoting, the stuff that’s almost vaudevillian, and Fosse is very stylized and especially this piece in particular all about body position and musicality and tiny precise movememts…the flicks of a wrist, the nod of a head. Not to mention the Frug is a piece for a female lead and her supporting cast. Giving the guy his “speciality” and then having it be an homage to the total opposite of what he does best and then calling him on it being his speciality is tricksy depimping at it’s SYTYCD finest, especially when the previous week they did an homage to Gene effing Kelly and Danny Kaye and gave it to…Phillip. Phillip! It’s like saying…Evan I know you love NY Strip. So, here’s a perfect NY Strip….psyche! We gave your NY Strip to someone else and swapped it for filet mignon. Why aren’t you eating it with gusto? Now, filet mignon is amazing, and many people prefer it. Many people would not see why you should complain about filet mignon because it’s all steak to them. But if you are a tried and true NY Strip kinda guy, that’s a little evil. I mean, really show. Really.

    Conversely, Kupono and Kayla and Sonya were so in sync it was magical. How adorable was Pono showing up in a handmade I *heart* Sonya t shirt? I am going to make one. Also I *heart* Wade and I *heart* B Free. Okay, not really, but if I was on SYTYCD I would do it. Anyway, I’m a little worried about America getting it becaue they threw around so many vampire references. I wonder if people were expecting a more literal interpretation of a vampire story and then might be confused, because this was very abstract. Here’s how I saw it…Kayla is torn between life and death in some way, light and darkness, hence the costuming with the black and white for her, and the make up, all of it. Pono has made peace with death, darkness and is trying to bring Kayla around to his line of thinking. I could see the vampire interpretation, bringing someone over and all that. But Kupono could also be an angel of death, the grim reaper, a loved one who has already crossed over, something like that. Brilliantly danced, great choreography, and those two kids have got some chemistry, yes they do! (tm Mary Murphy.) I was impressed that Pono could pull off dark and masculine because he had been accused of being too feminine and quirky in the past. And Kayla, wow.

    One note about BFree’s piece…of all of them, this is the one that I, personally, would have loved to dance. Right up my alley. Also, I love that song. The costuming was a little suspect, but what disappointed me was Caitlin. She was really trying to be fierce, but I wasn’t really getting dangerous or even alien from here. I just don’t think she’s the transformative kind of dancer, though her technique can be very pretty sometimes.

  • makeitstop

    Evan is just getting the Kourtni Lind treatment. It had to happen at some point before the top 10.

  • butte009

    I almsot would have rather seen Kayla or Caitlin do the ballet as it would have been less predictable.

    But if either had pulled it off then it would take the spotlight away from Melissa as THE ballerina. I like Melissa, don’t get me wrong. I’d like to see her do something out of her comfort zone though. Pulling off Hip Hop or Krumping would earn her tons of respect IMO.

    Um’ ¦.it was a dance about vampires and it was danced to a song on the Twilight soundtrack’ ¦that’s enough for me!

    That explains it. Linkin Park is the only group included in the soundtrack that I’ve listened to on a regular basis (I had to look it up). Never heard of the others (except Muse since Adam is supposed to be singing one of their songs). For some reason I thought Flyleaf was on the Soundtrack….. Oh I take that back… I have heard of Collective Soul too…. I think.

  • dhunken

    Ok I watched the bob fosse Sweet charity thing and now I really think Evan nailed it. I also feel the Nasty Choreographer did not explain what she wanted or her vision to the dancers. She was just rude and pretentious. Evan danced it with flare and pizazz. I actually like his take on that style better then the Sweet Charity Dancers. Also I agree with sunchick Evan’s broadway style is more along the lines of Gene Kelly. It almost seemed to me after re watching the whole piece that they had it out for Evan and Randi from the beginning. The Choreographer belittled them, the judges did also (Mary not so much) It was almost staged. Just like the over praising and prior set up with Mia of Brandon. I would have like to see any of the other male dances pull that routine off without looking too feminine or awkward. The routine is really made for a female lead with background male dancers. I only hope Dial Idol is right.

  • lucy

    I do think that the judges go over the top about Kayla, but that doesn’t mean she’s not as good as they say. I think it’s the Adam principle, the judges go ga ga and it makes people not like that person because of that. I liked her and Kupono’s routine, they move well together.

    I think she’s a very good dancer, but she reminds me of Will whathisname from last season (?). They tongue bathed him all the time, too, and, again, he was a very very good technical dancer (maybe even a great one.) But most of the time he just didn’t *project* to me. And Kayla doesn’t project much, either.

    In most of her dances, I have found my mind wandering, which isn’t a good thing. I don’t know what’s missing, but something is, from my perspective anyway.

    And I think they see low voting for her and thus “pimp” her. I don’t vote for her, and don’t care whether she remains on the show or not, but it isn’t because she’s overly pimped. It’s because I think she lacks the “it factor.”

    Now, why AI pushed Adam as much as they did (aside from the very large proportion of the pushing that was because he was just very very good), I have no idea, because he seems to have the “it factor” for everyone — some love the factor and some hate it, but he definitely has something that makes him stand out.

    On the Randi/Evan choreographer: I thought she was a pretty good choreographer (worked well for me as an homage), but as a person she seemed like a real jerk (which could have been editing). So I feel very torn about her. I would love somebody different doing “Broadway” and such on the show because I think that Tyce is usually pretty mediocre at it (not as mediocre as he was on Fame when Debbie Allen brought him in as a supposed late entrant and he had to *sing* … but still). He has had a few moments but most of his stuff, especially his Broadway stuff….way too “meh” for me.

  • sallyas1

    Jeanette and Brandon – Cha Cha – Really fun and sassy. I liked a whole lot

    Kayla and Kupono – Jazz – Fabulous. Totally agree with Mary and the judges – I could feel the chemistry between them even when they were dancing across the stage from each other.

    Randi and Evan – Broadway – I really liked this a whole lot. I rarely like Broadway performances (for some reason they just don’t work for me without the context of the show). But this piece worked very well simply because it didn’t look like part of a show.

    Caitlin and Jason – Pop Jazz – I could not even finish watching it on youtube. Talk about self indulgent nonsense by a choreographer. I would love if we could vote out Brian Friedman after this nonsense. Sadly no, but I think we will see them in the bottom 3.

    Jeanine and Phillip – Hip Hop – I liked the chain idea. And they worked well despite it. I just wish they would have worked more with it. Maybe pull it tighter, make it looser, whatever. More a choreography issue I think. I did like what they did though.

    Melissa and Ade – Pas De Duex – about time we got ballet on the show. But please – give ballet to the ballet dancer? And the fans are supposed to believe that was by chance? It was very good, but I fear they may be in the bottom simply because it is obvious the audience is being played with this dance choice.

    Karla and Vitolio – Quickstep by Jean Marc and France – I liked a lot. Loved the concept with the museum. Really loved the outfit quick change.

    Bottom 3:
    Caitlin and Jason
    Randi and Evan – simply because someone has to be there
    Jeanine and Phillip
    though a surprise pick could be Melissa and Ade

  • cookcricket

    Thanks Mary102, I was wondering how the winner was chosen.

    As far as Randi and Evan go, it wasn’t the choreography I had a problem with, it was the choreographer and the way she handled herself. From what they showed from behind the scenes, she wasn’t explicit in her instruction. It almost seemed as if she could picture in her mind what she wanted, but couldn’t explain it.

  • hcpoirot

    Nigel really want Phillip and Jeanine in top 10. In just 4 weeks, they got hip hop routine twice. And some of the couples have not had hip hop routine yet.

    Can’t get any clearer than that. Phillip have not get any contemporary or jazz routine yet.