So You Think You Can Dance 8 – Auditions Part 1 (Update: Added Videos)

UPDATE: Added Videos! Watch Melanie Moore, Marko Germary, Amber Williams and Jeffery McCann audition.

So You Think You Can Dance premieres on FOX tonight. It will take over American Idol’s time slot on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s.

Watch for my live blogs when the Top 20 is announced in a few weeks. In the meentime, I’ll recap the auditions here.  Watch this space for some videos.

Atlanta and San Francisco were the two audition cities featured on tonight’s two-hour premiere.

Check out the schedule for the rest of the season here.

Here are a few of the best auditions from last night:

Melanie Moore – 19 – Marietta, GA – Audition City: Atlanta – Beautiful contemporary dance

Marko Germar – Canoga Park, CA – Audition City: Atlanta – Contemporary dancer. Still has a bullet lodged in his arm from being shot in a robbery.

Amber Williams – 18 – Brigham City, UT – Audition City – San Francisco – Quirky girl!

Jeffery McCann – 28 – Sacramento, Audition City: San Francisco – Awesome B boy

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  • lufausljc

    does anyone have a link?

  • gangreen29
  • Pam

    The guy with the fake meltdown was just well weird. lol Overall, we saw several really great dancers with a lot of potential. It was great to see Mary back on the panel again where she belongs! :)

  • bentley1530

    It always takes me a little time to get into SYTYCD because I hate the bad dancers but once we are past the first round I love this show.

  • Mel1

    I’ll be watching if Sasha Mallory makes it. Not sure what city she auditioned.

  • cassie87

    I really liked the guy who got shot and still had the bullet in his arm…I think his name was Marcus. There were a lot of talented dancers tonight. I don’t know how they’ll ever narrow it down. At least there’s not quite as many bad performances as on Idol.

  • LaleyFan

    Ryan Ramirez was robbed last year…SO hoping she makes it this year!

  • smeggingnuts

    Mel1 says:
    05/26/2011 at 11:32 pm
    I’ll be watching if Sasha Mallory makes it. Not sure what city she auditioned.

    I think she auditioned in LA. Last time it was AZ but I am sure she was in LA when she talked about auditioning.
    I’m guessing she at least made it to Vegas since she never said she didn’t make it. IIRC all she said was she was going to audition then nothing. She wouldn’t have kept quite if she didn’t make it to at least vegas…haha I’m guessing.

    bentley1530 says:
    05/26/2011 at 11:19 pm
    It always takes me a little time to get into SYTYCD because I hate the bad dancers but once we are past the first round I love this show.

    I was surprised how few bad dancers they showed. But it could be like what they did with the Voice, load the first episode with really good auditions then downhill from there. With more of the bad ones

  • chrislongisland

    Agreed about Ryan, she’s my favorite so far, along with the amazing quirky girl with the short hair that they said had magic. Outstanding.

  • dancingqueen

    I can see the quirky girl getting on my nerves quickly. Loved the girl from Georgia, who’s Dad passed. So many will be weeded out when they have to change to styles other than their forte. Would have liked to have seen longer clips of some. Love DWTS for fun, SYTYCD for artistry.

  • Valentin432

    GIrl from Georgia who lost her dad reminded me of Kathryn (S6) and that’s a great comp but I don’t think she’s as good.

    Quirky girl did it for me, tons of personality, she needs to keep it fresh tough, it could get grating fast.

    2nd Bboy was good, very fast.

    Ryan is a good dancer but she isn’t compelling enough.
    In comparison I would much rather have watched that Lilly girl that they showed for 5 seconds.

    Last guy was entertaining.

  • Sq

    Let the Dancing begin! Now if we can just get through the auditions quickly…. At least they didn’t show too many of the bad ones and there are a few that I’m looking forward to seeing again.

  • Valentin432

    maskedscheduler masked scheduler
    So You Think You Can Dance off to a good start up from last year’s premiere. More later.
    25 minutes ago

  • leome

    I like that girl who was one of the first, Melanie I think that’s her name.
    But a lot of good ones.

  • chrislongisland

    leome: Melanie, THAT was the quirky girl’s name! Loved her.

  • TwigLA

    The two guys who were friends and did the humorous routine are an early favorite for me. There were a lot who I thought were very good.

    The quirky blonde girl is probably going to annoy me fairly quickly.

  • cjinsd

    Melanie was my favorite. Just the right amount of quirk without being obnoxious like that blond, Amber. Amber may be a good dancer, but her personality is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

  • Pam

    Melanie (especially) and Marko were two real standouts for me last night among a few others. It will be interesting to see how these kids do once we get to the Vegas rounds.

  • ninergrl6

    I’ve known Ryan for years so I’m totally biased, but I definitely think she’s top 20 material.

  • mandabutter

    Just about everyone was great. Enjoyed Melanie, looking forward to see what she can do.
    Ryan Ramirez (S7, cut in last yrs Green mile) was featured on the finale of GLEE. She was the main girl in a Nationals group (vocalist/dancer upfront tho it wasn’t her voice). The big Usher “Yeah” number. Not sure if this indicates that she has less or more of a chance of making top 20…

    Plus I read some other SYTYCD alum were used in Charice’s group. Wonder who the all-stars will be this year? My fingers are crossed for Brandon Bryant and the runner-up to Russell. –Videos here at link of alums used in GLEE.

  • Grammie Kari

    Thanks for the info mandabutter! I also liked Ryan Ramirez last year. There’s something about her, and I hope it is real. Yes, why the short clip of Lily’s performance?

    The less bad auditions, the better.

  • chrislongisland

    I also hope they bring Alex Wong back as an ALL STAR this year, and Ellenore too!

    They are doing the traditional Top 20 this year (yes!) and then after Top 10 they will bring in the all stars.