SNL Promo: Kenen Thompson Mistakes A Lamp for Lady Gaga (VIDEO)

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Lady Gaga will serve as host and musical guest when Saturday Night Live returns to NBC at 11:35/10:35 pm. In this clip of new promos, cast member, Kenan Thompson mistakes Gaga for a flashlight and tries to pass off a flashlight as tinkerbell. (Gaga kind of believes it!)

They also both fake puke for your entertainment.

The clip is pretty funny, with Gaga seemingly game for hijinks and a natural in front of the camera.

Check out the clip below.

  • Bugme Nomor

    Looks like Gaga might have some talent as a comic actor.

  • macfae

    Not a Gaga fan but these clips are making me look forward to the show … for the skits.