Sneak Peek: Disney World’s New Attraction, The American Idol Experience

Check out overly-chirpy Disney producer-dude giving a tour of the new American Idol Experience attraction at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida from this Entertainment Tonight Video.

The attraction debuts on February 14, and I hear David Cook will be there for some of the pre-opening activities.

The attraction allows participants to audition for an Idol-like show. There will be daily performances–with the winner of the interactive finale (via armchair voting pads) given a head-of-the-line audition pass good for the next Idol cattle-call audition.

The Detroit Free Press describes in detail how the audition process will work. And Jim Hill Media has eye witness accounts from the tech rehearsals.

Early reviews of the attraction are promising. The merging of the two big balls of cheese that are Disney and American Idol seems like a no-brainer. I’m guessing this is going to be a popular attraction, for both would-be Idolers and audiences alike.

Watch the ET video after the JUMP…

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  • Jolene

    The attraction looks cool, but very time consuming for the active participants. It looks like something that takes most of your day at Disney World. Would many people opt to spend that much time commited to one attraction? I guess they probably did their research and found the answer to be “yes”.

    Wonder what David Cook is going to sing there. I did hear he was going to perform, but I cannot imagine what he’d do.
    On a Disney-DC related note – I wish they would have had him record the full “When You Wish Upon a Star”. The snippet he did for that old commercial was wonderful.

  • bean99

    It sounds very cool, Mj. We used to go to WDW a lot when our boys were younger. We have no plans to go there but this would be something we’d check out if we do end up back there. One of my sons is a good singer but he looks down on AI so doubt I could get him to do it. :smile1_tb:

  • Duke

    Oh fudgeshit- i knew that would happen. you get to pick from 100 american idol songs to sing. *vomits*.

    WOW @ the front of the line pass given to a winner EVERYDAY. Thats A LOT of front of the line passes compared to the dozen or so that normally get them via Fox affiliated contests. i wasnt expecting there to be that many.

    ETA: OMG. i just finished watching the video- thats WAAAAY more than i expected.

    widz- i mean, i’d imagine most of the hollywood songs would be on the list. As well as stuff like Chain of Fools, I’ll Be, Beatles stuff…i think they should post the list online for people who want to take it serious, because i mean, you can have a good voice, but if its your first time hearing one of those songs, its gunna make it hard. id imagine the list will eventually get out sometime.

  • widz

    Wait, what songs are ‘American Idol’ songs? lol

    I hope if David does perform at Disney, he’ll sing When You Wish Upon a Star..
    or maybe he’ll do a WTF!Cook and do Bar-ba-sol..Hee :P

  • Jolene

    WOW @ the front of the line pass given to a winner EVERYDAY. Thats A LOT of front of the line passes

    Sounds like they’re just making an extra line of people with “front of the line” passes. Wonder if there will be another competition to get to the front of that line. *snark*

    Wait, what songs are à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹American Idolà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ songs? lol

    And how soon before we get that list?

    or maybe heà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ll do a WTF!Cook and do Bar-ba-sol..Hee :P

    LMAO. That would be awesome!

  • widz

    Ahh kay..thanks Duke!
    Did you guys see a glimpse of Kelly and Carrie’s RIAA certifications on the wall, or was it just me? :P

  • Trina

    That Billboard interview from the other day said he would be performing on the 12th. He managed to pull out a decent performance for the Disney parade so I’m sure he can find something appropriate for this. I mean LO gets played on Radio Disney so even that could work.

  • Duke


    I just had a great foreshadowing of next years audition shows and the faces Simon will be making when the contestants say they preformed at Disney to win a front spot.

    In all honesty, as fantastic as it would be to not have to wait in the horrendous audition lines, winning a spot via Disney World might do more harm than good. And what a great excuse for Simon to say, “Well, thats exactly where that performance belongs- outside Magic Mountain in Disney.” ->I can’t wait for those next year.

  • Lera

    My guess is they will have shows like 1 pm, 3pm 5 pm then other’s that don’t try out can sit in the audience and hear the ones that did decide to try out and go on stage. It will only be time consuming for the people who actuallly try out.

    This will be a big hit attraction for the tweens but adults well, what a wait. LOL

  • Jul

    OMG, if he does When You Wish Upon a Star.. I’ll die. Well, I’m pretty sure I’ll die with whatever he sings.

    The attraction looks really cool, but time consuming like everyone said. If I could sing and thought I had a chance, I would totally commit a day to doing that. Isn’t there an option where you can sit in the audience too? I would probably do that, since I can’t sing to save my life LOL.

  • KrazeeK120

    WOW @ the front of the line pass given to a winner EVERYDAY. Thats A LOT of front of the line passes compared to the dozen or so that normally get them via Fox affiliated contests. i wasnt expecting there to be that many.

    When I went to the real audition (Omaha, Season 7), there were a lot more than a dozen “front of the line” people. I’m not sure where they were all from but there were probably about 25 of them.

    Also, I am a HUGE Disney fanatic and am going there in August. I’ve followed the development of this attraction fairly closely since it’s AI related! From what I understand, you can be ages 14 and up (no upper limit) to do this thing at Disney. So, not everyone who wins will qualify to audition for the real show.

  • Sarah

    Yep, KK is right. The winner only gets a “dream ticket” if he or she is within the age range to audition for the real show. If you’re not within the age range, well, then you can just say that you won the competition that particular day at Disney, I guess. ;)

    I’m hoping to get in and go through the process when it’s still in the test-and-adjust phase before the attraction opens, but I don’t know if I’m going to be able to. My SIL and former roommate have both had coworkers go through the process and they say that it’s really great.

    At least one song on the “list” is “Reflection” by Christina Aguilera from the “Mulan” soundtrack (my SIL’s coworker was asked to sing that in her second round.). But, of course that song’s on the list. It’s Disney. ;)