Smash Season 2 Photo Spoilers! A New Musical Starring…

Oh. So I got slipped a couple of fun photos from the Smash 2 set in New York City! This is totally a spoiler so don’t look if you don’t want to know.

There has been talk of another musical coming to fruition at some point in the season. For those of you who have watched the 1st hour of the premiere, you know that Karen (Katharine McPhee) meets aspiring performer/songwriter Jimmy Collins (Jeremy Jordan) and a few sparks fly.  Jimmy and his partner, Kyle Bishop (Andy Mientus). Have written a musical, Hit List be that work in progress Kyle mentions to Karen at the bar as she listens to Jimmy sing.

How do Derek (Jack Davenport), who is directing,  and Karen wind up involved with another musical? Well, we find out in the first hour of the premiere that the feds were tipped off about Eileen’s (Angelica Huston) shady financing, and Bombshell is put on indefinite hold.

Or maybe this theater facade is part of some elaborate fantasy sequence! We’ll see when the new season begins on February 5.

BIG THANKS go out to Alexis and Connie for the photos!

Watch a clip. Karen listens to Jimmy play one of his original songs.


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  • Tuki

    Can´t wait for S2!
    I bet Derek takes a listen to the Jimmy´s songs from Karen and likes them. Derek might get fired of Bombshell because of his sexual harassment accusations and Karen decides to leave Bombshell because of her relationship with Jimmy.

    I have to admit that I was looking forward for Karen & Derek to finally get together this season, but I guess its not happening, with this new guy in the picture. Damn it.

    I was so frustrated with that almost kiss in the premiere!  I wanted it to happen! Oh well, I am looking forward to continue to watch their relationship develop even if its not romantic at the time.

  • G

    agree with you Tuki!  Karen & Derek have amazing chemistry.  we have 17 episodes to watch; maybe we will see some Karen/Derek togetherness!  we will see next Tuesday!  excited for Hit List

  • Kariann Hart

    It’s hard for people to know what’s going on if they haven’t seen the first season.  I am excited to see the show on the schedule again!

  • Li Wright

    In my opinion, Kat McPhee comes off as still too “nice” or too SOFT and I would hope that along this journey she turns into a REAL bitch, a star-climbing BITCH.

  • chessguy99

    Luckily the first season DVD is out, so catch-up isn’t going to be hard. They should have made it also available through On Demand, giving new viewers an easier way to get up to speed. I fear the time slot change is going to be a rough go to start. The show had a platinum grade lead-in with The Voice last season. Now it has to get by on its own for a month, before The Voice returns March.