Smash Season 2 Changes: More Music, Hot Guys, Fewer Scarves (VIDEO)

Are you excited for Smash Season 2? The musical drama returns to NBC on February 5 and at Sunday’s Television Critics association tour in Pasadena, the cast (including Katharine McPhee) and new showrunner, Josh Safran, were on hand to preview what we can expect from the new season.

There will be MORE music including at least a couple of original songs per episode and an eclectic mix of genres.

Katharine and her fellow Smash star, Megan Hilty, raved about Jennifer Hudson, who will guest star in 3 of the first four episodes as Broadway star, Veronica Moore. They described the Oscar winner and American Idol alum as “a force.”

Other guest stars set for season 2 are Liza Minelli, Sean Hayes and Bernadette Peters as Ivy’s mom.

Also HOT GUY ALERT.  Jeremy Jordan of Broadway’s Newsies will appear as Karen’s new love interest. Watch him belt a song (and melt Karen’t heart…OK and mine too) in the promo below.

A sidenote:  On her Idol experience, Katharine said, “I really did not know myself when I was on that show, as a musician, and that was a big challenge for me coming off the show, because I kind of wanted to be an actress … I didn’t realize I was supposed to have an identity as a musician [after I left] … If you’re not ready to that, you should probably try to figure out who you are [before auditioning].”

Check out a brand new Smash trailer below.  And read more (you might be happy to learn that Julia’s (Debra Messing)  scarves will be disappearing!) at The Hollywood Reporter, TV Guide, Huffington Post.

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  • Jenny Williams

    The preview looks so good. OMG. So excited for the new season. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Wow! The preview looks amazing! I’m really looking forward to the new season of SMASH.

  • RockiDreams

     Oh Joy more Hudson screeching.  I can at least fast forward through that.  The rest looks good.  Not so sure on the new guy – he is a wait and see for me.

  • WestiesRule

    I ??? this show!!!

  • Tuki

    Yay! So excited for next season.
    Still hoping Karen and Derek get together at some point! I mean after that finale, I am really looking forward to continue to see their story evolve. Their chemistry is incredible.This new guy is gonna be another temporary roadblock for that to happen, damn it.BTW to me the only hot guy on this show is Jack Davenport. He is  sexy yummy.

  • potatorocks

    The scarves.  Who would have thought an accessory could be so annoying.  Glad they are gone.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “BTW to me the only hot guy on this show is Jack Davenport. He is  sexy yummy.”

    lol He sure is! My favorite male character on the show is Tom (Christian Borle), and I prefer Megan Hilty to Kat, although they are both very good. I’m not a big fan of Jennifer’s singing, but I’m curious to see her on the show.

  • jpfan2

    It doesn’t look as campy as Season 1 when the show was so bad it was almost good! 

    I saw a hilarious show called Forbidden Broadway which had a skit on Smash. It had Ivy and Karen singing Let Me Be Your Star except they changed it to Let Me Be Subpar which was kind of perfect. ;0

  • tripp_ncwy

    Smash’ Musical Getting Cast Album

  • wingzdoc

    A fun gem I found on the Premiere. I hope we can post this here. I like guessing at the hints.

  • Huba Buba

    Just bring on more Ivy, thats all it needs.

  • Andy

    LOL on MJ’s comment about Jeremy Jordon;s singing “OK and mine too”

  • Kariann Hart

    Looking forward to enjoying a wonderful season with good guest stars!