SMASH Discussion Post (UPDATE: Recap Added)

Okay, here’s the weekly discussion post for SMASH. Let’s see what Uma brings to the table this week. Anyone else guessing she’ll turn into Beatrix Kiddo and kill every last character in the show? Talk about a MAJOR retooling of season 2. Haha!

Anyway, I’ll have the recap added hopefully late tonight or first thing in the morning.


*play* We get right to rehearsals this week. Derek asked Karen to come a little early to confess he has been seeing what a great Marilyn she could make in the show.  “I really see it,” he says to Karen. This really catches her off guard, and you can see she’s somewhat suspicious of Derek’s compliments. She probably should be.

Later, Tom, Julia, Derek, Eileen, and anyone important meet up to discuss Rebecca Duvall being difficult at every turn. She’s now lobbying to throw out the entire musical number “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” and switch it with an all-dialogue scene. The meeting ends quickly when Tom shouts to Derek that, “He’s the director…SO DIRECT!”

Now we’re back to good boyfriend Dev who’s just sunshine and rainbows for Karen whenever she needs anything. And what’s this? Karen gets excited to tell Dev she can’t go to dinner with him tonight because she has big plans with the movie star Rebecca Duvall. Karen squeals gleefully, accompanied by a little “happy dance” and some jazz hands. This may be the most expressive I’ve seen Katharine Mcphee be since the show began.

Next thing you know, Rebecca has twirled Karen on stage to sing “Light Up” by Leona Lewis (I think?). Anyway, the song was pretty good for Kat. Nice and dramatic ballad, but not too over the top. Moving on…

We’re back to rehearsals where Tom and Derek announce to Rebecca that not only did they leave in the musical number, but they added one as well. Haha. Before Rebecca can try to pry her way out of this mess, Derek informs her it will be a “second Marilyn” singing the song. As Ivy’s face pops up in everyone’s head, Rebecca insists that Karen is perfect for the song, and Derek agrees…

Cut to a night out on the town for Karen and Rebecca who are now celebrating and suddenly becoming BFFs for life. The down side to living the high life of a famous celeb? Those scum-bag paparazzi. Dev shows Karen the shots of her going all around town with Rebecca. All Karen can do is gasp, “Wait, am I in trouble?” in response to Dev’s unhappiness. Karen’s rolling around in all her new clothes, still going on and on about how great this is. I’m just still in shock Kat has been allowed to show some type of emotion instead of no personality at all.

Oh boy, Tom and Julia are having a jolly ol’ time playing the piano and writing hit show tunes when suddenly, scary ex husband comes in to get his son Leo. Julia thought Leo was with him. He thought Leo was with her. Oooooh boy… Looks like someone finally hid Leo’s body in a place where it can never act again. *Cut to commercial*

Yeah, so Leo is missing, and I don’t care. So I’ll let ya know how it turns out in the end.

Back in the land of Bombshell, where they make musicals, Rebecca is teaching the stage director how to make her smoothies instead of actually rehearsing. Eileen solves the problem by sending Evil Ellis to make smoothies. When he arrives, he–along with Ivy–hears Tom teaching Karen one of the new songs. It’s good. Ivy compliments Karen afterwards and has a big smile on her face that sorta makes it look like she actually wants to gouge Karen’s eyes out.

It’s been three days since Leo went missing, and Tom confesses to Sam that he’s really worried. He breaks down a little.

Oh God…what’s happening? Oh no…this Bollywood number. My brain can’t actually process what it’s seeing. How in the hell did this scene get in this show. Who wrote it? Who cleared it? I just keep picturing the looks on all the actors faces when they saw the set that day, what they were wearing, and finally heard what they were singing. I don’t know…maybe I just had some fun, campy thing fly right over my head there, but I’m gonna go ahead and call that what it was: STUPID!

Julia takes desperate measures and sneaks up on one of Leo’s classmates, begging him to tell her where Leo is at. Finally, he tells her Leo’s been staying at his place to get away from his horrible parents. Ugh… This is so dumb.

Leo eventually returns home, and the parents decide not to lay into him. He needed the space. Blah Blah. They’re still a broken family, but leave this episode on a happy note.

Now let’s talk about the good stuff. Evil Ellis managed to swipe a phone from one of the chorus members to text Karen and tell her she wasn’t needed today. NO! They’re setting it up so that Ivy will have the opportunity to steal Karen’s new part in the show. I knew Ivy was smiling way too nicely at Karen earlier.

Oh, and did I mention Derek finally snapped? Yep, he lost it alright. He got right up in a paparazzi’s face and smashed his camera on the ground. He then proceeded to explain to Rebecca that this is gonna be a big show on Broadway, and some movie star like her isn’t going to ruin it! Rebecca salutes and is put in her place. We move back to rehearsals where everyone is ready to start–except for Karen, who was betrayed by Ellis and Ivy.

Now we end the show with Ivy singing the new ballad. It was finally Karen’s time to shine in front of everyone, but unfortunately, Evil Eillis strikes again. That being said, Ivy does a great job as always, and the song is the best part of the show. Of course the ever-impossible Rebecca Duvall pipes in when Ivy’s finished to get the last line, declaring she does want to sing after all. She really liked the new song, and it looks like she’s ready to face her demons. AKA: star in a Broadway musical when she can’t sing to save her life. Cue the drama for the next few weeks. I’m secretly excited. :) Let’s give this show a little boost, eh?!

As far as the episode overall? Meh? I’m tired and wanna go to bed. What does that tell you?


UPDATE: A commenter informed me the song is actually called “Run.” Sorry, I’ve heard the song plenty, just wasn’t sure of the exact title. It’s originally by Snow Patrol, but covered by Leona–and now Kat. Here’s Kat’s version from last night’s episode. Wow–I really think it’s great! Agree?


  • kirk charles

    cant wait for this episode!

  • Anonymous

    Uggghh, it’s too early in the episode for Ellis.

  • Bentley1530

    I am really hating this Bollywood number….

  • Anonymous

    Fun Bollywod number! I enjoyed that. I do NOT enjoy Uma, however. 

  • Sunny Mc

    OMG, that bollywood number was so cheesy and ridiculous, I LOVED IT!  Derek feeding Ivy grapes, Ellis steeling the jewels! The whole cast was in it.  I love a show that can laugh at itself.

  • Anonymous

    That Bollywood dance number was as random as….well…most Bollywood dance numbers!  Nevertheless, it was fun

  • Falls Guy

    This episode was good because there was more music and less emphasis on the drama. Like the music

    Some things leave me shaking my head like the text that sent Karem home. Nobody’s going to wonder how that happened?

    I was really hoping next year would be another story/theme but I guess not. 

  • Hi!

    Listen to Katharine sing “Run’ here! It’s the full version! She sounded incredible on tonight’s episode! 

  • kirk charles

    BEST EPISODE YET! omg it keeps topping itself every week nowadays!

  • Nicole P.

    Really enjoyed this week’s episode! 

  • Tuki

    I LOVE the moments between Derek and Karen. Those two have some great sparks something special.
    Too bad Ivy had to ruin everything tonight. Her song was phenomenal but I could´t enjoy it because of the way it came about.

  • it’s me

    this was an amazing episode!  Loved ‘Run’, 1001 Nights!  Alot of humor during the Bollywood number!  And last, Kat looked HOT! 

  • Sq

    Has anyone on this show been part of a Musical – sheesh.  All the drama is getting too cheesy.  There is no way someone with Karen’s looks and voice would not have done local theatre -they are playing her too naive to be real.   The show was pretty meh for me – Ivy was great – shes the best Marilyn by far – Karen shines when she is on stage with a band, Uma…. well… even the acting isn’t convincing – no idea why shes a “star”.  It would be nice if they could come up with a real plot. and real characters we could get to know.   How come if all those chorus kids are Karen’s friends no one thought to text her?  The text is traceable but who wants to bet that is never mentioned…  No one but the Stage Manager would call off a rehearsal so unless the text came from Derek or the SM Karen would have checked it out.  Minimally she would have gone back upstairs to pick up her water bottle – everyone has them and she would not have taken it out to get chips…  It’s getting harder and harder to sustain disbelief with this show.

  • Anonymous

    Freakin amazing episode. Bollywood number just EXPLODED! Katharine was on fire! Just right amount of music AND drama. Loved it!

  • Anonymous
    Has anyone on this show been part of a Musical – sheesh.

    Well, yes. Almost everyone. Let’s see, the shows’s soon to be departing head runner Theresa Redbeck is a Pulitzer Prize nominated playwright currently writing the musical Ever After for Broadway. (Debra Messing’s character is based on her)

    The songwriters Emmy, Tony and Grammy winning Marc Shaiman and Tony and Grammy winning Scott Wittman’s biggest commercial sucess has been their collaboration for Lyrics and music for Hairspray, but they have worked on numerous other musical projects such as Broadway musicals, one person shows for the likes of Bette Midler, Martin Short and Billy Crystal and many an award show muscial presentation.

    The stars of the show have also had their share of Tony nominations and wins, having originated starring roles in Shrek, Legally Blonde, Spamalot, Thouroughly Modern Millie, Sweet Smell of Success, 9 to 5 and (in England) Momma Mia and Bombay Dreams. Then there all the shows like Wicked, Footloose, Vanities, and White Christmas for which they have taken over leading roles.

    As Christian Borle says in interviews, this is a drama based on the drama of Broadway, not actually what goes on day to day behind the scenes, that doesnt make good television. Somethings they get dead right, somethings would never have happened in a million years!

    Its all about (as they say in theatre) a willing supension of disbelief . And I find myself oh, so willimg!

  • Anonymous

    I  want this show to be better than it is.  There is so much acting talent but   the writing often falls flat.  The musical numbers –ivy last night–are usually incredible.  The singing in bars and bedrooms–not so much.  It seems like an episode is either spectacular  or  a bomb.  Almost as if every other week there is a different writer.  The editing on many of the scenes seems abrupt as well.  This show is not nearly as good as it could be.(The teens on the show should probably write their own lines)

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, I think I’m done with this show. It’s the writing and the way the characters have no consistency. I’m  getting tired of the Marilyn storyline. Honestly, the only poignancy the show has is if Ivy DOESN’T the part.
    And by the time the writers are done, I’ll story caring about her as well.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Leona Lewis covered it, but RUN is a Snow Patrol song and was done on the show more like their original, so let’s keep the music portion of MUSICAL honest.

  • Anonymous

    I loved the Bollywood number.  What is that song from?

  • Anonymous

    Great episode. Love love all the songs. The Bollywood number was so fun. Totally wacky and enjoyable. Heads and hips shaking. Dev and Kat were fantastic dancers.

  • Allison

    “Run” is the song that made Snow Patrol, a couple of years before “Chasing Cars”. Love that Kat’s version may have caused someone to check out Gary Lightbody’s original. It’s a beautiful song. Great episode. Hate Uma, which I guess we are supposed to.

  • Anonymous

    I think they need to can a subplot or two and make sure that the vast majority of subplots tie into characters related to the show and the theater. That’s what my favorite Slings and Arrows did, and it had so much more coherence and seeming logic to it, which is what this show is lacking, it seems to me.

    If somebody’s going to have a troublesome affair, it really needs to be with somebody closely linked to the main theater of operation, which is, in this case, the theater. Etc. That’s kind of Writing 101, I thought. When they have so many characters and plots who are operating outside the main arena of the action, it doesn’t work, to me.

    Of course, American shows are generally written on the fly and under the gun, so no matter how talented the writers and other creators are they often lack some artistic coherence, while Canadian and Brit shows, by contrast, usually get written a lot more slowly — and have fewer episodes per season — so they have time to come up with storylines that hold together better, which, admittedly, isn’t easy.

  • Allison

    They can “can” anything to do with Leo, in my book. The character makes no sense and he can’t act!

  • Anonymous

    ‘They can “can” anything to do with Leo, in my book. The character makes no sense and he can’t act!’

    Yeah, I agree.

  • Tuki

    I enjoyed this episode so much! It was fun and the pace was great.
    I really love watching Derek and his newfound feelings for Karen. His little talk he had at the beginning of the episode were so heartfelt and genuine. And Karen finally is starting to warm up to him

    I think their story arc will be lovely to watch considering how they started on that apartment scene.
    I just love those two together! But Ivy was mean last night.. She ruined everything.. Planned that scheme with Ellis and stole Karen´s song! 
    Even though she was phenomenal singing it I couldn’t actually enjoyed because of the way it came about. Ha,ha.

  • Anonymous

    In defense of Leo, he does get the worst dialogue in the show.  Not sure any actor could save it.

  • Tiffany

    That is my fav Kat performance ever!  Loved  it!

  • Kariann Hart

    This was such a GOOD episode!  The Ballywood number is probably my favorite all season long!  Maybe the writers will see comments made about Leo and give him some lines that a real teenager would say.  Many are angry with their parents and even blame themselves for the parents splitting.

    I can’t wait until next week!

  • Chase

    I went to itunes and looked at the Smash album tracklist and Run wasnt on it.  I really would love to download Kats version. :(

  • Tanya Harvey

    I also really want to buy Run on iTunes. Why would they sell the other songs and skip this one? It’s some easy extra money. I’ve been listening to the video all day. I think it is my favorite song from the show, although there are others I really enjoy and have bought. Go Kat!

  • Tanya Harvey

    Blast! Run will only be available on the deluxe edition of the Smash album.

  • groucho3710

    Thanks, took the words right out of my mouth, or would have if I’d had all that information at hand. Can’t we stop pretending this is a documentary and just enjoy it for what it is? Hell, I even enjoy it for what it isn’t. I guess I just enjoy it period. I thought ALL the music in this ep was outstanding. The songs usually tie in some way to the plot so I have no idea what Run was about, but the Bollywood spectacle was, well, spectacular, and Hilty hit it clear out of the park with her solo, which fit her character better than Karen’s, so I can still be a major McPhee fan and still say this.

  • groucho3710

    It’s from Shaiman and Wittman. I think they’d seen Jaffrey do musicals before and wanted to figure out a way to sneak him into the show musically. Then they wound up getting the whole cast in there. I’ll bet that’s the only way Ivy is ever going to get Derek to feed her grapes.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks!  I loved the song.