Siobhan Magnus New Band Feat. Ex-Members from Third Eye Blind, Everclear (VIDEOS)

American Idol Season 9 alum, Siobhan Magnus has some exciting news! She’ll be fronting a new 90’s style band named Doubtful Guest featuring former members of Godsmack, Everclear, Candlebox and Thind Eye Blind.

Read the announcement from the singer’s official website. Congrats, Siobhan and good luck with your new venture!

Following the summer show at The Melody Tent, Sammy Hudson presented us an idea and concept to put together a touring 90s type band with Siobhan fronting the group.

We’ve all been doing our homework and contacting players who might like the concept and are pleased to announce the new project for 2013: Doubtful Guest.

Doubtful Guest is a new band featuring former members of Godsmack, Everclear, Candlebox and Third Eye Blind fronted by American Idol rocker finalist, Siobhan Magnus.

Guitarist Tony Fredianelli (Third Eye Blind), guitarist Peter Klett (Candlebox), drummer Tommy Stewart (Godsmack, Fuel) and bassman Sammy Hudson (Everclear) have joined forces with newcomer Siobhan Magnus (American Idol season 9 sixth place finalist) to “re-present” their hits and personal favorites from the nineties in concert, while developing new original music as a working band.

The Nashville-based band plan to showcase in Nashville in mid-February and be road-ready by late March 2013.

Godsmack, Candlebox, Everclear and Third Eye Blind have a combined proven track record of hits (over sixty million sales worldwide). The added visiblity of a recent American Idol finalist offers the project a huge social media base from which to launch.

Plans to fund the initial start up include Kickstarter where fans can pledge their support for the project and be invited to actively participate in the development of the group, help select song lists, recordings and even venues for the band to play!!!

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  • girlygirltoo

    Interesting! The band members have a strong track record, even if the styles of those bands weren’t all necessarily all that similar.

    Good luck to Siobhan with this!

  • Incipit

    OK. This, I want to hear. The concept is intriguing – wanna check out the execution. I also really hope it works out!

  • fantoo1

    Exciting news! I’m glad she ditched her old band-I feel like they were holding her back. She was one of my favorites from Season 9.

  • irockhard

    Nice! I look forward to hearing their stuff! I like all those influences!

  • Kesia Monteith

    I’m not the biggest fan of any of these bands per se, but I’m so happy to hear Siobhan is doing a hell lot more with her music career than staying back in her hometown. I think she has the potential to be more well known by getting herself a whole lot more out there than before. And with members from such respected rock bands too? Awesome. Hope they take care of her and this helps exposes her to more of the music industry. 

    Finally! Great things are really about to come true to one of my faves from season 9. A talent like Siobhan should NOT go to waste. Nice cool direction for her, and I hope she takes every bit of advantage from what could be very life changing for her.

    Good luck, Siobhan!

  • irockhard

    What you said comparing Kickstarter to 360 deals is interesting. It seems nowadays for niche acts the only real advantage of being on a label is music distribution. But if you can get your music distributed like they can without them, then no need for them. We’re moving (albeit slowly) towards an industry where labels and terrestrial radio will become obselete, of course that will probably also mean there’ll be no more music superstars. I think the current music superstars of today may very well be the last generation of superstars.

  • girlygirltoo

    The interesting thing about Kickstarter is that some projects can raise thousands and thousands of dollars (one indie musician even raised over $1 million), but a large percentage of the projects that go up on that site never end up reaching their target goal. There was an article about this a couple of months ago, I should see if I can find it.

    Having so many well known musicians in the band should help then raise $, though

  • LeahKittyS

    This is exciting! Siobhan was one of my favorites from Season 9 (I actually kind of liked that season; Lee and Crystal got gypped by their producers and promo people in the post-Idol world). I hope she is successful with this new group like Carly Smithson has been with We Are the Fallen (fomerly Evanescence)!

  • Incipit

    irockhard, I am no fan of the 360 deal, even though there are many ways it can be structured, none of them are intended to benefit the artist. I could do chapter and verse about that, but I don’t find it all that interesting…just the Labels struggling to stay relevant (and solvent) with their old business model.

    The 21st Century Entrepreneurs who are finding these new avenues for distribution, financing, performance, and publicity, and know ways for the Artist to benefit from the Digital presentation of their music are much more interesting to me.

    This venture, Doubtful Guest, has people involved who know the industry and the pitfalls, and I have been a fan of Siobhan since she took “Wicked Games” and gave it her POV on Idol – so a re-presenting of these folk’s 90’s music – along with new, band developed tracks has possibilities I don’t think a conventional label could or would capitalize on.

    Without a label involved to take the lion’s share – the people involved are free to try something that isn’t necessarily “safe”, but certainly has possibilities, and still make a living doing what they love! IMO. Of Course.

  • irockhard

  • El oh El

    I can’t to wait to see how this works out. Good for Siobhan.

  • Pippygirl

    Siobhan faltered badly during her season but there is no doubt she is very talented. I really hope this works out for her. 

  • Happyhexer

    Wasn’t a huge fan of Siobhan on AI, but the girl has pipes.  I’d consider supporting her Kickstarter campaign.  I participated in Megan Joy’s Kickstarter campaign, and frankly, it was among the best music $$$ I ever spent.  Love, love, love Meg Joy’s EP (which at 9 songs, is closer to a full CD).

    I wish Siobhan and the band members of the new group all the luck in the world.  Hopefully, they will feed off each other’s energy and create something new and distinctive.

  • Jon Arbues

    happyhexer… Im really glad to hear that you will support Siobhan for her kickstarter project!!! I supported Megan joy too… love them both so much!!

  • Lori

    Nice! Very glad to hear. Siobahn was my favorite girl Season 9. I thought she would have gone further if Simon hadn’t undermined her at every turn once she got to top 12 or 10 or whatever it was. (So over Simon!!)

  • Li Wright

    I hope this is IT for her, she’s got a tremendous voice. She just needs some “styling”….but she never gave up did she?

  • Leandro

    I like Siobhan’s singing, but she looks always so lazy. I don’t know how she would be leading a band like this one. I also liked all these bands back in the day (except Godsmack), but I have no interest to listen their sound today. It will interesting to see what kind of music they will be doing.

    With famous or mid-famous people, Kickstarter prj. really works. The problem is that it’s difficult to sell the album to someone besides the ones that already gave money to the Kickstarter Project. You still have problems to go any further without more money behind to promote your album.

  • Happyhexer

    Irony: I was never a Megan fan, but a fellow Danny fan shared the link to Megan’s site and said she had new original music posted.  I wandered over to the site, and I was gobsmacked. Megan really knows her voice well and what it can & cannot do.  And she’s a surprisingly (well, I was surprised) good songwriter.

    But this post is about Siobhan.  It’s a bit of a crapshoot, but it will be interesting to see what Siobhan can do with with the new band.  Often with bands (if you get good members), the group is greater than the sum of its parts.  (Or whatever that adage is.)  I think the potential is there.  I don’t follow Siobhan, though.  How will I know about the Kickstarter campaign?  Do you think MJ would cover it with a post?  I don’t remember what MJ did with Megan, but I remember I got the link from my Danny friend. 

  • Happyhexer

    I agree, Leandro, that Kickstarter doesn’t solve the promotion problem.  I don’t know, for example, how well Megan sold outside of those who invested in her Kickstarter campaign.  But at least I got some damn good music out of it.  And maybe the artist gets some satisfaction in having control of their music and getting it out there, even if it doesn’t sell a ton.

    Anyway, I wish Siobhan the best . . .

  • VioletFlameMusic

    Leandro, if you want to see how she would be leading a band like this, you should see her YouTube videos of “Heathen Child”, and “Love Gun” (Sammy Hudson, from Everclear is on bass here, and he’s amazing) . While you’re at it, check out “Ball & Chain”. Truly awesome performances. I cannot wait to see/hear Doubtful Guest!

  • bb16

     Happyhexer, here is the link to her kickstarter campaign. Do more than consider supporting her. Actually do it.

  • Kariann Hart

    I hope this really gets Siobhan’s career going.  People need to hear and see what a great artist she is!