Siobhan Magnus: I Don’t Watch American Idol Any More

American Idol 9 finalist, Siobhan Magnus is no longer a fan of the show that gave her television exposure. She writes on her Tumblr that the show is all about the judges now and attempts to put contestants into musical boxes more than ever before. She’s also NOT a fan of Nicki Minaj.

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SnotFace Says: American Idle!

No, I don’t watch American Idol anymore. Why? Because it’s whole original purpose has long since been flushed down the tubes. How did it become a show about how famous the judges are? I thought the focus was supposed to be on the contestants, who sacrifice life as they knew it, along with ANY sleep or time to call home at all. I’m pretty sure the game is pre-planned anyway, but it’s never been more obvious. and if the winner doesn’t want to record pop-country music, he or she will probably be dropped from their contracts within months. The show also makes people think that you should only be one kind of singer and stick to that forever. It doesn’t make sense though. Technically, if you were the “best singer,” wouldn’t that mean you were the most versatile, or the best trained? When I think of the “best” (technical) singer, I think of Sarah Vaughn, Celine Dion, Sarah Brightman, Lisa Gerard… vocalists whose precision of tone fluctuation and perfectly executed intervals would have them at the top of their class at Juliard. At least now, after like 11 years, Idol finally thought to put a REAL singer on the judges panel. Too bad they had to counteract that with Ms. Minaj’s presence…

Many people expect something of me based on what they saw me do on Idol, or even the way I look. I would just like to say this much: I am a professional vocalist. That means I get paid to sing. For some reason, confusion surrounds this idea. If I were a hired guitarist, for example, I would be playing all kinds of music and making a living, and if I played jazz, soul, pop, heavy rock, AND r&b, people would say I was soooo talented. When a singer does this, they must be “confused.” That’s why I choose not to say I am a “singer,” but rather a professional vocalist! I am hired to sing different styles of music, and I do it because I love to and I CAN. Please stop putting us in boxes. It’s dark and hot in there…


P.S. SnotFace is me, one of my many nicknames.

WELL. I’m not sure what brought THAT on, but it’s amusing, nonetheless. These days, Siobhan is fronting a 90’s tribute band called Doubtful Guest, featuring members of Third Eye Blind, Everclear and Fuel.

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  • Miz

    Can’t say I disagree with anything Siobhan said.

  • irockhard

    Shakira is NOT a diva!

  • chillj

    Good for Siobhan! And if it were not for her, I would never have figured out how to spell that name.

  • chillj

    You are in love, eh?

  • dante

    Never good for former contestants to diss a show that helped them – may come back to bite her in the butt ……..just saying

  • Laura Corn

    People have been saying this for weeks now. This is not a unique thought.

  • irockhard

    LOL I’ve always been a fan of her’s and actually suggested her for Idol. I knew she’d be great at judging/mentoring, and she’s proved that she is. But even before she got her job at The Voice can anyone recall any stories of her throwing hissy fits or making outrageous demands like divas do? I honestly can’t. Mariah, Christina, Nicki and JLo however do have reputations for being divas.

  • jms

    Normally, I’d be thinking “That’s gotta bite her in the butt”, “biting the hand that feeds you”, but all I can say to this is I ain’t even mad.

    I don’t have much of a problem with Nicki like she does, but I’m all “Go Siobhan!” here.

  • Wfish88

    Siobhan was one of my factories on S9. She kinda sold herself short by moving back home after her elimination.

  • Jake W.

    I agreed with her until she got cocky on the second paragraph. Girl needs a ego check. I liked her in the season that she was in, but she isn’t doing herself any favors by lashing out.

  • Kariann Hart

    So where can Idol find the right kind of female judge. I likie Sara B. but the “Sing Off” is returning, so she probably won’t be available.

  • Kariann Hart

    I didn’t find her confidence to be cocky. To each their own. Unfortunately, Idol will probably not invite her back to perform, but she is being honest.

  • alt28023

    Because she has such a booming career ahead of her.

  • irockhard

    Actually Sarah said she’s not returning to the Sing Off so she is available. But she doesn’t compare to Shakira in name recognition, Shakira is a superstar.

  • milwlovesadam

    It’s never good to bite the hand that feeds you. However, I do pretty much agree with her. The music industry just doesn’t seem to value a great voice any more. However, with Rihanna’s Stay and the new Bruno song, maybe there is hope for a good voice and an emotional song.

    I initially just hated the thought of Nikki as a judge, then at the first few shows, I thought she was fairly decent, but, recently it has been the Nikki way or the highway. She’s domineering, rude, vulgar and a real put off.

    I find it very hard to get through a show without just zooming through her BS. Thank goodness for DVR.

    Singers getting pigeon-holed? It’s worse and worse every year. The last season with any individual artistic integrity was 8 or 9. IMHO. These days, we’d never see anybody like Adam, Kris, Cook or Siobhan.

  • Pat H

    She speaks the truth!

  • ptebwwong

    I agreed with a lot of what she said. But let’s be real. Idol is not the only one putting contestants into musical boxes. The music industry does, too. So does the public. I would even say many artists put themselves into musical boxes.

    Artists who are can sing multiple genres are still known for a specific genre. For example, Carrie can sing country, rock, & pop music. But she is definitely known for being a country singer. I bet if you ask her she wants to be known as a country singer, too.

    In theory, artists should be able to sing anything. But how successful would that artist be in the current musical industry? You wouldn’t find artists who charts on multiple genres usually.

  • H.A.

    I might have to take back what I said about her earlier, that she couldn’t string 2 sentences together. She makes a lot of sense and I have to agree with her. I missed the emphasis on great vocals on my radio. I love versatile singers who are out of the box. There is a reason why radio sucks. R&B and Country are steady genres because they still have singers that can SING. Pop and Rock has watered down so much and no longer produce artists that make cultural impact.

  • irockhard

    That’s exactly it. It’s great if one can sing many genres well and I won’t deny that they’re talented; but it doesn’t prove anything besides the fact that they are talented. Well the plain truth is succeeding in the music biz requires more than talent, it also requires drive, direction, hard work and luck. I dunno what Sioban’s ultimate goal is, if she’s happy fronting a 90s tribute band for the rest of her career then power to her. But if she wants to break out in the biz as an artist in her own right then she needs to get her head out of her ass. Pick a target audience and make music that appeals to them, there’s no other way.

  • Sassycatz

    She’s said she’s not doing the Sing-Off, which implies she not available to do a singing talent show, since that one was the least demanding…. Or is she open to a bigger offer?

  • Beaugard Stevens

    I always liked her, she was my favorite of that season- I don’t watch the show anymore either- except here, I watch whatever MJ puts up but that’s it

  • irockhard

    I have to disagree with you WRT rock. Rock is not, has never and will never be a vocally driven genre. Rock is musician and performance oriented, evidenced by the fact that it’s dominated by bands not solo artists, and driven by touring not airplay.

  • chicksineggz

    by REAL singer, she’s talking about Keith Urban right? =P

  • milwlovesadam

    Generally, ITA. But, Steve Perry, Robert Plant, Jon Bon Jovi , and to keep it Idol, Daughtry, do come to mind as real singers.

  • Sassycatz

    Shakira might be a superstar. (Hell if I know since I’ve never been interested in her work.) But, Sara is an artist I’ve long admired and of whose music I own. She did a terrific job on the Sing-Off *judging* not playing patty-cake with the male judges as the cutesy female singer on the panel. It’s an act. The whole thing’s an act and a game, so judging on the Sing-Off and what they do on The Voice isn’t the same.

  • MV007

    Well if we are going to crown the person with the best precision, tone fluctuation, and executed intervals then what do we need an audience for? Why don’t we just get a computer to tell us who stayed on pitch and hit the highest notes? As for singing different genres. It’s been my experience that people do some genres better than others and I think the idea is that you should focus on what you are great at. Now, I think idol can be too restrictive in this area but Siobhan doesn’t sing jazz as well as she sings rock. So is it really terrible to tell someone I like you doing this better than that?

  • Cindy Allen

    Siobhan. No one cares about your narcissistic, sour-grapes points of view.

  • Sassycatz

    A singer can be part of a band, else why bother having a singer. Some of the best rock singers are, in fact, great singers because they can do rock … and probably most other genres as well. BUT, just try and get a singer from another genre deliver a believable rock performance! Not so easy. It demands some serious vocals and an ATTITUDE, of course. Sure there a lot of garage rock bands with lousy singers, but the best rocks bands have fabulous singers.

  • breakdown

    She may be right about the judges and manipulation, but soooo sorry she had to sacrifice to be on Idol. It’s amazing to me that some of these contestants are ungrateful for the opportunity to even show what they do.

  • milwlovesadam

    Because American Idol was created with the intention to find the best singers. It’s supposed to be a SINGING competition. That seems to have gotten lost somewhere along the way in all the attention focused on the judges. Singing and entertainment factors are subjective and based on perception. Computers are not subjective and don’t perceive. Yet.

  • andy

    And yet… if Idol invited her back, she’d be the first in line to accept the offer.

  • H.A.

    That is so not true. There has been many rock singers/bands who can SING and are also performance oriented. Seriously, I’m a rock fan and really don’t need to be schooled. My watered down comment was that Rock today have NOTHING to say in their music anymore with regards to making a cultural impact. There’s a reason why the rock legends are still selling out arenas they had something to say during their heyday.

  • Sassycatz

    Hear! Hear! So, so totally agree with you. Is there nothing left to sing about; nothing left to rebel against? No social/political situation to comment upon? Is “art” — bite my tongue — all just commercial?

  • H.A.

    Exactly. It’s a shame. Pop and Rock was the leading genre in what made people think. The labels/corporate radio has cut their creativity as to not offend the masses. Rock used be played on radio along with pop, R&B. Corporate radio has now decided what they want the masses to consume. A lot of old school rockers even say the same thing. Rock & Roll ain’t what it used to be.

  • H.A.

    I would add Cook too on that list. Good, real singer with great rock vocals.

  • jennyl2

    “after like 11 years, Idol finally thought to put a REAL singer on the judges panel.”

    Paula wasn’t a real singer? lol!

  • MV007

    I agree it’s subjective. That’s my point. But Siobhan gave us a bunch of technical standards to judge by. Those standards can be measured objectively. I was merely pointing out that I think Siobhan’s way of measuring singers is as flawed as the judges she’s critiquing.

  • Li Wright

    Wow! that was the truth.

  • db987

    Everything changes Siobhan dont be mad bro.

  • Kesia Monteith

    I agree about Rock, but what makes you all think R&B is alive and well and prevalent? R&B is in the exact same position as Rock. Real Rhythm and Blues is hard to find as well. R&B stands for Rap & Bulls**t now, and it morphed with pop to become EDM.

  • Michael Bishop

    And a backhanded slap at Paula Abdul…nice . The only thing memorable about Siobhan is her name. That being said, she is right about it being all about the judges now. However, her dig at Paula – she lost me there.

  • maymay

    It is just a TV show. Why so serious? Take easy, Siobhan.
    If people need to be so serious like a saint, then they can find many reasons to refuse to watch many TV shows.

  • Bug Menot

    What you describe, irockhard, is the state of rock today. Freddie Mercury, Brad Delp, Steven Tyler (back in the day)… and others are guys from the era of album rock. Their songs were heard on the FM radio and people bought the band’s album before they ever went to the show.

  • songsungblue

    Oh Poor Siobhan. Forced to WORK HARD and not CALL HER FAMILY at night. It must have been rough to have the opportunity to sing on the biggest show on television, and to hack out far more of a career than if you hadn’t. She always struck me as petulant, frankly. She’s still butt hurt if you ask me.

    Look hon, it’s business. It’s a tee vee show. Yeah, yeah, you can get on your moral high horse about it, but they’re selling ads. End of story. They need a way to sell them, and if the talent isn’t interesting, than the judges need to be. To suggest that the whole thing is rigged because SHE didn’t win – clearly the world’s greatest talent – is obnoxious. Please someone prove the show is rigged. I’m dying to see. Until then, shut it.

  • Uvula

    OMG I LOVE THIS. At first when I read this I was expecting to have qualms and thinking she was “biting the hand that fed her.” But that’s not the case. And its so true about the whole fitting into a box thing. I remember people asked her and she said she wants to do all of it even polka. She did come off across as rock though.

  • Uvula

    Oh and I’m surprised she put Nicki on the spot (even though I HATE Nicki too) but at least Nicki is in the music business and can eye what is current and what sells yet Siobhan didn’t question why a comedienne like Ellen who doesn’t sing or has no relation in music, was judging her?

  • curly_yenta

    I love you Siobhan! End of story.

  • Uvula

    I don’t think she meant to take a stab at Paula. I didn’t even realize until you all pointed it out. Paula wasn’t even on when Siobhan was on Idol and come on now, do you all feel Paula is a real singer? She’s an entertainer with an okay autotuned voice but she’s more of a singer who depends on lights, dancing, etc.

  • Michael Bishop

    I’ve seen Paula live in concert (under my spell tour) back during her peak, while no one would ever mistake her for Celine Dion, she had a nice albeit thin voice. I just have a personal disdain when artists slag off each other. Music is art, and art is subjective. She could have made the same point without indirectly taking swipes.

  • justamccreerian

    and if the winner doesn’t want to record pop-country music, he or she will probably be dropped from their contracts within months.

    obvious stab at Scotty, Carrie, and Kelly. She seems very bitter. But interesting to read nonetheless.

    I’m not a fan of Nicki, but I wonder what her thoughts of Ellen being a judge was…

  • justamccreerian

    She is a pretty bad live singer.

  • Kariann Hart

    When I made the suggestion for a WOODSTOCK 1969 theme, this was something that came to mind. Do young people get involved in protests? Do they have music festivals or gatherings?

  • Kariann Hart

    Yes, Siobhan did address this issue. She did get along very well with Ellen, but knew she wasn’t qualified to judge Idol.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Doesn’t Siobhan’s band mainly play shows in her home state? What happened to her original music?

  • jennyl2

    To be fair to her, I don’t think she was taking a swipe at Paula. She probably forgot about her because she wasn’t in her season. But it goes to show how sad it is that contestants don’t even know/ remember idol’s history or it’s pioneer judges. Perhaps they need to pause and think a while.

  • LeoCS

    lol. I wasn’t really expecting Siobhan to be a regular AI viewer. But good she made it clear for us.

  • chili1000

    I thought she made several good points.

  • chili1000

    Where did Siobhan say that the show was rigged because she didn’t win? I must have missed that but I’ll go back and read it again. I happen to agree with her that the producers attempt to manipulate the outcome, and their attempts have become more and more obvious over time. If you read MJ’s write-up along with several other recaps of last weeks show, you will get a consensus of opinion on the most recent example.

  • chili1000

    I think that is part of Siobhan’s point. Paula was one of the judges when, as Siobhan said, “it used to be more about the contestants.”

  • jennyl2

    So, it means that she remembers Paula but just not as a real singer? I don’t know which is more sad. LOL!

  • Bug Menot

    Paula has more in common with J-LO than Mariah.

  • DragonFly

    This takes me to D Cook’s new song thread where some bombarded him for not sounding Rock enough. (Giving mention also to James doing great rock & not “trying” to open big convo on either). Using James first, he can pull off Rock, Pop, Ballads, Punk Rock, Ctry (on Idol & u-tubes), etc. David next, he can & should be allowed to wander from Rock to do songs he enjoys putting out. Even Daughtry seems to be adjusting at times to what is currently selling. Hope a trend is more easily allowed when we compliment a singer on a good song & not pick at them for putting out something diff than what we want to solely label them. Mixing it up is where it’s at for me. Felt kind of bad for David C that he put up a decent song & it took on the “not Rock enough for David” criticism. The obvious con is that some record buyers need an entire album of a certain genre. Image too for that matter. Hate tho to see great songs shelved bec. some need to completely pigeon-hole a singer. Maybe a better image to conquer is audiences bragging, “He (she) can do ANYTHING!”

  • Bug Menot

    Look hon, it’s a tee vee show — a vehicle for you to hate on people you don’t know. If you don’t work for Idol, there’s no need to be butt hurt by her comments.

  • Bug Menot

    People dance to J-LO songs too. I’m inclined to think of both as entertainers more than singers. Both came up through the dancing ranks.

  • DragonFly

    I didn’t take that as a stab to anyone I guess. I took it as a too common trend we’ve been seeing of artist’s who don’t put out pop/country being quickly “parted from labels” which is an obvious devastating problem many can attest to here.

  • DragonFly

    Mention of 3 Idols who also fight attempts to be pigeon-holed into 1 particular genre of music seemed OT for exactly what this singer’s opinion was in the above article.

  • Kariann Hart

    It was frustrating because I kept thinking, Siobhan come on over to my state, don’t stay home. However, there were many things she needed to work on. In the end, she spent more time with her father. With his passing, this may have been worth it. They were so close.

  • Kariann Hart

    Yet, finding contestants like this could boost ratings. I do feel I must add Taylor Hicks to that list. He fired up his fan base and the ratings were so good.

  • Kariann Hart

    I didn’t get the impression that Siobhan was narcissistic.

  • Kariann Hart

    Three comments were deleted and it looks like I am talking to myself. Very strange…

  • Mateja Praznik

    Nicki Minaj’s reply to this would be: No1 curr.

  • Happyhexer

    Wasn’t a fan of Siobhan during AI9. This blog post improves my impression of Siobhan by 1000%! She’s more articulate in writing than she was verbally while on AI. It’s always possible to pick nits, but basically, I agree with her. She is right about artists being put in boxes. That’s not just AI, but the music industry as a whole. I’ve never understood the musical conceits about who can sing what. I listen with my ears. I don’t care what people look like or what their so-called musical bona fides may be. Doesn’t matter to me whether someone is a badass or has attitude when they sing rock, nor whether someone is from the south or a rural area if they sing country. Etc. Etc.

  • irockhard

    You’re talking about 2 different things here: rock vocalists who can sing and rock acts who have something to say in their music.

    Regarding the former:

    I never said that there haven’t been many rock vocalists who were and/or still are incredible vocalists, of course there have been. There are also a few incredible vocalists in modern rock, eg: Miles Kennedy, Matt Bellamy and Lzzy Hale.

    Regarding the latter (which does not have anything to do with the former, Bob Dylan had plenty to say but he was a terrible singer):

    Rockers still have plenty to say, they’re just being censored now cause the suits have decided that hip hop should be the new vehicle for protests/controversial issues/explicitness.

  • irockhard

    I was waiting for someone to point this out about R&B, thank you! And country is real country anymore either, it’s now country pop.

  • irockhard

    I wouldn’t put Jon Bon Jovi and Chris Daughtry in the same league as Steve Perry and Robert Plant.

  • irockhard

    Most of the best rock bands do have fabulous singers but even still the singer is part of the experience – they are not the sole focal point. Hard rock/metal take things even further where the vocalist is in rivalry with the lead guitarist and eventually steps down to let the guitar solo take center stage. It’s not surprising that these bands are just as famous for their lead guitarists as they are for their vocalists.

  • irockhard

    But there you just yourself just said it: it’s their SONGS, i.e. the music, not just the singers.

  • irockhard

    It’s a different world to the 60s. It seems that most music listeners are seeking escapism nowadays due to the economic problems since the crash of 2008, hence much of today’s popular music revolves around the subject of partying.

  • irockhard

    Young people do attend music festivals and gatherings but there isn’t much protest going on amongst them in the US. Young people in other countries which have actual political issues OTOH yes. The effects of the economic crash of 2008 are still being felt and unemployment is still rife amongst young people, many have had to move back in with their parents. Life sucks and they’re depressed, and instead of addressing their issues they’d rather opt for escapism, hence why music centered around partying is popular nowadays.

  • Kariann Hart

    Thank you irockhard for answering my question!

  • BonnieDee

    If Idol brings back Nicki Minaj next year, then they are basically over. The smart thing to do is grab Shakira if the Voice brings Christina back next year.

  • elliegrll

    Nicki Minaj is no where near being AI’s biggest problem. The ratings fell in season 11, and they will fall in season 13. The producers aren’t going to do anything to stop that.

  • irockhard

    American Idol was created with the intention to find the next big breakout artist which requires more than good singing.

  • elliegrll

    It’s always the alums who didn’t use the AI platform to launch a successful mainstream career, who are the most bitter.

  • elliegrll

    Even if an artist can sing several different genres well, that doesn’t mean that they are believable enough to be commercially successful in all of those genres.

    I think that this is a trap that many idol alums have fallen into. They are great in the context of a reality show, where they are able to sing covers, but they may not have what it takes to be successful in the real world, even if they do have nice or good voices.

  • elliegrll

    Like too many idol alums, she’s pretentious. She thinks that she’s better than the show, even though she didn’t have a problem with auditioning, or signing her name to a contract. Contestants like Siobhan have caused more harm to the show than any judge ever could.

  • elliegrll

    Because American Idol was created with the intention to find the best singers

    No it wasn’t. That wouldn’t be an interesting television concept. As Nigel said before AI debuted, the main draw would be the backstories and storylines. People want to feel like they relate to the contestants, which is one of the reasons why the males who have shown just a bit of personality over the last few years have done better than the female contestants.

  • mjsbigblog


    The topic is Siobhan and American Idol, not the state of rock music, Hip Hop, or the definitions of those genres. Please stay on topic.

  • usedtobelucy

    “There is so much truth in what Siobhan has written. The various shows
    are trying to out do each other with the biggest Diva. What about the
    terrific contestants?”

    Contestants? What are contestants?

  • usedtobelucy

    “Corporate radio has now decided what they want the masses to consume.’

    Same thing that happened to conscious hip hop…. Can’t have those people *thinking.* Make sure they’re all safely anesthetized so we can take all their money.

    Sickening that music is part of this con game of the powerful.

  • usedtobelucy

    “Rockers still have plenty to say, they’re just being censored now cause
    the suits have decided that hip hop should be the new vehicle for
    protests/controversial issues/explicitness.”

    Yeah, but the industry pretty much killed thoughtful hip hop, too. What they favor there is rebellion of the gangsta sort — gives a vicarious feeling of power but lacks any actionable critique of anything. They pretty much allow rebelliousness in style only, not substance, in all the genres, as far as I can see.

  • usedtobelucy

    Well, I agree with her about the show being too much about celebrity judging these days.

    The rest of it sounds a little sour-grapesy to me, though, and not particularly coherent. And, yeah, Mariah is “real: singer, in SM’s terms. But to my mind she’s a lousy judge and definitely a worse judge than Nicki. …. I’m not sure what Siobhan’s getting at for most of this little essay, honestly.

  • standtotheright

    I would say that reflects more about societal expectations about “personality” and gender rather than whether or not the contestants were objectively “relatable.”

  • Tinawina

    Siobhann’s been bitter for a while IMO. The show did treat her badly so I get it, but at the same time it makes it hard for me to really hear her because it just seems like more of the same resentfulness she’s always displayed.

  • julesb2183

    Nicki would have ate her for lunch if Siobhan was on this year. I never got Siobhan, she really couldn’t sing. The entertainment industry IS a box. You can’t really switch up your genre or change that much without losing your core base. If you are a background singer or a demo singer, that is different, you can branch out to where you get a job, but if you want a major singing career with a major label, you are going to be boxed in so that label is going to make you into the next Adele, Taylor Swift…

  • Happyhexer

    I can’t say whether Siohban has been bitter in general post-Idol or not. Yes, she did seem not well able to take criticism while on the show. But this blog piece doesn’t read bitter to me — just Siohban expressing her opinion, as she has every right to do. Is it wise? Perhaps not. Is there a little ego in there? Yes, but that isn’t atypical for talented singers. (No, Siohban isn’t as great as she perhaps thinks she is, but she is talented, and there is a fine line between confidence and ego.) Overall, my impression is that this is a well-thought-out and executed blog piece.

  • LeahKittyS

    Maybe she’s just a little upset that the only other Massachusetts finalist in the show’s history (Angie) got farther than she did? JK LOL.
    While she may sound like a total sourpuss at first, I don’t think she’s biting the hand that fed her. The show that put her in the spotlight is gone, and it is never coming back. Her season may have been weak, but the show still had some of its original integrity at that time. Now it is just a shell of itself, and even if next season gets better judges, better contestants, or even better themes, nothing can save it from collapse. American Idol is the Roman Empire of television, and even that fell.

  • elliegrll

    Her season saw a lot of producer manipulation. She was also on a season where there was a lot of friction between Simon and the producers, which resulted in the producers casting a horrible top 24. Just like this year, the group was talented, but the season lacked diversity and chemistry among the idol hopefuls.

    She and a few of the other female contestants thought that they were too good for the show, and better than some of their fellow idols, which also hurt the show. It can be argued that that season caused a lot of damage to the entire franchise.

  • Mafs95

    Even though I hated her as a judge, Kara DioGuardi was and is a pretty good singer.

  • MyDailyComment

    The show is not feeding her in any way

  • CRB

    Loved Siobhan on the show and I have since joined the non-watchers in that I really don’t watch “the show” any more…I just watch the singing with the finger at the ready on the fast forward button.

  • Guest

    What should I say? At least, she should know how to say “THANK YOU”. Like it or not, Idol had been a part of her career life.actually, I was respected her before especially I know that she was quite having bitter moments in the show. About “NM” being on the show, I would say there’s nothing wrong with it because she’s an artist, rapper, or whatever. This is a part of her life and It’s true that she understands what the role of her in the show is. In fact, she gives good inputs and honest critics. Let me just say, this show is consistently being up and down in 12 seasons. What a show! Nothing but AI, year by year, many people out there keep trying to be the contestants in this long lasting singing competition. It means the show “at least” still having a huge influential path for some talented people. This is just a show and a show has purpose to entertain its audiences. So sorry for SM for this. Where is the R.E.S.P.E.C.T now?

    *No offense, it’s just what I’m thinking.

  • VioletFlameMusic

    You know, I don’t watch “the show” anymore, either. I stopped when Siobhan was eliminated. The show is totally manipulated. Once “the powers that be” have their winner picked out, Any contestants that pose a threat to the chosen ones, get thrown under the bus. Every season, you can see that, but none were so obvious as it was with Siobhan. Simon & Kara were cruel, inappropriate, and…………………………..very, very OBVIOUS!!! I do watch youtube videos of the Idol performances, because………… of the contestants. And I shut it off right after the performance.