Siobhan Magnus & Doubtful Guest Cover 90’s Classics

Siobhan Magnus’ latest project is Doubtful Guest, a 90’s tribute band, made up of members of the decades most beloved rock bands.

The American Idol 9 alum, along with guitarist Tony Fredianelli (Third Eye Blind), guitarist Peter Klett (Candlebox), drummer Tommy Stewart (Godsmack, Fuel) and bassist Sammy Hudson (Everclear) dropped by the FOX Nashville studios last week to perform one of the 90’s classics they will be performing live in concert.

Check out Doubtful Guest, featuring Siobhan Magnus, as they perform  Everclear’s “I Will Buy You a New Life”.

ETA: Here’s an acoustic version of “Shimmer” by Fuel

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  • Incipit

    Hey! I liked that. I wondered how this collection of artists would sound together, and what material they would do – this is promising, very much so! I am usually more familiar with 80’s Arena Rock than 90’s Rock – and there are huge chunks of it that stepped too far away from the core for me. Not to say that 90’s rock all sucked for me, because it certainly didn’t – but that’s all subjective, with a lot of one hit wonders. Siobhan’s vocals sound great, the band sounds tight, and my interest remains in what they will do next.Thanks, mj!!

  • Kariann Hart

    Looking at some of the talent that has had big hits, Siobhan fits right in there. I am surprised at the folksy sound, but I love it! One of the most unique talents to hit the Idol stage. I wish her the very best with her career!

  • Happyhexer

    Siobhan and the band sound great here. But do tribute bands record albums (in addition to playing live venues and/or touring)? Do people buy albums that are all covers? Wonder if they’d ever produce any original music? In any event, I do respect that Siobhan has never given up. She’s carved out a local niche, refined her sound, and now this. I wish her the best of luck.

  • WestiesRule

    Good for her… I’m always happy for the talent that still goes after their dreams and do what they love. I always have enjoyed her.

  • Brian Gleason

    Happyhexer, Siobhan and the band definitely plan to write and record original music. Their live show on Stage It the other night was spectacular! Check out their version of ‘You Oughta Know’ on Youtube.

  • Caro3278sweet

    I’ve always loved Siobhan’s voice and have always felt she has enormous potential. I rather like this turn into folky rock. Sounds promising.

    And man, this band is about four thousand percent better than that crowd she had before.

  • LeoCS

    Nice Job by Siobhan as always

    this is the kind of music that could be played on Idol to change up things a little bit, but some people think it’s too edgy…*sigh*

  • bsb16

    Caro, they went into the local tv studio for a morning show and went acoustic. Check out the youtube clips that are now out there of the
    electric show they did that same night. Not so folky rock. But the thing
    about Siobhan is that not only is there is no genre that she cannot
    sing, but it is that every genre she sings is at the level with the best
    that genre has to offer.