Simon Cowell Warns Demi Lovato: Stay Away From Niall Horan! (VIDEO)

Oh. Em. Gee. Here’s Simon Cowell warning Demi Lovato to stay away from Niall Horan! He grills his fellow fiesty X Factor judge about Niall as if the One Directioner was his only son!

“Keep away from him. He’s pure.” warns Simon, after Demi casually remarks, over a spot of tea, that Niall said “Hi.”

“Excuse ME!” reacts Demi.

“Have you kissed him?” grills Simon.


“Look at me…Why are you smiling?” says Simon, a little paranoid.

“Because it’s a weird question!” Demi shoots back, “Stop it!”

“Don’t worry,” Simon says before they part. “This won’t be seen. Much.”

I lurve Demi!

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  • wutwut


  • Not fit to print

    Simon’s got a cru-ush!! And it’s not on Demi! LOLS.

  • DoesMonaKnow

    Funny! If Simon and Demi keep this chemistry up for the show itself then I think X Factor can turn things around in S2.

  • Listening

     You left off a bit

    Demi: By the way  Niall says Hi

    Simon: From One Direction…Keep away from him, He’s pure

    was so cute and funny. You’re right the chemistry is good. If they keep
    this up on the show it will be must see t.v simply for that let alone
    the actual singing. I think it’s there b/c I recall a clip where Demi
    was picking on Simon saying he’s old and doesn’t get music music as well
    as if your going to be getting that close to me you need a tic tac.
    Just really feisty and playful. Simon laughed both time so he gets it.

  • buffynut2001

    She comes across as very natural! Demi may be the break out star of XF this season!

  • No Thanks

    Too cute!

    I’m really enjoying the cinema verite style of documentary filmmaking they’re using for the audition episodes.  Not just with the contestants but also with the judges.  It’s very intimate and natural looking.

    I’m actually really looking forward to the premiere!

    ETA: Simon and Demi have a “father and daughter” chemistry going.

  • callmecrazy

    Omgosh I love this…its funny and endearing!  Good to see Simon smile without being forced to!

  • TheGreatXL

    I have such a good feeling about this season that I didn’t have for Season 1. This panel just feels right.

  • jr8809

    I guarantee you ppl Demi is going to be the breakout not Britney. Britney is way too quiet and doesn’t really have that much of an opinion. Demi seems personable and more natural than Britney. I wanted to say this on forums but I figure Britney fans will jump down my throat. Plus Simon and Demi will have better chemistry will each other.

  • Katie’s Uvula

    Oh how the tables have turned MJ. I remember when Demi was first rumored to be on the show how much you were bashing her and now you love her.

  • tibitibis

    Ha , Ha , Ha …. this gonna be fun , Demi is very entertaining and handle Simon very well . I Like their interaction :)

  • Not fit to print

    Two Pop Princesses + their “Dad” = chemistry. Interesting dynamic. It works for me. Definitely watching.

    I can’t see me getting past the part where he starts dumping on contestants because they aren’t on his team, though.

  • jcabby

    I think this season is going to bring in huge ratings. I seriously can’t wait for the premiere!

    As you pointed out so well, this panel seems to click. Something I haven’t felt about a panel since the Paula, Simon, and Randy days of Idol.

  • Kitwana

    To me, that Niall and Demi relationship seems like such a PR stunt to promote XFactor, Demi and 1D that I want to laugh. Who knows. It does seem very similar to the sudden Demi and Joe Jonas relationship that sprung up just as Camp Rock 2 was about to come out. A relationship which ended shortly after the promo ended. Others are gossiping along the same lines. And Perez is reporting the relationship development exactly as predicted by blindgossip.

    I’m not sure if Demi will turn out to be the Star of XFactor. The only real exposure I’ve had to her over an extended period of time is when she toured with David A the summer of 2009. To say her behavior was unusual during that tour would be a huge understatement. It will be interesting to see how she holds up to the public pressure and scrutiny.

  • kd29

    That was funny.

  • jpfan2

    Ha, ha. There was a blind item awhile back about a phony shomance set up to promo a singing show. Quess this is it. ;0

    Don’t worry folks. The whole “thing” will be over by Xmas! At least that’s why the blind item said.

  • Ronnie D

    I love the banter back and forth lol. This looks like it’s going to be a good show. :)

  • Tinawina

    To me, that Niall and Demi relationship seems like such a PR stunt to promote XFactor,

    Ha, ha. There was a blind item awhile back about a phony shomance set up to promo a singing show. Quess this is it. ;0

    LOL! I thought of the exact same blind item. There were 2 or 3 of these sprinkled throughout the summer so as soon as I saw this post I thought “well I guess that one was right!” haha Simon was supposed to have been the one who set it up to promote XF and counter the Naill is gay talk all in one fell swoop.

    There was another one that was clearly about Britney that inferred Simon was encouraging her to get out of her conservatorship for nefarious reasons. That’s one I hope is false. :(

  • mjsbigblog

    What? I never bashed Demi. LOL.

  • Crotty Kid

    Just posting these for those who haven’t seen the blind items about these two…

    [She is not supposed to be dating for a year. But, then again, she has never been very good at following directions. So she has agreed to be set up with a very hot celebrity. The setup was orchestrated by her boss, who has a vested interest in getting publicity for both the boy and the girl.They cut a deal for an initial four month contract – ending just before Christmas – with an option for renewal. Their first “date”, complete with paparazzi photos, is scheduled for August. Expect lots and lots of promotional teasing of the relationship up until that point, and daily updates from the tabloids once they do begin dating.BG Note: Correction: The two celebrities have met before, but have not been on an official date yet.] 
    [These young performers are both very hot. We told you earlier this year that a new fake relationship would be starting up in August. Well, guess what? It’s August! The relationship is starting!Here’s how it’s going to go down: There has been some buzz over the past month. Photo op together in the next two weeks. “We’re just friends!” Fangirls breathe a sigh of relief. Pretend sneaking in and out of clubs, restaurants, and each other’s homes. Tabloids ask “Are they a couple?”. More denials. More photo ops. Dates, hand holding, a “secret” photo of an intimate moment. The fangirls go wild! They finally “confess” that they are dating. Milk the publicity. Breakup by end of year.]

  • mjsbigblog

    Don’t worry folks. The whole “thing” will be over by Xmas! At least that’s why the blind item said.

    I hope not. For shtick, this is pretty funny stuff.

  • DoesMonaKnow

    Some blind items are proven right but they are also fairly easy for bloggers to make up just to get hits. The worst are the blind items that show up after a big celebrity story breaks, like all the blinds purporting to tell the “real” story about TomKat or the end of Sandra Bullock’s marriage. I think January Jones’ baby had 3-4 fathers if all the blind items about that had actually been right. OTOH, the one about Amy Poehler and Will Arnett splitting up actually turned out to be true. So, for me, I view blind items with a healthy amount of skepticism while also thinking in the back of my mind that they could possibly be correct.

    Anyway, you guys, Demi didn’t get together with Joe because they were promoting Camp Rock 2. It was all because of…fanvids:

    There’s been so many times where if it wasn’t for our fans, I don’t know if we’d be together, because they’ve opened up my eyes to seeing – because I thought I was the only one who had a crush. And then I would see [Jemi] videos online, and feel like, ‘Oh my gosh! Maybe there is something.’

    LOL forever

  • tucker davis

    Everything Simon does smells like a PR stunt!

  • Kitwana

    This “exclusive” from Perez about the Demi and Niall “relationship” seems to follow the blindgossip script exactly. So sad:

    I know it’s part of the PR game but I do have less respect for people who are prepared to use their personal life for PR gain. And I will have no sympathy for them when they inevitably turn around and ask for privacy when they decide to end the PR stunt.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “I know it’s part of the PR game but I do have less respect for people
    who are prepared to use their personal life for PR gain. And I will have
    no sympathy for them when they inevitably turn around and ask for
    privacy when they decide to end the PR stunt.”

    I agree. These kind of celebs can’t have it both ways. Live by the sword, die by the sword. lol

  • Leandro

    Last year Simon was the 100th name on the list of the 100 most important men in the music industry. This video, more than promotion for X-Factor, Demi or One-Direction, is Simon’s way to remember everyone over and over again he’s behind one of the most important bands of the moment.

  • fantoo1

    I think LA is still the odd one out as far as chemistry. I can’t imagine Demi and LA meshing or clicking for some reason. Probably because she is 20 and he is almost 60. With Simon it’s different because he is creepy anyway lol.

  • DoesMonaKnow

    I think it’s possible for celebrity relationships to be real while also being used for PR. Most of those stars who sell their wedding/baby pics to US or People were probably going to get married or have a kid anyway even without the magazine deal in place. Lots of regular people love showing their wedding/baby pics to everybody but keep it to themselves about their kids or marriages being troubled. So I look at stars wanting privacy during the bad times in that way…most people are the same except we’re not plastered on magazine covers and blogs.

    Niall talked about his crush on Demi before she signed on to be an X Factor judge. How does that fit into it all being PR? I’m sure there’s no stunt too low for Simon, but I think it’s also possible that there are some genuine feelings involved here that are being staged managed by PR teams and BlindGossip is taking an extremely cynical view of things.

  • Listening

    I don’t think Demi and Niall are a PR stunt b/c why? One direction is huge so they don’t need any help and in regards to Demi she’s already got a hugely devoted fan base. Also Directioners tend to hate the girlfriend’s of the boys if your in the business. For instance Perrie a member of the girl group Little Mix who dates Zayn  seems like  half are cool/live with it while the other half either actively hate or for some reason just get negative vibe from her. Perrie and Zayn’s relationship is seen as a PR stunt by their detractors too.

    People say  Litttle Mix got known b/c she’s dating Zayn i’m saying she gets in the press from that. She’s known b/c of X-Factor youtube vids just like how people around the world found out about 1D vids.

    I will admit though that I don’t see a romantic relationship working out for Demi and Niall she just seems too mature for him. But hey what do I know opposites attract and i’ve only seen a few clips of her during interviews which require a certain bit of professionalism so other times she could be goofy.

  • No Thanks

     Oh, no, no, NO!  Don’t you realize that EVERYTHING Simon Cowell does is fake and only for PR purposes.  Nothing in his life or in the lives of the people who work for him is true.  Everything is a conspiracy.  EVERYTHING.  :op

  • No Thanks

     Also, their first “date” wasn’t until September.  They’ve been Skype-ing for months before that.

  • jpfan2

    I don’t think Demi and Niall are a PR stunt b/c why?

    Ha, ha. To create buzz for the XF of course. Both Demi and Niall work for Simon.

  • iluvai

    aww… Niall has a crush on Demi, and I bet she won’t show him the time of day.  :)