Simon Cowell Swears He Doesn’t Know X Factor Vote Totals

Simon Cowell dishes on his new X Factor twist-revealing the vote order on the results show–with The Hollywood Reporter.  He claims that he suggested the idea three or four weeks ago–that it was not a last minute decision. Hm.

Tell us about the ranking decision. Was that a huge thing to do?

I suggested this about three or four weeks ago. I said what might be interesting is the one thing everyone wants to know — including me — every week, is who won. So I said, “What if we just tell everyone, then see what happens?”

As creator and one of the executive producers of the show, it’s hard to believe you didn’t know the order already.

You know, even last year I had no idea.

There is NO WAY control freak, Simon Cowell, doesn’t know how the votes shake out week to week. BITCH PLEASE.

Last year we had that great Rachel Crow moment that came out of nowhere. Do you think showing the results will take away from that, the surprise moment?

I don’t know, I think we should try for a couple of weeks, and we can always bring it back in. Certainly it’s the right thing to do this week because now we know where we stand. Particularly for someone like Beatrice Miller, and perhaps Arin Ray, who may have been thinking they were doing much better than they were. They have to change their game plan now.

Are there more surprises in store besides the ranking?

I don’t think we can bring anyone else back. But the ranking thing is something we will consider week on week, if we do it or not. It was the right thing to do tonight. And it has pissed me off.

How can Simon make a decision on whether to reveal the vote rankings or not week to week if he doesn’t know the results? C’mon. The twist was totally about motivating the fan bases of his acts–the groups. He’ll trot out the gimmick when it can be used as a tool to manipulate voters.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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  • Miz

    I haven’t been watching, but I also find it hard to believe he doesn’t know. Judges yes, producers (and some others) no.

  • J

    They will show the vote order if the don’t like the results, hoping the top acts voters get complacent, and the bottom get a boost… and not show them if they do like the results.

    Nice manipulation.

  • Eric Mitchell

     I agree. There is no way Simon doesn’t know the results. He didn’t like how Emblem 3 and Lyric 145 did so he wanted to try this to give them a boost.

  • too-cool-for-school

    Manipulative AND a last minute gimmick in case they have 10 minutes to kill like last week. Lame, Simon! Lame!

  • springboard2

    He is the top producer and doesn’t know the vote count. Come on!!!

  • bannanafish

    Since he is a judge that casts 1 of 4 votes in the singoff, and has the option to let the judging vote go to deadlock and let the public vote decide (like last week) it would be completely unfair that he would have inside access to these numbers that the other judges don’t. Not that I believe him.

  • Leandro

    Simon now knowing the results is whole lot of BS. IMO, his moe of showing tvhe votes had 3 purposes: 

    1. Screw with the olders, Vino and Tate. Especially, Vino, who’s unmarkatable.

    2. Asking people to powervote his own acts. The fact is older people know how to powervote too, so, he’s screwed. 

    3. Showing Demi how she is screwing with her own team, if she has some power over them (I mean,  Simon must give a lit bit of power to some of the judges).

    Needless to say this show is a flop and any heterodox and desperate attempt like this will just get things worse.

  • buffynut2001

    And Nigel makes no bones about knowing the results from week to wek on Idol. We’re supposed to believe Simon doesn’t! Umm, no!

  • OffLeash

    LOL. Whatever you say, Simon. :p

  • Whatiswrongwithus

    Simon and his manipulative ways of trying to increase ratings – geez, that’s what pisses me off. That this show has no qualms in manipulation whatsoever. How are we to know if the voting are also rigged, considering simon’s reputation?

  • Kamokunz

    If you watched X Factor UK, when he was mentoring One Direction, at the finale they revealed the vote rankings and One Direction was NEVER #1 or #2 of the week. He was shocked and even asked “Where is One Direction?”. I think he is being honest. Otherwise they would have let One Direction wins.
    I think this was a way to get people interested and start voting, for me I’m really glad they did, cuz now I know whom I need to vote for.

  • Klaine

    Don’t like this. They should do what UK does. Either have an xtra factor online show but with only 6 million viewers on the TV show, its not financially feasible. They could and should just put the weekly result totals online for fans & history

  • Klaine

    Don’t see how this increases viewers. It can manipulate votes but it will turn me off even more if they keep doing it. You want surprise moments..but Simon wants to win again and has conflicting roles as mentor and ep with a huge financial stake in the shows success.
    What I’m already worried abt is another tween girl hysterical meltdown as their 13 yr old life depends on xf.
    Also the diamond situation was another problem. You can’t just add someone cuz a mentor made wrong choice. They really should let viewers vote for a wild card from the 4 judges eliminees

  • Klaine

    Is xf considered a prize winning game show cuz there are laws on the book to protect

  • merkureye

    A)  Simon knows the votes

    B)  Since XF is about production numbers and not just singing, it does make sense to know if the mentors strategy is working in the vote department.


    C)  I’m still pissed that Sister C is not in the competition.  Based on Tate’s vote totals, another country act would have done quite well.

  • Whatiswrongwithus

    “You want surprise moments..but Simon wants to win again and has conflicting roles as mentor and ep with a huge financial stake in the shows success.”
    Exactly! It ruins the element of surprise….and I always thought this was a Simon show, and not a true talent singing competition.

    “Also the diamond situation was another problem. You can’t just add someone cuz a mentor made wrong choice. They really should let viewers vote for a wild card from the 4 judges eliminees”

    Yes, so true! They did that in UK X factor and public voted for Chris! Why couldn’t they do that here???

  • merkureye

    Bringing Diamond back out-of-nowhere didn’t create any buzz for the show.  To my knowledge, there was not even a hint that this might happen in the media before the show so, this prank didn’t serve to build an audience.  Unfortunately, Diamond’s screechy and flat rendition of I Have Nothing didn’t help.  Her performance didn’t “prove” that the show must have her back, or make us believe she should have been kept over Arin Ray.  (IMO both Diamond and Arin were horrid in the sing-off but Diamond was a little better and should have been kept).

    The problem with all these “bending of the rules” gimmicks is that they merely show that “there is no rules.”  This cheapens the dynamic of the show IMO.  Shows like this need drama and suspense.  The finality of decisions create passion in the viewers.  “Do-overs” please a segment of the audience but not all.  Do you think Arin fans are happy that sudddenly Diamond is back?

    None of this surprises me.  I have never watched XF (UK or USA) before this year.  I was led to believe from what I read that the judges make “hard and unpopular” decisions.  From what I have seen so far, none of the judges have made a hard decision.  I could tell from Britney’s “lack of tension” when she dismissed Diamond that she was either without compassion or she was “in-the-know” that they were bringing Diamond back next week.  And then, when it came to the elimination of either CeCe or Jason. . .surprise!. . .it went to judges “deadlock” and the votes made the decision.  It appears that the XFactor judges want to be liked as much as Steven Tyler and JLo did on AI. 

  • Incipit

    Nigel makes no bones about knowing the results from week to wek on Idol. We’re supposed to believe Simon doesn’t! Umm, no!

    No. I don’t believe Cowell doesn’t know. There’s always an agenda – where would he get the motives for making the numbers public, if he didn’t first know what they were? As the Producer of The Simon Show, if he’s trying to say he doesn’t know the weekly results, then he’s telling us he’s incompetent at running the show.

    Which, perhaps he is, but it’s not because he doesn’t know exactly how each contestant is doing every week. Pants On Fire.

    IMO. Of Course.

  • Jake Williams

    Simon lies. He totally knows the results beforehand. I also love the new change where they show the vote totals. It could cause for some interesting manipulations.

  • AngelaSL813

    I wonder if since Tate is at the top,I wonder if Demi wishes she “would’ve kept Willie Jones” to split the country vote?

  • kcostell

    Nothing about that Rachel Crow moment was in any way shape or form “great”.  

  • Jazz_11

    “How can Simon make a decision on whether to reveal the vote rankings or not week to week if he doesn’t know the results?”

    If I’m not mistaken on Idol, Ryan said he’s the only person who knows the voting result and he will get them Wednesday morning from Idol’s consultant, Earnts & Young or PWC or KPMG, not sure which one.

  • Raftrap

    This was only done to show Emblem3 as underdogs, boom, right there. On the other hand, its nice to see exact results on this show, and this is the first talent show to show them like that, right in the contestants and viewers faces, so I approve. 

  • fantoo1

    Simon is just manipulating voters into voting for his groups. And he wants people to get complacent voting for Tate. Huge manipulation.