Simon Cowell Courting Rihanna and Chris Brown for X Factor US Judging Panel?

According to the UK rag, The Sun, In the wake of the departure of LA Reid,  Simon Cowell is courting Rihanna and Chris Brown to join the X Factor US judging panel. Sure, that should fix what’s ailing the struggling US version of Simons singing competition reality show! Just hire a pop star and the guy who beat the crap out of her! Americans love that sh*t!

To be honest with you, I don’t believe this report. Simon has been tone-deaf to American culture, but surely, he’s not so stupid that he doesn’t understand that hiring Chris Brown would turn off a large segment of viewers. (Including me) So, I’m going to take this for the nutty bit of British gossip it probably is.

Having said that, you would think by now that Simon would have figured out that celebrity judges and mega controversy will not bring eyeballs to his struggling show. It hasn’t so far, so why keep trying? Put together a panel that has CHEMISTRY regardless of how famous they are, and cast the competition weil. If you insist that mentors and producers micromanage the contestant’s performances, how about hiring people who know how to put together an entertaining performance? Ideally, Simon would allow the contestants to have a hand in their creation, especially the acts who come into the show fully-formed, but I’m not sure his ego will allow him to let go of control.

Simon has had two seasons to get it right. I’ve lost hope that he has the ability to pull it off. Maybe he should go back to producing shows in the UK where Simon seems to understand the culture and actually seems to be a big star.

Read more at The Sun

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  • Sara M

    I don’t buy it. Fox won’t be paying for any fancy new judges.

  • Lori

    Probably just another ploy by Simon to grab attention and get people talking about XFactor since the show itself is not enough to generate any buzz!

  • andy

    I think it’s time for Simon to just put the show out of its misery.  It’s not working.

  • chessguy99

    I doubt Chris Brown would do it, especially if Rihanna the gets more substantial payday. Chris Brown is a player in a sea of male artists, while Rhianna is on top at the moment.

  • irockhard

    Only 2 possibilities:

    1. Not true
    2. Never happening

    And yes, I wouldn’t mind it one bit if Simon throws in the towel and effs off back to the UK where he belongs, or at the very least gets the eff off the show itself.

  • Dennis

    This is as far-fetched as it gets. Maybe if they just said Rihanna but Chris Brown and Rihanna, come on now.

    I actually thought Jay-Z would be a good replacement for LA Reid. He’s funny, a good speaker, and knowledgeable. 

  • Leandro

    Is it terribly wrong and a sign you’ll go to hell if you once genuinely thought that someone (Simon) should drop dead ?

  • mtlfan2

    hm I’m highly doubtful of this ‘news’

  • ladymctech

    I’m getting nauseated at just the thought of this pair on the same judge panel.

  • geekygirl

    Something about trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear is going round in my head.  ……

    I have always felt XFactor US is like the Jerry Springer Show of reality singing competitions, I guess Simon is trying to up the punch out factor?

    And no MJ, I don’t believe it either, this sounds like Simon rumour mongering and attention grabbing.  I just read the other day he is planning to return to UK XFactor in the papers here.

  • Stavros

    Well, RiRi appears on X Factor in every country multiple times a season (she definitely was on XFUK more than once this series) just about every season, so even though she’s a huge name this doesn’t surprise me AND Rihanna was a guest mentor to LA Reid AND LA works with Rihanna. So even though she’s a huge name, this is totally possible and believable.

    No Chris Brown though.

  • Miz

    I think both Xfactor and Simon should be retired.

  • Kariann Hart

    NO WAY!!!

  • Larc

    If Simon really wants both of them on the show, I wonder who other than LA he is thinking of replacing.  Probably Britney?

  • hillstreetblooz

     I second this motion. His grand experiment has failed, there won’t be any miracles he can manufacture to save face when it finally crashes and burns.

  • Michael Bishop

    I don’t believe it for a second.  Plus X-Factor is dead.  They ruined Season 1 when Melanie Amaro won and they did nothing with her.  She had potential, but a year and 3 weak songs later- nothing.  Each song has been worse than the last.  Her voice by far better than the material she has been given. 

    As for the Chris Brown, I will not watch anything that has him on.  There is a reason why he is called Fist Brown on a gossip site

  • SullyD

     Even the idea of Chris Brown having his weekly show is too terrifying. And Rihanna? He wishes, lol.
    He will be lucky if FOX agrees to have Demi and Britney back next year.

  • Anny_nanny

    The first who should be replaced – Simon. Man does not understand what he may not work from himself in the show. And he believe that he is irreplaceable star, surrounding himself with the puppets and rude people that risk do not agree with him.
    I have not had this kind of hatred to him while he was “the guy with the AI, don’t remember the name”, but now he has not limitations, it is unbearable. His EGO is already doesn’t fit on my TV.

  • b_james

    NO. JUST NO.

    The worst move Simon made (as far as his popularity factor goes) was leaving Idol.

  • Karen C

    I doubt this is going to happen. If anything it would be Rhianna, but I doubt it would be both of them

  • Jonathan Frahm


  • sue

    NOOOOOOO Simon JUST NO!  Do what MJ suggested above. You need mentors/judges that will speak their minds and actually mentor. 
    John Legend was really good on Duets, maybe he is available.  OH heck even the guys from The Sing-Off would be great. They don’t have to be high dollar mentors like Britney who did NOTHING for the show except for her epic faces that she made. lols  So Britney can go along with LA. Demi maybe can stay if she would start mentoring better.


  • fantoo1

    And people though Nicki Minaj on idol was bad…she is like a saint compared to Chris Brown.

  • girlygirltoo

    IF this is true it’s just another example of how clueless Simon is

  • milwlovesadam

    Just checking.

    Has hell frozen over?

    Are pigs flying?

  • Valarie

    Simon IS clueless. He really thinks people tuned in to watch him and Paula for 8 Idol seasons. He is still convinced that throwing enough money at a superstar will save his show. The entire premise is that the REAL competition is between the judges and the contestants are only pawns.

  • Robert

    This will never happen, I don’t see any sponsor who is going to want to advertise on a network show that has someone like Chris Brown as part of it.

  • Li Wright

    Simon has been called the modern P.T. Barnum and it’s just about right.  He keeps trying to outdo himself and others….I just wonder what motivates and moves him to go to excesses the way he does?  I can’t wait for Nigel’s “Fame” show.

  • Bazzle

    I may be one of the only ones to think this but I actually thought that before the live shows started we had some seriously good talent going into competition. These live shows have been disappointment after disappointment and really severely limited how good almost… all the contestants could have been. For me almost every single act had their very best performances before the live rounds… that’s a bit sad. This show needs to do one thing plan and simple. The business people need to stay out of the way when it comes to performances. Some of the manipulation/busing of contestants is so obvious and they treat viewers like we’re sheep. They may think that they know what the audience want but seriously… how about you let the contestants to do what they want and let the audience decide if they like that or not.  

  • TFLS

    Even floating Chris Brown’s name is a new low.  The guy’s detestable….as is even pretending to consider him for such a high profile position.  It all but legitimizes his assault of Rihanna.  As for intimating she’d be on board to sharing air time with him on a regular basis…can you say career-ender?  Woman would stop buying her music en mass.  As for X-Factor?  Viewership would drop like a rock.  If Simon wants to kill his baby…..hiring that duo’s the way to do it.

  • lilly924

    The story that I read did not mention putting Chris and Rihanna together. The report was hiring Rihanna for the UK version of Xfactor and Chris for the US version. Ratings for the UK version are falling as well. I suspect cause the show has just run its course in the UK. The US version has just never really caught on and frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if next season is the last. Both Idol and Xfactor are on their last legs cause they’ve lost sight of what these shows are all about. Way too much focus on the judges. One thing I will give The Voice, Blake and Cee Lo have tried to help their team members as much as possible after the show. Can’t say the same for Adam Levine or Christina.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I really don’t think that Simon has a clue of how to appeal to the U.S. television audiences. I think that the X-Factor U.S. is in trouble.

  • chillj

    Not only does Simon have no clue, but they would have to be plumb crazy to accept.

  • Luz Mae Salvador

    Rihanna and Brown?  Booo!!! If it’s true..XFactor USA season 3 would be the last season. LOL!

    …and Britney should be replaced!! Sorry Britney fans… but I really do think that she’s useless on the show!! It’s like she’s paid per word and Simon could not pay her more to talk more! 
    ..and I think Simon should hire with the likes of Celine Dion, Alanis Morissette, Bryan Adams, Diddy Combs, etc. (just my opinion.) 

  • Luz Mae Salvador

    and yeah…Jay – Z too! 

  • Ronnie D

    I am so sick of hearing about Rhianna and Chris Brown lol.  If they become judges, I bet I will have to sit through a duet from them. No thanks.