Shakira & Rihanna – Can’t Remember To Forget You – Official Video Plus The Voice Sneak Peak


In the new music video, “Can’t Remember to Forget You”,  from Shakira featuring Rihanna, there is not EVEN an attempt to be subtle! (I mean. Really CIGARS?) Got to get those streaming views up any way possible.

Having said that, this reggae-infused pop song is fun ear candy. Shak and Ri Ri make a pretty good team.

Speaking of teams, Shakira will be returning to The Voice season 6, set to premiere in March on NBC after the Winter Olympics. And in a fun twist, Miranda Lambert, the wife of rival coach, Blake Shelton will mentor with Shakira throughout the battle rounds. Check out a first look photo from Access Hollywood.


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  • Roimeister

    ear candy? this video is even better with the sound completely off

  • carola99

    Do female pop singers really have to do this to sell? I guess after the Miley antics they needed to do something like this to compete.

    The music business sucks these days, everything is about sex, instead of letting the music speak by itself.
    Shakira and Rihanna are talented beautiful girls, we get it! Congrats on looking so good. But this seems desperate.

    Sigh.. I remember back in the day when Shakira was all about the music. Nowadays she is just a complete sell out. And this song is not even that good, but it will get the billions of views, that´s for sure.

  • Ronnie D

    I’d be more impressed if they were actual blunts instead of cigars lol. That would be pushing the envelope. Then again, they would have to have Snoop Lion on the track.

  • taylor

    “Sigh.. I remember back in the day when Shakira was all about the music.”

    Shakira has long been about the music…and the sex. :)

  • carola99

    Yeah but that was recent too.

    I meant when she was a latin pop star in the late 90´s and 2000´s. She was something else. Take a look:

  • taylor

    By the year 2001, she already had the sexual image going on full out with Laundry Service.
    She’s had over a decade with this image now. I really didn’t expect anything different.

  • Miz

    I guess the only lyric one needs to know to understand this video is ‘I’d do anything for that boy’. Looks like any straight teenage boy’s dream.

  • Heidijo123

    She’s good & definately has the moves! She was twerking before Miley as seen in the video Hips Don’t Lie/2011 @ the very beginning :)

  • Heidijo123

    I really think the video is great with the two of them….. IMO, Shakira is better at the moves while Rihanna at the vocals….. Regardless, it will be a hit & kudos’ for being creative as they make a great duo for this video :)

  • Jordana33

    Miranda Lambert = boring!!!!

  • Jordana33

    This looks like typical Shakira and Rihanna to me. Anyway, I can’t imagine anyone with an iota of talent wanting to copy (much less compete with) Miley. More like the other way around.

  • Tinawina

    They look good but this has nothing to do with the lyrics of the song, so it just comes across like gratuitous soft porn. “Hot chicks touching! How sexy! Run up my streaming count!” And now I’m bored again.