Season 9 Hopeful, Angela Martin Searches for her Missing Mom

As if poor Angela Martin hasn’t had enough heartache in her life.

The three-time Idol hopeful’s father was murdered right before one of her Idol tryouts.   Plus, Angela has had ongoing struggles caring for her child, who suffers from Rhett’s Syndrome, a rare childhood disease.

Now, Angela is looking for her mother, Viola Martin who went missing on Saturday. After she left in her car to visit a family member, she never arrived at her destination.

Today, police found Viola’s car near the south suburbs of Riverdale and Dixmoor, nowhere near her destination five days ago. Her boyfriend was the last to see Viola, and just hopes she’s okay. (erm, I hope the boyfriend had nothing to do with it…)

A Note:   Fox Chicago has it wrong.   Season 9 is Angela Martin’s 3rd go at Idol. Her Philadelphia audition (watch it here) for Season 7, and time in Hollywood, were featured prominently on the show.   Her child’s illness was the the centerpiece of her audition backstory.

Angela also auditioned for Season 8, and made it as far as the Top 50, but didn’t get much screen time, although she was featured in a commercial.   (check out her Hollywood Hopeful Video HERE.)

This year she’s back for a 3rd time, and is set to compete in the Hollywood Rounds, rumored to begin around January 9 in LA. She’s gotten some screen time in this year’s commercials too, and may be positioned to do well on her 3rd try.

In the meantime, let’s hope the Chicago police soon find Viola Martin safe and well…

After the jump, an interview with Angela Martin by FOX Chicago

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  • windmills

    In the meantime, let’s hope the Chicago police soon find Viola Martin safe and well’ ¦

    Yeah that. Hoping and praying for a good outcome.

  • tierbee

    Ugh, how sad, I hope her mom is ok :(

  • jack5791

    Angela seems like a good person. I hope her mother is ok, and I hope this is her year on Idol. She’s been trying for so long now.

  • Truthiness

    Whoa, she can not catch a break. My best to her and her family, of course.

  • TwigLA

    Damb, this girl has been through some rough times. Prayers that her mother is somehow found safe and well.

  • luvadamlambert

    I’m sorry.that’s so sad:(

  • karenc

    I remember her, I thought she had a good voice. IIRC, she sang in a band that did mainly weddings. Hope her mother’s ok.

  • Pam

    I remember this girl too. She was very good. She certainly has had a tough life without a doubt. I hope and pray her mother will be found somewhere alive and safe. Poor girl.

  • revcat

    I remember this girl mainly because of her daughter’s rare and devastating medical condition. She actually did a lot of good when she was on the show by raising awareness of Rhett’s.

    She has a lot of grit to keep trying out.

  • bigjr6633

    This girl really has gone through a lot. I remember this girl and really hope she makes it I was hoping she made it last season. I Hopefully her mother’s okay too!