Season 8 Hollywood Rounds Spoiler Update

Idol spoiler, JoesPlace, updated her list of potential Idol contestants, and you can take a look at it right HERE at the Vote For the Worst forums.   She’s got 23 people on her list of contestants who are confirmed to have taken part in the Hollywood Rounds, which finished in Los Angeles at the end of last week.

Some of the contestants have recordings posted on You Tube, My Space and other various websites. JoesPlace has provided links to all the various contestant media, to make checking out this year’s contestants easy peasy! All the links are HERE.

Notable Hollywood Contestants:

  • Michael Castro, is Jason Castro’s younger brother. One tip-off that Michael may have made Hollywood, was Michael and family arriving in LA at the beginning of Hollywood week, ostensibly to drop off a car for Jason in LA. *wink*.   Michael, like his brother Jason, claims to have very little experience performing in front of audiences.
  • Anna Kaelin is the daughter of David Archuleta’s vocal coach, Dean Kaelin.   Dean, if you’ll recall, played family mouth-piece during the competition, speaking out on the Dadchuleta controversy, and other issues.
  • Joanna Pacitti is already causing a stir.   She was previously singed to A&M and Geffen Records and had a song, “Circus” that was covered by Britney Spears.   She’s this year’s “plant” a la Carly Smithson last year. Also, rumor has it she broke up DWTS pro Mark Ballas and his girlfriend!   Beeyotch.
  • Otto Malone – This contestant should get a ton of screen time. He’s a chief warrant officer in his National Guard unit, and was seriously wounded in the leg by enemy fire late last year while piloting an Apache helicopter over Musa Qala in Afghanistan. He auditioned on crutches.
  • Scott Douglas MacIntyre – He’s blind and plays several instruments. Oh yeah, we’ll see his audition.
  • Von Lee Smith – His video performance   of “And I Am Telling You” went viral and he became something of a You Tube star.   Consequently, he was invited to   perform on The View and BET’s 106 and Park. Let me guess…he auditioned with…

Also in Los Angeles last week, a few past Hollywood contestants, including Mishavonna Henson, Michael Bartul, Imari Molifua, Asa Barnes, and Angela Martin, whose special needs daughter with Rhett’s Syndrome became a major backstory last season.

Their fates unknown, but still in the game: This year, for the first time, Top 50 contestants are eligible to try out again. Making it to at least the judges round is Season 7 Top 50 contestant, Colton Swon who recently left a message on Jason Castro’s My Space that he just finished his record in Nashville. Another S7 Top 50 contestant, Brandon Green, auditioned again and made it to the producers round. ETA: He’s publicly admitted he didn’t make it past the producers round…

Not going anywhere, but what the hey: Remember that goofy, frenetic kid,   Chris Bernheisel, who auditioned in Omaha last year? The local FOX affiliate promised him he could do Idol commentary on the red carpet, but when that didn’t pan out, Jimmy Kimmel enlisted his services. He auditioned this year, and made it in front of the judges once again. Alexis Cohen (the crazy chick from S7 Philadephia auditions) auditioned in front of the judges in New York, and apparently thought she was doing a serious audition.   Word is the judges spent a lot of time with her.

And finally, rumor has it that new judge Kara DioGuardi is going for Simon 2.0. Apparently she’s been “ridiculously brutal.”

I’ll be updating as more information is revealed. Got a tip? Email me at mjsbigblog

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  • cruzceleste

    Anna Kaelin is the daughter of David Archuletaà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s vocal coach, Dean Kaelin. Dean, if youà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ll recall, played family mouth-piece during the competition, speaking out on the Dadchuleta controversy, and other issues.

    Her myspace , IMHO her voice isn ´t that good…and I think her songs are weird…

  • brie200

    So the “proof” that Michael Castro made it to Hollywood is that the family was out there visiting Jason? I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Michael did make it to Hollywood, but is there more to the MCas spoilers than that because that doesn’t prove much IMO.

    Just because unless I’m mistaken the Idol hopefuls have no contact with their families or people on the outside while in Hollywood, so why would his family be there? The family wasn’t with Jason when he went through Hollywood week and it also seems like the family was home in Texas before Hollywood week was over.

  • purplesmile

    I wonder how Michael Castro sounds.

  • cruzceleste

    Just because unless Ià ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢m mistaken the Idol hopefuls have no contact with their families or people on the outside while in Hollywood, so why would his family be there? The family wasnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t with Jason when he went through Hollywood week and it also seems like the family was home in Texas before Hollywood week was over.

    All the minors have to have a family with them, isn ´t it… also all the contestans have family to receive them after they were told that they made it or not…

  • brie200

    Wouldn’t that only be if the Idols are under 18? Jason was 20 for a good part of the Idol season and didn’t need supervision. Michael is currently 20.

    I also guess I don’t watch the audition process enough to know. I know the Idols are received by family/friends at the rounds where they are first put in front of the judges and are told whether are not they are going to Hollywood. I didn’t think that happened once the Idols reach Hollywood.

  • Duke

    I Love spoiler season

    More more more!!!

    poor plant girl- she doesnt have a shot in hell of winning.

  • Ladybug

    The latter part of what you wrote seems to indicate there will be no letup to the audition craziness, Idol Season 8.

    Interesting news on some who have passed a bit of muster so far.

    Well, I will be buckling up for the ride, indeed.

  • Lisa

    Colton is back? Great! Could it be time for male country? I need to refresh my memory on how good he was. From what I remember, he was pretty good & a cutie.

    Brandon, he had me until the old nasty nail clippings he keeps in a bag. I can’t get past that. My. Mind. Won’t. Let. Me.

    Poor Plant #1 (Joanna) & #2 (Anna). Their names together sound like California winds. Joanna Anna winds…. LOL

    I will have to check out Von. Somehow a guy belting *And I Am Telling You* does not appeal to me, so I am in no big hurry.

    Michael, if memory serves me right his voice sounds totally different than Jason’s. Is he into rock? Or is it the hair color that got me to thinking that?

    Otto will get plenty of backstory as will Scott, yeppers.

    I hope there are quite a few surprise voices this year. I also hope we get alot more backstory on all of them. For you AI interns lurking (& we know you do), equal tv time for ALL the contestants please. Let the audience decide who they like most, not the producer’s.

    Bring em on!

  • davidsfan

    Joanna has a song out called “4th of July.” I heard it for the first time last year on one of my shows. You can buy it off of itunes. She is just listed there as simply ‘Joanna’. She has a nice voice, nothing too spectacular in my opinion. If you search youtube, I think there’s some videos there of her performing the song, as well. Plus, she is also dating Mark Ballas of DWTS.

    This does sound like Carly 2.0……

  • cruzceleste

    ^She is part of The Bratz Movie Soundtrack…

    Ià ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢m sort of surprised that after taking such a stand, heà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢d get right back in it with his daughter.

    Maybe he didn ´t take part in the decision for the girl, after all, she is an adult…

    Beside if IÂ ´m not wrong, the book is about how he practice with Archie…not about AI…

  • Jolene

    I might be remembering this incorrectly, but didn’t Dean Kaelin speak quite openly against the AI producers and such?
    I seem to remember he even wrote a “reveal all” behind the scenes ebook which he sold to some Archie fans.
    I’m sort of surprised that after taking such a stand, he’d get right back in it with his daughter.

  • Scifisam

    I’m really liking Ryan Johnson. His Christian rock band is incredible. Love that Michael Castro’s made it so far. I’m hoping Chris Watson and Ryan Gallagher made it to Hollywood too.

    I probably shouldn’t say this, but I hope Brandon Green didn’t make it very far. I don’t want to see him again this year.

  • itsalleternal

    About 20 more have been identified on IDF, although the list has yet to be updated. A few of them are “plants” as well.

    Brandon Green did NOT make it past the producers – he admitted it publicly.

  • pj

    If the only “evidence” of Michael Castro making Hollywood is that his family was spotted, I’m not sure that means much, especially since Jason’s been in LA quite a bit. Of course, I’m not saying he didn’t make it to Hollywood, but I think we’d need more to be definitive. Is there any other reason to believe he got that far?

    Looking forward to the new season. :)

  • primeminister

    I clicked on the links for the Hollywood contestants, and Ryan Johnson is still my favorite. I’m curious as to how Michael Castro sounds too.

  • itsalleternal

    Update: now over 30 new names found on IDF. Those lists will show over 50 people (at least) when it is update.

  • mj

    If the only “evidence” of Michael Castro making Hollywood is that his family was spotted, I’m not sure that means much, especially since Jason’s been in LA quite a bit.

    There’s more evidence than that. From what I understand, his family hasn’t exactly been as tight-lipped as they could be. LOL.

    ETA: The family probably was not involved with Hollywood Week, but the fact that the family all drove to LA from Texas at the beginning of Hollywood week was sort of…interesting. If the family left before the week was over, Michael may have flown back on his own.

  • itsalleternal

    This was Brandon’s exact quote on IDF:

    hey you guys!!!!!!!!!
    I’m back!!!!

    i tried, but failed! i sang my first song, and ken didn’t like it, then Ken said that they REALLY liked me last year and told me to sing another song, so i did, and he said i wasnt any better than last year… and i was thinking…. if they REALLY liked me last year, why the heck didn’t they put me in the top 24 instead of some of the other crappy people… ugh.. makes me mad.. but oh well, he said they don’t like seein “repeaters” as they called them…

    anyway, i’m tryin to get some funding to make a new awesome album.. i’m going POP POP POP POP POP country. lol. pretty much pop rock with a banjo and fiddle in it. i guess you could say like a boy version of taylor swift… but for me to get a really good album like that, i need a good chunk of change.. try bout 40 grand or so… so i’m gonna try to get some people to invest in me and fund it.. its hard though..

    i really really love all you guys!! i want yall to always be fans of mine, and spread to word about me. i wanna freakin get a really good record out, with some hit songs, and throw it in Idol’s face… ugh.. and say “see what ya passed up on, EIGHT times” i auditioned 8 dang times.. lol New Orleans, Memphis, Atlanta, Dallas, Kentucky, and Kansas City.

    yall keep up with me and keep in touch on Facebook and Myspace, and i’ll come in here alot now. cuz i wanna see all the spoiler stuff. and if any of you guys know some investors that wanna invest in a good product (me) let me know!

    Stay Green!!!


  • mj

    Holy crap! There’s some major planty shit on that IDF thread. Including an Osmond kid. LOL. JP taught me her super sekrit way of checking out the names, and they are checking out….

  • brie200

    Colton Swan said he would be at Jason’s Tulsa show and I’m guessing Michael will be there too, so maybe someone can get some info there even if they’re not supposed to be talking.

    Michael really is a bit of a mystery because he has no experience, or at least there is nothing out there to judge his singing talent on at all. Like less experience than Jason had. I’m curious if they’re stringing him along for the name value or whether he really has something.

  • StevenD

    Joanna Pacitti had also entered a contest and was cast in the title role of Annie for the 20th Anniversary tour that played the country and right before it was supposed to open on Broadway she was fired by the producers due to her being sick with bronchitis and some thought she was fired as a publicity stunt. It was featured on lots of news shows and resulted in a lot of sympathy for her.

  • mj

    if theyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢re stringing him along for the name value or whether he really has something.

    I’ll bet my hat he didn’t make it to the Top 50. He’s there for the backstory.

  • cruzceleste

    ^And I bet he knows he is only there for the backstory…

  • leome

    ^ And I bet the whole family is happy about that… after all it’s a good way to remind people about the dredz guy from last year…

  • brie200

    MJ, you’re probably right but I also thought they might string Michael along to the chairs if only so the judges could have their fun cutting him then. I can’t imagine Simon wants another Castro in the mix, let alone another one without experience.

    I don’t agree though that it’s necessarily good publicity for Jason. I mean maybe if you believe in the no publicity is bad publicity mantra, but it mostly leaves the judges open for another round of bash Jason. You know there are going to be some smartass comments made by Simon and the gang.

  • J

    I heard about David Osmond (son of Alan Osmond) b4 (someone on the AI board saw him at the auditions). Gosh he has been the lead singer in their Osmond band for years. Someone else thought it was his wife who auditioned……guess we will find out.

    PS I’ve seen his pic and he is one hot fine looking young man :jittery_tb:

  • Jolene

    Hmmm, all this talk about AI using Michael Castro for backstory and little else, makes me sort of grateful that Andrew Cook chose to sit this one out.
    I actually wanted him to audition earliet, but if it’s just to get taken advantage of, what’s the point?

  • snuffles

    I remember Von Lee!! HUUUUUGE voice but doesn’t know the meaning of subteltly or nuance. He has two levels – loud and louder. If he’s learned to control it since his YouTube sensation, then he could be great.

    This is the clip:

  • brie200

    I’m cringing a bit at the idea of an Osmond. I just don’t really want to see Donny and Marie sitting front and center every week and taking over all the tabloid news shows (as they did with Dancing With the Stars). If I don’t have to put up with those two every week, then I’m good.

    I remember Joanna from Annie.

    The last thing I’ll say on the MCas issue is that as a Jason fan I’m not looking forward to it at all. I do want to hear him sing though, if just for kicks.

  • Hazehel

    Snuffles, go to Von Smith myspace website and have a listen to his version of “Like A Star”, that’s the quieter side of his singing. Have a listen to “Walk Away” as well, and hear him outsing Christina Aguilera with a amazing version which is what you might get if you combine Barry White and Mariah Carey in one person.

  • itsalleternal

    We’ll have to wait and see how this all plays out in the next 52 days. Those not identified might end up with a built-in disadvantage due to the fact that fan bases will likely be starting up well before the season begins, but they will be able to say they were able to remain secret.

  • GwendolynD

    I wish Michael Castro would have waited a couple of years. My mind’s already biased.

  • snuffles

    I like this one by Von Lee Smith

    “My Joy”

    He’s just sooo BOMBASTIC.

  • LK08

    I would think that David Osmond wouldn’t want Donny and Marie hanging around- that he would want to do well on his own merits and not on his family name. I have heard him sing several songs and he is very good.

  • cheese

    hmm, that Von Smith guy is going to get on my nerves. Boys really should not sing “And I am Telling You.” I think that turned me off Archie from the beginning.

    Honestly, I hope another struggling musician type with no former contracts, View appearances, Star Search victories, etc. makes it big this year, although of course those types add something to the show, too. I think I’ll wait to the field is narrowed down a bit before checking out a lot of links (my initial favorite didn’t even make the Top 24 last year!)

  • itsalleternal

    cheese – who was your initial favorite?

  • primeminister

    agreed, cheese. Von Smith is already getting on my nerves. He sings to impress, and not to express—I was hoping that American Idol would move away from these types of singers and instead showcase the organic type singers that we saw more of last season.

  • cheese

    cheese – who was your initial favorite?

    Josiah. Actually, he probably still is my favorite, even though I’m all wrapped up in the Cook stuff, too.

  • lalalalax3

    I think Joanna Pacitti was on an episode of What I Like About You.

    She also has a song on the Legally Blonde soundtrack.

  • Lisa

    I finally watched Von’s. He looks like a lost Osmond child. LOL (yes I know he is not an Osmond).

    I see he does Sam Harris’s version of Over the Rainbow. Good singer, voice too high pitched for me. About 45 seconds is all I can stand of that. phew.

    Hopefully there is someone in this new batch I can root on. Any word on any of the girl’s being great?

  • Tony

    Oooo….that Felicia Barton girl is really good!

  • Hazehel

    Von Smith is already getting on my nerves. He sings to impress, and not to express

    Yup, that’s exactly his problem. He really need to learn to use his extraordinary voice to good effect, rather than just an exercise in vocal gymnastics. He could win it if he realises that singing is about expressiveness, and that over-singing a song can be really, really annoying.

  • Lu

    An Osmond??? I so hope we at least get to him sing . I wonder if he has those same pearly whites that Donny has? :)

  • Tess

    See the following link for David Osmond information.

  • sonyab

    YAY! I’m able to comment. I always have trouble signing in! I don’t know why.. Anyway, I LOVE Von Lee Smith! I’m a big fan!!! He is a fantastic singer! He has got a great singing voice. I first learned about him on The View and was thinking wow he should be on American Idol! Sure he is loud but so are other singers. Some people I don’t like their loud singing voice but on Von Lee Smith it suits him. I thought he would have gotten signed somewhere! I am a big fan of his!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO! :)

  • gabam

    I hope Michael makes it to Top 24. I really like him and can’t wait to hear him sing. From early on until he could not discuss anything with us, he was nice to fans. Too bad he can’t chat anymore. I wish him well.

    Michael’s MySpace mood was “blissful” before Hollywood Week and it still says that. I think that he likes to sing but maybe does not have the can’t live without music thing that Jason has. When he could not have his drum set at college, Jason taught himself to play the guitar and to sing. Michael already plays the guitar and taught himself to play Jason’s uke and bought his own since it was so much fun to play.

    My guess is that if he didn’t make it, Michael would just go back to college to get his degree and go on with the life that he had planned before AI happened. No harm in trying.

    I wonder how many semi-pros we’ll have for Season 8. For the early shows, I hope that they show more of the ones who made it through to Top 24 than the ones who obviously did not make it. They should not even put people through to the judges who are over the age limit or who can’t sing. Waste of time. Those 3 professional comics that they put through to the judges last year really wasted time. They weren’t even funny, IMO.

  • Duke

    OK if Von Smith or Osmond makes the top 24- i might not watch this show ever again.
    Von Smith has a great voice- but he sings like a chick. and he’s already famous. ugh. american idol better not fuck me over this year.

  • Hazehel

    OK if Von Smith or Osmond makes the top 24- i might not watch this show ever again.

    Hehehe, I bet that Von Smith got into Top 24 already. It’s just very interesting that on his website his label status suddenly went from signed to unsigned just yesterday, when people started getting interested in those who made the Hollywood round.

  • itsalleternal

    I caught that too re: Von Smith’s status:

    At last archive on Yahoo search:

    Record Label Kon Live Distribution
    Type of Label Major

    Listed today:

    Record Label None
    Type of Label Unsigned

    Sign maybe he is in the top 40-50 and is trying to catch up to us?