Season 7 Reunion: David Archuleta, Brooke White Check Out Syesha Mercado in Dreamgirls

Last night, David Archuleta and Brooke White took in a performance by Season 7 mate, Syehsa Mercado in Dreamgirls.

Syesha plays Deena in the production, currently playing at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles.

@DavidArchie tweeted, ” Great job by the performers and @Syesha :) :)…Reunited and it feels so good!”¬† And at @realbrookewhite¬† “…show was amazing and @syesha was a superstar.”

Season 6 Idol, Jordin Sparks and David Hernandez from Season 7, attended the Dreamgirls premiere the night before.

Aw. I love Idol reunions!

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  • Cari

    aww I love reunions, too :)

    Is it me, or is David really starting to look grown up?? Maybe it’s just the pic.. Or the hair… I don’t follow him enough to know what he normally looks like, but he looks older here for some reason!

  • kimk

    Looking good there guys!
    And I see David has still NOT cut his hair… looking good!
    But my guess…two weeks until he can’t stand it anymore!

  • frogcooke

    I’ll give him 3 weeks. haha

    and yay for reunions!
    (am i the only one that thought brookes flower looked like one of those bath puffs?)

  • ozarka

    Syesha posted a twitpic of their reunion as well…

  • TwigLA

    Very nice pic and great that Archie and Brooke showed up for Syesha. I’m struck by her resemblance to Diana Ross in that pic.

  • heidijoy

    yea for Season 7 reunion and support for Syesha. I’m sure Syesha appreciated the support, David is looking good. I worry about his hair when he gets around Brooke who he has asked for a haircut in the past. (some of his shortest haircuts on record!) Hoping he gets a stylist who can show him how to take care of longer hair. I sound like a control freak!! Help! They all look great!!!

  • rhed31

    LOL it does look like a bath puff! But it’s cute. They all look great! David always seems to look older when he does not do his hair. I like it short though. :/

  • ggdoorsfan

    all three are looking good – it’s great to see david and brooke there in support for syesha…

  • khomphuong

    Miss season 7 , one of the best seasons. It would be epic if david cook was there too .

  • HappyDaisy

    Definitely an Idol thread, includes the required discussion of….the hair!

    After he grows his hair out, can’t wait to see pony-tail David!

    Hahaha! :)
    (just kidding)

    I thought the same thing, Cari, David looks older here. He looks good.

  • SBC

    Season 7 is the best looking group out of all seasons.

  • lifeisgood

    I enjoyed the S7 idols – lovely and talented group:)

  • abms

    David, Syesha, and Brooke look great in this picture. It’s wonderful to see them support one another. When Syesha was touring in Dreamgirls she came to see David in Baltimore this past December while he was touring to support his Christmas From The Heart CD. Season 7 of AI was the best!!

  • KathyH

    It warms my heart to know that the s7 people stay in touch. My favorite season, forever. I just let myself invest, that year. *Deep sigh*

  • Davidx2

    How sweet of Archie & Brooke to show their support for Syesha!

    I miss Season 7 too…the best ever! Are they ever going to put S7 on DVD??

  • DarkGlamour17

    Davidx2 I really hope they put s7 on DVD! It was my fave season :) oh and about the pic David looks cute (as usual) :D

  • LK09

    Great to see them all together!

    David is really growing up! I wonder how long the hair will grow before he goes crazy and has to get it cut?

  • JudyOhio

    Well, I’m not alone. I immediately thought he looked more his age in that picture. I understand his mom suggested he grow his hair longer. Looks like he’s trying to do just that. Should be interesting to see what styles he experiments with (if he can hold out and not get it cut, which I doubt, lol). It is nice to see how the S7 kids support each other (their kids to me). Love that. I like many from S7 and S5 and S8 actually. But for this thread, let me just say… Long live “The Davids” !!!

  • larc

    David Cook says his fellow AI7 contestants are his second family. I think that’s pretty much how most of them feel, especially those who went on the AI summer tour together.

  • wellhesback

    David had lots of nice things about his AI7 family in that recent Idols Now interview.
    and it seems I remember in sn earlier interview that Cookie planned to go to this show; the trip to London obviously scotched that

  • houstonrufus23

    S7 will always own my heart. Idol peaked for me then and hasn’t been the same since. Which is actually fine. haha! One season of being that invested was enough for me. But I sure love the group from that season and always will.

  • May

    I love S7. Glad that Syesha is finally getting her career going! Archie does look older….and taller!

  • roquemocan

    Are David and Brooke twins?