Season 6 Contestant Update Pt. 1

The Season 6 Top 10  begin the big Pop Tart tour in Fort Lauderdale, FL on July 6.   At this very  moment, they are in Los Angeles rehearsing for the tour.   Here’s an update on how they’ve been keeping busy in the weeks since the finale.   Part 1 starts with  the Top 5 (after the jump).

Jordin Sparks – Jordin did the typical Idol media rounds after the finale, but since then, all has been quiet on the Jordin front, including any news about her  record deal.   Last season,  Taylor Hicks’ signing with  J Records was announced  within a week of the finale, before the end of  May.   Rumor has it her parents are managing her, but that is, strictly a rumor at this point. She performed at the Walmart shareholders meeting  on June 1.   She recently  sang the National Anthem before Game 2 of the NBA finals.   She, Blake Lewis and Melinda Doolittle will be featured in NBC’s 4th of July special airing  on the evening of the 4th.   There are rumors that she’ll perform the National Anthem  when the Super Bowl heads to Arizona in January  08.   Want to know more about Jordin and her family? Here’s an illuminating article  from  the conservative christian  website Worldnet.

Blake Lewis – No news of record signings for Blake either (Katharine McPhee’s deal was announced on June 7 last year).   However, in this radio interview  with KISS 106 in Seattle, Blake says that he will be managed by  Simon Fuller and the peeps at 19 Management.   Blake also did the typical media rounds.   His most recent TV appearance  was The View.   (Jordin Sparks  appeared on the same day in an earlier segment).   He also took a little R&R in Las Vegas, where he unfortunately caught the attention  the gossip columnists.  Ãƒâ€š  Blake has been chosen by People magazine  as one of the Hottest Bachelors 2007.   The issue is on newsstands now.   Of course, for all things Blake, check out Team Plaid.

Melinda Doolittle -   Since leaving the competition in third place, Melinda sang the National Anthem  for Game 5 of the NBA playoffs and  did a press tour in NYC that included seeing Fantasia in “The Color Purple” with Jordin Sparks.   Whether she’s picked up by 19R/M remains to be seen.

Lakisha Jones -   Lakisha finally got her homecoming after the Idol finale wrapped up at the end of May.   She was celebrated in both  Houston, Texas where she lived for 6 years and her hometown in Michigan.   You can read all about it  at’s Idol Chatter Blog.   Some of the festivities included an official Lakisha Jones Day in the State of Michigan on June 11, a performance at the State Capitol in Lansing, a rally in Flint, Michigan and a homecoming performance at the church she attended in Houston.

Chris Richardson -  Did you know that although Chris and Phil Stacey were eliminated together during what was technically the Top 5, Chris was the contestant who officially came in 5th, while Phil came in 6th.   That’s according to this interview  with Larry King.   Besides hanging out  (and annoying little old ladies, presumably) in Las Vegas with Blake Lewis, Chris was also seen  recently at the Elliott Yamin concert at the Roxy in LA along with Blake Lewis, Ace Young and Constantine Maroulis.   He appeared with Ace, Paris Bennett, Lisa Tucker, Kevin Covais, Sabrina Sloan, Kimberly Caldwell and Will Makar at Summerfest 2007 on June 2 in Brea, CA. Check out his performances on You Tube here, here  and with the entire Idol gang   here.

Part 2 coming soon!

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  • longsong

    Interesting! Maybe it’s because I haven’t been as invested this year, but it seemed like last year after the finale, the idols – the top two especially – were EVERYWHERE. Remember seeing Taylor several times a night in that Ford commercial?

    This year Jordin and Blake seem to have gone under the radar (heh). Well, MY radar, at least! Then again, I’m no little old lady…..

    Thanks for putting the updates together, M!

  • Lisa B

    The news has been scarce on this seasons ‘idols’.

    Very odd.

  • dancin

    i believe i read somewhere that jordin had signed with arista records… i will have to try to find where i saw that

  • bean99

    Thanks, MJ. I have to think that it’s Jordin and her parents who are holding things up in the contract announcements. It doesn’t make sense to wait otherwise. I agree that Taylor seemed to get more press, Longsong (don’t remind me of that Ford commercial :dry_tb: ). Jordin and Blake did make a lot of appearances and radio interviews but I imagine they’re all busy with rehearsing right now.

    I’m not going to be going to the AI concert this year but only because it’s not coming to Dallas and I’m away for all of the closest ones. I’m very disappointed because some of the hints sound intriguing to me. I love the idea of the guys in a band doing a song and it sounds like it won’t be the same format as last season.

  • Margaux

    I’d love to have been a fly on the wall when Elliott and Ace where hanging out with Blake, ChrisR and Phil (PhlakeR?) I hope some great stories and secrets were passed along.

    Is it true the Season 6 guys will BE a band on tour? Now that, with Melinda and Lakisha as a bonus might get me to the show.

  • dcd74

    Thanks for the updates MJ. I am baffled by no deal announcements yet. I have watched since the season 1 and it always seemed like the deals were announcement within a couple weeks of the finale. I can’t wait for part 2 of your update :)

  • Abilymom

    In the Headlines thread I had asked if there were the same amount of tour dates this year as compared to last year. I did a little research and there were only four more dates last year than this year.

  • Sarah

    Is it true the Season 6 guys will BE a band on tour?

    That is the rumor. I believe Blake at least has said something about it in an interview, and I think it’s been casually mentioned or hinted at in other places as well. Apparently all of them play instruments. If I am remembering correctly, Chris R plays drums and guitar; Phil plays keyboards; Blake plays guitar, drums, and keyboards; Chris Sligh plays at least guitar; and Sanjaya plays guitar. And of course, they can all sing. :) So they could very well be a band and planning a song or two as such.

    THAT alone would be worth every penny I’m spending on every show I’m going to.

  • bean99

    They added some Texas tour dates later on last season, Abilymom. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll add Dallas when I’m going to be around.

  • BigNLiddle

    hey the old guy who auditioned for AI6 was with the idols at the brea fest! (brain fart on his name lol)