Season 10 Alum, Jacob Lusk, Defends American Idol Against Charges of Racism

American Idol season 10 alum, Jacob Lusk, defends the singing competition against  charges of racism in an interview with RumorFix:

“I think me being an African-American male and being on Idol, I think I’m a pretty safe gage as to whether American Idol is racist and I can undoubtedly say they’re not,” Lusk says in an interview.

“I just think that is just so happens that those particular individuals were the ones that lied and got caught. And they tell you, don’t lie to us, we’re going to find out. I mean you have a record, you have a warrant and you get on television, somebody’s gonna tell somebody; somebody’s gonna find out,” the singer continues.

Lusk, who had his share of legal issues before trying out for the show, says he was honest from the beginning with producers and that’s what saved him in the end. “I don’t think lying ever gets anyone anywhere. I’m the perfect example. When I first auditioned for Idol I had warrants and unpaid tickets and all that stuff and I was honest, I worked it out and we got it cleared … They supported me through it because I was honest about it.”

Nigel Lythgoe made that point when the show booted Jermaine Jones last season–that if he had been honest, they could have helped him work out his issues. The producers are manipulative for sure, but I have never sensed that they pick on hopefuls based on race. I’ll be surprised if the lawyer running the case is successful.

Jacob was picked up on an outstanding warrant the day after he received his golden ticket to go to Hollywood. He was able to work out something with the judge so he could continue with the competition. The producers did not hold it against him.

VIA RumorFix

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  • sporkle

    I can’t wait for this story to blow over. 

  • vdawg

    As this story shows, if you take care of your own business instead of blaming everyone for your problem things can work out.  I’m glad Jacob spoke up.

  • Cory Patrick ??

    White, black, yellow or purple, if you have a wrap sheet that involves serious charges do you honestly think you should be on American IDOL…what kind of idol are you really? I’m just saying.

  • breakdown

    Good for Jacob for coming forward.

  • CFIdolsfan

    Glad Jacob spoke up. I remember hearing how Bo Bice had issues, too, but was honest and made it far in the competition. I, too, hope, that this whole thing will go away pronto.

  • Beaugard Stevens

    I’m not sure Idol needs to be defended, I can’t imagine anyone takes that lawsuit seriously.  I just hope they don’t settle- that usually costs less money than fighting it, that’s why a lot of people file these lawsuits, they know that and count on that to get them something.

  • Taylor

    I just remembered this, but didn’t Kris also have unpaid tickets he had to take care of?
    Trenyce, from season 2, had a past record for shoplifting. She was honest about it up front and so it wasn’t an issue with Idol.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Jacob just comes across as a really nice guy…good for him.:)

  • Miz

    Kris had paid his speeding ticket but there was evidently a mixup in paperwork and a warrant was put out for him. He said he got arrested but it all got cleared up in the end. 

    I’m sure someone could find an interview with him talking about it. 

  • Miz

    Good for Jacob speaking out on this, especially since he’s a prime example of someone who not only is African American and got far on Idol, but also had warrants and a record minor as it was.

  • aj rabin

    I hope this doesn’t put pressure on idol to only pimp minorities this season. It could get very cheesy if they do and people will say the pimpage is undeserved. If you’re talented no one cares about your race.

  • Chris

    Wow, I don’t even recall seeing this about Jacob having a warrant but basically it was “kid stuff” that he let get out of hand. 2 years probation for basically not paying a dollar to board the train?  Dang!  LA has tough rules.

  • Chris

    Yeah, Jacob wasn’t wanted for anything extreme, juvenile silliness basically. Probably people jump turnstiles every day(and in movies) just he was caught.  

    Idol can only help with so much, e.g. parking tickets, speeding tickets, etc are small potatoes vs. “real” crimes like assault.

  • blackberryharvest

    Melinda Doolittle, Vonzell, Taylor Hicks, and Casey Abrams also come forward:

  • Miz

    I was waiting for a response from Melinda. I saw her @_@ tweet when this broke. I wonder if she and Slezak will discuss it in their weekly Idolatry (or whatever it’s called).

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    Oh Lusky…was hoping to never, ever hear from you again.

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    Melinda would, at least, deliver a credible commentary. 

  • kirble

    The two years probation is for not paying the fare AND skipping court when the time comes/not paying the fine.