ACM Awards 2012: Scotty McCreery Sings “Water Tower Town”, Wins Best New Artist (VIDEO)

Scotty McCreery won the fan-voted Best New Artist of the Year at the ACM Awards tonight. Congratulations Scotty!. Brant Lee Gilbert and Hunter Hayes were also nominated.

The American Idol winner also performed his brand new single, “Water Tower Town.”

All in all, a great night for the young Scotty! Check out Windmills live blog HERE.

Scotty McCreery sings “Water Tower Town”, Intros Brad Paisley

Scotty McCreery wins New Artist of the Year

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  • Latin2

    YAY!!11 Thanks MJ.

    Scotty was great on the show.

    To think last year Scotty was competing on Idol and now look…wow.

  • Anonymous

    yay for Scotty!  :D

  • Anonymous

    Whoa. That performance of WTT was like 50 seconds. He still sounded great though. And his introduction to Brad was great. He has a great speaking voice and should do some hosting lol.

    I couldn’t be happier with his win. I also loved his speech and how he shook hands with Brantley and Hunter before going up the stage. Classy.

  • Anonymous

    Scotty is so impressive, and has grown so much in a year. Love his confidence and stage presence. IMO, best vocal of the night, even if it was a short snippet of his song. 

    What a whirlwind of a year. Congrats to Scotty!!

  • Anonymous

    Too short :/, but he did and sounded great !! …. i kind of emotional looking this kid receiving his Award, he looks so confident and natural , Congrats Scotty !! :)

  • Scottyasia

    I’m actually crying… So happy for our Scotty…PPl may say he won because of fan-votes issue… But tell me which new artist debuted with Platinum CDs sold after just 3 months, with 2 GOLD singles in all genre this year? He not only deserves this award belonging to country, but also the whole genre of music industry… This best new artist of the year award is belongs to Scotty even without fan-voting category… 

    Another HA HA HA at the haters!

  • Carriefan1

    This is a great third single for him to release. Hopefully it will fly up the charts. I can’t wait for the music video.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not at all surprised that he won especially now that I know it was fan voted. Does anyone know if there was unlimited voting in this? If so, he won Idol this way—this award was just another opportunity for Idol fans to use their power voting skills.

    Not to take anything away from Scotty (he may very well have won regardless of voting system), but I just don’t hold too much respect for any of these fan voting things anymore, especially if unlimited voting is allowed. That’s the major gripe I have about Idol….I am never quite certain if contestants advance/win based on the opinion of the majority or from the smaller pool of rabid & obsessive fans willing to spend hours upon hours voting for their fave.

    So, when any past Idol is involved in any contest/award/etc that relies on fan voting, I am actually more surprised if they don’t win.

  • mchcat

    This was a comination of fan voting and industry voting.  The last three were selected to compete – at that time fans voted. We could only vote 1 time a day. 

  • larc


  • Anonymous

    I think Scotty is picking non Idol fans from his  promo TV and his concert tour with BP , my family is not in to Idol, but some of them like Country Music and love Scotty voice, he was not even my favorite from the season 10, but i really enjoy his album too and i’m enjoying his ride in the music business …so Go Scotty , this award has a important value for this genre  , since all the heavy of the country world was there enjoying the wins. ;)

  • Anonymous

    that’s just so good. who could say otherwise. :-)

  • BonnieDee

    It was limited per email address per day and per IP address, and I know for a fact his street team amassed email addresses to vote.  

  • Anonymous

    I may be wrong but I understood the winner was selected on 50% fan votes and 50% country genre industry votes.  If someone can verify this, please let us know (or let us know if it’s not the case as well).

  • Scottyasia

    We don’t need to verify at all, ppl who never respect Scotty’s winning even on Idol, so they won’t accept any victory that Scotty has achieved no matter what the categories are…

    But ppl have to deal with all these facts soon, like The sun rises from the east, the Ocean is large, you are from America, I’m from Asia… and Scotty is the big star no mater they want to agree this fact or not…

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know about the %’s but my understanding is that the 3 finalists were selected solely by fan votes from the 8 semi-finalists the industry chose, and the ultimate winner was a combo of fan votes and industry votes among the 3 finalists. The one thing I can say re Idol fan(bases) is that they are committed to consistent voting for their Idol, so they are going to vote every day that voting is open whereas a less committed fan might vote only once or twice for the star of choice.

  • Kylee

    SO happy for Scotty. Who is laughing now, Simon Cowell? And those radio PD’s who dissed him before he won? Told you so!!

    To Idol haters-only idol can make it possible for a complete unknown to win an award like this one year later. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know about the %’s

    Thanks – before I checked in here I looked up the wording on an ACM site about the category.  It doesn’t say what the percentage is only that it is a combined membership and fan vote.  Just to clarify the part about how the winner of the new artist award is selected, their words are in quotes below.

    “The final 3 nominees will compete for the trophy, with a combined fan and professional membership vote.”

  • Anonymous

    Very cool! Nice to see Idols having success.

  • Chrissie H

    Thanks MJ for posting and huge congrats to Scotty. How I love this! What a joy. Couldn´t be happier. 

  • TorySC

    Scotty is a phenominal artist and a wonderful person through and through. He has done extremely well on tour with Brad Paisley and The Band Perry. I bought tickets yesterday to see them in concert about 3 hours away and bought tickets to Scotty’s own concert because I want to see and support him. You do not get a Platinum record on your first album within 3 months even if you are talented and on Idol. You have to have the IT factor. He has fans all over the world listening to country. I am listening to country again because of Scotty. We just got a country station here less than a month ago. Prior to that, I had to stream it in live on my computer from different stations across the country and buy cds and itunes. I bought many of his cds Clear As Day and gave them to different people as gifts and have kept several for myself. I listen to his cd daily and know every word to his songs. Furthermore, I listen to many other country artists because of Scotty. He is very good for country music. It was an honor to vote for him daily and I will continue to support him. He has brought a lot of joy to my life through his music and the way he conducts himself on and off the stage. He is an incredible roll model to kids.

    Currently, he is touring with Brad Paisley, an honor roll student at his regular high school where he attends as much as possible, was just accepted to all the colleges he applied to, pitches on his high school baseball team, sings in his church and school chiors, and does many charity events.  He even has fans listening to his high school baseball games from all over the world to cheer for him and his team the Garner Trojans.  He is a very, very special person and artist. The past year is only the beginning for him. He looked and performed beautifully tonight. I am a very busy person and would not devote my time to just anybody.  I am so happy for Scotty and am very encouraged that such a talented, hard working, and generous young man could have so much success.

  • David R

     I hate the AI voting system too, but Scotty won on his talent and consistency during the season and the voting on AI is limited to just two hours after the show ends not hours upon hours. Also keep in mind the 4 previous winners before Scotty did not sell over 500 thousand albums let alone over a million as Scotty has because once the show was over those fans that voted for the other winners no longer supported them. As for this award at the ACM’s the fan voting is limited to once a day like it is for the entertainer of the year award that Taylor won.

  • Erlinda

    Wow! Scotty I’m so proud of you. Two New Artist of the year awards, 1 platinum, and 2 gold records. What an accomplishment for such a short period of time. Congratulation!

  • Karen C

    2 of the 4 previous winners before Scotty, both Jordin Sparks and David Cook,  did sell over a million albums, as well as having platinum singles.  Kris Allen did have a platinum single also. 

    I don’t believe it’s that the fans no longer support them after Idol, I just think the majority of AI viewers do not buy the albums after the show is over.

  • Anonymous

    I just wanted to tell you that I loved your post. I have watched Idol for years and voted sometimes, usually finale night. However, for Season 10 I voted every week for Scotty and voted a lot. He is really the only artist whose career I have ever taken a real interest in…don’t know why…can’t really explain it…think it must be that “It” factor. At any rate, I share your enthusiasm for his talent and your pride in his accomplishments. I think they, and he, are nothing short of astounding!

  • Incipit


    “Also keep in mind the 4 previous winners before Scotty did not sell
    over 500 thousand albums let alone over a million as Scotty has…”

    David R, gotta tell you up front, I’m not interested in Country Music at all – but that doesn’t change the actual fact that Scotty is a popular and successful winner – and as far as I can tell – a really good guy who has earned each award and each success that comes his way. I hope the Country Music World continues to treat him well.

    Because all that is so evident to me – I don’t see why there needs to be any revisionist history in play – and when you talk about what the “4 previous winners” sold, you are mispeaking.  The 4 previous winners are DeWyze, Allen, Cook, and Sparks.  Two of these do indeed have Platinum albums –  and I’ll let Jordin’s fans explain hers to you.

    What I have are the facts and dates for DavidC – and see no reason to minimize what he accomplished – Scotty doesn’t need puffing up at anyone else’s expense…his sales record is just fine – OTOH –  David Cook’s Freshman Record reaching Platinum Shipped in two months and SOLD in three months is not a legend. Heh.

    DCTR – David Cook, the Record – released 11/18/2008…certified by RIAA Platinum on 01/22/2009 (shipped)(2 months)
    Actual sales platinum was 1st week of March 2009. (3 months)

    David Cook, the album, was one of only 19 albums to sell 1 million or more (of 115k released) in 2009 chart year…and earned two Platinum and one Gold record for three of the singles.

    Those are facts.

  • Lexie

    Congrats to Scotty!!  He just made us proud yesterday…his performance, his introduction of Brad, and his acceptance speech.  He did such a nice job of getting everyone in there, and acknowledged the other contestants with class.  And loved the shoutout to the McCreerians:))

  • aaa sss

    zzzzzzz..awwww schucksss

  • Anonymous

    If Scotty wins Best New Artist at the CMA’s it will lend more credibility to him as an artist then I’ll congratulate him. This award however just shows how crazy American Idol fans are.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll tell you, as one of the voters, it was very difficult to vote.  It was one vote per computer, you voted once a day with a password and email address which you could only use once a day, you had to punch in a complicated code, and once you voted that one time you couldn’t just go on and vote again.  So in this case, it wasn’t obsessive fans, but patient and persistant fans.  And the other half of the vote was a list of industry players in the Music Biz.  Hope that helps.

  • Anonymous

    I echo the same sentiments as most of you do about Scotty.
    All I can say is that it’s a real good day to be a Scotty fan.
    I just hope he will do music for a long long time because I will be there to support him through and through.

  • Tess

    Personally I don’t get the consternation about who or how many votes were cast from Bubblettes or other Idol viewer alumni.  The point is that Scotty is widely popular and has impressed enough people people to vote for him whether once a day or more if they figured out how.  If people have that much initiative they should be rewarded by a “winner”.  It isn’t like half a dozen of his fans swayed the vote.  By all accounts Scotty has a following, considering he has a platinum album and multi gold singles somebody out there likes him, and likes him enough to put actually “buy” what he is selling.  Based on the return of his album sales to prominence on I-Tunes (even though it may end up being only a few thousand more albums from last week) its proof enough to me that, even a quick view on Idol and an even quicker one on the ACMs, that Scotty is someone that people like listening to and like supporting.  So many kudos to the kid.  By the way and as an aside I love that Scotty always refers to stuff about his career as “we” in interviews.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! You said it all & more! So very PROUD of Scotty & so very HAPPY for him & his fans all around the world!?????????

  • Tuki

    Scotty is such a natural. He was born to do this.
    I am so happy for him! He totally deserved his win. Go Scotty! Congrats!

  • Gadfly

    I love that he always says “we” in interviews too. The recent one thanking fans for voting for the ACMs, he said “we have been nominated for BNA…”. Gotta love the kid for being so humble!

  • Pam

    I missed the short performance last night so thanks mj!  It’s true that we did have male contestants prior to Scotty to go platinum or higher with albums but it hasn’t happened in over 4 seasons (season 7).   Note, I said contestants since Daughtry didn’t win season 5.  ;)  Of course, this accomplishment for Scotty definitely doesn’t take anything away from the previous winners who have received those accomplishments  Since it has been so long, this is a huge accomplishment for Scotty as Jimmy noted on Thursday night with the plaque presentation.  This award last night was just gravy. 

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Scotty-So proud of you!

  • SaSa8

    Gotta add my congratulations to Scotty.  He did an amazing job with everything last night.  I believe, like others, that Scotty was meant to do this.  While starting at this young age was probably not what he and his family envisioned, he can do it and handles himself so well.  His performance was great and esp. loved his acceptance speech.  Even though his performance was short, I am loving WTT more and more each time he sings it. 

  • TylerWV

    I get what you’re saying and agree, but on the other hand, for an artist to inspire that kind of fan loyalty is special. 

  • Enough already!

    Congratulations to Scotty’s well deserved win.   And also to the country fans who actually support their Idol by buying their albums.   Scotty should have no problems with a good career, most the good ole boys of Country are getting up in age.  

  • windmills

    The industry knew very well that by including Scotty in its top 8 new artist semifinalists, he was going to win by fan votes. The industry could have chosen to make him wait a year before including him in that group of 8 but didn’t. So, IMO the industry agave Scotty its Top New Artist ACM award back when they announced the 8 semifinalists. 

    We’ll see if the industry’s willing to crown him again at the CMAs. My opinion is the industry currently wants to go in a different direction for New Artist in November. If Eric Church is still eligible this year then he’s definitely winning this (same with Pistol Annies) but if not then things are more open. But, there’s plenty of time for Scotty to turn that around and make it impossible for the industry to deny him. 

    Congrats Scotty and Scotty’s fans. He’s a gracious winner and he’s smart enough not to pretend it means more than it does, but he’s also smart enough to enjoy and appreciate this for what it is.

  • Anonymous

     was not last nights award 50%fans and 50%industry, so there was some recognition of scotty by the industry was there not.

  • windmills

    pat345:  was not last nights award 50%fans and 50%industry, so there was some recognition of scotty by the industry was there not.

    They don’t reveal the percentages so it’s not publicly known whether it was a 50-50 split. In the past New Artist was 100% fan voted and I think one of the more credible indications of the fan vote being the dominant factor is the fact that The Band Perry said “and the winner of the fan voted Top New Artist award is”. 

    But, my point is it doesn’t really matter because everybody knew who was winning this if Scotty was among the semifinalists. 

  • Dawn Joblon

    No power voting. You could only vote once a day with an email address.  And to point out Entertainer of the Year is also fan voted.  Both where 50/50 industry/fan vote. 

  • Dawn Joblon

    No power voting. You could only vote once a day with an email address.  And to point out Entertainer of the Year is also fan voted.  Both where 50/50 industry/fan vote.