Scotty McCreery Performs Christmas Tunes on QVC (VIDEO)

American Idol Season 10 winner, Scotty McCreery, appeared live on QVC to croon a few Christmas songs from his new holiday album, Christmas with Scotty McCreery.

He performed “Holly Jolly Christmas”, “Christmas in Heaven” and pulled out some Elvis for a rendition of “Christmas Time Pretty Baby”

QVC was selling a combo of Scotty’s debut album “Clear As Day” with the new album for a special price of $20.52. But only for today! He sold thousands in just the few minutes he appeared on the show!

Watch his performance and interview below.

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  • Danny Latham

    Scotty was brilliant and down to earth in his performance and interview. I am sure that lady that called QVC was shocked when Scotty was on the line talking to her. I really loved Christmas in Heaven and Santa Claus is Back in Town, where he got his Elvis on. 

  • John S

    I remember when Priscilla Presley(Elvis’s ex-wife) told Scotty during idol, “Elvis would’ve loved you.” I think she is definitely right!

  • facebook-677275924

    QVC only ordered 5,000 and only gave him 15 minutes? what a rip. 

  • ptebwwong

    Actually QVC has more copies. They are repeating the appearance tonight. So I think QVC set aside some copies for the afternoon appearance & his repeat performance tonight.

    Also, QVC tweeted that they have more copies, but they are not selling it at the sale price that they are advertising. I would assume these albums are for the website.

  • durbesque

    Priscilla is Elvis’ present wife.  She keeps a hologram in the bedroom.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Great to know!  I’m so happy that they’re repeating the performance at night–and it was so neat to see those numbers go!!

  • mmmtx

    Thank you for posting the video mj. I dvr’d it but love having it here.  Great performance! AND love those Christmas With Scotty McCreery sales numbers!

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Okay, this isn’t about QVC, but about Scotty and just surfaced:))

    CBS Fantasy News ?@CBSfantasynews@chucktodd and @ScottyMcCreery join us Wednesday on#FantasyFootball Today to talk about their leagues. LIVE, Noon ET: 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    A very nice appearance by Scotty and he did very well in sales of his CDs. I’m impressed by how at ease and charming Scotty is in interviews. Sadly, his Xmas songs are too country for my taste, but I’m sure that they will appeal to a lot of country fans.

  • Enough already!

    I have absolutely no respect for anyone who goes on a show like QVC to hawk their music.   Sorry IMO   Yes, its a quick way to make money and sell more albums…but the music world already has a poor opinion of Idols, why enhance it.  Leave QVC, etc. to the Kardashians.  

  • Memphis Applegate

    I think you would be surprised how little Scotty makes on each CD.  I suspect going on QVC was just an opportunity to meet the fans and be part of QVC’s Christmas program.  Scotty is absolutely magical in both interviews and informal settings, and the record company knows this.  The record company takes every opportunity to spread his charm around.  The cut on the CD sales was probably just enough to pay expenses for the day.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    I thought about the making a quick buck problem/seeing QVC as a negative thing to do…but the bottom line is, well, the bottom line.  Scotty may not have made a lot from this appearance (how would someone know his cut) but he’s making the label money.  If you think about an album with only two originals and the rest  standards in the case of CWSM, even the 5,000 he sold in the afternoon x $20, = $100K, and QVC gets a small cut, the label is happy.

    And when the label is happy, it’s good for the artist.  

  • DB987

     I have to admit it struck me as an odd thing for Scotty to do.  I do not get why you would go on a show that might set you up for ridicule from the very people you are trying to convince you are a legimate country artist.  Scotty sells tons he doesn’t have to go on a show that sells every piece of crap known to man.

  • Lucie Laniel

    And I think Scotty was also heard by people who may not have heard of him or had not heard him sing before.

    He did very well. He is such a charmer.

  • STB

    “I do not get why you would go on a show that might set you up for
    ridicule from the very people you are trying to convince you are a
    legitimate country artist”

    Honestly, I don’t know much about QVC. Does it have bad reputation about ruining artist’s status?

    Well, I doubt Scotty’s appearance in this show does any harm to his status as a country singer.  News about his appearance at this program appear everywhere on country news site and not once did I see any negative comment or mocking about this.

    Just because Scotty sold a lot with CAD doesn’t mean he can sit to watch
    money grow on tree. He has to promote his new music and make money to
    his label.. The kid is just trying to promote his music – and it’s not like everyone can get this opportunity. He is making legitimate money – did he appear in an anti-country music program or what? And the audience of that QVC, are they criminal or something? Scotty is all country –  people can doubt him whatever they want but that fact doesn’t change. Don’t you need to worry about that for him, the kid can take care of himself.

  • mmmtx

    For those people who have never purchased anything from QVC, I can tell you that thousands of people do, and many of these shoppers never venture into a brick n mortar store, instead doing all their shopping on-line or from a catalog. So I guess I don’t see the problem with Christmas With Scotty McCreery being on QVC.

  • DB987

    No need to mock it is just a point of view from someone who actually likes Scotty I know it really isn’t allowed to say anything that doesn’t end with isn’t Scotty amazing etc etc. Scotty is not the first person to hock his music on this show but it is again my opinion his career is past this sort of thing it makes him look less successful then he is. That’s it no big deal just how I see it if you think it is all good then great.

  • STB

    I am a Scotty fan but I rarely phrase him, actually. If he’s doing something well, I say he ‘s doing well. If not, I won’t just simply blindly praise him out of no where. It’s not what a true fan is.

    For a Xmas CD, how many big event or shows can a new artist like Scotty to participate in? Not that much. The kid is doing what he can to promote an Xmas album released in October.  Appearing at QVC may seem like a desperate attempt for a platinum-selling artist, but it’s just a good outlet to promote his music.

    So far, Scotty has been doing well, but that’s the story with CAD. He needs to move on from it and people must move on with it too. He may sell platinum with CAD and only a couple of thousand with his next CD only, SO will people still call him successful anymore? If his Xmas CD sells poorly, people will have a lot of reason to trash him.

  • ptebwwong

    If in your opinion Scotty is successful enough to not go on QVC, what about Justin Beiber, Lionel Richie, Carly Simon, Hall & Oates, Barry Manilow, etc. who have all in the last 5 years performed & appeared on QVC or HSN? 

    All those artists I named are successful artists who probably didn’t need to sell on QVC or HSN but they did. A sale is a sale. The appearances gave all these artists more sales & increased the money they made for themselves & their labels.

  • DB987

    Ok didn’t know that but I still feel the same way you can just add all those names to the group it strikes me as silly that’s all. But  I get  it is a minority view which I am cool with no need for everyone to try to convince me otherwise it doesn’t really matter one way or the other you have your view I have mine  no one gets hurt.LOL

  • ptebwwong

    I understand that some people might have issue with Scotty selling on QVC. But he needs promo for this album. Many talk shows right now don’t care about the holidays yet. It’s not like he can not do any promo at all & hope that once Black Friday & the holidays come around that people will remember he has a Christmas album out. It doesn’t work that way. If his album isn’t selling, people won’t remember to buy & retailers wouldn’t even give him good placement at the store.

    I look at it like this. It’s good promo no matter how you look at it. No talk shows are inviting Scotty or anyone with a Christmas album right now including Blake & Lady A to sing.

  • Sim Ai Khaw

    susan boyle perform too at QVC and sold 80,000 album. lionel richie perform too sold 20,000 album, and many more perform too

  • Erlinda

    Wow! Love all the songs in Scotty’s album.

  • NoCalGirl

    I think Scotty going on QVC was genius IMO. Where else can he sell 10,000 copies(5000 CWSM & 5000 CAD) in 15 minutes without expending too much overhead to boot! QVC reaches people who might never see the inside of any store to purchase his CD or who might not have internet to purchase it. Additionally, QVC is a great way to reach shoppers who might otherwise never  been exposed to him or his music because they never watched Idol. I think artist as well as entrepenuers need to explore every avenue available to them to reach the masses and the days of being above selling at certain places is just not smart.

  • Scottyasia

    Oh, That is your opinion, and it is OK.

    But my opinion is, there are plenty of new Country singers couldn’t sell anything lately, and sadly for them, even the chance of an appearance on this QVC like Scotty, they still have to dream of… and dream of…

    You can think this opportunity makes him look less successful, but in the end numbers speak louder. And for sure this kind of “less successful” picture makes a lot of other singers fans simply jealous.

    So to each their own! GO SCOTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • scm101

    Everybody is entitled to his own opinion. Let’s turn the table … what would you feel if its your idol appears on QVC ? Would you not be pleased as well ?

    HSN and QVC are prestigious selling machines on television. As mentioned by others, a lot of big names have used the venue to promote their album.

    Scotty’s fans see no problem with that. The more he sells the faster he gets to nbr 1 in the chart. Way to go Scotty.

  • Chrissie H

    I missed the QVC performance stream and therefore happy to find it posted here. I so enjoyed him and wow at selling thousands of his CD sets in a few minutes. In my eyes it´s a brilliant idea and clever sales strategy to perform on QVC for any artist and esp. for artists who don´t get much radio support. QVC means national exposure and a smart way to get a new album out there before the real start of the holiday and in particular when it is an album which can
    be sold in every future Christmas season to come. 

  • casper

    I suppose the notion that Scotty is “above” hawking his Christmas CD on QVC is a compliment–albeit a left-handed one.  I’ll take it . . . LOL . . . I’ll bet alot of artists would kill to be able to hawk their wares on “low rent” QVC.  Should he be peddling his  CDs at the bastion of yuppieville, Starbuck’s, instead???  It’s all about perception, I suppose.  The reality is that Scotty is taking a pretty laid-back approach to his career, so I’m sure his label will take any opportunity to keep him in the public eye while he records his sophomore album and goes to college.  I think it’s a brilliant move. 

  • Tess

    If you watch QVC you probably buy from QVC…if you don’t watch it how would you know if someone is even on it (except for people on some type of reality fan board).  It isn’t like the media picks up on it and lambastes people who are on the show.  Marketing is marketing…from Mall parking lots, to QVC, to local cable channels.  A product doesn’t usually sell itself and performers who are to high fallutin to market their product are those that fall by the wayside very quickly. 

  • mjsbigblog


    Comments that contain the phrases “to each his own” and “everybody is entitled to their opinion” will be deleted. I won’t even bother to read the rest of it.

  • SaSa8

    Thought Scotty and the band did a great job on QVC!  He had an opportunity to go on live tv in front of a huge number of viewers to sing, be interviewed and promote his new album and sell both of his CDs.  I don’t really see what is wrong with that.  QVC is not something I watch but there are a lot of people who do.  Looks like he got big sales numbers for a small amount of time. 

  • DB987

    It really wasn’t meant as a left handed compliment at all just my point of view about an artist I like. I do get where I sound a bit high brow but it wasn’t my intent.  Bottom line I do not really think it is a big deal one way or the other and I get marketing is marketing but if moving tons of cd’s was all it took for the industry to take you seriously Scotty would have been nominated for a CMA.  I only really wondered if some in the industry would look down on it I dont really know if they would it was just a thought.

  • Tess

    If you don’t move CDs you wouldn’t be taken seriously.  There are thousands of performers out there who are beyond marvelous but if they can’t sell their product no one really cares.  Their are also many, many big time performers who the fans love and who make a very good living and HAVE NEVER won a prestigious award…in fact many have never even been nominated.  And many award winners win once and because they can’t get the sales they just slowly disappear from view.

  • Diana Adams Tyler

    I disagree.  There are a lot of disabled people, and people just plain busy, that can’t get to the stores all the time.  QVC and other shopping channels is an essential in our household.  The last 5 yrs. all my xmas shopping has been done online and a lot of it on QVC.  I’ve been a shopping channel buyer since the mid 80s and love it.  Plus, a lot of people don’t know Scotty and a lot of his fans don’t know he has a xmas album.  Why not put him on QVC?  Spread the word!