Scotty McCreery Does the Harlem Shake (VIDEO)

I suppose it was inevitable that an Idol take on the biggest meme of the day, the Harlem Shake. To be honest, I was over this fad before it barely began. Ha.

Nevertheless, I appreciate Scotty’s sense of humor, and I’ll bet the crowd just loved it.

Check it out.

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  • Lexie O’Neill

    I guess I was behind on things because I didn’t know about this until the last couple of days.  There are some really funny ones–and this was great.

    The audience Did love it–the tweets were great.  Many of the audience members said things like, best night of my life, best concert ever… 

    If you’d asked me which one of the Idols might do this, I wouldn’t have guessed Scotty.  And I like that–love it when someone surprises you.

  • sporkle

    hahaha … oh that scotty. so full of surprises :) 


    Who would have thought 2 years ago on Idol that today Scotty would be doing the Harlem Shake at one of his shows.

    What I really like is how the audiance got so engaged with the fun Scotty and the band were having (including Justin with the Shreck mask on the floor on the right hand side of the video).

    And yes the tweets were crazy last night at the show. They are really taking his Tour to an “out of the box” level and so far they are having great success.  

  • jcabby

    Awesome! Scotty rules. Great sense of humor!

  • Lexie O’Neill
  • Lexie O’Neill

    And the middle picture on this montage is just great…
    Nathan Thomas?@NathantbassWhat does a Scotty McCreery show look like?……RT @ThatSovaGirl: @ScottyMcCreery

  • Chrissie H

    LOL and once again I find out that Scotty continues to amaze and surprise me. And once again I´m thinking how lucky I have been back then on that evening when I by chance came to switch to the channel that showed Scotty on AI S10.

  • kcostell

    If you’d asked me which one of the Idols might do this, I wouldn’t have guessed Scotty. 

    I’d have guessed Kris myself — anyone ask for it on Total Request Idol yet?

  • therivermaya

    I had to literally watch the video multiple times.
    And each time I watched it, I have to ask myself  “Is this for real?”
    ………..waaaay funny…..and fun ( which concerts should be)!!!!!

  • mmmtx

    How fun this had to be for Scotty and the band to surprise everyone and for all those at the concert to be participating in the video! And of course it sure is fun for us to watch it.  At different times during his Idol run, one of the judges would comment on Scotty’s sense of humor and some of his performances definitely gave us a clue that humor would somehow find its way into his concerts. So bravo Scotty…doing the Harlem Shake was a great idea!

  • Ronnie D

    Scotty looks fine in that black shirt hehe. This is a cute video!

  • Chrissie H

    This a fan video showing how Scotty explaining to the fans what they had to do and then riling them up. This kid is too cute.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    I was just coming to post this.:))  I love that vid because it shows how excited the audience was…now, other fans planning on going to different shows want to do it, too!!

  • windmills

    Scotty fans may be interested to know that Scotty’s PR team is actually sending this item around to the country media. 

    Confession: I haven’t watched the original Harlem Shakes video so this’ll probably go over my head. Good for Scotty for having some fun though. 

  • eyelinerandcigarettes

    LOL oh Scotty. You are nuts and I love it.

    BTW that guy in red was just standing there the whole time. Wut. 

  • Lexie O’Neill

    I loved this, but…hope the country media also got the vid/interviews from the CMA Keep the Music Playing a few days ago…part of the fun for me was the juxtaposition or the two sides of Scotty.:)

    Wait, they might know what they’re doing…the Harlem Shake vid has almost 50K views in less than 24 hours and how many does the CMA Foundation vid have?  Hmmm…

  • Lexie O’Neill
  • mchcat

    I think we as Scotty fans are in for a ride of our lives.  He learned so much from Brad and you can really see it now. He has a whole 90 minutes to just entertain and he sure does. The 3 songs he is previewing are so good and I hope radio picks them up

  • SaSa8

    Great that Scotty has such a good sense of humor and doesn’t take all things too seriously.  Fun video and looks like the fans had a great time being part of it.  I think his PR team is smart keeping him visible until his sophomore album. 

  • KelseyW

    That was awesome! Go Scotty! LOL

    He would do this in Pittsburgh of all places. So cool. AI10 peeps just keep on entertaining. :)

  • Latin2

    Very cute! I love Scotty. 

  • Chrissie H

    “The 3 songs he is previewing are so good and I hope radio picks them up”

    I´d think they will. Many stations picked up on news about him and Froggy tweeted me ” his new music will hit radio soon” :D

  • geekygirl

    lol, ok I was SO confused about what I was seeing that I had to google it to make sense.  Never heard of the Harlem Shake.  Scotty ticked all the boxes for criteria and love that he did this.  Not that surprised he did it as he always seemed so down to earth. He showed a sense of humour and didn’t take himself so seriously that he would be afraid to do something silly at his own expense.  Good job Scotty!  Something a CW audience was not expecting to see! No wonder they loved it.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Reports from last night’s Sold Out concert at Dover Downs…Scotty didn’t do anything unusual, but the girls/women are getting a little more ?  There were girls climbing on stage, rushing the stage, throwing undies, and so on…Hey, he’s only 19 folks…

  • beck1982

    The running to the stage things normal, that I understand and was at the front of the stage with them lol. I heard about the girl trying to climb the speaker but didnt see her. But I truely think the undies being thrown thing is a crazy rumor that got started (not saying you started it lol) I never saw any of that and that’s not something you’d miss lol. The only thing I saw thrown up was a t-shirt that he signed as he was writing the numbers on the girls hands during WMNOYH.

  • Sharron Gail Taylor

    Yes we are in for a ride of our lives. It’s going to be so fun that we can’t control our self’s. and he did learned a whole lot from brad and we should be thankful for brad for it. I just love brad for it. the 3 new songs are great I can’t wait until they send the first one to radio. he is a cuter-pie around. he does deserve to have fun while he is singing. love you this big Scotty.