Scotty McCreery Debuts New Songs In Concert (VIDEO)

Scotty McCreery performed a couple of new songs at the Devilpalooza Concert at the ASU Polytechnic Campus Practice field yesterday, February 8.

“Gotta See You Tonight,” which Scotty had a hand in writing, and “Suntan” could appear on the American Idol 10 winner’s sophomore album, which he is currently working on.

Check out both songs below.

that could end up on hi

Gotta See You Tonight


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  • Chrissie H

    O dear – Do I ever love those new songs! Made my social circle listen and esp. with Gotta See You Tonight Scotty just gained alot of new Europaen fans. Woot

  • Chrissie H

    and BTW – I never doubted that Scotty could write songs

  • blackberryharvest

    I like them-very catchy!

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Ah. Can’t listen right now and it’s killing me…daughter has to practice piano…must wait…

  • Lexie O’Neill

    A pic of the crowd from last night (since I can’t listen)…:)

  • Lucie Laniel

    Love both songs but I am becoming obsessed with See You Tonight. I really, really hope that it is a hit. If Wanted could be a hit for HH, this one should become a hit for Scotty.

  • eyelinerandcigarettes

    See You Tonight. Holy crap. Hit right there. 

  • mchcat

    It will be worth it – both are so good

  • tabbie12

    love both songs but I think I favorite See you tonight

  • windmills

    Major headache right now but 1st impression: Suntan is the kind of typical male country stuff that annoys me. Scotty is a smart guy who deserves smarter lyrics than that. Gotta See You Tonight has a pretty melody. I wouldn’t have expected Scotty to sound at home on a melody that would fit on a Hunter Hayes album but he does. He is pushing a bit in his upper register but the song still works for him. Lyrically nothing special but the big difference between Gotta See You Tonight and Suntan is Scotty sells Gotta See You Tonight with sincerity while he sounds like he is dumbing himself down Suntan.

    Suntan is cowritten by Phillip White (who cowrite The Trouble With Girl), Dallas Davidson (one of the Peach Pickers), and Jon Pardi.

  • Lucie Laniel

    Scotty said he wrote See You Tonight when he first sang it Thursday night. Not sure whether he co-wrote it or wrote it by himself.

    Either way, I just love it and can’t stop listening to it.  

  • CanadianLady

    Yeah! I got in. Bought a new computer just before Christmas and then got busy and it’s taken me this long to get some detaily things looked after – like finding  my password so I could get in here to post! Been reading, but not able to comment.

    I know they’re focused on getting radio airplay, so I expect this is what they think will get played. There’s always a tension between what you want to do and what the audience wants. Personally, I didn’t particularly like “The Trouble with Girls” or “Water Tower Town” – thought there were some way stronger songs on the CD, like “Clear as Day” itself, or even “Dirty Dishes.” But if the target audience is young people and/or getting the songs on radio, then maybe these ones will work. I just hope they don’t lose his many fans or who thought he was going to bring back traditional music.

    We have tickets to see him in Niagara Falls next week so I guess I’ll know more about what I think about his new songs then.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    I like both songs…but agree Suntan is more of a party song than I typically love.  For some reason, I really enjoyed/loved Gotta See You Tonight.  I took the dog on a walk after listening to both and Tonight really stuck with me…and I actually think there are a few lines in there that were the twists on language that I love.  

    Will be listening to Gotta See You Tonight again and again.:))

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Oh, and the bigger thing for me…Gotta See You Tonight really made me smile because it convinced me that Scotty can write (I didn’t doubt him so much as I’m a natural doubter) and that made my day.  YAY!

  • toother

    Both See You Tonight and Suntan are are great songs from the best young country singer out there. Love Scotty music. There is just something that makes you want to listen over and over again, time and time again. Nobody in country does it better than that.

  • tabbie12

    I am really enjoying the two new songs. Performance is great especially with it being the first time singing them live Scotty has just gotten better and better with his singing and I think either song could be a great hit. Im sure he will have many great songs on this new album and can look forward to platinum again. Looking forward to hearing the song the family did background vocals on for the album.

  • Lucie Laniel

    Ashley replied to one of my tweet praising “See You Tonight” and from her answer I take it that there is another song coming that is a standout (at least to the family).

    Ashley McCreery?@ashleymccreery2
    @Ottawa1946 that’s one of the songs i LOVE! can’t wait for y’all to hear another one though ;)

    Wonder when we will hear it.

  • Chrissie H

    CanadianLady “But if the target audience is young people and/or getting the songs on radio, then maybe these ones will work. I just hope they don’t lose his many fans or who thought he was going to bring back traditional music.”

    I feel extremely happy as those two new songs fit my taste perfectly. And yes, I´d think they were chosen to appeal to radio and younger audience ( and to markedet outside US). I´d also think Scotty likes them too. I doubt he´ll loose many fans. Up to now comments from fans of all ages have responded positive to GSYT and Suntan. And as he/ they know his fanbase is very diverse they´ll make his album a mix of single- radio- material and some more traditional country songs. ———Now back to listening to Gotta See You Tonight 

  • Taylor

    As a huge fan of “modern country” (Luke Bryan, Florida-Georgia Line, Kip Moore, etc), this is EXACTLY what I was hoping to hear from Scotty’s 2nd album.  I’m so relieved that Scotty finally has radio-friendly hits that can get him to the next level of country stardom.

    And the songs are much more age-appropriate than the material from the 1st album, which were mostly too old-fashioned and I completely understand why radio didn’t play them. But these 2 songs fit right in with what most young country fans his own age like to hear!

  • Tess

    The thing I love about Scotty is that the guy has great diction and you can understand the lyrics.  Makes listening to him pretty darn enjoyable.

  • Caro3278sweet

    Scotty’s in fine voice on both of these songs. I liked GSYT – it’s a nice ditty and Scotty sells it. Suntan, however, needs to go away.

  • beck1982

    Absolutely LOVE both of these songs. Makes me even more excited for the concert (two weeks!!). Not understanding the negative comments bout Suntan (yes I know people have their opinion) but I really really like it. Hopefully he’ll get that number 1 hit this time round! And if the rest of the album is as good (as I’m sure it will be) it will most definitely happen. Very radio friendly songs. Hopefully he releases “See You Tonight” as a single soon and then follows with “Suntan” for the summer time!

  • ?Marie Theresse??

    Love the new Songs… 

  • Chrissie H

    “Hopefully he releases “See You Tonight” as a single soon and then follows with “Suntan” for the summer time!”
    Couldn´t agree more.  It´s hit material and I´m sure if his label this time chooses the wrong single again I´m totally gonna loose it.

  • Eileen99

    Gotta See You Tonight is a lovely song & is definitely Hunteresque.  The vocals sounded a bit rough to me but it could be the audio quality and/or Scotty not really being comfortable with the song yet.  This is definitely one that should be on his album, I think he will nail this one.

    Eh on Suntan.  It’s a wannabe song to me & doesn’t strike me as authentic coming from Scotty.  I don’t know that Scotty could sell this one & it’s a weak version of the type of thing that’s popular right now.

    Nice to hear new music from him, though.  Gotta See You Tonight is very promising.

  • durbesque

    Some singers mumble and I wish they would make the words clear (Kris). 
    Some singers make the words clear and I wish they wouldn’t (Scotty).

  • beck1982

    And if someone doesn’t like a certain singer they shouldn’t comment on a post about them. If he’s not ur “cup of tea” then don’t listen.

  • blackberryharvest

    I couldn’t quite put my finger on what the song Gotta See You Tonight reminded me of-then it hit me. I live about an hour from the Canadian border, so I listen to the Canadian country station occasionally. And the chorus reminds me of this song from the Canadian country singer Shane Yellowbird, I Remember The Music. Anybody else see the resemblance in the chorus? Not a bad thing, they are both catchy songs!

    I Remember The Music

  • durbesque

    Thanks for the advice, but…. Two of the freedoms we still have in this country are to listen to whomever I please and to comment within the guidelines.

  • beck1982

    Yes I know that I, I just don’t understand when people listen to a singer they don’t like. Nobody twisted your arm to listen to him.

  • Chrissie H

    durbesque “Some singers make the words clear and I wish they wouldn’t (Scotty).”

    I love Scotty´s voice and clarity. Makes it so much easier for me to understand the lyrics and then I so much like that US Southern accent. I´m not having any problem with others not sharing my taste and preference. I just don´t understand what is meant by the above.

  • SaSa8

    I really liked both of Scotty’s songs.  My favorite of the two would be Gotta See Ya Tonight.  It is very catchy and easy to sing.  Scotty wrote or co-wrote it and it is perfect for him.  Easy to relate to, the girls will like it and I think it would do well on radio too.  “Suntan” is a fun song and will be great for summer.  It is very similar to other fun, summer songs by other country artists so it is not as unique to me but it is still good. 

    These are just 2 of Scotty’s new songs.  I am sure the album will have a variety of songs and tempos just as CAD did.  Not every song appeals to every listener and that is ok.   It’s just great to hear new music from Scotty!!

  • MargieIdol

    Not a big country fan but loving Gotta See You Tonight. With the right production it could cross over too. The lyrics at like a male-Taylor Swift type song.

  • tucker davis

    Both of Scotty’s new songs are catchy. What I hate about the wgwg tag is shown by our last two winners: Scotty & P2 could not be more different musically. Yes, they’re both guys (half the population) & they’re both white (majority of U.S. population), but that’s it! Why do folks act like we’ve have the same kind of winner the last few years? 

  • beck1982

    Thank you! I’ve NEVER understood why Scotty was ever put in that category. About 90% of country singers play guitar. That doesn’t mean he has to be in that category cause he’s white and a guy. It’s the genre he’s in. Kris Allen, Lee Dewyse (sp?) and Phillip Phillips are WAY more alike than Scotty is to any of them. I would totally put then in the WGWG category.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    #See You Tonight is trending (and I didn’t even help)…guess we know which song the fans favor:))

  • BonnieDee

    I think Gotta See You Tonight could be a hit.  Don’t like Suntan at all. 

  • Diana Manton

    These 2 New Songs are Great just love them SEEYOUTONIGHT TRENDING on Twitter

  • Jonathan

    Suntan sounds just like something Luke Bryan would record on one of his Spring Break albums. Luke is doing pretty well for himself so I say its smart for Scotty to record something that has this sound.  This is the kinda stuff radio eats up. Radio prefers lighthearted (not dumbed down) music, and just by reading any given week’s top 20 you can see the proof. Scotty could get this song in the top 10 easily in July!

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Just found out…Scotty and band flew from Arizona last night to Miami to do a private gig at the Fontainebleau resort tonight…busy boy:)))

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Brent Fielder?@bfielder
    @ScottyMcCreery at CFA seminar. Fun night. 

    36m Brent Fielder?@bfielder
    A little scottymccreery at #RED – #CFASeminar @ Fontainebleau Resort

  • windmills

    Jonathan: Suntan sounds just like something Luke Bryan would record on one of his Spring Break albums. Luke is doing pretty well for himself so I say its smart for Scotty to record something that has this sound.  Kenny Chesney would record this song too. This is the kinda stuff radio eats up. Radio prefers lighthearted (not dumbed down-hate that phrase) music, and just by reading any given week’s top 20 you can see the proof. Scotty could get this song in the top 10 easily in July!

    Luke’s radio singles are catchier than Suntan. I also don’t think Scotty’s going to get magically get a t10 hit by copying Luke or Kenny’s formula either. Hits aren’t a one formula fits all situation. Just because there have been a lot of hit songs involving trucks doesn’t mean every truck song will be a hit. Not every country rocker will be a hit. I mean, think about it. Is Luke Bryan who Scotty is an artist? Is Kenny? Is Jason Aldean? Does it make sense for Scotty to be modeling himself after them?

    Scotty won’t get that bigger hit if it doesn’t sound authentic, and there are already too many guys doing the skeezy party rocker thing already. I get that people sometimes make compromises to get hits but they should be smart compromises. When I say I think the clip of Suntan is beneath Scotty it’s because I’ve heard him sing Write My Number On Your Hand – similar kind of topic, way better song, way more personality in the song, and it was presented in a way that’s authentic to Scotty (especially the humor). 

    What stood out to me about Gotta See You Tonight is, Hunter Hayes, Charlie Worsham (who’s just starting out), Easton Corbin, and Greg Bates (who’s had a hit but hasn’t released an album yet) are the only guys right now doing young, hopeful, & romantic upbeat stuff like that. It’s a niche Scotty fits into by age and by character and he can stand out there. Not saying his whole album should be in that lane. But, IMO it’s a better place to start when thinking about possible singles than chasing after the Luke/Florida-Georgia Line bandwagon.

  • eleanor_V1

    I love both songs See you tonight & SunTan Both sound like future #1 songs 

  • mmmtx

    I liked both See You Tonight and Suntan and I think they both fit his age and his lifestyle.  The sentiment in both songs sound to me like typical situations Scotty and his college roommates could see themselves in.  One sentiment is more heartfelt and serious while the other is more fun, but I think both are equal sides of 19 to 20 year old men.  Mostly tho, I am thrilled to be hearing new music from Scotty.

  • AlesheaDominique

    I listened to both songs a few times before I made my decisions on them. Neither song is what I expected from Scotty. With that said, when I heard Santan I immediately thought it sounded like a Kip Moore rip off. It’s not a bad song but Idk about it being for Scotty. The first song GSYT was actually stuck in my head and I found myself singing the chorus while I was moving about the house. 

  • Chrissie H

    I still like both songs but prefer Gotta See You Tonight and so do people around me and judging from overall comments and reactions and the trending last night, so does the majority who listened to both songs. That bods well, and I´m so hoping they´ll release this one as his next single, and spiced up with a nice little flirty video : #hit!

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Just a question…do you think the label/Scotty are looking for feedback and that’s why he performed these songs (and one other we don’t have a good video for yet) before the album is finished?  Or do y’all think the songs are set and he’s just excited to share?

    Do labels even look for feedback for album content/single choices?  With CAD, there wasn’t time…

    And I think the feedback for these two songs is pretty clear…

  • Tess

    Lexie, I would think your assumption is pretty correct since we don’t have a release date for the album which means it probably isn’t pressed yet.  For any artist, and especially a relative newbie, it is important to get a reaction before introducing new material.  Of course it is a double edged sword in this world of computers but I would think it is a more precise reading than just having a few peeps grading the songs.  

    Scotty is still relatively young and he needs to record songs that are believable being sung by a young adult.  The standard fare for country lyrics probably doesn’t fit into his bailiwick so testing will be essential, I would think.  I am sure that TPTB in his camp knew the tunes would be taped and distributed and I am pretty sure they will be monitored by his label and his marketing staff.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    I was just checking twitter and this interview appeared–it just came out yesterday…funny, it’s like Scotty and his team answered me.:))

    “Yeah, we might be. We’re in the process of recording those songs right now and still picking out and writing and all of that stuff. So as those songs come along, as they evolve and we get the recording process done, we’re going to be playing them and just kind of feel them out, see which ones the crowds react to and try and get a good feel on what kind of songs we want to have singles on for the radio.”

  • MsTee

    I agree with mmmtx, Ditto’.  Love BOTH songs, can see both as hits.  Both are catch’y tunes that KEEP going over and over in my head!!