Scott MacIntyre – American Idol Season 8 Top 36 Contestant

Scott MacIntyre – Phoenix – 23 – Scottsdale, AZ

Visually impaired since birth, Scott is a scholar and an accomplished singer/pianist who has performed all over the world.   Scott, a producer with 6 indie albums under his belt, has an adult contemporary musical style, heavy on ballads.

In other words, if there’s a disco night, he’s going to be in trouble.   He’s had plenty of screen time, and his backstory–accomplished blind guy–will garner some votes.  But, while I think Scott has a good shot at making it to the Top 12, his uncommerical sound will keep him from winning. Check out Scott’s MySpace and Website.

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  • widz

    Hmm..I’m still on the fence about Scott – what group is he in?

    I think I would need to see him doing a few more songs to make my mind up..

  • itsalleternal

    He has a good shot at the top 12, but may need the wildcard to do it depending on the group makeup. If he is in the same group as 2 or more of Adam, Matt G and Michael, then it will be tough.

  • dreamr

    Hmmm…well, I just went to his site and if the songs that play when you get there are of him singing, then he’s got a really good voice, in my opinion. But some of the songs sound like two different guys, so I’m not sure and it doesn’t show you the details of the songs. *Sigh*…

    I can’t say he’s one of my top favorites just yet, but I do like him.

  • bean99

    He’s another one I liked better in the audition. I know a lot of people like him so he has a shot but don’t know if he’ll make the top 12 unless he can pull out a great performance to go with his back story.

  • chicksineggz

    Hey mj. It’s visually impaired. He’s not technically blind.
    I’m only saying this because my mom went crazy on correcting me when I asked her if she liked the blind guy. xD

    I really love that picture of him. But about his voice.. I’m undecided.

  • revots33

    Seems like a nice guy, but not a great singer. If you knew nothing about his backstory and just listened to his “And So It Goes” audition with your eyes closed, you’d be surprised he even made it to Hollywood.

  • BootStar

    While the guy’s accomplishments blow me away, I think Scott is, at best, a mediocre singer. I can’t believe he would have made it this far if he were fully-sighted. And that really pisses me off because it’s so blatantly patronizing.

  • Dr. Tracey

    That IS a nice picture of him.
    Maybe it’s because of his bio/history or maybe it’s because of the pimping but I expected to be blown away by this guy and so far i’m not at all.
    To me he’s just average but maybe that will change during the show, I didn’t think his Hollywood audition was that good.
    He reminds me of Art Garfunkel or Christopher Cross, I don’t see him winning at this point but you never know, he seems like a nice enough guy.

  • CRB

    Mediocre with a capital M.

  • t2

    Well they definitely “hotted” up that picture of Scott. I think if he gets to the top 12, it will be through wild card. If he goes back to singing ballady Billy Joel, he could make it to Top 12 on his own.

    I’m neither here nor there on him making the top 12. Would vote for Michael Sarver over Scott, but would not mind seeing more of Scott’s cuter brother (if that was his brother from the audition).

  • NickDaddyo

    I like the guy, but he’s just not that good.

  • primeminister

    He is mediocre at singing, but he looks like a great pianist and person. I like him, but I’m definitely not voting for him.

  • snuffles

    Kinda off topic. But I obsessivley compulsively tallied the number of comments of all the Top 36 contestant posts in an effort to see which one is generating the most interest:

    Adam Lambert 93
    Danny Gokey 79
    Nick “Normund Gentle” Mitchell 73
    Von Smith 45
    Jessie Langseth 34
    Anoop Desai 32
    Michael Sarver 30
    Matt Giraud 26
    Jackin Tohn 25
    Alex Wagner Trugman 25
    Felicia Bartoon 24
    Jasmine Murray 23
    Tatiana Del Toro 21
    Ann Marie Boskovich 20
    Stevie Wright 19
    Stephen Fowler 19
    Arianna Afsar 19
    Jeanine Vailes 18
    Kai Kalama 18
    Nate Marshall 17
    Kendall Beard 16
    Brent Keith 16
    Kristen McNamara 15
    Mishovonna Henson 14
    Lil Rounds 13
    Matt Bretzke 13
    Casey Carlson 12
    Jorge Mendez 12
    Scott MacIntyre 10
    Ju’Not Joyner 9
    Alexis Grace 9
    Kris Allen 8
    Ricky Braddy 8
    Allison Iraheta 4

  • hcpoirot

    Scott probably need a wildcard to reach top 12. But again you never know. If he able to had a good performace, maybe he will able to get lots of votes.

  • St.Lucia

    I like Scott as a person, but his singer leaves me underwhelmed.

    I think he’ll still make the top 12, however.

  • Suzanne

    I think he’ll need an amazing performance in the semis to make it, even to be picked up by the judges as a wildcard.

    That’s a great picture of Scott. His backstory is compelling, which will help him, but he’s only an okay singer and his face often looks blank. I realize that his lack of facial expressions/outward enthusiasm is likely because he doesn’t see that in others because of his impairment, but it will hurt him.

    When he sang Home at the end of Hollywood week, I thought he was out for sure. Chris Daughtry is a far better singer, so it only showed Scott’s mediocrity. He’s got to do a song (or, if he’s lucky, songs) that were originally done by singers who don’t sound like him and with arrangements that are very different from his presentation (unplugged rock song; songs made famous by women, etc.).

  • Lu

    Yeah, I need to see more too. I didn’t like his version of Home but then again I really like Daughtry’s version so maybe that’s why. He has a nice voice and he’s talented but he hasn’t done anything to set himself apart talent-wise… his back story definitely sets him apart and imo is what will propel him to the top 12.

  • Sarah

    I think Scott is a talented pianist, seems like a nice guy, and is a decent singer. And his backstory is heartwarming. I just know that his musical style is not one that I prefer, but that doesn’t mean that others don’t like it. So I don’t know about his chances for the top 12. Others might looooove him. Who knows.

    All I can say for myself is that I most likely won’t vote for him, but I do find him inspiring.

  • abbysee

    I really wanted to like him. But he is just okay to me. He really could surprise me though. We’ll see.

  • GwendolynD

    I like Scott and his crazy hair. Love him, as a matter of fact.

    Unless he pulls something really surprising out of his hat though, I don’t think he’s a shoo-in.

  • cookcricket

    I’ve been thinking about this a little bit because he hasn’t blown me away either. I’m interested to see how he does in the semi-finals since we haven’t been able to see a full (if you call it that) performance from him or anyone else for that matter.

    However, I really think his blindness does hinder him because there my be other singers as equally talented as him vocally, but have the ability to connect with their audience emotionally so are viewed as more talented. I could be wrong, but I think of Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles who are/were simply amazing musicians so they blow you away. Just a thought.

  • marco5ny

    Did he ever look as good as his pic on the show? Yikes that’s a makeover. Seems like a nice guy but doesn’t seem that interesting vocally. You can’t take the same road as Theo Tams without the talent.