Sanjaya Malakar – Dancing To The Music In My Head EP and Book Released on January 20

Season 6’s Sanjaya Malakar will do double duty on January 20th, releasing both a memoir detailing his life story and an EP of new songs, both called Dancing to the Music in my Head.

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Here’s how the editorial review describes the book:

In his candid new book, Sanjaya opens up about what it feels like to go from obscurity as a high school student near Seattle to worldwide fame as a top ten finalist on one of the most popular television shows in American history. For the first time, the “People’s Idol” talks about life before Randy, Simon, Paula and “Sanjayamania,” and offers his devoted “Fanjayas” an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the blockbuster show. From going to Hollywood with his beloved sister, Shyamali, to becoming the most highly anticipated performer of season six, to facing the unforgiving chopping block, Sanjaya tells his fans everything they want to know. Finally, he shares how his life has changed since he left Idol, and where his music — and unforgettable persona — will take him next.

Unless he’s spilled some juicy details, I can’t imagine Sanjaya selling a memoir to folks outside the fanbase. Blake Lewis, who traveled with Sanjaya on the Season 6 tour said that Sanjaya’s life story was “super shocking.” If he chooses to go deep, the book could be an interesting read. Otherwise? Zzzz.

Check out the EP’s Amazon page to hear song snippets. The music has an R&B feel, with a bit of world beat thrown in for good measure. But as always, I’ll reserve judgment until I can listen to full songs…

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  • itsalleternal

    Wow, that came out of nowhere! I didn’t like him on the show, but maybe it will be good!

  • abbysee

    I thought that Sanjaya had some untapped talent that wasn’t manifested on the show. I don’t think I am going to buy the book, but I may buy the EP. I think I might like the Lullaby song and Rainy Days. I’ve heard more of the former from elsewhere, and it’s different. In an interesting way.

  • soundscene

    I didn’t know that Sanjaya got a job advertising Prell Shampoo. Or that they even still made Prell Shampoo.

  • tinydcfan

    soundscene – lol!

    My b/day’s the 20th so I’m just super-excited to share my day w/Sanjaya! Now I know what presents(s) to ask my hubby for! :lol_tb:

  • MrsTrep

    How on earth are you supposed to take that seriously with that cover? The hand in the hair, the ‘rainbow’ of colors flying out of it in the back and the twirly flowers…. UGH!!!

  • jumpstart

    Hmmm, thanks but I think I’ll pass. I didn’t enjoy Sanjaya on AI and I very much doubt that anything would ever change my opinion. But good luck to him.

  • DJ

    Not likin’ the cover, but some of the song previews sound good.

  • Bobbi

    “the à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“Peopleà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s Idolà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬  ?” LMAO!!

  • jpfan

    I think we’ll be sorely missing Ken Barnes from January-March. That’ll be the only way we’ll ever find out how many albums Sanjaya will sell.

  • snuffles

    Did he ever track the sales of EPs? Because Josiah Leming also released and EP and I don’t recall ever seeing any sales numbers for him.

  • itsalleternal

    No one tracked Josiah. I do know he was #13 on the iTunes chart in the release week, and somewhere around #30 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart.

  • mac

    So I was NEVER a fan of Sanjaya’s and couldn’t stand him on the show, but I do realize that he seemed to have a lot of fans that were keeping him on the show. It is amazing to me that it has taken Sanjaya this long to get something out to the public. I doubt that much of his fanbase is left. I wonder why he (or his management) did not try to take advantage of his popularity in some fashion? I think the iron is definitely cold now and I will be totally amazed if the EP or the book (unless it has juicy stuff in it) goes anywhere.

  • idolbeat

    The Lullaby song is very good and different – with the Bollywood-ish mix, it sounds catchy. Of all the songs, I think this one has the most potential but I want to hear them all.

  • snuffles

    According to this:

    The initial printing of Sanjaya’s book is 75,000 copies.