Ryan Seacrest Launching a TV Network

Ryan Seacrest continues his march to take over the world. Now, American Idol host multi-hyphenate is getting his own TV network.

Ryan, along with partners AEG and talent agency CAA, have struck a deal with billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban to rebrand Cuban’s HDNet as AXS TV beginning this summer.

The channel’s programming will rely heavily on live lifestyle and live entertainment fare, leveraging the music assets of AEG, a top venue owner and and tour promoter, and the A-list connections and production capabilities of Seacrest.

Today the world…tomorrow the universe? Ryan you are beginning to scare me.

Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

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mj santilli

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  • Anonymous

    would be cool if they telecast some live concerts since AEG is probably the 2nd biggest tour promoter in the US, if not the world, behind LiveNation.

    I don’t know where Ryan finds the time or the energy for all his projects, but no one can say he hasn’t worked his butt off for his success

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SYFK77IYLRQIVATQ2MJKSW2J7Y Pam

    LOL mj.  Yep, Ryan is slowly taking over the world.  How many more jobs does one man need?  Get ready for it. Ryan is trying to beat Oprah at her own game. Heh

    Of course AI wouldn’t be the successful show that it is without Ryan’s contributions.  imo

  • Kylee

    Geez, you would think he would give up one of his many jobs LOL.

  • Kitwana

    Haven’t we suffered enough? First that crummy OWN network by “Queen” Oprah and now a network from a talentless hack like Ryan Seacrest. All those “A” list connections will not ensure him success. Who has more A list friends than Oprah?

  • jersey

    OMG, Ryan! Relax a little! Some down time is good for the soul!

  • Anonymous

    Get it, Ryan.

    Would it be too much to hope Fremantle can secure the rights to the songs so we could see old Idol episodes? I hated Idol Rewind. All of the chopped up episodes and unnecessary commentary.

  • Anonymous

    Some Type A people just don’t know when to quit.  Perhaps this is a direct dig at the Today people for having fun at his expense.   Hope it’s different than the OWN channel, which is, I am sorry to say, somewhat boring.

  • bbf546

    Eeek.. This has “disaster” written all over it.

  • http://twitter.com/elfstar89 Erika Fernandez

    this will be more successful than OWN.  mark my words.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, I don’t get this network “for men” like millions of other Time Warner subscribers in nyc.  I wouldn’t think you re-brand, sink money into new partners and develop wholly new content if the network is already a success.

  • Anonymous

    Is there Ryan Seacrest stock, cause I would be buying!!! lol…  He amazes….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BTBLQCZR7Y7LHV5BFYKYW5UQ6Q Aden

    I remember Ryan was just a regular DJ on 98.7 before Idol.  I would say he is the most successful Idol and he can’t even sing or act.  Go figure why never the best talented ones win this competition.

  • Anonymous

    Early on in his career Ryan said he wanted to be like his Idol and Mentor Dick Clark, who hosted TV shows, produced awards shows, djed nationally syndicated radio shows and owned a production company that ran programming on a couple of TV networks.
    Sounds like he has accomplished his goal and more.
    Congrats to Ryan!
    Oprah may have been a TV powerhouse with her own show, but shows she produced for TV even prior to OWN often fell short in the ratings department as they skewed to the enlightened and educational realm that put off many of the average viewers.
    Ryan, on the other hand, has had many production sucesses which seem to appeal to the mass audience.
    I don’t see any new network attracting overwhelming numbers in the overcrowded field, but I do think Ryan has a better than average chance at having a money making product.

  • Anonymous

    Network sounds like a hybrid of E! and MTV.  I don’t see why it would be a disaster.  Ryan-related shows in E! have been successful, and since MTV doesn’t have music anymore, there is probably a void in presenting music acts on TV. 

  • luvadamlambert

    Love Ryan -you go girl :P (j/k)