Ryan Seacrest Booed at NFL Kickoff Game (VIDEO)


Oh Noes. Ryan Seacrest was booed when he took the field at Mile High stadium, flanked by cheerleaders to introduce a special countdown featuring NFL legends.

Now why would the crowd boo the all-american Ryan Seacrest. Hes like, America’s favorite guy, isn’t he? Guess they aren’t American Idol fans? Or top 40 radio fans? Or Kardashian fans? Or Today show fans? Not looking forward to the Million Second Quiz? No interest in Persians in America?

Or maybe they can’t miss somebody if he won’t go away.

Check out the sad clip below.

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  • ninergrl6

    I’ve been to 100+ NFL games & it doesn’t sound like *that* much booing to me, more general fan noise. If anything, the fans probably just wanted the game to start. You hear REAL booing when the opposing players run out onto the field.

  • EvenMoreron

    I like Ryan, but he almost seems maniacal in accepting all these jobs on TV. He didn’t get the best reception for his Olympics coverage, I don’t know why he thought he’d go over well with football. Does he know who his audience is? He’s getting that $$$ so what do I know?

  • Kariann Hart

    That’s right, I didn’t hear much either. Ryan needs to rest once in awhile!

  • usedtobelucy

    Well, a football game is pretty much our premiere ritual of machismo, isn’t it? In that atmosphere, I’m sure that a few would feel compelled to boo a multimillionaire in Ryan’s style…just because. I mean, American Idol clearly has cooties … and shouldn’t a *real* man be the one making all that cash? heh….Anyway, in a football crowd a few people are usually booing everything.

    I don’t see why Ryan needs all these jobs. But who knows? Maybe the AI producers thought his appearance could win them a few extra viewers. They shoulda sent JLo, however.

  • justmefornow

    He’s lucky this wasn’t in Philly, he probably would have had something thrown at him as well, lol.

    Football and cheesy reality shows just don’t mix.

  • supersonic

    He shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Football and Ryan Seacrest? That don’t go together.

  • Kirsten

    Football and cheesy reality shows just don’t mix.

    Everything surrounding football is cheesy.

    – cheesily dressed cheer-leaders – check
    – cheesy fan souveniers – check (some are actually pieces of cheese you put on your head)
    – cheesy countdowns – check
    – cheesy fan rituals – check
    – cheesy marching band routines – check

    – the list goes on-and-on – it’s cheese from well-before the game to weeks afterwards.

    It’s not the cheese factor, it’s the pseudo-“macho” factor that tripped him up. Of course, maybe some of the fans don’t recognize the cheese endemic in their favourite sport.

  • slbbw

    He was booed because he doesn’t belong there. They want football and testosterone and beer, not exactly Ryan Seacrest buzz words.. Bad placement by producers.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Well, a football game is pretty much our premiere ritual of machismo, isn’t it? ”

    Yep. It’s what the gladiator battles of ancient Rome have evolved into. lol

  • ladymctech

    Amen RE Philly. I cannot say I am surprised at the crowd’s reaction to Ryan, though I personally think it’s a bit ignorant on their part.

  • girlygirl

    I don’t know if Ryan is a football fan, but there was no legit reason for him to be on that telecast.

    The tv critic for the Baltimore newspaper wrote a scathing column criticizing NBC for its “shilling” of Secrest last night. He also had some less than flattering comments about Ryan himself, basically calling him vapid and talentless.

    NBC shouldn’t have had Ryan at the game or wasted time interviewing him. If they had just did the usual commercials for his tv show, no one probably would have really cared.

  • Jaejae1

    I didn’t hear any booing when I watched this last night but I did wonder why the heck did they get RS to do this job.

  • justmefornow

    LOL. I guess there could be considered “male cheese and female cheese”. But Idol is definitely NOT of the male cheese variety. It would be the female cheese their wives and daughters watch.

    Here’s my all time favorite Philly sport cheese.
    Best. Sport’s Mascot. Ever.


  • Not fit to print

    Ryan can run a live show like clockwork and has built a massive media empire. He’s talented; just not a sports fan’s idea of talented, so they let him know it.

    Or maybe they just can’t stand the fact that most of them will take a lifetime to earn what he makes in a month? #GreenEyedMonster

  • justshootme

    Favorite quote from that article “Seacrest embodies the worst aspects of commercial television – the phoniness, the lack of creativity and talent, the vapid emptiness at its heart. You don’t take someone like that and shove him down the throats of serious sports fans on opening night as NBC did Thursday.”

    Stupid move on NBC’s part.

  • b_james


  • Kirsten

    The tv critic for the Baltimore newspaper wrote a scathing column criticizing NBC for its “shilling” of Secrest last night

    Why would NBC “shill” for Seacrest? What is he to them? He’s the “face” of the rival to their highest rated show. That horrible Kim reality show is on cable isn’t it (please tell me NBC doesn’t air that crap?)? I don’t think NBC owns his radio station. So, why would they shill?

    They probably thought he would bring in some viewers (female? pop-fans?) so they thought he was helping to get viewers. It did get them some press in a non-traditional sports blog.

  • Kirsten

    “Seacrest embodies the worst aspects of commercial television – the
    phoniness, the lack of creativity and talent, the vapid emptiness at its
    heart. You don’t take someone like that and shove him down the throats
    of serious sports fans on opening night as NBC did Thursday.”

    LMAO. Sports fans are so freakin’ full of themselves. People who watch singing contests are fake lame-o’s, but people who watch men on steroids (and assorted other performance enhancing drugs) give each other crippling brain-injuries are “serious”.

    It’s entertainment folks.

    Fans may become over-involved in their teams/favourites, spend way too much money on “souvenirs” and spend way too much time attending concerts/games, but neither pop-music nor sports are truly serious. They are distractions. And big business. They are serious money-makers for the companies, broadcasters and players/artists.

    Ryan is no more phony or vapid than most sportscasters. And both Ryan and those sportscasters are very talented…they make it look easy.

  • Not fit to print

    Yes, and sports fans represent the ultimate in media-savvy de-ontruction….Regular little Noam Chomskys, every last one, with their finely tuned commentaries on the zeitgiest: BOO.

    Not to mention that football runs on pretty much the same phoniness and vapid emptiness, with its’ fiddling of academic records, cover-up of criminal acts etc. etc. etc.

    ETA: Sorry girlygirl – not snapping at you – just annoyed with the whole insular, macho crap that is professional sports

  • justshootme

    Lol, I’ll give ya that, Ryan and most sportscasters are probably equally phoney and vapid.

    NBC was still stupid, they should have known he was a poor fit for this.

  • Jordana33

    I don’t hear the booing…..

  • Miles (Grumpy) (VI)

    Booing Ryan seems a little like kicking a puppy to me. He’s harmless, filthy rich, but harmless.

  • Ronnie D

    Ryan has sort of become passe, at least outside of Hollywood.

  • DaisyMagnolia

    Doesn’t Ryan host/produce that million-second quiz show that starts next week on NBC? It was cross-promotion.

  • DaisyMagnolia

    Every form of entertainment has its share of Swiss and Colby Jack. And football can be very macho. But considering how many women watch the sport, the ‘ugh, eff the macho’ venom is short-sighted. Sports fans are no more delusional than uber-obsessed Idol fans.

    Ryan was booed because nothing about him fits with the sport. Yes, he’s great at what he does. He’s always around–hosting this, promoting that, unleashing the unholiness that are the Kardashians upon the unsuspecting masses. He’s over-saturated himself. Getting involved with the country’s most popular sport is one appearance too many.

    Maybe people are simply tired of him for the moment.

    NFL fans aren’t going to waste their time being jealous of Ryan. Peyton Manning–who’s just as rich as Seacrest, and has a much higher Q-rating–would be victim of jealousy among that crowd. Many dreamed of being a Super Bowl winning QB. I doubt many thought of becoming this generation’s Dick Clark. Nothing wrong with that, but it wasn’t on the bucket list.

    Again, assuming that NFL fans are so obtuse is a very-short sighted way of not realizing that Seacrest is a bad fit among NFL fans–male or female.

  • lkingcorn

    That can’t have been a good ego moment. I’ve never been that invested in Seacrest one way or another, but do think he is a big behind the scenes manipulator. I always thought he was trying to be Dick Clark…but there will only be one Dick Clark.

  • Stooch

    You give NBC way too much credit. This was the opening game on the NFL season, so they were very invested in it. The NFL if I’m not mistaken has a bigger TV deal with FOX. If the NFL said to NBC that Ryan was to do that introduction there is nothing they could do about it, it’s not like there gonna say well than we won’t do Sunday Night Foot ball anymore, cause every other network would be there with their wallets out to take their place. I’m also quite sure NBC would have much rather had Blake or Adam (Maroon 5) do the pre-game concert than Keith Urban.

  • overthetop1

    Is that what cheerleaders wear these days?

    I didn’t think the booing was that bad. Maybe 10 or 20 thousand.

  • lkingcorn

    Hard to be passé in Hollywood where he appears to have his fingers in many pies. Guess he under estimated his popularity with football fans. At least it wasn’t a Raiders game…one can only imagine…

  • sabbia

    I really can’t hear much booing either. But if I were there, I would have been booing those atrociously cheesy cheerleaders in the background behind him. Talk about “the phoniness, the lack of creativity and talent, the vapid emptiness at its heart.”

    Regardless, Ryan shouldn’t take it too personally–football fans are notorious for voicing negativity at every opportunity. (I know, I am a huge football fan)

  • sabbia

    Speaking of Philly fans throwing things, I’m surprised you didn’t mention the most infamous incident in the City of Brotherly Love:


  • justmefornow

    Ah, don’t you just love the classics ;)

    This following game I was at in 1989, at the old Vet. A referee was actually knocked out with one of those ice balls in the end zone during a commercial.

    (Ryan got off easy in Denver, lol.)


  • tigervixxxen

    I was there last night and damn straight we booed him. Denver is about football, not Hollywood shit.

  • tigervixxxen

    By the way it’s called Sports Authority Field at Mile High. There is a good reason why Denver fans don’t tolerate ignorant east/west coast media.

  • supersonic

    Or it could be that he’s corny and fake and really shouldn’t have been at a football game.

  • supersonic

    You got to see the amazing Peyton Manning live in action. Lucky.

  • Not fit to print

    It’s a fricking football game – a mass entertainment. Do you honestly think it’s more authentic than Idol?

    American football is hardly in any position to disdain fakes and phonies of any kind, given how many F&P’s they have playing and coaching the game. (Paderno/ Sandusky & PENN state most recently.)

    Whatever Ryan may be personally (and I’m not that big a fan) he represents a show that sparked a national pre-occupation with the performing (i.e: effeminate) arts.

    That’s what they are booing.The most significant difference between Idol and football is that the first caters largely to women and second caters largely to men. The booing is an expression of disdain by one group for the other.

    Heck, GLEE built a whole show around this.