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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 — Episode 2 Untucked Recap and Bonus VIDEO

The winning team try to guess the bottom two queens. Ivy guesses, “Sierra,” confusing the hell out of Lineysha.

The Big Pink Furry Box contains a “Guess the Queen” game, providing much shade about the others in the competition. Serena is correctly identified from not being Top Three material. Monica is identified as “Banjee.” Alyssa is clocked as the plus-size queen who is not Roxxy. Jade is quickly identified (and read) as being a shit-stirrer.

We get bonus footage from the runway. Apparently, there was a team lip-sync. It’s hard to describe, but well worth watching. Especially for Coco.

Then the losing teams get to drink. The queen comfort Monica and assure her that she’s family. They urge her to wear girl clothes in the Werk Room if she wishes.

The RuPaul “Peek-a-Ru” shows a support video from Monica’s mom, sending everyone into tears. Monica admits being intimated by how talented the other queens are.

“But you’re here with us, so so are you,” Roxxy reassures her. “We’re all of the same caliber,” someone in the crowd says. “Except for Serena,” Roxxy adds, and the entire room laughs hysterically… with the exception of Serena.

Serena tries to defend herself against the entire group — a valiant effort. Unfortunately, she pulls the ghetto card, and triggers a rain of hellfire, especially from Detox. Serena apologizes, then finally admits that she’s intimidated by the others. Just in time for her to go out and lose the lip-sync.

By the way, the bonus scenes are great. Check them out.

  • http://www.fatladysings.us/ TFLS

    Love everything about this season!  The Queens are freakin’ fabulous, the challenges tons of
    fun, and the judging the best since season one.  Also – let me put a mention in
    for those fantabulous Absolut commercials starring Michelle Visage.  She’s great – not to mention the always interesting Sharon
    Needles (along with all the other fun and feisty characters).  Add in the hilarious
    Avenue Q safe sex PSA (my husband about fell off the
    bed over the ‘I like to watch’ line) – and you have the best hour’s
    entertainment on TV. 


  • Montavilla

    Heh.  I just read you over at TLO’s.  

    But I agree, especially about the Puppet Service Announcements.  I end up watching every commercial about thirty times doing a recap, and this one cracks me up every single time.  

  • Caro Bla bla bla

    Im from latinoamerica and i would like to know what serena said and what does it means? pleaseeeee n__n 

  • Montavilla

    Im from latinoamerica and i would like to know what serena said and what does it means? pleaseeeee n__n thanks

    If you mean, what did she write on the mirror, it was:  “God bless America, Viva Panama, Keep bearing light QUEENS xoxo* Serena Chacha”

    *xoxo means “love and kisses”

  • http://www.fatladysings.us/ TFLS

     I’m a TLO regular.  Always have to check them out after an episode.  I do really love this season of Drag Race.  Don’t know who I’m rooting for yet…..  It’s gonna be fun!

  • Montavilla

    Glad to see you over here!

  • http://twitter.com/bluinjewin Landon Cox

    How is Alyssa plus sized? She doesn’t have one chin, let alone a double