Ruben Studdard, Danny Gokey, Mandisa, Phil Stacey – Dove Awards (VIDEO)

American Idol alums, Ruben Studdard (S2), Phil Stacey (S6), Danny Gokey (S8) and Mandisa (S5) joined forces last week at the 43rd annual Dove awards in a string of performances.

The Dove Awards, which airs on the Gospel Music Channel, is an annual event that celebrates the best in gospel and Christian music.

Mandisa was nominated for 3 awards: Female Vocalist, Pop/contemporary Album of the Year for What if We Were Real, and Special Event Album of the year for the Ashes to Ashes compilation.

Watch Danny and Phil duet on ‘Lean on Me”, Mandisa sing her CMC hit, “Stronger” and Ruben Studdard  sing lead on I” Need an Angel.

Danny Gokey and Phil Stacey – Lean on Me

Mandisa – Stronger

Ruben Studdard, Mandisa, Phil Stacey, Danny Gokey – “I Need an Angel”

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  • Anonymous

    Ruben sounds incredible.  I love his passion when he sings gospel music.  Loved the enthusiastic audience singing along.  Also love when idols collaborate.  Sweet.  

  • Anonymous

    Love seeing Idols across different seasons come together like this.  Mandisa has carved herself a very nice career in Christian music.  Cool seeing Phil and Danny, though there was a bit of over-singing.  Rueben’s voice is beautiful.  

    I bet we’ll see Colton at the Dove Awards next year. ;)

  • Tiffany

    Idols did good.  Phil oversang a bit but has a nice tone.

  • Whiteshirt

    I miss Phil Stacey

  • Anonymous

    I think Phil and Danny sound really good on Lean On Me, and I enjoyed Ruben and Mandisa, too!

  • Indigobunting

    It was really nice seeing this Idol collaboration!  Lots of enthusiastic tweets after about the Idol performance.

    Idol singers sure are good singers and these four showcased that :)

  • steph6449

    Nice to see this group from separate AI seasons and vocal styles together performing. 

    When they were advertising this performance, I had guessed that Mandisa would be the main one spotlighted but it turned to really be Ruben, and with Danny and Phil doing a separate segment. I thought they all did well and sounded good, though Phil was a little ott for me. Seemed like they had a lot of fun doing this together, both in rehearsals beforehand, on the red carpet (the GMC site has some posted), and in the performance itself.

    I didn’t see the whole show so maybe others of the four did as well, but Danny presented Song of the Year award with Ricky Skaggs.

  • Anonymous

    Ruben sounded good.

    Danny Gokey is still shopping at the Dress-a-Douche store, I see ;)  Danny, hun, get a shirt that FITS you.  Good god.  Phil looks way different – I can’t figure out what’s changed?  They both over sang, if you ask me, but hey.  They do that. 

    I think Mandisa was having some issues with her sound at first, because she was seriously off key to start – but dang.  The girl has lost some POUNDAGE.  She looks great.

  • Indigobunting

    Um, I thought they all looked rather nice- men and women.

    On a somewhat related topic- Idols doing inspirational appearances:

    Danny Gokey is doing Joel Osteen’s Night of Hope stadium gig in Washington DC tonight- he gave a talk and sang My Best Days Are Ahead of Me.

    Picture from someone backstage who is perhaps one of the participants? Twitter account seems to show an album of her?:!/CindyRatcliff/status/196653384776953856/photo/1

  • steph6449

    I believe Cindy is a worship leader with Lakewood Church in Houston. She knows Danny from occasions he has sung there in the past.

    Danny looked cute in the red carpet photos and in presenting, when he had his full outfit on. I’m not sure why they had him taking the jacket off for the performance, maybe to provide a contrast with the others since Ruben and Phil both had jackets.

  • Anonymous

    This was a nice performance for all, although I agree with others tha Phil definitely was pumped up and kinda oversang. They all sounded great and prove that Idol graduates good voices

  • Anonymous

    Love these 4, especially Phil and Danny, 2 of my favorite guys. I think that Phil was just fine. That is how I have come to know him to be in his performances. Wish I could have heard more of him and Danny. Phil has some great songs on both his “Into the Light” and “Faith” cd’s. It would have been nice to hear one of his own songs.

  • Anonymous

    So do I. If you have Facebook, you can try and become a friend. It may take a while, lol. He’s got Twitter, too. He stays so busy it’s not even funny. His oldest daughter, Chloe, is an Idol in the making. A video of hers was posted singing, with Phil doing the instrumentation. She sounded good.

  • Anonymous

    Phil may look different because of some facial hair, lol. He would often grow out a beard, then shave, then grow it again. He once confessed being too lazy to shave all the time, and he just may do it because he is not in the Navy any more, where he was required to not have facial hair. He has also gained some weight since Idol.

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed Danny and Phil, Phil did oversing a bit, but I gotta say they both have voices I really love.  Powerful, soulful voices, me likee!

  • sagi

    Re: Danny’s shirt. It does look too small, not just the arms but across the chest, too. Heck, I look good in a juniors size 7 jeans too, but I get a 9 so it doesn’t appear I will rip them open when I move. A size bigger just looks better than being poured into something so that it appears you are going to blow a seam at any moment. lol

  • Anonymous

    I think Danny’s look is awesome, I’m pretty sure his wife must have given him a big thumbs up before they left to walk the red carpet.  She looked great that night too, they are a gorgeous couple.

    I’m not that familiar with Phil Stacey, but I really like the quality of his voice.  Ruben and Mandisa are of course fantastic powerhouses too. It was a pleasure to see these performances.

  • Chris

    With so many Idols there, sounds like Colton will have a warm welcome and yes a key spot on stage to perform.  Assuming he has his album out.

  • happyhexer

    “Lean On Me” is one of my favorite songs.  Used to sing it with my car pool partner years ago.  I really like this version by Danny and Phil Stacey.  Danny sounded great.  I don’t know anything about Phil, though, since I didn’t start watching AI till AI9.  But Phil has a really nice voice.  Two great voices together!  I didn’t think it was too OTT.  Flourishes like that are common in gospel, so I kinda felt like it was a sort of gospel version of “Lean On Me.”  Although I admit at times (very occasionally) Phil made me feel like he was “boxing with the song,” or that he and Danny were in the boxing ring on The Voice and Phil was singing for his life.  But truly, I enjoyed the song immensely and would love to have it on my MP3 Player.

    As for the shirt, the issue for me isn’t the size of the shirt, but the material it is made of.  I don’t think any man, no matter how fit, looks good in that material.  But then, I’m fussy.  I don’t like guys in polo shirts, either.

    As for why Danny took his jacket off to perform, I imagine it was to be cooler and more comfortable.  No mystery reason.

  • Anonymous

    The all sounded fantastic.