Ronan Farrow Rips Father Woody Allen After Golden Globe Tribute

The Golden Globes were all drunken fun and games last night, but in one celebrity household, shit got serious.

Mia Farrow was watching the Globes, and commenting via twitter. But when actress, Diane Keaton took the stage to accept the Cecil B. DeMille Award, on behalf of director Woody Allen, she was done.

Oh. Mia was famously together with Woody throughout the 80’s, starred in his movies, adopted and had children with him, until he began an affair with one of her adopted kids, Soon Yi Previn, whom Woody eventually married. Uglier still, Mia accused Woody of molesting their adopted 7 year old daughter, Dylan. The abuse came out in court, but the director was never convicted of a crime. In a November Vanity Fair profile, Dylan, now an adult and going by a different first name, corroborates the abuse. Which is why Ronan Farrow, Woody’s only son, and completely estranged since the ugly incident, let loose with a scathing tweet.

Whoa. In the Vanity Fair piece, which is worth a read, Mia also hints that Ronan could actually be Frank Sinatra’s son (!!!). Ronan retreated a couple of tweets that backed up his sentiment:



Diane Keaton gave a lovely speech on behalf of her friend (though it might have been cool to pick up the damn trophy up himself), which highlighted many of Woody’s amazing contributions to the world of cinema. But. Ugh. I just can’t with this. I can’t. It’s been difficult for me, in the past 20 years, to remain a fan of his work.

Via Vanity Fair

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  • Amy Beth

    I think I prefer Mia’s approach.

    I’m not sure if Ronan would be better off if Sinatra was his dad. He was a piece of work too.

  • Larc

    Woody Allen is so far off center that I’ve often wondered if he really has 100% of his marbles.

  • AndyB11

    Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Michael Jackson, etc. etc. It is amazing how people in entertainment have a completely different standard for conduct because their “art” is so important. Bleh. I’ll keep watching Woody Allen’s films because they’re entertaining, but if he got sent to prison and never made another one that would be fine with me.

  • chillj

    One “heads you lose, tails you lose” situation for sure.

  • justmefornow

    Pedophiles belong in prison. Including famous ones. I’m glad I missed this nauseating display last night.

  • Miz

    Diane Keaton is one of my favorite actresses and ‘Annie Hall’ is still one of my favorite films. There was a time I would go see any Woody Allen movie that came out regardless of reviews. Then all this creepiness came out and I couldn’t stomach even hearing his name.

    I had very mixed feelings on his getting the Cecil B. DeMille award and was actually a bit pissed that he sent Diane to accept for him instead of doing it himself. THen I saw Mia’s tweet and remembered all the ugliness.

  • Niall

    I don’t begrudge Ronan his feelings and more than just about anybody he has a right to speak out.

    I was watching last night and cringed a bit when Keaton went on and on about Woody and “his women.” I get she was talking about his screenwriting but all I could think of is how he destroyed a family by having an affair with his 17 year old stepdaughter. Knowing now from the Vanity Fair article how Soon-Yi had a traumatic beginning and displayed emotional problems, it makes his relationship with her even more predatory. Yes, they are still together but I can’t help but wonder what has really gone on in their home with THEIR adopted daughters.

  • usedtobelucy

    Well, I don’t blame Ronan for being half nuts. Woody and Mia are both messes in many ways, and of course if Frank S actually is his father — well, he’s a mess too, and, of course, famously the much older lover of the very young Mia. Not a stable group all around, although very very bright and very very talented in every case, including Woody A’s. And Ronan’s probably going to live out that pain, confusion, and general nuttiness for the rest of his life, poor guy.

    But I think the jury is still way out on whether Allen ever actually molested Dylan.

    I think we have to remember that that accusation was made during the huge wave of later-found-to-be-false child sexual abuse accusations in the United States. And that it was made in the context of a clearly not-stable-either mom, Mia Farrow, who obviously would also be in pain from just the fact of Allen’s multiple young women over his lifetime and their lifetime together. Doctors did not find evidence of molestation in Dylan’s case, and plenty of other girls-later-women of the time made similar accusations against parents and teachers that actually weren’t true. And “false memories” have been involved in plenty such cases. It was a time of hysteria in a generally hysterical family. So maybe he did it, but maybe he didn’t, too.

    ‘Investigators at Yale-New Haven Hospital, who were brought into the
    case by the Connecticut state police, concluded that Dylan had not been
    molested, sources on both sides of the dispute said. Ms. Farrow’s
    lawyer, Eleanor B. Alter, has dismissed the report, which has not been
    made public, as “incomplete and inaccurate.”

    Ms. Farrow, 48, said
    Dylan told her the molestation began with her father’s putting his head
    in the child’s lap and his hand under her bottom. Mr. Allen has
    testified that he knelt, speaking to Dylan, but did not put his head in
    her lap.

    Ms. Farrow said she had begun to videotape the girl
    because “I wanted this documented, because it had happened before.” She
    said that Dylan then told her of the incident in the attic, which Mr.
    Allen said never took place.

    Mr. Allen and his lawyers have
    suggested that the video, which has many stops and starts, reflects Ms.
    Farrow’s efforts to cajole false answers from the girl. Ms. Farrow said
    she simply turned the machine on each time Dylan began to talk about the

    Four days later, Ms. Farrow took Dylan to another
    doctor. “There was no evidence of injury to the anal or vaginal area,
    is that correct?” Mr. Abramowitz asked.

    “Yes,” she said.’

  • LeelaST

    None of us know anything because we weren’t there – about Soon Yi’s mental state or her relationship with Allen. Mia is “devastated” by Allen & Soon Yi’s relationship yet confirms she was having relations with her ex, Sinatra, that may have produced a child. And so many child molestation claims are spurred by suggestion via parents, teachers, older siblings – check out this year’s nominated foreign film The Hunt for a devastating example – that it’s impossible to know what actually happened. In the meantime Allen has created entertaining, creative, and sophisticated films with wonderful roles for both men and women.

  • deshae78

    Yes, the guy is an amazing talent, but at what point does that excuse horrible misdeeds? For this degenerate to actually marry his adopted daughter…, just wow.

  • LA944

    The whole Woody/Mia thing is really strange. It was certainly freaky that he fell in love with Mia’s adopted daughter. I don’t think he had ever adopted her from what I can remember. But, it was certainly crazy to take up with her.

    As far as the allegations about the sexual abuse–it was never proven. So, we don’t know if something did happen–or Mia was so angry that she thought it happened–or Mia used it as a weapon in the divorce/custody case & knew it was untrue.

    Meanwhile–I think the VF article is really Mia’s way of letting everyone know that Ronan is Frank Sinatra’s son. I believe the Sinatra clan has welcomed him into their family–at least it was implied in the VF article. Is she doing this to get back at Woody or just clearing the air–who knows? It’s all strange.

    I admire Woody’s genius and really enjoy many of his movies. (I think we all have a hard time with it–in case the abuse claims are true.) However, so many of the best actors/actresses work with him or want to work with him. Maybe the general consensus in the film community is the sexual abuse didn’t occur. I don’t know.

  • LA944

    I don’t think Woody ever or just rarely showed up to accept awards. I remember that he always stayed in New York and played with a jazz band during Oscar nite

  • nyc57

    i never believed Woody molested the 7 yr old.It was thoroughly investigated.While having an affair with Mia’s daughter was terrible.she was 19.Mia broke up Andre Previn’s marriage and they had children..His wife wrote a song about how she did it.It was quite popular.I can’t remember the name.
    I think the Sinatra story was just a publicity stunt for his show.

  • Miz

    Yes, he’s notorious for not showing up for awards.

  • Bugme Nomor

    Ronan Farrow is verified. I never even knew he existed.

  • Linda Vastardis

    I had no idea who Ronan Farrow was until the VF article came out with Mia stating that Ronan was ‘possibly’ Frank’s son. Ronan tweeted “Listen we’re all *possibly* Frank Sinatra’s son” and let it go. After looking at a bunch of different photos of Ronan and Frank, I am convinced that Ronan is, indeed, Frank Sinatra’s son, but that’s just my opinion. I was curious enough to look up some other background information on Ronan Farrow … this ‘messed up’ kid is quite actually nothing short of a genius. Look him up on Wikipedia and you’ll find out all you need to know about Ronan Farrow; no need taking up space here to list the litany of impressive, mind-boggling accomplishments for someone only 25 years old.

    All this said, lumping Frank Sinatra with Woody Allen in terms of what Woody ‘allegedly’ did is really disgraceful to Frank’s memory. He may have been many things but he was not a molester. Mia made her own choice to marry Frank when she did and she stated in the VF article that he was the true love of her life and they continued to see each other following their divorce, hence the conception and birth of Ronan (allegedly.) When Frank Sinatra died, Mia took the young Ronan to the funeral and both Nancy Sinatra, Sr and Jr embraced him, fed him and welcomed him. To me, that speaks volumes as to the paternity question.

    Also part of the VF article was the fact that as a young boy Ronan never liked or got along with Woody Allen and really didn’t want to see him or be around him. When he was court-ordered at one point to see Woody Allen, he started heaving so uncontrollably that he didn’t have to be in his presence again. For how Ronan turned out, I would say the ‘genes’ are more with Frank Sinatra being his biological father than Woody Allen. Personally speaking, I would much much much rather have my father be Frank Sinatra than Woody Allen. At least Mia and Frank deeply loved each other and what broke up their marriage had absolutely nothing to do with Frank cheating on her or abusing or molesting anyone ever. There is also hearsay out there that Ronan has a very good singing voice and is ‘eerily reminiscent’ of Ol’ Blue eyes himself. I tried finding any video or audio of Ronan singing but couldn’t locate anything.

    If any of you take the time to look up Ronan Farrow on Wikipedia, I think you will be amazed to learn the young man he has become …

  • Happyhexer

    Someone let Woody Allen adopt MORE children after his affair with his underage adopted daughter Soon-Yi? Or stepdaughter? (I’m not familiar enough to know which was the case.) But either way, to have an affair with someone for whom you were in a parental role? Major ick factor!

    What were they thinking? That should have disqualified Woody from further adoptions.

    If Soon-Yi was 17, it would be at least third-degree rape or sexual abuse where I live. Yes, that is spelled C-R-I-M-E.

  • Happyhexer

    I have no idea whether Woody molested Dylan. Yes, false reports take place, especially when there is acrimony between the parents and/or divorce on the horizon. But the lack of physical evidence DOES NOT mean that abuse didn’t happen (unless perhaps the type of abuse that is claimed would lead one to expect physical evidence).

    *NOT talking about the Woody case now . . . * But pedophiles can touch a child’s genitals, etc., or cause a child to touch their genitals, and there will be no proof because a touch does not leave a mark. That is why sex abuse cases often come down to whether or not a jury (if a decision is made to prosecute) believes the victim. There is never going to be “proof” as such. But if a jury finds the victim’s testimony credible, that is enough to convict.

    Getting back to Woody . . . Whether or not he molested Dylan, his conduct with Soon-Yi speaks for itself . . .

  • Not fit to print

    I love Woody’s work and I love Mia Farrow for her philanthropy and social conscience. Sadly, great character and amazing creativity don’t always go in hand. The case was tried. The courts have spoken. The man may be awful but his body of work is amazing and that is that.

    I am not a fan of Roman Polanski but he has made some incredible films. Should the Academy have given him an Oscar? Yes, if they thought he deserved it BUT you do not have to intercede with the State Department to see if he might be able to pick it up in person.

    Should Elia Kazan have received a post-humour Oscar for his work in spite of his cowardly behaviour during the McCarthy era? Yes, if they thought he deserved it. The audience demonstrated their feelings, which was their right, and no one will ever see the footage of that moment without getting the larger message about the man.

    Should the Grammies have given Chris Brown an award in spite of his behaviour? Yes, if they thought he deserved it. But inviting him to sing? That is a separate issue.

    Honour the work – not the person.

  • Not fit to print

    Dory Previn – “Beware of Young Girls”. She was devastated. My sister was a big fan of Dory Previn and used to go on and on about Mia.

  • overthetop1

    She wasnt his daughter. She was his partner’s adopted daughter.

  • deshae78

    Yes, you are right of course. The girl was not legally his daughter, but was he not some kind of father figure to her or at the very least she grew up to marry her mother’s serious significant other….whatever it’s icky & it crosses the line. The man has issues but in Hollywood it’s all about the $$$$$$$. I’m just glad that Mia is such a strong & moral woman & her family also. Too often no one speaks out about these things & men like Woody do what they want with no one calling them out. Woody has made some incredible films. Mia has spent her life trying to better the world. I respect Woody’s talent & contribution to the film industry but Mia Farrow is a real hero & at the end of the day imo amazing work in the film industry is a lot less important than being a decent human being.