Randy Jackson Tells George Lopez All Judges Will Return Next Year

Randy Jackson told George Lopez on last night’s Lopez Tonight that the entire judges’ panel will be returning to American Idol for Season 11.

Randy and Steven Tyler have multiple-year contracts with FOX. But there’s still that little matter of Jennifer Lopez, who only signed a one year contract, has been very non-committal with the press on whether she’ll be returning. The big pay-raise struggle between Jlo and FOX will be the next big Idol story. Just watch.

Randy also talked about the new season of Idol and his thoughts on Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina.

The Judges are Coming Back

On Scotty and Lauren

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  • CRB

    I think they can do better than JLo, honestly.

  • tomr

    She’s the one I’d keep. Randy can’t think of anything NEW to say and Steven can’t think of ANYTHING to say.

  • Valentin432

    Randy, you make my ears bleed.

  • car3278sweet

    Oh, man, beautiful. It gives me chills, baby. I can’t think of anything better other than being in it to win it.

  • tinawina

    I’d actually rather have them replace Randy with someone who is not invested in being liked. Let Steven act crazy during his “critiques” and he’d still be useless but at least he’d be entertaining. Have Jennifer go back to her mid season “constructive critiques dipped in sugar” style. Then everything would be perfect.

  • lucy

    Oh, crap.

  • wolfsbane813

    oh god i can’t stand randy and am annoyed he’s gonna be back. all i can say is step up your games. i’ll fogive the judges with a transition year. mainly because kara annoyed me her first year and i ended up liking her the second year. i wish they’d bring her back over randy.

  • koshka


  • cjinsd

    Koshka, you could do the same avatar for Randy, too. Randy makes me not want to watch Idol. What a tool.

  • schmozlo

    Sure, let them return, but tell them to bring their minds and some integrity next season. What they did this season was shameful.

    I seriously doubt that they’ll change. They’ve got their marching orders from Nigel. I won’t be watching. I barely did this season except to check out some of the videos of the performances on the internet.

    They won’t bring their minds or their integrity. People will still watch.

  • panz

    What tinawina said. Steven is entertaining at least and JLo offers insights. I’d get rid of Randy. He does neither.

  • Montavilla

    I think the audience needs a judge they can root against. The “mean British” judge works because Americans have this odd parent/child relationship with England. We think of them as having higher standards — whether or not that’s actually the case.

    But maybe the “Britishness” isn’t necessary. If Idol could hire a really tough music critic — someone with credentials, who isn’t afraid to be disliked, that might fill the slot.

    When Simon was on his game, it was great. The standing ovation he gave Adam was huge. But it was huge because he’d called Adam “self-indulgent” and “horrific” a few weeks earlier.

    How many times did the judges give standing ovations this year? How many times did it mean anything? Maybe once. When they stood for Haley’s second performance after bashing her for her first one. I can’t even remember now if that was “House of the Rising Sun” or “I Who Have Nothing.”

  • AIaddict

    The way it stands right now, I won’t be watching. :\ Sick of all the manipulation, the non judging by this crappy panel of “judges” and the sugary spice everything is nice, or beautiful.

  • lucy

    and JLo offers insights.

    Well, she did for about two weeks.

    I would bet that she’s more likely to behave the way she did for most of this season — i.e., like the same kind of idiot as the others. Oh, and there is also the little matter of her repeatedly shushing Randy-the-Goon-Boy on those few occasions when he actually *has* tried to say something cogent.

    I think all three of these are worthless, and they pretty much ruined the show this season, in my opinion.

  • http://www.amadcow2.com amadcow2

    Sure, let them return, but tell them to bring their minds and some integrity next season. What they did this season was shameful.

    This was only true at the selection of the top 13 and beyond. During the auditions and Hollywood week and through the selection of the top 24, I thought that even Randy did a good job.

    They totally dropped the ball after that and became Nigel’s puppets. Randy was the worst, totally inconsistent. JLo was alright about mid season, but then seemed to lose interest. Steven just seemed upset about something but didn’t want to take it out on the kids, so basically said everything is beautiful. He rebelled when he wouldn’t back the Haley bussing it seemed.

    Next year, they need to get their act together and realize that the show begins not ends at the top 13. They need to have a better selection from 24 (thinking 6 each and 2 W/C to a top 14), and they need to bring in a 4th judge, thinking Jimmy, but probably better to bring back Kara IMO. I also think that Randy needs to mostly shut up, and wish they would replace him with Jimmy, but that’s dreaming.

  • http://www.dallascowboys.com GeminiDolly

    Im ok with J.lo but Steven and his everything is beautiful, needs to go.

  • Pam

    I think the entire judges panel needs to be replaced and start over from scratch.

  • larc

    I hope Randy misspoke and what he really meant to say was, “None of the judges will return next year.” But, of course, Randy’s statement about this is by no means carved in stone.

  • McCreerian

    I’m actually glad about this. A lot of the “hardcore fans” here may not like the judges, but almost all of the “casual” fans I have talked to LOVE Steven Tyler and don’t miss Simon. I think Steven Tyler was one of the reasons for the ratings increase.

    And I think next year the judges will be more constructive/critical-remember Kara’s first year was bad. But then she came back in Season 9 and she turned into the most useful judge.

  • Mtlfan

    bummer. once again past Hollywood round, there will be once again not much judging. I’d prefer to see Levine to replace Randy at least. Can’t say anything bad about Steven; i kind of like his evenly “I like” judging for all :) and the ‘most beautiful woman’ can be replaced imo

  • emmuzka

    I live in hope that after they have analyzed the show for this season, the producers ditch Randy despite the multiple year contract. He has the lowest pay, how expensive it would be to boot him?

    There is still half a year time to change the judges before the next season! Now there are Ellen 2.0, image-aware princess and an utter moron in the panel.

    And yeah, didn’t watch the clip. I categorically refuse to hear Randy talk.

  • Susan

    Steven was the most useless judge. Did he ever critcize ANYONE?

    JLo mid-season had a stretch when she was alright.

    Randy I’m just sick of. They don’t have to be mean like Simon, but we need someone who’s not afraid to tell the truth.

  • colette

    Ugh. I can just see them at the audition of some cute country 15-year olds, 2012 Idol shows 2-8:

    Jlo: Baby, you’re beautiful, baby, you’re giving me goosebumps….I just want to love you up. But don’t you dare touch me….

    Steven: You’re it, you’ve got it, we’re looking at the next American Idol…..Beautiful, beautiful, man, %#@&-ing beautiful, y’know? Do I take my shirt off now?

    Randy: She’s in it to win it! He’s got it going on, man, RIGHT HERE. Hey it’s hot, and it’s one of my FAVORITE songs, originally recorded by one of my FAVORITE bands, Journey!

    I dunno if I can take it…..

  • beingby

    I’ve seen lots of comments from former contestants, and even winners, and they have only had good things to say about the judges. They were by no means perfect, but they turned it into a feel good show and the ratings followed.

    “Hardcore fans” are very critical, and I agree that the judging did become more like cheerleading, but personally I could not bear to go back to the sort of nastiness that prevailed in Season 9. The judges got what they deserved that year by tearing down confidence. Casual viewers of the show, who are in the majority, love Steven and J Lo and seem inured to Randy’s inaneness.

    Ideally TPTB will take heed of the complaints in the media about the lack of judging in the latter part of the show, and do better next year.

  • springboard

    I can’t take these judges any more. They are an insult to the audience. I haven’t watched the last episodes, only a few videos because of them.

    I don’t think that it is totally their fault, I believe that they have to toe the party line, follow TPTB instructions in terms of praising/bussing. The problem is that they are not good enough actors and they come across like pompous fake idiots.

    The same applied to Kara and Ellen.

    The original panel worked because Simon was the label mouth piece and had probably more freedom to speak his mind than the others, and he is a good actor. The other two opinions didn’t matter much. Paula is likeable and Randy useless but not needed except to fill a seat.

    Now they don’t have anyone in a position of authority, we only get three puppets, even if Steven is a charming one.

    The judges act like cheerleaders and the mentor does the judging so judging feels intolerably contrived.

    At least, Jimmy should be on the panel. He would be the one people listen to, and they other three would be able to just sit pretty and be as benign as they like… and Randy should be told to shut up forever.

  • Parkbench

    I’m obviously going to be in the minority here but……I actually like the judges……
    They have some stuff they have to improve on but, to me, they are a millions times better than Kara (couldn’t stand her!!!) and Ellen.
    They need to learn to not be afraid to give constructive criticism.
    Other than that though I’m content with these judges.

  • Grammie Kari

    I am also happy with the judges but recognize some improvements need to be made. I know Jennifer and Steven do not want to get the audience upset and get the boos. Jennifer did not handle it well when it happened.

    I believe someone said there are signs up which tell the audience to boo. They want people to buy their music and books. They need to practice on how to handle these critiques.

    Sheryl Crow seems like she would be a good judge… just a thought.

  • ayhr86

    This just ruined my day