Randy Jackson – American Idol is Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson’s to Lose (VIDEO)


Randy Jackson dropped by The View today to promote American Idol.  Here are some highlights (or lowlights, depending on how you look at it).

  • Randy laughs when asked if he gets push back from the contestants. He says they are always telling them to “make a song their own.”  Sherrie asks him to elaborate on this oft-repeated cliche.
  • He mentions “Randy’s Bootcamp” with Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry. He says it was very thorough.
  • Barbara Walters erroneously claims that the cat fight between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj improved the ratings.
  • Randy saw Simon and his baby Eric over the weekend.
  • He claims that it’s Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson’s contest to lose. Hm.  I’m surprised the producers aren’t pimping Alex Preston.  Maybe Jena and Caleb are running away with this thing, and we’re being prepared for the inevitable.

  • James

    Caleb might have already cost himself with his knucklehead comments.

  • Liteasy

    I think Alex will be in the top 2 and be the winner. I expect Caleb to be leaving this week. Does anybody even listen to Randy anymore?

  • Guest

    Capt Obvious obviously didn’t hear about the ‘retard’ comment by Caleb.

  • Marko

    R*ndy is offensive word.

  • mtthew

    is randy even aware enough to know what even is going on this season? has he done any significant mentoring for these kids?

  • Cary Gonzalez

    This must have been prior to Caleb’s idol suicide interview…..

  • weareallinnocent

    Randy is Randy. (interpret as you wish)

  • Marko

    Is Randy r*ndy?

  • Caroline B

    Setting us up for an exciting “shock” boot for Caleb to prove that you must tune in because you never know what will happen? I think of Randy, and I think of a muppet being operated from below with sticks. “I predict what I read on a page backstage!”

  • Henrique Mendes

    unless they mention it on the air, I really doubt it will have impact. The majority of the viewers won’t know that happened

  • MichaelG

    yes, “Randy” is the “R’ word.

  • MichaelG

    Eh…we all now know Caleb’s a dick, Randy. Too late.

    (have to admit I am bit surprised as well that they are pimping Caleb….seriously thought Alex was the producer’s choice).

  • Tess Herself

    Don’t have a horse in the race, have thought all 13 finalists “bad”, badder, or baddest. Will put my money on nobody going anywhere post Idol, and am definitely saying that after I listened to the i-tune renditions released by Josh and Christine. If these two are competition for the Idolettes, ain’t no way an Idol winner from this group has a chance in hell of doing anything in the real world.

  • Amy Beth

    I honesty don’t know what to think about Randy being on Idol. Did they keep him because he’s the last link to the show’s glory days or does he just know where the bodies are buried?

    This season he’s gone beyond useless, to actually harming the contestants chances of having a good performance.

  • Tess Herself

    And Jimmy Iovine wasn’t the devil in disguise the last few seasons? Talk about harming contestants.

  • mibtp

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    See Caleb and Gena perform tomorrow.


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    PS What did Caleb say??? Something about a “retard?” We missed that.

  • mibtp

    What comments? I missed them even though I watch the show.

  • Swind

    Randy should STFU! Now you can take it to the bank that one of them will not be making the final. Same mind-games/reverse psychology happens every season. Hoping it’s Caleb that falls short and not Jena.

  • Sassycatz

    I’m surprised Alex wasn’t name checked but maybe Interscope isn’t as interested because they already have P2 who generally fits in the same genre, except Alex does have a much more versatile voice and plays with it like an instrument.

  • Tess Herself

    Oh, I must have missed that one. Only heard about the one where he called out some of his “borderline” fans.

  • Marko


  • rightnow

    It could be that Alex may have been trailing in the weekly votes – actually being in the Bottom 3, if they had revealed a Bottom 3. It could also be that he really isn’t TCO. His on/off stage persona is very robotic, void of emotion, charm, sense of fun.

  • Amy Beth

    Except when discussing the Idol Twist! Then he was full of emotion.

  • Amy Beth

    It’s Jena!!!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Ugh! Randy.

  • shenanigan

    Now how did AI get Caleb to say those stupid things, so they could get their Chosen One, Jena. How DID they do that? Perhaps they knew him and told him to go out there and tell it like it was? Maybe they told him the fans would love it if he was a hard guy? Nah, that is too much even for their mind wizardry, isn’t it?

  • MichaelG

    and then there’s this…

  • jcabby

    Hard for me to imagine a finale without Alex. He’s been so good this season, sold well on iTunes, and gave a bunch of buzz worthy performances.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    How could you tell? lol

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I don’t think that I ever listened to Randy. lol

  • girlygirl

    I doubt Randy has any clue which contestants are leading the voting

  • Marko

    He’s the Idol’s senile grandpa, no one tells him anything.

  • bobo

    Randy is projecting his own preference on to the public as usual. This is was the judge who kept telling Jacob to emote more when Jacob’s hair was already on fire. He likes Caleb and Jena best because they’re the most dynamic on stage. So he assumes the public does too. I have no idea how this will shake out, but my bet is that Alex makes the finale.

  • Clandestine

    I think Randy deserves a secluded island….

  • Cary Gonzalez

    It’s called bait and switch….Caleb is now a marketing nightmare for them and will undoubtedly go home this week regardless of the votes. He’ll do the Daughtry face and they will call it this season’s “shocking elimination”. I should apply for a script writing job for idol…..

  • Anna106

    I shouldn’t have laughed, but I did.

  • Valarie

    I don’t think any of this bunch could have made the finals in a good season. The media isn’t paying enough attention to idol, to ruin any of these kids. This doesn’t make me happy. I dont care for any of the other talent competition shows, so I want idol to snap out of the downward spiral.
    So, I guess I don’t think Calebs stupid remarks will hurt him unless he wins. Then the media may get riled up.

  • Sue tiedemann

    They can’t do worst than last season.

  • Sue tiedemann

    Hardly anyone is paying attention to idol because they were all turned off by last season where no one from last season is successful at all! This season is far from the best but it is somewhat of an improvement from last season. Caleb may have made an ass out of himself but he does put on some pretty good performances.

  • chillj

    Doesn’t this happen just before finals every year?

  • chillj

    Oh, it is a BIG improvement on last season. I thought I would never watch again after last season because it was so painfully boring. Brie and Candace were good, but as it got down to the wire, it was just horrible. Almost no males could sing. The contest was never much of one. Idol is very lucky it got any ratings above .5 this season, because I’m sure last season turned a lot of people off.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    Yuppers. It used to be Simon Cowell who got to rile up the media with his predictions, though it’s possible more than one judge went out to the talk shows and I just don’t remember because I stopped listening to Randy Jackson before it was in fashion to do so. #hipster

    Nothing either way sticks in my memory about the accuracy of these predictions.

  • http://www.mjsbigblog.com/ mjsbigblog

    I doubt it too, but I don’t doubt that the producers are handing him talking points.

  • 90slorde

    he called all of his fans “retards” in an interview. What a sweet heart. :/ it’s on youtube.

  • 90slorde

    Yo yo yo dawg in it to win it!

  • 90slorde

    i hope your tight. cause he honestly needs to go this week

  • Incipit

    Also. If anyone puts his name in Google, it’s all over the first page of results. And this story cycle has another day to run.

  • J.Men

    Maybe they knew that Caleb has been arrested three times..

  • J.Men

    Saw the news that Caleb seems like was arrested “three times” in 2009, 2010 and 2013..not sure if it’s truth or not but if he did and that’s worse than someone in season 12. I don’t think he will be going to stay this week

  • Clandestine

    This guy: Jermain Jones.

  • J.Men

    Randy must have been read the news and placed this comment to pretend himself like a predictor?

  • Guest

    Crying old ladies and senile grandpas, oh my!

  • J.Men

    Yes! He was in season 11 and we got another in season 12, cannot remember his name who should be the 10th place?
    So sorry for them but this records do destroy their careers

  • upsidedawn

    It’s always odd the differences of opinion on the various contestants. I don’t find him void of emotion myself.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    TPTB don’t kick people off for arrests that were disclosed to them and dealt with before the show (assuming these arrests even exist). Unless Dog the Bounty Hunter is about to make a guest appearance because Johnson jumped bail, this isn’t likely to prove significant.

  • Casey

    what it “it”? Sounds like you are saying he was arrested 3 times, but for what?

  • Roimeister

    psssst… Idol didn’t get above 4.6 this season… yet

  • J.Men

    Just thought it will give him negative outcomes in this competition.. Maybe nothing will happen but I was surprised by this news as he looks like a kind guy

  • Sue tiedemann

    I don’t believe rumors until they are made official. I really don’t think he did anything as bad as those guys who held their pistols to Scotty McCreery and his friends heads.

  • J.Men

    Poor Scotty…

  • maymirabella

    Do you have a ink to this story? There is a huge difference between a misdemeanor and a felony. What kind of crimes was he accused of? As there are people who accumulate a load of traffic violations or parking tickets,much different than a felony or more serious crime.

  • Larc

    nvm – maymirabella says it better than I did. :)

  • maymirabella

    I think as long as the contestants are honest with producers and they have paid their fines and they are not on parole or probation where they cannot leave the state or have outstanding warrants…they are Ok with it. Remember Scott Savol who was arrested for domestic violence but he stayed on the show as he told them upfront and it was all taken of legally and he was done with court and so on.

  • Nedsdag

    Did Dawg just jinx them?

  • maymirabella

    I was one of the very few who loved last season and my favorite won which has only happened once since I started watching the show since Season Three. I loved the women last year. I do not care if they found success afterwards, I loved it for a change of pace from the usual WGWG winner and male domination of past seasons.

  • J.Men

    I believe it was not a felony, will not paste the link here as more viewers may access to it..

  • maymirabella

    LOL my nephew’s name is Randy so I laughed out loud. Heehee!

  • Roimeister

    sometimes… I really do think you should write a TV show…

  • Clandestine

    IMO the whole “arrested three times” stuff is manufactured. I’m not defending the dude, just saying.

  • Clandestine

    You’re talking about Curtis Finch, Jr. He was eliminated at Top 10.

  • kcostell

    At this point in season 11 Phillip had just had his “Time of the Season” fiasco. I had him firmly cemented in my mind as “doesn’t even care anymore”, and had given up on getting any more decent performances out of him. The rest of the season proved otherwise.

    Three weeks is plenty of time to change everything.

  • justmefornow

    LOL. Anyone that says looks ultimately don’t matter in this industry is totally naive.

  • Miles (Grumpy) (VI)

    Hmm…. I think the actual singing talent was much better last year from the top 5 girls. What went on around them blew chucks and left a bad taste.

  • Trina

    Two thumbs up to you for finding the most hilarious pictures to use as a comparison LOL Phillip looks dreamy and Alex, er no comment.

  • justmefornow

    Looks like probably misdemeanors. This site probably just did a records search for Name, DOB and state and posted a screen shot. Actually pretty easy to do. (Maybe it was for drugs and hookers, lol)


  • Bugme Nomor

    The people citing the “news” don’t know because they weren’t willing to pay for the background check. They just saw an online preview that gave few details.

  • nekola

    Me too. *chuckle*

  • Sue tiedemann

    First I was rooting for Caleb. Than I saw what an idiot he was and swore I wouldn’t vote for him. Now I think I should put all my feelings aside and just listen to all 4 performances and vote for who really performs the best – no matter who it is.

  • Sdmama

    I laughed, too. Shame on me. For the record, I do not find Alex unattractive. He looks perfectly fine to me. But that particular picture, ah, um… I cannot explain exactly why, though.

    And, hey, I think Alex is mega talented, and I like him a lot!! I hope he wins. So, Alex, forgive me.

  • Guest

    Well, Jessica is planing to play Hunger Games to Survive so to speak. Never know what really is ahead of this competition.

  • Guest

    Maybe Alex will win this game show.

  • NoCalGirl
  • Niall

    I still think Alex Preston is going to win, and not just because he’s my AI pool pick and I really NEED the pool points. I think he’s more in the mold of who typically wins AI.

  • springboard2

    We don’t know how the voting goes between those who have never been bottom three, and it is possible, and likely imo, that Caleb is running away with the votes. If Jena is borderline for top two, and the producers want her in the final at all cost, they have no choice but to bus the other two.

    May be the controversy with Caleb is going to turn things round, or the producers are very happy to have ammunitions against him that they could use at top two in order push Jena to the win.

  • iluvai

    What I get from this interview is that the ladies on The View think that “High Heels” make them more attractive and current. Nope. lol…. :)

  • iluvai

    If he wins, I hope he does well and gets to make his living as a musician. I hope that for all of them. (Well, almost all of the them).

  • iluvai

    I’m not sure I get the meaning of all of the up votes. PP and Alex are different musically and in looks. There is room for both of them, right? I’m probably not getting it. :) However, I’m going to give you a down vote. :) lol…

  • Marko

    LOL. What did I do wrong to deserve the down vote?

  • Happyhexer

    Unfortunately, I agree with you.

  • Happyhexer

    That’s what I am thinking.

  • Happyhexer

    See, I thought there were a lot of great “moments” last year — every female contestant had at least one.

  • Happyhexer

    It’s stupid for Randy to make these kinds of predictions. Anything can happen.

    I am surprised that TPTB don’t seem to be pimping Alex. (Maybe that’s reverse psychology.) I don’t like Alex, but I can’t deny that his voice sounds current. Too bad watching him perform is like watching paint dry (to me). Then again, I didn’t think P2 was an exciting performer, either. But as least P2, for all his quirks, at least LOOKED like he was feeling the music and enjoying himself. All I see from Alex is detachment and dead eyes. Still, P2 won, and Alex can too.

    As for Jena (who I do like), she’s been coasting for the last few weeks, so unless someone lights a fire under her, she’s not gonna win.

    We’ll have to see what happens with Caleb. I like him and his vocals, I just don’t much care for his vocabulary.

    And I still like Jess. But unless she gets lucky or someone else self-destructs (looking at you, Caleb), I doubt she will get further than Top 3.

    Still, no one knows for sure. So I guess I will watch till the bitter end . . .

  • gclay

    This season reminds me a lot of Season 10, Caleb is the James (will leave this week), Jess is Haley (bad comment from the judges the Idol community will rally), Jena is the Lauren (little baby, uber pimped…she deserves it though), and Alex is the Scotty he is probably running away with this so much, but I hope Jena wins

  • Truthisagun

    I don’t know my bet Caleb is toast, saw the story on eonline this morning. Jena will be in the final I think. The producers are on it. Has been for weeks…

  • chillj

    Hehe. My thing was supposed to be .05 to be on the safe side, but I blew it.

  • amadcow2

    Why are they even talking to Randy? I’m sure that he’s seen the votes and Caleb and Jena must be up there… HOWEVER, the blow back from Caleb’s foot in mouth incident (and more importantly, an insight into his character) just might give him a scare this week, or even the boot if he’s not on target. Jessica just doesn’t get the respect that her voice deserves. I believe that Jessica started the show very stand-offish with what appeared to be a chip (broke ass solo act) on her shoulder. At that time, she seemed more like Paul McDonnald (someone who couldn’t be bothered with singing ‘covers’) than a front runner. That’s why I had her pegged for a #5-#8 contestant. Now through the season, her vocal talent has really shined through and she has shown a real serious intention to listen to her critiques and learn from them. Jessica has quietly shown the best growth arc of the season, and I would hope that she can hold on at least another week.

  • Marcia Martin

    Here is the infamous interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0kaS90CBqA

  • Marcia Martin

    I sure hope Caleb gets the boot after seeing his arrogance in that video!!

  • Marcia Martin

    He should be.

  • Marcia Martin
  • Marcia Martin

    I think Alex looks fine. We all can take a bad picture that shows our bad side or our hair messed up. Alex is my idol.