Rachel Crow – Mean Girls – First Listen (VIDEO)

This stop-motion video for X factor contestant, Rachel Crow’s new song “Mean Girls” was supposedly directed by a friend of her’s who uploaded the video and posted on his you tube page:

Hey guys I got a chance to direct and produce my first music video for a good friend of mine. She is an INCREDIBLE singer and such good friend! We did this in my house, on my chalkboard. The entire video is “stop motion” which took FOREVER!! But we had so much fun making it. Enjoy!!!

It’s cute and clever, and the song itself is poppy and young, proving that young Rachel could have some appeal with young teens, such as herself.

The debut EP from Rachel will be available digitally on June 26.

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  • Anonymous

    I find the video itself adorable with all of those drawings fading in and out. Dang, that stop motion must have taken forever. I also like that the lyrics are age appropriate.

  • Anonymous

    this. is. ADORABLE. pretty catchy, too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lin-Brand/1226220699 Lin Brand

    awwww.  she’s so talented!  hope Disney finds an appropriate vehicle for her, or Nick, or some other young program.  I suspect when she matures she will be a serious musical force.

  • Anonymous

    I think she sounds a little screechy when she goes into the upper register. Otherwise, she sounds good.

    The video is cute and the song is age appropriate. But it’s another song about bullying and standing up for yourself. I wonder if that theme might be a little played out, which could work against this song.

  • Mateja Praznik

    The video was made by one of the guys from Big Time Rush boyband.

    The song is cute, Toby Gad co-wrote it. He also co-wrote Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry”.  No wonder this song reminds me of BGDC so much.

    I will just say that XF machine is really working it. With the exception of Matt Cardle’s credible album, I liked everything they put out.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XY62PETGTXO3FFQXX45UKQ2O7M Steph

    I’m sorry but this is…sooo elementary school IMO. I don’t really ‘get’ this kind of Disney pop but good for her for finding her niche.

  • Anonymous

     I don’t think there can ever be enough anti-bullying songs, especially when they come from someone of Rachel’s age. I think it’s easier to relate to someone like Rachel (than let’s say, Gaga or Pink who have also put out anti-bullying songs). Because you know she’s probably been through the bullying recently.

  • http://www.facebook.com/misty.craddock Misty Craddock

    I’m a gramma & I just love it! Catchy & will appeal to so many young people. You go girl!

  • Anonymous

    Cute video.  I really like how the guys from Big Time Rush have been helping her.  They retweet a lot of her tweets, and have been doing a good job of introducing her to their fans.  

    I’m sorry but this is…sooo elementary school IMO. I don’t really ‘get’ this kind of Disney pop but good for her for finding her niche.

    She’s 13, so that’s a good thing.

  • Anonymous

    Completely agree! The last year or two, I’ve been really impressed with the quality of X-Factor alumni albums.
    I remember when contestants like Steve Brookestein and Shayne Ward would only put out cover albums.

  • Anonymous

    Well, she’s like 13. What do you expect? lol

  • http://twitter.com/Loretta31 Loretta

    I loved Rachel on XFACTOR!  So much potential! 

    Good for her.

  • http://www.etsy.com/shop/AdorablyHooked Gwen

    She’s got *major* vocal potential.

  • Anonymous

    I think it a  great debut for her. 

  • http://twitter.com/MissGolightly22 No Thanks

    She’s gonna be a monster in about 5 years.  But this is great for right now.  Nickelodeon is doing right by her so far.

  • http://twitter.com/tinawinabina Tinawina

    This is a good song IMO. I think she sounds great!

  • Mateja Praznik

     Yeah. I mean, Alexandra Burke’s album totally flopped last week, but damn it, I love it. It’s catchy, breezy dance/pop, perfect for chilling, surfing the net, partying or working out. I love it. Too bad the world completely turned against Alexandra, she is so talented (Adam met her at that RAH charity concert and was impressed.).

    And Aiden Grimshaw’s single. Flopped, but I love it. Misha B’s single.

    Rebecca Ferguson. One Direction. Olly Murs. Even Cher Lloyd has some really catchy current songs.

    And in the US, Chris Rene, Rachel, Marcus. I hope they are working hard on Melanie’s stuff.

  • Listening

    Umm the song is okay a little more childish then I thought a song from her would be. But she IS only what 14 now. And I know that this is a message she truly believes in you can just imagine she must of been teased being a little bigger than the norm and not that wealthy. Not to mention she could of been teased if they knew her birth mom was on drugs when she had her.

    Vocally I thought she strained in a couple of spots especially in the chorus when she sang mean girls. But otherwise nice full tones.

    I think Rachel can handle a little older material, she did so well with it when she sang on X-factor. Oh and the writing could of been better the message is fine but it felt like a child wrote it. Skyscraper sung by Demi Lovato has a stand up to bully theme but feels mature I actually like it a lot. There’s been other songs w/ the same message that just felt better written. I wish her luck, though.

  • OffLeash

    I really love this. The song is very good, well sung, and the video is too cute. Rachel may not be a classic beauty, but she’s adorable and spunky, and most importantly, she has “It”! She will be a star IMO.

  • Anonymous

    Aiden’s single is freaking amazing! I love Alexandra’s too.
    I hope they give us a hint of Melanie’s stuff soon. I’m interested in seeing where they go with her. This Rachel stuff is very promising already, so I want to see if Melanie’s is the same way.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SYFK77IYLRQIVATQ2MJKSW2J7Y Pam

    Considering her age, the concept of the video and the song is perfect for her.  It’s cute.  It will be interesting to see how well her EP does.

  • Anonymous

    This is my first time really listening to her voice, so I guess maybe I was expecting more considering all her hype? I can see her growing into her voice a few years down the line, but she just sounds just ok right now IMO. Video is cute, but the song is just mediocre to me, like an album filler almost. But even though I listen to a lot of tween stuff (*looks away sheepishly*) and I tend to gravitate towards more upbeat stuff, I think the song could get some airplay on something like Radio Disney.

  • Anonymous

    Good for Rachel! Terrific song for her and it will definitely be a hit with people her age. Heck, I even like it. Simon knew this girl has star written all over. I totally agree.

    I’m happy for her. X-Factor bringing us stars. Waiting for Melanie and others. :)

  • Anonymous

    ‘ I think Rachel can handle a little older material, she did so well with it when she sang on X-factor.”

    She can, but I’m glad they’re not risking the Allison-Iraheta problem with her — putting out music that adults and older teens might like but younger kids and teens not, accompanied by a persona that younger teens might like, but adults and older teens won’t find attractive.

    She’s got her whole life to sing adult music. This way, maybe she can appeal deeply to some of these younger fans and they can grow up and be loyal to her later, when she sings adult music.

    I think she sounds great on this song. No surprise, though. She’s good.

  • Anonymous

     More importantly, maybe she can afford her own bathroom now!

  • shell29

    She’s gonna be a monster in about 5 years.

    This.  I love the song and the video.  It’s cute, age-appropriate and with a great message. The tweens will eat this up I think.   Rachel is a little star in the making IMO.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha! She’ll always be remembered for that.

  • Anonymous

    This is a great song for Rachel and very age-appropriate. Reminds me a bit of a Taylor Swift song.  Rachel is just so talented beyond her years; I really wish her the best success. I think Toby Gad also cowrote a few songs on Kris Allen’s last album, including “The Truth”. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JSP727NMTNZTGZOULUGOH6G3CI Beth Fischer

    Finally had time to post a comment on this blog. Been reading most of threads, just no commenting

    Love the moral of the song, perfect for Rachel. Simon picked terrible songs for her on the XF.

    When is Simon going to unlock the dungon he’s been hiding Melanie in since her win??

  • Chris

    Great concept video, perfectly targeted, this should do well on Radio Disney, etc…

  • Anonymous

    Mean Girls. Not gonna let you run my world.

    Ah. It’s been… totally forever. And I STILL remember this gut emotion. Totally.

    That’s what music, movies, writing is all about.

    I LOVE this song. And I really don’t even remember who Rachel is.

  • http://www.etsy.com/shop/AdorablyHooked Gwen

    Yeah…there’s a lot of maturity in her lower register.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000158472291 Lisa Maury

    Rachel was on Figure it Out on Nickelodeon today, they brought that gameshow back

  • Anonymous

    I love love love this. Made my wife cry when she heard it. Just very empowering and emotional.

  • Anonymous

     Perfect for her. I love it!

  • Anonymous

     I’m recording the repeat. I love that Nickelodeon is really going all out in making Rachel their newest star. Ahhhh, I love it.

  • http://twitter.com/Jakeysnakey19 Jake Williams

    I just love this girl so freaking much. She will be a star. Perfect song for her!

  • too-cool-for-school

    This song is good! She sounds great and the message will resonate with
    the younger audience its intended for. I like the video too!

    I loved Nickelodeon when I was younger and feel like it’s changed so much. The shows, music and people on it are really polished and kinda cliche. Just like everything else in pop culture. Rachel has a normal, quirky personality, like someone kids can really identify with. It’s nice to see and definitely will help her become a star!

  • Anonymous

    “mean girls, i’mma just comb you outta my curls”…GENIUS.  This girl’s a star, and I think she’s gonna go really far.  Glad to see age-appropriate catchy material.

    (Still get a kick out of “MOMMY YOU PROMISED” though…haha)

  • Anonymous

    it’s a good song!! lyrics are quite good!

  • Anonymous

    It’s a good song! and a good video!

  • BonnieDee

    Perfect, Perfect, Perfect song, video, everything.  Absolutely the right way for Rachel to go, and it will help some people.  

  • http://twitter.com/politicsislife Elizabeth Matthew

    My 11 year old son had this song on repeat for hours last night.  He loves the song, loves the video and has a bit of a crush on Rachel….LOL

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DY5236XYY2SBL7EJNTK5ROIGMA Madred

    Cute song, I liked it for her. It seems like everyone but Melanie is putting stuff out. Hopefully, we get her album around the debut of X – Factor this fall so they can add it into promotion during the show. 

  • Anonymous

     I think she actually said it as a question. Her Mother was saying something like “Its going to be OK”, and she said, “Mommy, you promise?”

  • Anonymous

    Every single person I’ve played this for – young, old, man, woman – has just been so moved by these lyrics and this song/video. It makes them all tear up because it just instantly brings us back to some very tough emotional times.