Professional Asshat, Corey Clark, is Not Done Suing Everybody He Can Think Of

Uuughhh. Could American Idol alum and professional ASSHAT, Corey Clark be any more tedious? Why doesn’t he find a job like the rest of us normal humans, and quit trying to scam an easy payday from Idol dregs.

Not only is he part of the stupid group of 9 alums attempting to sue the show for racial discrimination, now he is ALSO suing E Entertainment, FOX and 2 law firms connected to FOX for defamation of character (I guess the MTV scam he attempted didn’t pan out?) Via The Hollywood Reporter

In a complaint filed in Tennessee federal court on Friday and obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Clark is suing Fox, E! Entertainment and two powerhouse law firms — Gibson Dunn & Crutcher and Morrison & Foerster — for allegedly defaming him in comments made about his exit from the show as well as the alleged affair with Abdul.

Clark’s 44-page complaint (read in full here)

Where it gets interesting — or at least, marks the crux of his allegations — is the moment in 2005 when the Abdul relationship scandal was at its height.

At the time, Clark says that a book proposal began circulating about the affair. He says that as a result, Idol‘s in-house lawyer threatened to sue him for $5 million for breaching the confidentiality portion of his agreement. Nevertheless, Clark decided to give an interview to ABC News and the network aired a one-hour special despite allegedly hearing from Abdul’s lawyer Marty Singer, who threatened to sue.

Still, he says that the “ABC News special did not disclose the entire story behind the relationship between Abdul and Plaintiff.”

Later that summer, Fox said that it had retained “Independent Counsel” to conduct an investigation of the alleged Abdul affair. According to the complaint, Gibson Dunn and Morrison & Foerster were hired. The first firm is said to have done work in the past for Fox; the latter for Idol producer Fremantle.

“Any representation that the law firms Gibson Dunn and/or Morrison & Foerster were retained as ‘independent counsel’ by FOX is plainly misleading and conveys a false impression that the law firms had no vested or economic interest in the result of the investigation,” the lawsuit states.

By August, Fox had put out a press release that “cleared” Abdul of wrongdoing and allowed her to maintain her judge position, according to the lawsuit.

Clark says that as a result of “Fox’s sham investigative report,” he suffered “tremendous reputational damage,” that his record label stopped returning his calls, that people would spit on him in public, that he was served with an eviction notice on his home, that he began living on food stamps, and that in 2006, he “reached absolute rock bottom,” constructing a rope from bed sheets and attempting to hang himself..

Clark is now objecting to defamatory statements allegedly made in the wake of this ordeal, including, he says, an episode of E! True Hollywood Story: Paula Abdul, which he says aired in January 2012 and denied an Abdul relationship with Clark.

Clark is suing for libel, false light invasion of privacy and a third count for conspiracy to commit commercial product disparagement.

According to the complaint, “Investigators spent three and a half months reviewing materials provided by Clark and Abdul and investigating 43 people, (10 of whom were eyewitnesses to the conduct between Clark and Abdul alleged by Clark) in an effort to further disparage Clark’s name and reputation and conceal the facts and true nature of Clark’s disqualification and romantic relationship with Abdul.”

I still don’t understand the point of this lawsuit? PR people deny allegations all of the time, how is this defamation exactly? What did he expect to happen when he accused Paula of having an inappropriate relationship with him? And what’s more, his “revelation” of the affair (which may or may not be true, to be honest, I wouldn’t put a dalliance with a contestant past Paula) was all about shamelessly promoting himself and the album he released at the time. His pathetic attempt at famewhoring came back to bite him in the ass. He really should just man up and accept the consequences of his actions.  Seriously. Go away, Corey.


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  • HermeticallySealed

    I think ‘asshat’ is a pretty accurate description of this moron.

  • Seth McHale

    Be careful MJ, he might come after the blog next. You have far more notoriety than he does. 

  • abbysee

    He’s insane. Somewhere Ju’not and those twins must be wondering wtf did they get into. Just desserts all around.

  • Miz

    This guy is such a creepy no-talent loser. In my opinion, of course. (He can’t sue me for an opinion, right?)

  • aj rabin

    The idol producers should of never let him make it through to the semi finals after he was partying his ass off in Hollywood. Besides his singing used to make my ears bleed.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “creepy” is a very apt description for Corey. I used to cringe at his lame attempts to schmooze Pauler (even though thay may have worked! lol ).

  • lizland

    The more he does, the more I think Paula is innocent.

  • Ronnie D

    Aw I feel so sorry for this guy. Maybe he wasn’t given the same chances and opportunities “other” people have because of racism. Poor guy. :)

  • usedtobelucy

    Well, everybody needs a profession, right?

  • Larc

    That’s occasionally a convenient excuse for failure anyhow.  Maybe it’s more comforting than putting the blame where it really belongs in many cases.

  • sumidol

    I just have to say, his wife is from my town and she is the biggest B in the world.  She takes Corey, who is quiet and shy, to the swapmeets in town and will not allow anyone to talk to him, she is snotty and rude to anyone who trys to talk to her “star”!  If you ever see him alone and talk to him he is really nice and sweet, so I totally believe he is being pushed and pulled around by her and her family to do all these ridiculous things

  • elliegrll

    It seems like Corey doesn’t no the definition of the word libel.  

  • Chris

    Hello Corey?  Its 2013!  Your 15 minutes of fame ended years ago.  

    2005 and he’s trying to sue now?  I’m surprised it wasn’t thrown out immediately.

  • Landon Cox

    Where does he get money to sue all these people?

  • GinaBallerina

    Unquestionably, something is off about him.  But I will always believe that he and Paula did have a relationship.  It never seemed that far-fetched to me.

  • pj

    That is the funniest headline I’ve seen in awhile.  Thanks, MJ.  :-)

  • pj

    Oh, and I don’t care how “sweet” he supposedly is.  Is he that whipped?  We are all in control of our legal actions if we want to be.