Platinum Hit – Dance Party! – Week 2

This week the contestants were tasked with writing a dance tune. To make the assignment even MORE intimidating–the guest judge was none other than the QUEEN of dance music, Donna Summer.

This show isn’t getting great ratings, but I find it kind of entertaining–especially the parts where the songwriters have to explain themselves and they proceed to throw each other under the bus. The show is designed to pit the contestants against each other at every turn for maximum conflict. I suppose the producers think that watching would-be songwriters work at their craft would be a tad boring. They may be right.

This week’s winning song went to the team that included pop diva, Sonyae Elise, Euro-tunesmith, Scotty Granger, folkie, Melissa Rapp and show asshat, Nick Nitolli.

Our Idol peeps, Jes Hudak and Jackie Tohn get raked over the coals by head judge Kara DioGuardi and the gang, for a sweet little ditty they wrote called “My Ridiculous” because the judges preferred their partner, Brian Judah on lead vocals. Meh.

Blessing, the blind guy with no rhythm, is the dude who eventually gets the boot.

Check out some video below

The contestants songs are played at a dance club for the judges.

Back at the studio, the judges critique the songs. Much thowing-under-the-bus ensues.

The elimination

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  • cookrocks

    It was just awful. I felt sorry for Donna Summer having to listen to such crappy music and bad singing. Maybe when the do another genre it might be better. Tonight I just didn’t care about any of the contestants or their music. And the contestans throwing each other under the bus did nothing to enhance the show for me. It was trite.

  • Montavilla

    I wish the show would make itself available online. I don’t get cable and, even if I did, I prefer to watch things on my schedule.

    I’d love to see full episodes of this show. Instead, all I can get are snippets.

  • girlygirl

    My clubbing days are pretty much behind me, but that doesn’t even look like a real club to me

  • laz

    Ugh. This show reeks of most of the things I really hate about reality shows. Instead of letting talented people do their thing at a reasonable pace, they make them work through unreasonable deadlines. Then they throw everyone in groups, and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes creative contributions get lost in the face of the greater end product and unavoidable team dynamics. If you’re judging a final product, everyone in the team should be treated equally because contributions aren’t that easily quantifiable. If the team makes a losing song, then the team should be punished. If the team makes a winning song, then the team should be awarded. Making individuals “defend” themselves is just uncomfortable and embarrassing.

    I had such high hopes when I heard about this series — I WANT to see songwriters do their thing and come up with amazing stuff. I want to know what goes behind the scenes in making a hit single, and I want to see a formerly unknown talent rise above the ranks in a healthy competition. I don’t want to see talented people being made to work in an unrealistic work environment and then made to turn on each other just for entertainment value. I don’t find that entertaining at all.

    Sorry for the rant, but sadflkahesjlrhka I thought the people who made this show would know better.

  • Buffynut

    Ya, shuey!! I love this show too! The format reminds me of Project Runway. I love that the judges actually critque! I hate that guy Nick but man is he talented. I will eventually end up buying songs he has produced, I know it. He has a future.I hope word of mouth helps with the ratings because I would like it to stick around for a few seasons.

  • Mike M

    Last night I noticed something at the end of the show that calls into question the whole judging process. In the small print that ran in the closing credits, it said the judges consult with the producers on their decisions, and, in some cases, Bravo is consulted on the decisions. That’s pretty much an admission that they’re not necessarily trying to find the best song writers but are trying to keep the best “contestants.” We all know these type of shows work to create drama and controversy, but having the judges consult the show’s producers and network reps about musical decisions makes a mockery of the show’s whole premise. They’re going to hang onto what they consider the most interesting contestants as long as they can.

    I’ll still watch, though. Monday night TV is not very good right now.

  • hcpoirot

    For reality show with no votes , of coursethe judges always consult with the producer.

    The contestant who had no talent but had big personality or big attitude problem will last pretty far. YOu can check Top Chef, Project RUnway, even American Next Top Model.

    Of course they always keep 1-2 very talented contestant into the end. But the throwing under the bus, the (fake )fighting are usually what make the show success.

    Just check the giant rating Jersey Shore, all the real housewives series etc etc

  • tomk

    Most reality shows without the “vote off” premise have that disclaimer. It doesn’t necessarily mean the producers/Bravo executives will overturn any decision the judges make.
    I believe I’ve read a few interviews with Tom Collichio where he said of course they consult, but at the end of the day, the decision is his. I think if there is a “close race” between an uninteresting contestant and an interesting one, they’ll choose to keep the interesting one. That may not even be a ratings thing – it is pretty much human nature that you’ll keep the person who interests you over the one who doesn’t.
    Another point to consider is casting. Very often, they cast the show with personalities they know could eventually conflict. These probably are not the very best people talent-wise who tried out for “Platinum Hit” – it was what they considered the best mix of personality and talent.