Pia Toscano and Il Volo – “La Luna Hizo Esto” – PBS (VIDEO)

Season 10 Idol alum, Pia Toscano, sings “La Luna Hizo Esto” with the Italian pop opera boyband,  Il Volo on their PBS special, filmed at the Detroit Opera House on October 27, 2011.

The special aired on Detroit Public Television on December 7, 2011.

Pia was featured on Il Volo’s Christmas EP, singing “The Christmas Song” with the group.

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  • ronnie

    Beautiful girl, beautiful voice, beautiful performance.

  • Anonymous

    That hug in the middle was kind of awkward … 

  • steph6449

    That was a little sleepy, but Pia fits in that context better for me than when she is trying to be a glitzy pop diva.

    I assume it was sung live, even though the video playback I could see seemed slightly off-synch which gave an impression they might be lip-synching.

  • http://twitter.com/jlmontana9 Jim

    Pure class and beauty.  This is Pia’s element.

  • Emmy

    That was nice. Definitely think this is Pia’s lane.

  • Anonymous

    The boys are perfect as they are.  Pia is too arch for their relaxed style.  But for a one-time Pia-plug, it’s fine.

  • Anonymous

    Pia sounds great doing this type of music but also does great on contemporary music as well.

  • Anonymous

    That made me giggle. It was so awkward and Pia’s teeth are disturbingly white, and they all swayed in unison, and the three of them together look like the Chipmunks. Heh. 

    She sings the notes without any feeling, and she looks like she’s in pain.   But on the plus side – the notes are pretty. ;) 

  • Chrissie H

     I was no Pia fan on AI, but I really liked and enjoyed this performance. The hug was kind of strange, but otherwise this was a joy to my ears. Like a perfect fit between voices and genre, and I just love that beautiful language

  • VieweR

    Melanie Amaro vs Pia Toscano?

  • Bob Gordon

    Being 70 yrs old and followed music since the 50’s,after listening and
    watching the progress that Pia Toscano has made, you young people can take it
    from me that Pia Toscano is THE BEST talent to hit the music world since the
    1950’s.Along with her angelic voice,she has the looks, she has great family and
    moral values,she exemplifies the meaning of following the American Dream, and
    will be a terrific role model for all young people to follow.

  • steph6449

    Being 70 yrs old and followed music since the 50’s,after listening and 

    watching the progress that Pia Toscano has made, you young people can take it 
    from me that Pia Toscano is THE BEST talent

    Not sure I agree about Pia to that high degree of praise, but it makes me happy to be grouped with the “young people” :) ;)

  • musicality

    I echo @Ronnie’s thoughts beautiful girl, beautiful voice, beautiful performance.

  • db987

    This was one of those times I found it best to close my eyes and listen as I thought they were all awkward on stage strange touching and hugging and smiling.  But with my eyes closed they sounded really nice  I like Pia as an artist and she seems like a nice person as well I hope she can find a niche.

  • pj

    This is what she should be doing.  Too bad it isn’t commercial anymore in the

    ETA: I will add she seemed so cold in her interactions with the guys when not singing. Her disdain when the one guy tried to dance with her was evident. She doesn’t seem to have passion.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll bite.  Which old-fashioned diva do I prefer?  Melanie…but not enough to actually vote.

  • http://twitter.com/HaleysShindig ShreddingHalien

    Hrrr, Voice, pretty close but lean toward Pia. Looks…Pia no doubt:) 

  • Anonymous

    I think Melanie has a bit more overall potential in today’s industry than Pia.   But both have a sound that isn’t exactly big in the United States..and it doesn’t appear as if that type of music is going to make a comeback in the immediate future.     
    Pia’s exposure thus far hasn’t lead to much of a breakout – but it’s still early in the game, and we need to see if Interscope has more up their sleeve as she gets further and further away from the bubble.  The live Idol shows are still months away – so building up Pia a bit to the point where she can perform something on the Idol stage may work out for her in terms of getting some radio traction (yes, I realize that in one sentence I am talking about her getting further from the bubble – then, in the next, I am talking about her coming back to the Idol stage.  Hey, it may just be the platform she needs to give her career the boost it needs)
    In terms of an overall look (ie, the “shallow factor”) – I give it to Pia.

  • Anonymous

    Pia’s voice is beautiful, she can be a modern Celine Dion , i mean she can go from this very stylish music to the pop route, finding the right songs, the ones that fit her personality and her powerful voice.
    The song is beautiful too btw. :)

  • http://twitter.com/BrianC82 BrianC82

    Please don’t mention Pia in the same sentence as Celine Dion. Compare this underwhelming performance with Celine’s live version of “Beauty and the Beast”. There is no comparison. Celine’s quality of tone, phrasing, etc are light years superior to Pia.


  • http://twitter.com/jlmontana9 Jim

    “Comparisons are odious” from “Much Ado About Nothing”.  Enjoy Pia for how she makes you feel.  If you feel nothing, that’s your problem.

  • Tera2

    That was really good.  Pia and IL Volo are good together.  Pia has a lovely voice and is a very good vocalist.  Pia was my top favorite in season 10 – and I do like that her voice has a vibe like Celine Dion who is one of my top favorite singers.  I like this song with Il Volo.  I like the voice of the guy who sounds like Josh Groban. I’m a big fan of Latin-pop music even though I’m not Latin and dont understand the language – my favorite singer is Spanish singer David Bisbal who has the most beautiful voice and I have all his CD.  I’d be nice if Pia can sing with David Bisbal too.  I’ve always wanted Bisbal and Celine to sing together – I’d wowed I’m sure.

  • RockiDreams

    Gorgeous. She is fantastic as usual.  Enjoyed the guys as well – frankly it is nice to hear people that can actually sing rather than some nasaly, growly crap that is prevalent today.

  • Nostradamas

    It’s no wonder she looked “awkward” with the creepy, bespeckled douchebag dude…he was groping her throughout the performance….running the back of his hand on her hair, near her shoulder….constantly holding her hand, hugging numerous times….she shoulda’ knee’d the little disrespectful pervert. 

    That being said, she sounded fantastic as usual…but seriously, who listens to this dated stuff?

  • Chrissie H

    “frankly it is nice to hear people that can actually sing rather than some nasaly, growly crap that is prevalent today”
    Pia has a beautiful voice, but surely her voice is not to everybody´s taste as we all have different preferences- and thank goodness for that. I wonder who you might have in mind when refering to singers with nasaly growly crap. I´ve never heard any who would fit that description

  • Anonymous

    That was really beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    This was very pretty. I liked it. There’s still a bit of something lacking in Pia, but I really think she’s showing growth, and that’s great. She just needs that little injection of charisma (not a literal injection, mind you), and she’d be all set.

    A few notes:
    -If I were a girl and a guy were singing looking at me like that I would be giggling like a sick little mofo.
    -LOL @ 3:01, the camera focusing on Pia while the guy was singing (louder than she was, anyway) made it look like Pia had balls drop and tried to do a Scotty deep voice o_O.
    -As for the hug being awkward, I’m thinking Pia is so pretty that she makes any guy act awkward around her, like when I met her after the tour concert and almost embarrassed myself. “Hey Pia, I’m a huge……*pause*….. fan?”

  • Anonymous

    Pia’s voice is fantastic, her and Haley were my favorites this season. I Can’t wait for her album!!

  • halo9125

     I’m laughing so hard at this- ty for posting lol. I literally listened to my mother rant for 20 minutes after watching that video- “What is wrong with him? Why is he touching her? How dare he, he needs to keep his hands to himself!” and on and on. My mother is even more protective of Pia than I am, lol.

    She sounded awesome as usual :)

  • Anonymous

    This is the problem with Pia.  Great voice, but why not get playful with the kids?  All she had to do was look a little interested in their advances.  Look them in the eye.  Welcome their touch. 
    Its a show! 
    Its not real! 
    Go with the flow, and more importantly, with the freaking love song! 

  • GaryOC

    You’re kidding, right? “All she has to do is look interested in their advances”??? They’re 16 and 17 year old kids. She’s 23. How would that be in any way appropriate???

  • Malini Laxman

    I was just thinking about that…it’s a tough call. I want to say Pia, but maybe that is because Simon is picking songs for Melanie in which she can’t show case everything she can do with her voice. I really hate the criticism “it was a predictable song choice” The only person that ever bothered was Simon Cowell and I have no idea why! Well that is my little rant, thanks for listening.

  • http://twitter.com/jlmontana9 Jim

    That’s the thing about Pia.  What you see and hear is what you get, a genuinely passionate, beautiful vocalist without pretense.  She doesn’t put on a act, to make a spectacle of herself.  It’s not necessary and would detract from her vocals.  That her shy, demure persona shines through in her honest, compelling voice is more than enough to satisfy me.