Phillip Phillips to Undergo Kidney Surgery After Finale

E News is reporting that Phillip Phillips will return to Georgia after his New York press tour next week to undergo surgery for a chronic kidney stone problem. It’s possible he may miss the 1st few dates of the American Idol tour:

E! News has learned that the American Idol finalist will undergo kidney surgery in Georgia after completing publicity duties following tonight’s season finale, addressing a pressing health concern that has plagued him throughout the season.

Win or lose, he is slated to do a press tour in New York City following tonight’s season-capping results show, and will then return home to Georgia for the surgery.

E! News has exclusively confirmed that, depending on his recovery, he may miss one or two dates at the start of the American Idol tour this summer.

Good luck, and a speedy recovery, Phillip!

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  • Tinawina

    Poor kid! Good luck and a speedy recovery, Phil!

  • clearone

    You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers Phillip!  I am glad to hear that he will be doing the press tour in NYC……….the way it sounded before they were going to take him right from the Idol stage to the operating room! 

  • Pam

    I’m glad to see that Phillip is finally going to get the necessary surgery he needs to free him from the pain he’s been experiencing that could finally put him on the road to recovery.  I have to hand it to him though, he’s been a real trooper through it all and I wish him a speedy recovery!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, the prize package for winning Idol this year is very different.  #kidding

  • Anonymous

    I imagined that it’ll be after the press tour.

    All the best in recovery, Phil!

  • DavieP

    So is Jess like first runner up; if the winner can’t fulfill his duties, does she take over?  I feel sad for her if she loses partly because of that God awful coronation song.  I just watched an interview on AccessHollywood and Phil&Jess say they had a choice in selecting the winners single.  That makes it even worse and shows what we’ve seen weekly that Jess at 16 doesnt really have her own voice – doesnt know about ‘artistry’ and just knows how to mimic others with her big voice.  THE OTHER GREAT THING ON ACCESS IS WHEN THEY TALKED AND SHOWED CLIPS OF 11 YEAR OLD JESS WITH TEH BIG VOICE ON AMERICAS GOT TALENT…PHIL ADMITTED HE AUDITIONED FOR AGT TOO BUT NEVER GOT BEYOND THE PRODUCERS.  Its so funny how things work.  I remember last year Lauren said she also got rejected from AGT…(And AGT has often had really lame singers win…yet they have rejected the creme of Idols crop)

  • Anonymous

    Good luck to Philip.  Treat him well, Idol!  And maybe there be few bumps on the road.

  • HappyDaisy

    How unfortunate that Phil had to have this hanging over him (and had to endure the pain) all season.  Bet he’s looking forward to getting the surgery over with, finally.

    Appreciate the effort he put into Idol Season 11.  Some very memorable performances like Volcano, We’ve Got Tonight, and Home.

    Wishing you the very best, Phil!

  • Vonnie

    Prayers being lifted up for ya Phillip…what a trooper to endure this all season!

  • too-cool-for-school

    I hope all goes well with the surgery + a quick recovery!! Best wishes to him. Gotta get well so he can reunite and clown around with Heejun on tour! :)

  • Madred

    I don’t feel the least bit sorry for him. This was his choice and he had every chance to back out. Clearly, his health meant very little to him and a game show title meant more. I wish him a speedy recovery, but I am not going to call him a trooper or sympathize with him either. 

  • Anonymous

    why can’t ALL of the top 12 get kidney stones? and then we’ll have an awesome tour of “nothing” which is not much different from having this batch on stage. that’s how much of a snooze they are

  • Axxxel

    At least it will be after the press tour… Cannot imagine Jessica doing it on her own or accompanied by the 2nd runner up. Another step in a long road to recovery…

  • Anonymous

    At least it will be after the press tour… Cannot imagine Jessica doing it on her own or accompanied by the 2nd runner up.

    Curious why you say this.  I admit I haven’t followed these season’s contestants much, but based on last night’s final performance when Phillip was asked to say a few words about Jessica or anytime during the competition when he was asked to speak, he didn’t strike me as being particularly eloquent or anything.  At least not more so than Jessica or Joshua.  I mean, I think it would be better if the winner and runner-up got to go on the press tour, but I don’t quite understand the “cannot imagine Jessica doing it on her own or accompanied by 2nd runner up” concern.

  • Anonymous

    Phillip said on Access Hollywood that his right kidney isn’t really working now and he has a couple of kidney stones that are too large to pass, so the surgery is to get rid of them.  Poor guy!  Hope he feels better soon! 

  • Danielle Russell

    Now is the right time to reveal. I think he deserve the title after those excruciating pain he’ve been through. No wonder he is grimacing when hitting the high notes, he is actually in pain. Now he passed the stones and the Idol title too. Nice.